Sims 4 latest game folder

The Sims 4 latest game folder

Latest Game folder Cottage Living

When you have problems with the game such as endless loading of household, language in Spanish and unable to change, missing Worlds, assuming you have all DLC’s + the latest update installed:

  1. remove the folder Game from your install folder
  2. Download the Game.rar
  3. Extract with Winrar
  4. Copy/paste to your install folder

Latest Game-cracked folder (Cottage Living)

Only for people who installed the cracked DLC’s in the same directory as the legal game.
Your install folder of the Sims 4 contains both folders Game and Game-cracked.
Do NOT install the folder Game above.
  1. Remove the folder Game-cracked from your install folder
  2. Download the Game-cracked.rar
  3. Extract with Winrar
  4. Copy/paste to your install folder

Possible problems after installation of latest game folder

With the implementation of the latest game or Game-cracked folder the main menu after starting the game will show that all DLC’s are present.
This, however, could be a false indication in case not all DLC’s have been installed.
Hovering over the icons will either show “in possession” (=installed DLC} or “Download to play” (=DLC not installed).

  1. Download the dlc toggler
  2. Extract with Winrar
  3. Copy both files dlc and dlc-toggler to the main directory of your The Sims 4


With dlc-toggler you can exclude DLC’s in possession from your game. Should you decide to include these again later on, simply check these again

In this example SP04 Spooky Stuff is not installed because it’s marked in red in the toggler.

SP02 Perfect Patio Stuff and SP07 Kids Room Stuff are installed but excluded from the game by user (unchecked)


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  1. I downloaded cottage living but it doesn’t show on the game, which is weird because downloaded cats and dogs and cottage living together and only cats and dogs can be played

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