The Sims 4 free Downloads

The Sims 4 free Downloads, 7 methods with full manuals (all multi-language)

There are various methods each with their own pros and cons. Do not pay for cracked updates, see why

Method / Version Link to Manual and download Pro Con Further details
incl. Star Wars
Zclient New DLC’s almost immediately available.  Automatic updating possible. Reliable site.
You can add crack to play off-line
You must play on line after execution of Zclient. Registration required Cracked version of the genuine Origin
Once you are logged in to Zclient and ZLorigin many other games are also available for downloads.
You can download, update and repair your Sims games
Sims 4 all-in-one (portable)
incl. Star Wars
All-in-one Available as direct and as torrent download. Download and play with all DLC’s in one single download. Future expansions can be added easily via the Anadius Updater. No need to download the full all-in-one again. Very large download, almost 50 GB Good download for NEW PLAYERS of the game as it contains all packs.
Extremely simple. Multi language.
Included: Language changer, dlc toggler, language strings.
Suitable for both 32 and 64 bits windows.
No need to download the all-in-one again when you downloaded an earlier version before. Use the updater to actualize your game.
Sims 4 all-in-one alternative
Alternative Most of the times faster than torrents and or direct downloads Installs all DLC’s in the quickest possible manner
Smaller download than the usual all-in-one
Sims 4 all-in-one (portable) in parts for downloading on FAT32 formatted devices.
All-in-one-parts All DLC’s from base game upto and incl. Nifty Knitting. Download in 4 GB parts When your device is NTFS formatted you better use the above method Many (older) computers, USB sticks, external drives and flashcards  are FAT32 formatted. You cannot store files larger than 4 GB on such devices.

This method enables you to download and play the Sims 4 on FAT32-machines. (Provided of course that the other components on your computer are compatible with The Sims 4)

Anadius Updater
incl.  Star Wars.
Updater In my opinion the very best system to download, install, update, repair your Sims 4.
All DLC’s are selectable. Very reliable and extremely simple.
Can’t think of any Very easy to handle, just a few mouse-clicks required. It’s not a torrent nor a direct download. Everything will be handled for you on-line.
Your game will be updated from whatever version you have to the latest version.
Can also be used on FAT32 formatted drives.
Anadius Repack
incl. Star Wars
Repack Add DLC’s in any order, update your game to the latest version. Simple and reliable. Smallest possible downloads
Also very good for an all-in-one
I prefer the Updater when you have already some DLC’s installed Very easy to handle, you just tick what you want and the setup does it all for you. Usually many seeders. A full all-in-one took me 20 minutes to download via torrents.
Classical method
incl. Star Wars
Classical Available as torrent as well as direct downloads.
Add DLC’s (selectable) to your existing game
In fact outdated When you like to install in the old fashioned way, you can download and select packs.
Most recent DLC/Updates Star Wars
Recent Contains only the most recent DLC and updates. Your game must be up-to-date incl. Eco Lifestyle Easy download for Star Wars
Available as torrent as well as a direct download


Change language (applicable to all methods)

see this page

List of available DLC’s

Base Game Fun Packs (FP) Expansion Packs (EP) Game Packs (GP) Stuff Packs (SP)
64-bits Version

32-bits Legacy

  • FP01 – Holiday Celebration Pack
  • EP01 – Get to Work
  • EP02 – Get Together
  • EP03 – City Living
  • EP04 – Cats & Dogs
  • EP05 – Seasons
  • EP06 – Get Famous
  • EP07 – Island Living
  • 64-bits only:
  • EP08 –  Discover University
  • EP09 – Eco Lifestyle
  • GP01 – Outdoor Retreat
  • GP02 – Spa Day
  • GP03 – Dine Out
  • GP04 – Vampires
  • GP05 – Parenthood
  • GP06 – Jungle Adventure
  • GP07 – Strangerville
  • GP08 – Magic Realm
  • 64-bits only:
  • GP09 – Star Wars
  • SP01 – Luxury Party Stuff
  • SP02 – Perfect Patio Stuff
  • SP03 – Cool Kitchen Stuff
  • SP04 – Spooky Stuff
  • SP05 – Movie Hangout Stuff
  • SP06 – Romantic Garden Stuff
  • SP07 – Kids Room Stuff
  • SP08 – Backyard Stuff
  • SP09 – Vintage Glamour Stuff
  • SP10 – Bowling Night Stuff
  • SP11 – Fitness Stuff
  • SP12 – Toddler Stuff
  • SP13 – Laundry Day Stuff
  • SP14 – My First Pet Stuff
  • SP15 – Moschino
  • 64-bits only:
  • SP16 – Tiny Living
  • SP17 – Nifty Knitting

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52 thoughts on “The Sims 4 free Downloads

  1. once sims 4 journey to batuu comes out will you update?
    Because i know everyone hates it well i actually hate it beacuse ea is ignoring us but i have been a fan star wars since so please please update

    1. Yes, of course. The official release is expected at 8th of September approx 19.00 hrs my timezone.
      Grant me at least 1 day to compose the update and the DLC, so most likely it will be available on this site sometime on Wednesday.

      The pre-star-wars update is already available via Anadius Updater and via Most Recent Updates

  2. I just had to comment.
    I’ve looked into pirating all the sims stuff for years but never found a good method/one that worked. After the recent announcement of the star wars game pack I knew it was time (whether you like it or not, it is just a money making scheme).
    This was so incredibly easy. I downloaded it in parts and it worked. I was in actual shock when it started up.
    It crashed the first time I played but it was because of a firewall pop up and I played for hours afterwards and everything seems to be in order. You don’t even need origin for this (other websites for downloading the sims require making changes to origin and the base game yada yada) which is super convenient considering I have to reinstall origin every fucking time something updates so trying to get it to accept pirated games is a flaming bag of dog shit.
    I never planned on buying all the packs. They are NOT worth it. But I really enjoy the variety that sims youtubers have with every single pack. This is a god send. Almost brought me to tears

  3. Hi, First I want to thank you for this website.

    I’ve updated my game because I didn’t have the Eco Lifestyle pack yet. But after playing for a while, I don’t really like this pack at all. Is there are way to uninstall only Eco Lifestyle? Or do I have to uninstall everything and re-install the whole thing again?

          1. Yes, I did use Winrar. I wanted to post here a screenshot of what it says, but I deleted the file off my pc, and tried to re-download. But now the whole download doesn’t even start =(

          2. Could you extract the Winrar files dlc-toggler without errors ? – If not download it again from HERE
            After extraction place the 2 files in the main directory of The Sims 4 (where you van allo find folders like __Install, Delta, Data etc.)

          3. YES! Thank you sooo much! It finally worked and I managed to turn off Eco Lifestyle! Lol I was almost ready to give up and just reinstall the whole thing. TYSM!!

  4. Can you add the new patch update\
    Is the updater automatically update to that patch if iuse it or i should download it again?

  5. Can you add the new patch update\
    Is the updater automatically update to that patch if iuse it or i should download it again?

  6. Can i put this in a How To Download Video? Because there are no videos about downloading the new version for free.

  7. install keeps getting stuck at island living
    component 29.7%
    total 86.4%

    ive done everything to troubleshoot. please help.

  8. Hi !So I’ve downloaded and installed the game, everything was fine, but when i launch the game, there is nothing in CAS, i can’t see my sim, I can’t play and i don’t know why, I did everything I had to do, just like in the tutorial. Please, help me.
    I don’t know if it can be helpful, but I’ve downloaded the game by using the Anadius repack link and chose the torrent.

    1. @Jeskamina

      Use the Anadius Updater – let it Update (this also repairs your game)

      The problem can also be caused by outdated mods, play without mods and see if it helps.

  9. Oh my God! i tried the anadius updater and it worked like magic! my game version is now at 1.65.70 like it promised. Anadius you are a simmer God!

      1. @Dimitris

        You’re correct, Nifty Knitting not (yet) installed.
        We can’t perform miracles as Electronic Arts themselves have not even published it as yet.

  10. Hello, as I have read and checked the comments. Can I install mods on the Cracked Version? (I have Origin with mods) and I was wondering if it will allow me. Thanks!

    It sucks how I cannot have origin with the cracked DLCs!

      1. @ Luigi Alvarez

        Yes you can still use your mods in cracked games.

        Leave your Origin-based game where it is (probably in C;|Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4
        Install your cracked game in a different directory.

        As both versions use the same folder C;\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to store your progression in the game it is recommended to use the Origin game for access to the Gallery only and to play with the cracked game.
        Do not save a session played in the Original version.


        1. Understandable and when you mean to not save a session played in the Original version, you mean in the Origin, so basically I have to play the cracked game and use that for save and load and not the one on the Origin,
          if that is correct.

          Without further ado, I think i understand the link you have sent, I will surely comment furthermore if there is questions I am confused off, thanks!

          1. I don’t know which downloads will be suitable for the link to use, as some of them do not work unfortunately, do you know one to which I can use to download the cracked DLC’s with the acceptance of the Origin game? I hope you understand, thanks for the help!

          2. @Luigi Alvarez.

            In your situation copy your present genuine (Origin) folder of the Sims 4 to another location on your PC .
            Then use the Anadius Updater and browse it to this new location. You can then add missing DLC’s.

  11. Hey! I have the original game and 4 dlcs with Origin. I want to install the other dlc for free. Witch method should I use so I can have the original game with the cracked dlc?

    1. I would also like to download the sims 3, will origin detect that I have the cracked game? I’ve heard that they can ban your account and I don’t want that to happen

    2. Keep the origin game separated from the cracked version.
      Usually the origin version is stored in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4.
      Install your cracked games in f.e. C:\The Sims 4

      1. i have been trying to install from the link you sent but every time i download it and click open it says removed.

  12. i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your work. what you are doing here is terrific. many thanks and greetings from switzerland.

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