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  • Some elements – the so-called cracks – can be regarded by your anti-virus software as trojan horses. Such “false positive” warnings can safely be ignored.
  • Translations in other languages are by Google Translate. Don’t blame me for weird sentences.

Why ISO-format ?

  • All our (larger) downloads are in .iso format because formats like Winrar and 7-Zip consume a lot of time for extraction.
  • An all-in download of >30 GB in Winrar takes more than half an hour to extract.
  • As most people nowadays have Windows 8 or higher, mounting an iso is a matter of a split-second. Simply rightclick on a downloaded iso and the contents are immediately available.
  • For further details about mounting see THIS PAGE


This site – published by Tarac:

  • Limits itself to providing links to available selected downloads on the internet. Such links can also easily be found via f.e. Google
  • Limits itself to testing and controlling for viruses and fakes on the internet in order to protect users from malware, viruses and the downloading of non-working programs.
  • Limits itself to installation-instructions, manuals and video’s
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For further information, you can also visit our other websites:

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  1. Hello,

    If I set this up on my own computer, does it affect other people’s games who use my EA account on a different computer?

  2. Oi Tarac 💕 Could you put it on your wonderful website that you are Tarac and not Anadius? Hahaha people get confused, thank you very much for making Anadius’ files available…We love you here at bra!

  3. Hi, some of the latest dlc are showing in game as not downloaded but owned. Somebody knows any ways to solve this problem without deleting Sims and all that stuff? Thanks!

  4. Hola tengo un problema,despues de tantos intentos,logré tener los DLC y los packs pero hubo otro problema,y es que cuando quiero que mi sim vaya a un lugar,me devuelve al menú de los mundo s con un error,y me aparece los mismo s mundos abajo pero bloqueados

  5. why can’t I download any new dlcs? they like no longer have the link to download them by being highlighted red so I can’t click the. and when I do download something I can’t mount it?? pls help me.

  6. hi! so first of all, thank you for everything that you do for us, i appreciate it a lot, as someone who loves the sims 4. but now i have a problem.
    so a few days ago, i made the stupid mistake of updating my sims 4 legal game that had all the illegally obtained dlcs through the ea app. when i started the game, all the dlcs had disappeared, which i think makes sense. so, I decided to start the cracked game and when I did, all the dlcs were there, but none of my saves were, and when I clicked on ‘new game’, the screen was totally white for minutes and minutes.
    how can i fix the white screen issue, and how can i get my saves to the cracked game?
    thanks a lot in advance!

        1. however, my game still doesn’t work well. it’s saying that the most recent version of my game (the version where the horse ranch pack, the book nook kit and the grunge kit were not out yet) is the one that i’m using and that i need to update the game again. and when i try to play on one of my other saves (a save from growing together), the worlds don’t load, and i can’t play at all.
          i also checked on the sims 4 updater as well as the dlc uninstaller, and both of them show that the horse ranch pack, the book nook kit and the grunge kit have been downloaded on my pc, so really i don’t understand.
          should i risk updating the game again?
          by the way, i’m sorry if i’m being a bother.

  7. hi anadius , i used the DLC uninstaller to remove some packs , so i removed the horse ranch pack i entered the game then i found all the packs were removed althought in game file it stills 50GB (game size)
    please help!

  8. When I run the setup.bat file, it shows Fatal error: DON’T run this script as administrator. It’s not necessary.This script will ask for administrator rights when needed.If you run this script by double clicking and still see this error – you probably have UAC disabled. So enable it. Can someone tell me the solution?

  9. No me deja entrar con Mods, el juego no abre amenos que quite todos los Mods de la carpeta, estoy desesperada justo quería probar un Mod nuevo que salió y ahora no puedo 😭

  10. can some one pls help me my game keeps saying its corrupted but when i reinstall everything its still says its corrupted some one pls help

  11. i have bought a new computer and i installed the updater and everything again. Everything is working fine, i have the shortcuts, not a single problem installing DLCs, but today i wanted to play online and it asked me to copy the remid cookie value. I copied and pasted it but it says its wrong, what can I do?

  12. i got the latest update and it says that i have all the new packs but when i open cas i just get a white screen and it doesnt open anything. any help?

  13. hi, i installed the sims 4 DLC’s earlier today and they were fine for a few hours but now the game automatically closes itself about 5 minutes after it opens, not sure what the problem is

  14. The mods work and all, but when I get into the game and try to have my sims interact with each other or other sims, they dont like Glitch and reset ? n so it deletes my requests to have them talk together ? I’ve rested my game couple times but it isn’t fixing it , and also when they try to sit n talk they reset n stand back up like nothing happened.

    1. Do you have laundry day installed? Sp13? Cause if so delete it, i don’t know what’s up with the file but it just screws the game up, at least for me

  15. When I open the sims 4 my username id changed to Anadius, why on earth, also all my Mods are not in the game, when I try to go to the gallery it’ll ask me if I want to go online and I click yes but it takes too long so I keep canceling.

    1. make sure that both script mods and custom content mods are enabled in your settings (under other), and as for the ID and gallery, the gallery is down because EA changed the way you connect to the gallery. Apparently its fixed now, and i assume all you have to do to access the gallery again is install the latest version of the crack, and update your game using the crack

      1. my mods work on the original game but they disappear in the cracked version… i have mc and wonder whims, any help?

    1. it’s up now i think, all you have to do is install the latest version of the crack, and update your game via the crack

    1. Don’t tell me those motherfuckers found a way to remove the access to the Gallery again

  16. Nie mogę wejść do galerii. Jest to połączenie, że The Sims nie ma połączenia sieciowego. Co zrobić?

  17. okay so, when i load into the game, all of the packs show as owned, but it doesn’t seem like they’re actually installed. how do i actually get them to work because it says “download to use”

  18. guysss my game is suddenly not working?? is anyone else experiencing this? it says I don’t have the packs anymore so I can’t play. help!!!

    1. Same here. I re-downloaded the unlocker and tried it all again and it still says I don’t have the packs.

  19. Hi! I’m trying to install TS3 to my external Harddrive but it’s not working (ISdone.dll & unarc.dll error) any advice on how to do it?

  20. Hi, my sims keep crashing every time the time fast forward after the growing together update. Please help

  21. Hi, I downloaded the latest unlocker and now I have the sims 4 with all dlcs, but Epic games are offering a sims 4 bundle for free and I wanted to claim it, so I claimed it but when I click on the bundle then EA App will open idk I just closed everything bcs I don’t want them to know that I already have all packs.

    I just wanted to claim the bundle, because if its possible to claim it and one day they make more of free bundles & I claim it, then I might have them all without paying and then I could transfer them to EA App. But at the moment I won’t do that but Idk how long my bundle will be there in Epic Games after I claimed it. Idk how long your site will be available, I’m always afraid of EA wanting to close your site and then we all lose everything, that’s why I wanted to claim the bundle, so that when they offer more free bundles I claim them and one day I could install them to the ea app. (But I would have to uninstall the sims 4 dlcs you offer).

    Maybe I have to make a new EA app account.

  22. I have a problem. Whenever i click browse to find the folder the game origin doesnt show up.

  23. bonjour ça va faire plus d’un ans que j’ai le jeu version cracker et tout ça super bien juste je n’arrive pas à mettre des cc ou mod comment pourrais-je faire ?

  24. Another question. If I re-download the base game from origin/es which I had already paid for will that make it possible to be able to play the game, as right now I have no way of being able to start the game. If anyone can get back to me asap I would be grateful. I have downfall the sims packs I wanted but cannot play.

  25. Hi

    I couldn’t see my previous question so I will ask again. For some reason the sims 4 on the desktop no longer works since updating the sims newest expansion packs. I don’t know how else to load the game. Can you help me please. Thanks

    1. You can load the game by going into you folder that is under program files and then game and then bin and clicking on the TS4_x64 button. You can also copy the TS4_x64 to your desktop after you delete the one that isn’t working for you.

  26. Hello. I have a problem, the website doesn’t open, it says it needs to verify my connection etc, but when I click it it just says loading and then resets again on my computer. My connection is stable, I am now writing through my phone. I tried to open the site with a different computer and it worked, but not with mine. All my devices are connected to the same network.

  27. Hi , i just wanted to ask can you download houses on the sims while being online , just asking because a lot of people are saying that with Tarac you cant go online in the sims or else i’ll get banned

    1. Yes you can, just make sure after you save the houses in your gallery, restart origin and the game, do the origin dlc unlocker steps, and play offline again.

  28. hi, love your work btw! i got the lastest unlocker; and i downloaded it just fine, then all the sudden my mods just go missing. I dont know if it was the unlocker or just the mods themself. I though maybe i just need to update, and i tried and it gave me a error and i read the FAQ and did what it said but it still wont update. I hope that there is someway to fix this its so hard to play without my mods

    1. Your mods are in a completely different location:
      C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.
      So, whatever you do with the Updater or Unlocker, it has no effect on your existing mods.
      In the main menu of the game click Options -> Game Options -> Other and enable Custom Contents and Mods.

      1. Anche le mie mods non vengono lette dal gioco eppure le impostazioni sono attive e i file sono nella cartella Mods.

      2. bonjour jai beau activer les contenue et les mods personnalisé sa apparait pas. tout mon jeu est reppartie a 0 , le crack sims 4 se trouve :D/The Sims 4 et comme vous mes mods et cc se retrouve dans le meme disque que vous, pouvez vous m aider svp ?

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