Sims 4 Common Errors

Frequently encountered errors in the Sims 4Click for Dutch page

The origin not running error

This error can only by caused by:

  1. Origin (or ZLOrigin) is still active/running on your computer. Close all instances of Origin/ZLOrigin.
  2. Your installation folder for the Sims 4 (or a copy of it) is still within another directory Electronic Arts, Origin, ZLOrigin, Origin Games or ZLOrigin Games. MOVE it to f.e. Program Files(x86)\The Sims 4 by Cut/Paste.
  3. Your anti-virus has disabled the crack Rld.dll,  RldOrigin.dll and/or OrangeEmu.dll in your installiaton folder\Game\Bin.
  4. You placed a copy of TS4.exe or TS4_x64.exe on your desktop instead of a shortcut.

Reason 2 is often caused when you installed the base game from G4TW’s download as this download automatically places the game in C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
So MOVE, not COPY, your The Sims 4 folder out of the folder Electronic Arts.

Reason 3. is caused when you have not placed the installation folder The Sims 4 AND/OR the folder where you extract Winrar downloads in the exceptions of your anti-virus.
Extract your highest installed DLC again and copy the folder Game again to your installation folder.


This file is often attacked by your anti-virus program. When you download a DLC from the internet and your download-location is not under the exceptions of your AV, it will be “destroyed” immediately after extraction of the downloaded file/folder.

  1. Make sure your Sims 4 folder (not the one in Documents\Electronic Arts) is in the exceptions of your anti-virus program.
  2. You can download OrangeEmu.rar HERE.
  3. Don’t extract as yet but move it to your installation folder The Sims 4/Game/Bin
  4. Now extract OrangeEmu.rar with Winrar
  5. Overwrite the existing files