Free legal game

The Sims 4 Free legal game

From 18th October 2022 the legal base game is available free of charge.
Additional DLC’s however, still must be bought, but you can still get these DLC’s for free from our site.
Consequently, all The Sims 4 players with cracked games can then play the Sims 4 legally (with access to the Gallery) and can add DLC’s for free via our Pack System.

  • Always automatically the latest version (Origin updates it for you)
  • No problems with anti-virus (there are no cracks)
  • Much smaller downloads
  • Easier to add missing DLC’s for free
  • Less problems with your CC
  • Access to the Gallery (no longer switching between legal and pirated versions)
  • No hassle with remid cookie
  • Play via EA or Steam as if you bought all DLC’s from EA/Steam
  • Save a lot of disk space (up-to almost 54 GB) as you keep legal and cracked versions in 1 single folder. (although, no need to play the cracked version anymore)

New DLC’s however must still be added manually, although much smaller in download-size.

You don’t have a registration with Electronic Arts as yet ?

  1. Download the EA app HERE
  2. Click on Create Account
  3. Confirm country/region
  4. Fill out your Date of Birth
  5. Enter your email address
  6. Enter name (nickname)
  7. Enter a password
  8. Click Next
  9. Enter the code you received by email on the address you entered by 5 above.

You already have a cracked game with additional DLC’s

  1. In the folder of your cracked game, change the name of the folder Game to Game-cracked
  2. In the EA app click on the down-arrow next to your (nick) name and select Settings
  3. In the Settings menu click Download
  4. Edit the installation location and select the folder 1 level higher than your cracked game (when your cracked game is f.e. My Games\The Sims 4, select the folder My Games)
  5. In Updates, check Update games automatically as well as Enable background downloads.
  6. Windows: When the game is downloaded, Run the EA DLC Unlocker (see this page)
    Mac: run the Origin DLC Unlocker (see this page)
  7. Windows: When you want to add missing DLC’s, run the Anadius Updater (see this page) or use the Pack System
    Mac: add the missing DLC’s from this page

Play in a different language

When you installed the free base game, you cannot play in another language than the language chosen at installation.
As all our downloads for the additional DLC’s contain all available languages, all you have to do is:

  1. Download the Language strings for the base game (174 MB only)
  2. Mount the iso
  3. Copy the folders Data, Delta and the file Language Changer from the mounted iso to the installation folder of your legal The Sims 4
  4. Run the Language Changer, select your language and play the game

Where is my legal The Sims 4 folder ?

  1. Download this small file
  2. Move it to your desktop
  3. Click on it and your legal folder will open

Now you can add DLC’s from your cracked game to your legal game
use the Anadius Updater – when prompted about your legal game, click Yes

Can I move my legal The Sims 4 folder to a different location ?

Yes, you can, but don’t move it manually by copy/paste. (It was much easier with Origin however)

  1. Temporarily copy the DLC’s from your present location to your desktop
  2. Click on the picture of The Sims 4
  3. Click on Manage
  4. Click on Uninstall
  5. Click My Collection ->View all
  6. Click on The Sims 4
  7. Click Download
  8. Select the correct Install Location
  9. When download is completed add the DLC’s again to the new location

I switched to the new EA app and now all my cracked Packs seem to be disappeared. (Download to use)

Don’t worry, this will happen to all of us when switched from Origin to the EA app.


  1. Close the EA app, if open, click on the ^ icon on your taskbar (near the clock), look for the EA app icon, right-click on it and select Exit
  2. Re-Download the EA DLC Unlocker v2.
  3. Extract with Winrar
  4. Right-click on Setup and run as Administrator
  5. The first line in the menu should read EA Desktop detected
  6. As this is a small .bat file you can’t use the mouse
  7. After Choose Option Number Type 5 to uninstall the old version based on Origin
  8. When that is done, type 1
  9. Type 2
  10. Type 14 for the Sims 4
  11. Type Q to exit

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69 thoughts on “Free legal game

  1. Your game version ( doesn’t match the version available in the Updater ( Make sure your legit game is up to date. Im getting this error in the updater. I have no idea how to update the game as I’ve just downloaded it from steam. Any help?

  2. Can you get an EA/Steam ban from downloading the legal, free version and applying dlcs with the tool?

    At the moment I am using the tool for full game and dlcs purely on the cracked version with the “remid” online method on a secondary account (to avoid a ban on my main account.)

  3. bonjour j ai enormement de mal avec la nouvelle appli EA
    j aimerai savoir si ce processus pour mettre tous les dlc sur le jeu s applique aussi pour steam svp ?

  4. so everytime there’s a update the packs disappear, i think is because of the EA app. The last time i fixed was by running the unlocker, is there going to be a fix for this or is there’s a way that i won’t be have to this everytime?

    1. [quote from the page]

      When I start the game all my DLC’s are gone (often after an update)
      When you installed the (free) legal base game via the EA app and ran the unlocker, you must not start the game via Origin.
      Likewise when you installed via Origin and ran the Unlocker you must not start via the EA app.

      When however this happened to you:

      Run the EA DLC Unlocker by right-clicking Setup and select as Administrator.
      Type 5 to uninstall previous installation
      Type 1, 2, 14 and q again.

      [end quote]

  5. Hi, since i use legal base game and cracked DLCs, they keep being disabled regularly and i have to run the EA DLC Unlocker everytime and enable the DLCs again. I thought it was linked to updates but it happens randomly. Do you have some tips ? thanks !

    1. When you have both the old Origin and the new EA app, the Unlocker detects the EA app only.
      So when your game starts via Origin the settings for the EA app got lost.
      Make sure your game starts via the EA app and redo the Unlocker by typing 5 first and then 1,2,14 and q again.

      1. Hi, thank you for your answer. Actually, I never used Origin as I used to play with cracked game. Then I deleted it and installed the legal base game and cracked DLCs. What you suggest is literally what I do everytime the DLCs get disabled. It works on the moment but the DLCs keep being disabled then.

        1. In the Unlocker., did you type 5 first to disable previous settings ?
          Can you see the folders for the DLC’s in the folder for your legal game ?
          Use the validator on your legal game to check your files/folders.

          1. Yes and yes. The validator showed that my game versions do match and only a few DLCs not installed (the ones that i don’t want).

  6. Hello, i’ve followed all the steps but when I open the game it says that I do not own the packs even though in the main menu it says i’ve already own the pack. What should i do? Pls help me 🙁 (Legal EA game + pirated DLCs)

  7. Hi, I moved all the dlc files from my cracked game to legal one, when I get to the game it says that I own the packs but when I start playing it is missing and all the other worlds are missing too. Anyone know how to fix it, please I’ve trying for days I used the updater but at the end of the update it says error somebody help me please. Thank you.

  8. hi! tarac. i already follow your instruction, but my sims is stuck on loading screen. and its take so long. can you help me?

  9. Hi! thank you for the guide. I have trouble downloading the language strings for the base game, the torrent is inactive. Would it be possible to download it directly instead?

  10. hello, I have the free legal base game and i have everyting set up running with all the packs but sometime when i start the game it says i dont own any dlcs then i have to redo the dlc unlocker everytime i get that is there a way for that not to happen just very incovenient thankyou.

  11. Can someone tell me why, My Ea app keep disconnecting once my game loads. I am trying to download stuff from the gallery and it is loading slow and red xs. when I click out. I see it says Ea has disconnected.

  12. j’ai suivie la manipulation et j’ai réussi, quand je lance mon jeu tous les DLC sont inscrit comme présent mais quand je joue il n’en font pas partie. Ils sont seulement apparent dans le menu principal, Que faire ??

  13. Hi. I downloaded the ea app, signed in, and downloaded the game. after that, I followed every step that you mentioned. but when I try to run the game, the ea app says that my game is corrupted and the launcher failed to work and my game needs to be repaired. what should I do?
    (forgot to mention that I already have the cracked game)

    1. nevermind I repaired the game and it worked perfectly. I only have one question. can I delete the “Game-cracked” folder now? I have a new “Game” folder from the recent repair which the legal game opens from.

  14. As you instructed, I already chose the install location from the settings one level higher than my cracked game (my cracked game is in E:\The Sims 4 so I chose E:\). But when I wanted to reinstall the free base game, it asked me to choose the location again and suggested E:\The Sims 4 (which is the exact same location as my cracked game. Will it replace my cracked game then? Or should I choose E:\?

    1. When you chose E:\The Sims 4 it will create the folder E:\The Sims 4\The Sims 4. It will not overwrite your cracked game but creates an additional folder The Sims 4 in your cracked folder.

  15. Hello, I already have a cracked game with cracked DLC and I just downloaded the adding DLC I needed. Where should I install them? In the same file that my previous game or should I do something special?
    Thanks a lot for what you are doing!!!

    1. Sorry my comment isn’t in the right field but I did the correct move I guess (Anadius repack selective download)

  16. I already have an EA ID to access the gallery from my cracked game using remid (which i also used to upload some of my households), if i want to reinstall the free base game is it okay to use the same ID or should i make another one?

  17. hello step 4 isn’t making any sense to me

    “Edit the installation location and select the folder 1 level higher than your cracked game (when your cracked game is f.e. My Games\The Sims 4, select the folder My Games)”

    what does that even mean “select the folder 1 level high than your cracked game’? when you crack game is f.e?

    1. i’ve followed every step and still can’t get the game to work. the screen is completely white. i don’t know what I’m doing. i wish someone would make a updated video of these steps. it would be a lot easier

  18. Hi, I moved all the dlc files from my cracked game to legal one, when I get to the game it says that I own the packs but when I start playing it is missing and all the other worlds are missing too. Anyone know how to fix it, please I’ve trying for days I used the updater but at the end of the update it says error somebody help me please. Thank you.

  19. Hi:) Before installing EA App and Legal game i deleted the old cracked folder completely. But now every time i try to launch the game via EA App i still get the Remid window where i need to pick play online/offline. If i choose to play online the game doesn’t load and is forever stuck on loading screen. I was wondering if there was possibly something i’d forgotten to delete. I’d deleted The Sims 4 folder (D:\The Sims 4) and Electronic Arts folder (C:\Users\User\Documents\Electronic Arts). Is there anything else i was supposed to remove before installing the legal game?

    1. When you see the remid log in you started your The Sims 4 game from a cracked version.
      Log out of the EA app and log in with the correct details for your legal account. (so, not the one you used for the remid cookie)

  20. Hi! I have a question.. do i have to rerun the EA dlc unlocker everytime i play? Because my downloAded packs always gone and say i do not owned them whenever i open my game again the next day..

    1. No, but make sure you start the game either via the EA app or with TS4_x64.exe which can be found in your legal game ⇾Game ⇾ Bin.

  21. hola, tengo un problema con el unlocker, cuando presiono 1 para instalarlo me dice fatal error ea_destok version.dll missing ……
    no se que pueda ser he intentado desinstalarlo y todo pero nada…

  22. can you explain how to do it for steam user? I use the cracked version but now since its free on steam, what do I have to do?

  23. Hi! I’ve been enjoying the game for awhile now. Since the base game became free, I installed it and all of my DLCs are from the pack system and anadius updater. However, when I run the game today, everything is gone even though the game was running fine the previous day. Is there any idea why this happened? Thanks!

    1. Forgot to mention that I start the game (Legal base game + Pirated DLC) via EA app just fine but the next day everything is wiped out.

  24. Can we use the automatic updater if we downloaded a cracked torrent all in 1 from a different place? I want the automatic updates and I want to download the free legal base game, I already have a cracked version from somewhere else, can I use ur automated system or do I need to delete the cracked version

  25. I’m confuse. So I have a cracked game and i need to delete it and download the legal one via EA app? or i just use my cracked game? and also i suppose use the origin app or EA app?

    1. 1. In the EA app download and install the Sims 4
      2. Download this small file and run it to find the folder of your legal game
      3. Copy the EP, FP, GP, SP folders from your cracked game to the folder of your legal game (NOT the folders Install, Data, Delta, Game, Support)
      4. Re-download the EA DLC Unlocker, run it as an Admin, type 5 to uninstall the old Origin installation of the Unlocker, then type 1,2,15 and q again

  26. bonjour j ai enfin reussi a mettre tous les dlc dans le jeu legal
    .je ne sais pas comment j ai fait mais j ai reussi .
    j aimerai savoir si pour les dlc je ne les voient pas afficher dans origin !
    est ce normal ?
    si non comment les voir affiché dans origin svp ?
    merci a vous pour votre travail !!

    1. Il est logique que vous ne voyiez pas les DLC fissurés dans Origin. Après tout, vous ne les avez pas achetés et ne les avez pas enregistrés auprès d’Origin

  27. hello! even if i did all of that, installed the legel game with ea ap, the dlc unlocker… the gallery won’t work saying that i need to be online and when i click on “be online” (idk what it is in english im a french usur haha) it doesn’t work like it loads indefinitely TT
    Also thank you for your work!!

  28. I switched over to the new Electronic Arts App and noticed that all illegal DLC’s were no longer my legal game. I had to run the EA DLC Unlocker again and now everything is perfectly OK.
    So yes, you still can add cracked DLC’s.

      1. Hi! tarac I install the base game in EA app and now I have both legal and cracked version, should I delete the cracked version folder? since I have the legal now? and how can I add DLC in my legal game folder? should I use the anadius updater? thank you in advance 🙂

        1. When you downloaded the free base game, copy the EP,FP,GP and SP’s from your cracked game to your legal game folder.
          Run the EA DLC Unlocker to incorporate the DLC’s in your legal game.
          When all is done correctly, you may delete the folder of your cracked game.

          Yes, you can still update via the Anadius Updater

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