The Sims 4 free Downloads

The Sims 4 free Downloads
5 methods with full manuals (all multi-language)

There are various methods each with their own pros and cons. Do not pay for cracked updates, see why

Method / Version Link to Manual and download Pro Con Further details
Add DLC’s to your legit The Sims 4 Game.
Always the latest version
Packs Always automatically the latest version. No conflicts with Anti-Virus. Smaller downloads You must have at least the legal base game. Very easy to use, small downloads
You play the game via Origin, so you have access to the Gallery
Add DLC’s to your legit The Sims 4 Game.
Always the latest version
Trial version for Mac only
Packs for Mac As I don’t have a Mac I can’t try it out
Sims 4 all-in-one (portable)
All-in-one Available as a torrent download. Download and play with all DLC’s in one single download. Future expansions can be added easily via the Anadius Updater. No need to download the full all-in-one again. Very large download, almost 50 GB Good download for NEW PLAYERS of the game as it contains all packs.
Extremely simple. Multi language.
Included: Language changer, dlc toggler, language strings.No need to download the all-in-one again when you downloaded an earlier version before. Use the updater to actualize your game.
Anadius Updater

Updater In my opinion the very best system to download, install, update, repair your Sims 4.
All DLC’s are selectable. Very reliable and extremely simple.
Can’t think of any Very easy to handle, just a few mouse-clicks required. It’s not a torrent nor a direct download. Everything will be handled for you on-line.
Your game will be updated from whatever version you have to the latest version.
Can also be used on FAT32 formatted drives.
Anadius Repack

Repack Add DLC’s in any order, update your game to the latest version. Simple and reliable. Smallest possible downloads
Also very good for an all-in-one
I prefer the Updater when you have already some DLC’s installed Very easy to handle, you just tick what you want and the setup does it all for you. Usually many seeders. A full all-in-one took me 20 minutes to download via torrents.
Most recent DLC/Updates + ALL-IN-ONE
Recent Contains only the most recent DLC and updates. Your game must be up-to-date  torrent only

Download almost completed and then stops

This is caused by anti-virus programs. As soon as the crack for the Sims programs is detected the anti-virus aborts the download.
Why this is often noticed with downloaders from Thailand I don’t know
Download and install the game whilst your anti-virus is switched off.

Change language of the game (applicable to all methods)

see this page

List of available DLC’s

Base Game Fun Packs (FP) Expansion Packs (EP) Game Packs (GP) Stuff Packs (SP)

Version incl. Modern Menswear Kit


32-bits :

Legacy Edition
Magic Realm

  • FP01 – Holiday Celebration Pack
  • EP01 – Get to Work
  • EP02 – Get Together
  • EP03 – City Living
  • EP04 – Cats & Dogs
  • EP05 – Seasons
  • EP06 – Get Famous
  • EP07 – Island Living

    64-bits only:

  • EP08 –  Discover University
  • EP09 – Eco Lifestyle
  • EP10 – Snowy Escape
  • EP11 – Cottage Living
  • GP01 – Outdoor Retreat
  • GP02 – Spa Day
  • GP03 – Dine Out
  • GP04 – Vampires
  • GP05 – Parenthood
  • GP06 – Jungle Adventure
  • GP07 – Strangerville
  • GP08 – Magic Realm

    64-bits only:

  • GP09 – Star Wars
  • GP10 – Dream Home Decorator
  • SP01 – Luxury Party Stuff
  • SP02 – Perfect Patio Stuff
  • SP03 – Cool Kitchen Stuff
  • SP04 – Spooky Stuff
  • SP05 – Movie Hangout Stuff
  • SP06 – Romantic Garden Stuff
  • SP07 – Kids Room Stuff
  • SP08 – Backyard Stuff
  • SP09 – Vintage Glamour Stuff
  • SP10 – Bowling Night Stuff
  • SP11 – Fitness Stuff
  • SP12 – Toddler Stuff
  • SP13 – Laundry Day Stuff
  • SP14 – My First Pet Stuff
  • SP15 – Moschino

    64-bits only:

  • SP16 – Tiny Living
  • SP17 – Nifty Knitting
  • SP18 – Paranormal
  • SP19 – does not exist (don’t know why ??)
  • SP20 – Throwback Fit Kit
  • SP21 – Country Kitchen Kit
  • SP22 – Bust The Dust Kit
  • SP23 – Courtyard Oasis Kit
  • SP24 – Fashion Street Kit
  • SP25 – Industrial Loft Kit
  • SP26 – Inchion Arrivals Kit
  • SP28 – Blooming Rooms Kit
  • SP29 – Modern Menswear Kit

Misleading information

The above info could lead to the misunderstanding that you can choose to play with what pack you want to play. Totally wrong, you can’t choose at all as you can’t play Cottage Living or Get Together separately. You play The Sims 4 and the more packs you have the more “fun”.

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50 thoughts on “The Sims 4 free Downloads

    1. That is correct in some way, however what virustotal considers to be a virus is in fact just a crack to circumvent Origin files.
      So completely harmless.

  1. Hi, Tarac. Ever since I’ve downloaded and used your DLCs, I can’t play any scenarios. When Sims opens and I get the welcome screen with New Game, Load Game, and New Scenario, and I click on New Scenario, nothing happens. Do you know why this might happen? Thanks!

    1. Update your game via the Anadius Updater. If your game folder contains your legal game then click yes when prompted about your legit game otherwise click No

  2. hello! first of all thank you so much for ALL of these options.

    i got the game to work and have access to the gallery, however it says i have “pre-ordered” cottage living and snowy escape, but don’t have access to its content. it also says i don’t have the paranormal stuff pack in CAS.

    not quite sure how this happened as when i installed the game + dlcs i only unchecked one of them.

    i was just wondering which downloader or what would be the best way for me to get these missing few packs? thank you!

  3. Hi, Tarac. Ever since I’ve downloaded and used your DLCs, I can’t play any scenarios. When Sims opens and I get the welcome screen with New Game, Load Game, and New Scenario, and I click on New Scenario, nothing happens. Do you know why this might happen? Thanks!

  4. Hello,
    I ran into a problem:
    In sims 4 why i can’t build public spaces anymore??? When i go into build mode on any lot, there’s usually a little info button up the top. It’ll give me different options like changing the name of the lot. It’ll also say “Residential” or whatever it is. From that drop down menu, i got change the type of lot, and it’ll tell me if there’s any required items for the lot to function and stuff. There are only 3 residental choices now? ???

    Help: I want to build a park, etc. and a shop, etc. but I can’t because there is no choice??????? ( I also took a picture of the screen if needed).
    – What should I do?

    1. As 95% of all problems is caused by mods, temporarily MOVE (not copy) your the Sims 4 folder out of C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop.
      Start your game again. Close the game and copy the folders Saves and Tray back from the Sims 4 folder on your desktop back to the newly created The Sims 4 folder in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts.
      Try your game now.

      1. Thank you for answering!
        I discovered in the meantime: I can’t change lot type – if “my sim” is on lot. I have to go to the create world, and choose another lot location (which is not mine, etc.)
        I don’t know what’s causing this (or I’m stupid, and that’s been the case all along – although I don’t remember it before, and i have been playing this game for yeaaaaars ?!) So I get around that problem.

        Thank you again for answering, and Wonderful holidays and the upcoming New Year for You!

        Lady from Finland

  5. I have downloaded the game with the .iso file. Instructions said that I need to copy the sims 4 folder to a different location in my computer than the mounted iso. So I did. Now my question is. Do I have 2 games. One in mounted iso and one in my computer? And can/should I delete the iso file to be still able to play the game from the copied sims 4 file. Because the iso file is like 50gb. I want to get rid of it. Can I get rid of it and still play the game? I would appreciate any response.

  6. Can You please provide a clearer step-by-step guide on how to extract the unlocker and the updater, just in case I somehow misunderstood the instructions in the link. I don’t know what i’m doing wrong.

  7. Thank you for everything. I haven’t experienced any problems so far. The updater is very awesome. Have a great day!

  8. Hi guys,
    We are using the updater from time to time. The last time we used, it made an error. This happened before, it was not a big deal, I have tried again and it was done this time. But this time, we tried once again and only find the Anadius box. The reason we do not want to do with Anadius version is because we did that before and it completely chrushed the game. It cause all kinds of problems so we had to download the whole game from the beginning. So I would like to dowload it using codex. How can I do that? What can I do in this situation? Could this be related to not using the latest version of the updater?

    1. I just had the same problem and have had to redownload the whole game all over again. I already had the issue where I had extracted the DLCs into the installation folder of my legal game, and the game was coming up saying that I did own all the DLCs but then I looked, and I couldn’t actually access any of them in game. That’s when I tried to fix the issue with the updater. I could play the main game fine but when I used the updater to try and update the game,the whole Sims 4 just seemed to stop working and now I’m wondering if it’s even safe to try using the updater again.

      1. 1. Update/Repair your legal game via Origin.
        2. When you run the Updater you are prompted with a question like “Does this folder also contain your legit game” – answer with Yes. should you answer with No, the updater overwrites the folder Game of your legal game and your The Sims 4 will turn into a cracked game.

  9. Hello! Everything has downloaded fine and is showing on the home page on the actual game however when I try to download the packs.. it asks if I want to connect to the internet and then says access denied. I’ve rang the updated again but the same message pops up!
    Anyone had the problem?

  10. Hi! I have been using your updater and it’s working great (thank you!), however I’m not able to start any scenarios in the latest update. Everything else in game is fine, but when I push the button for new scenario nothing happens. Any ideas on what the problem is?

  11. Hello there, i’ve been using the updater for a while now and it’s always working. (So now in the game i have until cottage living with courtyard oasis kit,…)
    When the newest kit’s came out (industrial loft kit – incheon arrivals kit) i used the updater and my game is now version : but the latest 3 kits doesn’t show up in the game…
    What can i do?

    1. When you open the installation folder of the Sims 4 (not the one in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts) you see, besides the folders Install, Data, Delta, Game and Support, the folders for your DLC’s (EP,FP,GP and SP).
      Do you see SP24, SP25 and SP26 ?
      If not: You browsed in the Anadius Updater to an incorrect installation folder
      If yes: Start your game and click on the top of your screen on KITS. Do they all show up ?

  12. Hello, I had the cracked game (pre latest kit update) on a USB stick that recently broke. I do have the base game (legit) so my question is, if I were to use that method to download just the packs will I lose the builds and gameplay from that version on the USB? Thanks!
    PS I did use a dummy account to log in too

    1. All your gameplay items are in a different directory on your hard disk (not on the USB): C:|Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
      These will not be affected by a new installation of the game.
      So go ahead, install your legal game (via your legal log-in), add the required DLC’s, run the Unlocker and you should still have your old builds, sims and gameplay items.

  13. Hello, is there a torrent file for the base game 64x latest? I tried to download it in the updater but it takes too long . and I don’t really have much space for the all In one. Thank you

  14. Hi! I’ve downloaded from this site before so i have everything up to Moschino. I tried downloading the new packs but it failed in my torrent download. I’m a little lost on your page and dont really know what to do. So ill just leave this here in case you have any advice and I dont manage to fix it. ill keep trying but i dont know why it didnt work the first time.
    THanks for this awesome site!

  15. Hello. How do you use CC ? if I d/l from SimsResource for example, where do I install it too, file location etc and how do I enable it in the game please ?

  16. Hello! When I try to go to the instruction page to download DLCs to my legal game, it says page not found?

  17. When I try to go to the instruction page to download DLCs to my legal game, it says page not found?

  18. Hello. Its 8/14/2021 and I am trying to use the updater, but it doesn’t open or anything. What should I do?

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