The Sims 4

Downloads for the Sims 4 and all DLC’s (multi-language) for free

The Sims 4 can be downloaded in 6 different ways:

  1. Official via Origin (not further described here as not free of charge)
  2. Semi-official via ZLOrigin  (No longer supported by us)
  3. via selective downloads (Anadius method) – for 64 bits Windows only
  4. via the all-in-one method also for 64 bits Windows only
  5. My favorite method (Anadius Updater) because it’s not a torrent, nor a direct download and extremely simple
  6. For 32-bits Windows you can download the Legacy Edition

Click on the links above for further information.

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68 thoughts on “The Sims 4

  1. Hi! First let me say thank you for providing all that you do! Everything works fine for me and works perfectly but I was wondering if you have any experience with reshade/gshade? I have a legit version of the game and had gshade installed on that so I figured it would work on the cracked version as well but I can’t get it to load any shader presets? Im not sure if its something to do with it being a cracked version and I dont know if I can ask on the gshade forum without being reported for having a cracked version. Let me know if you know anything, thank you!!

  2. I’m struggling to understand how to do step 1. When I try to run the fix OriginalClient, the only thing that pops up is code. I feel like I’m missing something

  3. Hez guzs, after updating to the latest, mz game is all broken, like missing icons and all sorts of glitches. why?

        1. you have to remove the UI mod you currently have. then download the updated version of the UI mod(if it’s already updated) and put that in your game.

  4. hello I followed the steps to install the dlc on the legal game but I think my game still does not detect the dlc yet they are in the sims 4 file have I done something wrong?

      1. Yes I did it well, I even redid it just now and in the dlc-toggler it always puts all the packs in red

        1. The DLC toggler cannot be used in the legal game.
          It looks like you started your game from the folder Game-cracked instead of via Origin (folder Game)

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for the downloads!
    I downloaded some DLCs and put my game on an external hard drive since I did not have enough space on my computer.
    It worked perfectly but since a few days when I start the game it says I don’t have the crack DLCs even though they are in the field.
    I tried to download them all over again, repairing the game but it does not seem to work.
    Did it happen to anyone and did you fix it? If so, how?
    Thank you!

    1. I guess your The Sims 4 folder on your external HDD is not under the exceptions of your anti-virus and consequently your AV blocks the crack

      1. hi tarac, i have downloaded GP01 and it works and shows up as owned in my game, i now have cas items and build items, although the world does not apear. what do i do?

        1. Go to your installation folder for the Sims 4, When you open the folder for GP01, do you see the folder Worlds ?
          When not, you should re-download GP01

          btw, you cannot permanently live in the world in GP01 as it is a holiday resort, so it doesn’t show up in Worlds.

          1. alright, i didn’t know about the holiday thing, the world folder is there. therefore i’m guessing that’s the thing, thank you tarac for your quick replies, you’re a life saver :)!

  6. Thanks so much! I’m trying to download the EPs but there’s no seeders 🙁 The SPs took about 2 days to download but they work perfectly, thank you!

  7. hello! for some reason, the bin folder disappeared and i can no longer play sims 4. is there a way i can download just that folder or something like that?

  8. Cześć, mam taki mały problem i mam nadzieje, że pomożecie mi go rozwiązać. Mianowicie pobrałam grę za pomocą pierwszej metody wszystko poszło dobrze do momentu uruchomienia gry.
    Pojawia mi się błąd, że gra jest uruchomiona:
    (wygląda to tak:)
    Uruchomienie niemożliwe:
    Gra The Sims 4 jest już uruchomiona
    Jak to rozwiązać?
    dodam jeszcze, że nie mam oryginalnej wersji i pobierałam wszystkie dlc. Resetowałam też komputer nic to nie dało.

  9. Hello! I would like to report that the Gallery in the game, after the last update, is broken. I tried to fix it by reinstalling the whole game but it didn’t helped.

      1. Hello! Thank you for your quick reply. I log in to the game from the “(always online)” chose and the as soon as the game it’s load i go to the gallery but all the lots, households and sims don’t have pictures. Instead the have a big red x.

          1. Yes i have.
            No. it’s my real account. It used to work with that account. Thank you again.

          2. Hello again! Sorry that took me so long to responde. I did log in with a “dummy” account but it didnt work either.

  10. i had no mods folder when i installed the game, and when i made one it still doesn’t recognize that i have mods, any idea on how to make them work? its in documents/the sims 4/mods and i have both normal mods and script mods turned on in the settings

    1. The correct folder is C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.
      That folder is automatically created as soon as you started your game for the first time.

    1. It is C:\Program Files\The Sims 4 -(to me)
      or C:\Program Files (x86)\The Sims 4 -(for ordinary users)

      I hope you found it
      Simmer 😀

  11. when i try to uninstall dlcs from the dlc uninstaller it just tells me
    “could not find any dlcs
    error code 4”
    even though I have dlcs
    can you help?

    1. The DLC-uninstaller together with dlc.ini must be in the same directory as your install folder, where you also see the folders __Install, Data, Delta aso.

  12. “Forums”- is no longer active, or is moved somewhere ? (Sorry I’m weird, I like to read other people’s concerns, sometimes I help when I can 😛 )

    I am very grateful for the work you have done, you are the best of the best!
    Good luck and success to you there- i love you work!


  13. oi hoje eu estou tao feliz eu nao consigo nem pensar no que diser
    esse jogo quando minha mae estava depresiva me ajudou a ver um mundo de uma cor deferente……..e isso poriso que eu amo esse jogo 😉

    1. Good,

      Me again. I just downloaded the portable sims 4 version. Working 100% and it’s faster on my laptop. However I just went on Facebook and there is an update…how do I update the portable version?

  14. “`yaml
    Game version:
    Crack version:
    Folder: The Sims 4
    Crack used: ANADIUS
    Legacy Edition: not installed
    #Hash mismatch:
    — quick scan —
    #Missing files:
    #Unknown files:


    Did I do it right? i didn’t know wich result reply

  15. Hiii i have a big problem with the game.
    I saved the game in an usb pen and i don’t know if that is the problem, but when i start the game from the folder ( bcs i can’t start it from the dekstop ) the game freeze at the end of the “the sims 4” animation. I must try to open it several times to finally play :’). I tried everything but i still have to wait 30 min to play because of this problem. Am I the only one? How can I fix this if it’s possible?

      1. “`yaml
        Game version:
        Crack version:
        Folder: The Sims 4
        Crack used: ANADIUS
        Legacy Edition: not installed
        #Hash mismatch:
        — quick scan —
        #Missing files:
        #Unknown files:


  16. Hello! There is a problem with my cracked game, It always say “error relaunch game” . How can I fix this?

    1. Hello! Not sure if I can help you out as much as you’d like but let’s list out all the things you could try.

      First since when this error message appeared?
      Is it since the last update?

      Do you have cracked base game or legit bought base game?

      Do you use mods and/or cc?
      If yes have you tried to move them out of your game and start it
      without them?
      If it’s now working without cc and/or mods it means one of the
      cc/mods is broken or not yet updated.

      (You have to know that if you use mods since the last update 1.77 many MANY mods are updated in a way that even can break your game. Be sure to always check out after a game update if your modders updated their mods too!)

  17. First of all i just wanna say, bless you for the downloads and the amazing crack. You are a Godsend. Just one question though, are any plans to make your crack compatible with the dlc toggler? Because right now the toggler doesn’t work with it and i really don’t wanna give it up.

  18. Dankjewel! This is awesome. I really appreciate you providing downloads to all kinds of Sims content!

  19. Downloads do not create the Mods folder.
    The first time you open your game a folder Mods will be created in the folder:
    C:\users\your username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4

    1. “`yaml
      Game version:
      Crack version:
      Folder: The Sims 4
      Crack used: ANADIUS
      Legacy Edition: not installed
      #Hash mismatch:
      — quick scan —
      #Missing files:
      #Unknown files:


      Did I do it right? i didn’t know wich result reply

      1. You are missing megalog.package. You can download that file HERE
        After you downloaded it, place it in your installation folder The Sims 4 -> Delta -> GP10

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