The Sims 4 free Downloads

The Sims 4 free Downloads, 5 methods with full manuals

There are various methods each with their own pros and cons

Method Link to Manual and download Pro Con Further details
ZClient/ZLOrigin Zclient New DLC’s almost immediately available.  Automatic updating possible. Reliable site You must play on line after execution of Zclient. Registration required Cracked version of the genuine Origin
Once you are logged in to Zclient and ZLorigin many other games are also available for downloads.
You can download, update and repair your Sims games
Sims 4 all-in-one All-in-one Available as direct and as torrent download. Download and play with all DLC’s in one single download. Future expansions can be added easily. Very large download Good download for new players of the game as it contains all packs.
Extremely simple.
Anadius Updater Updater In my opinion the very best system to download, install, update, repair your Sims 4.
All DLC’s are selectable. Very reliable
Can’t think of any Very easy to handle, just a few mouse-clicks required. It’s not a torrent nor a direct download. Everything will be handled for you on-line
Our own method Own method Available as torrent and as direct download. Handy for selectable updating your game It’s a good system but although created by myself, I still prefer the Anadius Updater. You can update your existing game to the latest version and add DLC’s in any order.

Torrent version is no longer supported by our site, last version Once downloaded and installed you can simply update via Anadius updater. 

Classical method Classical Available as torrent as well as direct downloads.
Add DLC’s (selectable) to your existing game
In fact outdated but often the first available cracked version of new expansions and updates When you like to install in the old fashioned way, you can download and select packs.

Torrent version no longer supported by our site, last DLC is Eco Lifestyle

Why are some torrent methods no longer supported

  • With every new update and/or new DLC the files are growing and growing.
  • This is not a too big problem for the direct downloads, but every new item required us to make a new torrent with just 1 seed and therefor very slow in the beginning and just when the download-speed is reasonable, Electronic Arts releases a new update or DLC and we can start all over again.
  • The Anadius updater is a perfect alternative.
  • Why should I try and re-invent “the wheel” when a perfect wheel is already available.

Change language (applicable to all methods)

see this page

List of available DLC’s

Base Game Fun Packs (FP) Expansion Packs (EP) Game Packs (GP) Stuff Packs (SP)
64-bits Version

32-bits Legacy

  • FP01 – Holiday Celebration Pack
  • EP01 – Get to Work
  • EP02 – Get Together
  • EP03 – City Living
  • EP04 – Cats & Dogs
  • EP05 – Seasons
  • EP06 – Get Famous
  • EP07 – Island Living
  • 64-bits only:
  • EP08 –  Discover University
  • EP09 – Eco Lifestyle
  • Update
  • GP01 – Outdoor Retreat
  • GP02 – Spa Day
  • GP03 – Dine Out
  • GP04 – Vampires
  • GP05 – Parenthood
  • GP06 – Jungle Adventure
  • GP07 – Strangerville
  • GP08 – Magic Realm
  • SP01 – Luxury Party Stuff
  • SP02 – Perfect Patio Stuff
  • SP03 – Cool Kitchen Stuff
  • SP04 – Spooky Stuff
  • SP05 – Movie Hangout Stuff
  • SP06 – Romantic Garden Stuff
  • SP07 – Kids Room Stuff
  • SP08 – Backyard Stuff
  • SP09 – Vintage Glamour Stuff
  • SP10 – Bowling Night Stuff
  • SP11 – Fitness Stuff
  • SP12 – Toddler Stuff
  • SP13 – Laundry Day Stuff
  • SP14 – My First Pet Stuff
  • SP15 – Moschino
    64-bits only:
  • SP16 – Tiny Living

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