Sims 4 Common Errors

Frequently encountered errors in the Sims 4Click for Dutch page

Most errors are caused by faulty or outdated mods

Temporarily Move (not copy) your  folder (C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop.
Start your game again
No problems now ? – Then you’ll have to check your mods.
Many mods become obsolete when a new DLC is installed.

The origin not running error

This error can only by caused by:

  1. Origin (or ZLOrigin) is still active/running on your computer. Close all instances of Origin/ZLOrigin.
  2. Your installation folder for the Sims 4 (or a copy of it) is still within another directory Electronic Arts, Origin, ZLOrigin, Origin Games or ZLOrigin Games. MOVE it to f.e. Program Files(x86)\The Sims 4 by Cut/Paste.
  3. Your anti-virus has disabled the crack Rld.dll,  RldOrigin.dll,  OrangeEmu.dll and/or Anadius.dll in your installation folder\Game\Bin.
  4. You placed a copy of TS4.exe or TS4_x64.exe on your desktop instead of a shortcut.

Reason 2 is often caused when you installed the base game from G4TW’s download as this download automatically places the game in C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
So MOVE, not COPY, your The Sims 4 folder out of the folder Electronic Arts.

Reason 3. is caused when you have not placed the installation folder The Sims 4 AND/OR the folder where you extract Winrar downloads in the exceptions of your anti-virus.
Download the latest folder Game, extract with Winrar and copy the folder Game again to your installation folder.

Unable to start:

The contents of your user data directory were created by a new version of The Sims 4 and cannot be loaded. Please update your game via Origin to play. 

Ignore that mesage and do the following:
Go to the folder of your data directory,  C:\User\your username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 and delete the file GameVersion.
Best solution of course is to update your present game to the latest version – see THIS PAGE

You may have to repeat this action every time that Origin or the EA app. updated your game and your cracked version is not up-to-date.

Sims 4 Error: Hello + 0xc0000142 (Thanks to Anadius)

Reinstalling won’t do anything.
This is all info I’ve gathered about this problem so far:
  • Don’t start the game in virtual machine, virtual PC (for example Shadow PC) nor in Sandboxie (and the like).
  • Go to Control Panel > Uninstall a program > Turn Windows features on or off > uncheck Hyper-V. Uncheck Windows Sandbox if it’s present too.
  • In Windows Defender Security Centre open:
    1. Device Security > Core isolation details and disable Memory Integrity.
    2. App & Browser Control > Exploit protection settings and disable Force randomization for images (Mandatory ASLR).
  • If that doesn’t help, disable virtualization in BIOS/(U)EFI.

When I start the game nothing happens

Most probably you are trying to play in another language  besides the 17 installed languages.
When you downloaded games from other sources you may not have all languages installed, download the language strings, then run the language changer and select one of the available languages.

Error 0x000007b

You are trying to start the Sims 4 in the 64-bits modus and your computer is 32 bits.
Start game from your installation folder The Sims 4\Game\Bin_LE\TS4.exe.
No such folder, download the Legacy Edition.

Check your game for missing/faulty files


Easy Repair

see This Page

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103 thoughts on “Sims 4 Common Errors

  1. Hermana/o muchas graaacias, tuve que desinstalar mi otro juego y perdí mi otra partida, porque nu guarde el tray, lo volví a instalar y me seguía apareciendo el mismo error y luego encontré esta página y salvaste mi juego

  2. Hi there Taracl, thanks so much for making our lives easier, blessing us with free DLC’s (couldn’t afford everything) :’)
    unfortunately I stumbled on a minor problem, on the Seasons expansion pack, I couldn’t get to take a vacation with my sim. it gets stuck on the loading screen that has spring-summer-fall-winter option, then when I click on any of it it just spirals and reloads the same screen, I had to exit the game or else it’s just stuck there. the seasons content such as weather, holiday information etc works fine, I just couldn’t take my sim to a vacation. Any tips on how to solve this problem? thanks in advance!

  3. Hello, I would like to know if the Anadius Sims is compatible with Reshade. My game doesn’t work when the application is installed. There is no error message at all, it just shows a white screen and then closes immediately. As soon as I uninstall the application the game opens as usual.
    This is also the same for Gshade, is there anything I should do differently for it to work, I would really love to reshade my game.

  4. I noticed that my game will not let sims complete actions I want them to complete or my game will just shut down and close out. When I play without the added it plays just fine. Help me please

  5. Hola! Tengo el juego base y los DLC piratas, me funciona bien pero quiero usar Mods y contenido personalizado y no puedo

  6. hi! so whenever i tried to open my load games it won’t work. it’ll freeze and crash. same goes with ‘save as’ button. do you perhaps know what’s the cause of this problem?

  7. Hi! I installed the legal base game, then installed the pirated DLCs, followed all of the instructions to change the language to English and everything was working fine. Today the game filed to launch.
    “Unable to start. The current user is not entitled to run the Sims 4 in the installed language. [f089e35b:00000000:00000000:00000000]”
    I’ve tried repairing it but it reverted to the original language, and when I change it back to English, the error comes up again. Help, please.

    1. In some countries The legal Sims 4 is only available in just 1 or 2 languages.
      Have you tried to play The Sims 4 as an Administrator ?

      1. Ye, the legal game is not available in English. I always run it as administrator and it has not been failing prior.

          1. I changed the legal game language to English via the language changer, and it was working before. After a few days it started crashing and displaying the error message. Currently, the game only runs after I’ve changed the language to the original one.

          2. Hi! I’ve resolved the issue thankfully. When I run the language changer outside the game folder, it works.

  8. Fica só aparecendo “Não é possível iniciar: The Sims™4 já está em execução. [ed35e0ea:29f00e76:00000000:18a1dd51]”.
    Já botei executar como administrador, já desativei o antivírus e firewall e simplesmente não abre. Alguém pode me ajudar?

  9. Hello yesterday i downloaded the DLCs and they worked just fine but know it tells me unowned , I tried to open the game from the (cracked game ) file and it says unable to start due to missing game data. please download The Sims 4 legacy edition from origin
    i also tried to repair it from EA DLC Unlocker v2 but i don’t think i did it right
    please help

  10. I was playing yesterday, no problems. But when I tried to run it today, i had a problem. “Unable to start. The current user is not entitled to run the Sims 4 in the installed language. [f089e35b:00000000:00000000:00000000]”
    Once again, yesterday everything was totally fine, i didn’t change anything, didn’t accidently delete anything or something like that. I tried changing my region and language in the EA app, it didn’t help.

  11. Hi,
    I downloaded everything but every time I start the game it says I have the DLCs, but as in the game itself I can’t use them. I read somewhere that the DLCs are not placed in the right folder then, what folder should they be placed in?
    Sorry for the stupid question, I am not a genius in this area and understand half the terms haha

    1. I followed all the instructions and my game was working fine. All of a sudden my gallery is not loading fast like it use to and EA is showing that it is disconnecting in the background. My Installation folder is in my main folder for it, now with the crack folder, should it sill be inside the installation folder with the legal game? Inside the crack folder should their be a game and crack game folder as well?

  12. Bonjour, je viens d’avoir un gros problème avec mes sims, j’ai téléchargé la dernière mise à jour et lancer le jeu jusque là tout de passe bien mais au moment de jouer l’écran bloqué et un sablier s’affiche à côté du curseur, de plus j’ai des même sauvegarde que celle de base mais en 800 fois et dès que j’essaye de les supprimer ça figes j’ai essayé de réparer le jeu sur origine comme sur ce site j’ai enlevé tout les mode mais rien ne marche s’il vous plaît si quelqu’un a une solution qu’il me l’a transmette.

    1. Re-boot your computer. If that didn’t help, delete the file Config from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 and start your game again.

  13. I recently got a new computer, and could transfer the downloaded dlcs, but when I open the game, they’re now shown as unowned. I’m not sure what I need to do to get the game to recognize the downloaded dlc again.

  14. Hi to you all,

    I’ve got this error after updating to
    “The game connects to the crack but doesn’t send any data. If you use stuff like ReShade – remove it because it messes up with the crack.”

    I never used ReShade, tried to remove “Mods” folder, antivirus and VPN is disabled, I’ve also replaced whole crack from provided archive, checked game files with validator, repairing with updater and reinstalling whole game also did not help.

    It simply won’t start. Did anybody have the same problem? If so, how did you solve it?

      1. I did as you advised, unfortunately it did not fix the error. I reinstalled the game one more time however, and I managed to play a few hours (!) till I restarted PC – then the same error occurs. Game folder is still under exception in antivirus, Win Defender apparently didn’t interfere. I have no idea what specific conditions I have to fulfill to be able to run the game 🙁

        1. To find the details of your computer:
          Right-click on Start (the windows icon on your taskbar)
          Select Run
          In the window type dxdiag
          In dxdiag select save all details
          Choose your desktop as destination for the dxdiag
          Open the downloaded dxdiag on your desktop.

          1. You have a perfect computer, absolutely nothing wrong there. You should be able to play the game on a very high resolution.
            To check that the game recognized your video card open the file Config in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4, scroll down to ===Graphics device info ===.
            In that section see at Name (database) the name of your video card [found: 1, Supported: 1]. If one of these values is 0 there is something wrong.

            All I can suggest is to temporarily move (not copy) the folder The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop.
            The game will then start as if you just bought it, so no mods, no saves, no self-created Sims and Lots.
            When the game then starts correctly, the problem should be found in the folders Mods, Tray and/or Saves.
            Then from the file The Sims 4 on your desktop, copy the folders Saves and Tray back to the newly, automatically, created folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts.
            Still all OK ? Problem is caused by Mods/Scripts.

          2. >IN REPLY TO YOUR POST FROM 23RD SEPTEMBER 2022 AT 12:52<

            ===Graphics device info === shows that both values you mentioned are 1, so no problem here, I have also moved C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 away and runned TS4_x64.exe again (also as Admin and in WIN 7 combability mode), game managed to create a fresh folder in Documents (with only ConfigOverride – empty, Saves – empty, UserData.lock, UserSettings.ini) alas same error with the crack continues.

            This is really odd, all your previous releases were basically maintenance free, and I never had any problem with them whatsoever, be it on my current rig or my old machine… is there a chance that current crack is at fault here? Or perhaps some external software really messes up with it as error suggests? As I said, I've never even touched ReShade or anything of similar function.

  15. I downloaded the Origin version to add hsy and werewolves, all is working good but I have doubled worlds for the packs added. I removed mods and cc and it seems like it’s only effected the save file I’m in.

  16. I cannot start game, it says
    Problems with the link

    There is no disk or network connection indicated by TS4 x64 (always online) Ink. Check that the drive is properly inserted or network resources are available and try again.

  17. [spoiler=”report”]
    Game version: [b]1.90.375.1020[/b]
    Crack version: [b]1.90.375.1020[/b]
    Folder: [b]The Sims 4[/b]
    Crack used: [b]ANADIUS[/b]
    Legacy Edition: [b]not installed[/b]
    [color=#026526][b][u]Hash mismatch:[/u][/b][/color]
    — quick scan —
    [color=#026526][b][u]Missing files:[/u][/b][/color]

    [color=#026526][b][u]Unknown files:[/u][/b][/color]


    please help me, cant open my games:( it says that
    unable to start: cannot start because required game data is missing or damaged. please repair or reinstall the game via origin.

  18. Hello i’ve downloaded the high school expansion pack origin says it downloaded but it doesnt load in the game is there a way to delete the pack and download again or do i have to wait patiently anyway big thanks to you

  19. Bonjour pouvais vous m’aider , quand je veut lancée mon jeux les sims 4 craqué ils me disent “le contenu de votre répertoire de données d’utilisateur a été créé par une version plus récente du jeu Les sims 4 et ne peut être chargé. Veuillez mettre a jour votre jeu sur Origin pour jouer.”

  20. so when I first did all this and launched my sims it said to make a different origin account and not play on my personal one along with putting in some code from the origin website and adding the trial version into my game library, well I updated my game today and the installer but it switched to my personal account some how and when i go back to my new account made for this it says I do not have the trial version downloaded and will not launch on that account. Is it ok to continue playing on my personal account? or how do i get it to reconnect to the new account?

  21. I have the steam base game but download the DLC from here.

    I have a doubt? If i need update the base game. Will I have problems with steam to update my game? Or from now on should I find an external method to update my base game and DLC?

  22. Hello !

    I had a question. I have all the dls (i buy the sims 4 base game and university) and i have a problem in the cas – cus.

    i can’t change or select an outfit or anything for the human but its works for the animals and i don’t have the werewolf and moonwoodmills in my games.

    thanks for the help

  23. ive tried downloading the game but ive run tinto an error called isdone.dll error 11. i’ve looked up how to fix it saying that you need to clear up space but after i’ve basically cleared everything my program still wont install. is there any way to fix this.

  24. hi, I have a problem while playing the game.
    so when I opened the sims 4 x64 in folder named bin it works but the game isn’t linked to my save from the other game. when i click on the game it ask me in the menu to start a new play
    so i’m asking someone to please help me
    I hope you will be able to be help me …

    1. Look in the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts for an additional folder The Sims 4 (or Les Sims 4)
      Examine the folders Saves and Tray and copy these folders to the other The Sims 4 folder.

  25. my sims was working up until i installed the update in the sims 4 installer folder, eversince, when i open my sims, it doesnt run completely and closes halfway to getting to the main menu. what do i do or what did i do wrong

  26. J’ai installer le jeu en entier ‘craché) et j’ai l’erreur bdbb60ea:29f00e76:000000000:4b0d852b
    quelqu’un peut m’aider ?
    je suis sur Mac

  27. Hey so I just followed the steps to install the dlcs on my legal origin game and when I go into the game it says that I own all the packs but that I need to download them. However, I can’t find how I’m supposed to download them? There’s no in-game download button and ofc origin doesn’t say I own those packs.

  28. bonjour j’ai un problème lors de mon lancement de mon jeux il me dit que.

    Impossible de lancer
    le contenu de mon répertoire de donnée d’utilisateur a été créé par une version plus récente du jeux les sims 4 et ne peut pas être chargé. Veuillez mette a jour votre jeu sur Origin pour jouer

    es ce que quelqu’un peut m’aider ?

    1. J’ai bien vu l’aide proposée en haut mais je ne possède pas le dossier mais de plus quand je fais l’update cela ne fonctionne toujours pas

    2. La version du jeu dans le dossier C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\Les Sims 4 est différente de la version dans votre dossier d’installation.
      Pour pouvoir jouer à nouveau à votre jeu, supprimez le fichier GameVersion du dossier C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\Les Sims 4

      1. Bonjour j’ai le même problème mais je ne voit pas le fichier GameVersion pouvais vous m’aidez sil vous plaît

    3. Bonjours avait vous trouvé une solution pour pouvoir m’aider je rencontre le même problème que vous

  29. hey 🙂
    first of all thank for the game! its amazing! i just have one issue\bug. when i start a game some of the bubbles are missing like the event on the left up corner (when the neighborhood come to visit for the first time) or the Scenario.
    how can i fix that? i really hope you understand 🙂 my english isnt that good.
    thank you 🙂

  30. Just successfully installed and able to play.

    Just a note, realms of magic seems to get stuck so I just removed it from the folder and installed the rest (not a biggie as I can live without)

  31. Hello, I had a version of 1.70-74 around something i believe, cracked one.
    Everything was perfect and still good tbh, but i wanted to add some lots and households from websites, few of them worked well but the others not working and i checked the files, its not about the files i downloaded.
    I suppose it is requires to access gallery, which i can’t play online.
    So I checked multiple ways and ended up here, downloaded the updater, updated my game, made a crack from yours, even did the remind cookie.
    But when I use remind cookie from web and tap Log in , it says ”Network error!’ and forcing me to play offline.
    Soo.. what should I do idk :’)

  32. What should i do when the download doesnt complete because it says the xdelta something is missing and that the updater needs to be redownloaded and extracted

  33. [spoiler=”report”]
    Game version: [b][/b]
    Crack version: [b][/b]
    Folder: [b]The Sims 4[/b]
    Crack used: [b]ANADIUS[/b]
    Legacy Edition: [b]not installed[/b]
    DLCs not installed: [b]SP23[/b]
    [color=#026526][b][u]Hash mismatch:[/u][/b][/color]
    — quick scan —
    [color=#026526][b][u]Missing files:[/u][/b][/color]
    [color=#026526][b][u]Unknown files:[/u][/b][/color]

    1. As there is a difference between the game version ( and the crack version ( use the Anadius Updater to adjust the game folder.
      Use the Update option that will bring your game to version

      1. I keep trying to update my game with the sims 4 updater and I’m waiting hours and hours and once the download literally gets to the end an error pops up saying that some of the files didn’t download or something like that then closes it .

  34. Hi there!
    First: Thank you so much never ending story^^ so the sim won’t finish the repair and the robot is still broken.

    -> first i thought it’s a broken mod, so i cleared the mod folder and took all of them out –> still the same problems. When the MCCC is active it just shows me that there’s a script error. Without –> no reports but the problems are still there.

    Hope you could help me 🙂

  35. Update it using Anadius sims 4 updater then choose the online option after you’re done updating the game get your Remid cookie from the origin website and paste it there in the space provided but first you have to have an origin account then when you logout put it at remember me to get the remid ID/cookie then thats it whatever your origin account name is that’ the name that will show up

  36. Hi! Sorry to bother, i just downloaded the Game and when I try to play it says “Origin is not instaled, and is required to play your Game. Please reinstall Origin.” How can I solve that?

  37. Help!, when i start offline, it says
    Unable to start:
    The Sims 4 is already running.

    please help me

  38. Since i got the gallery update when i try to get to CAS it keeps loading or it gives me a white screen only when i put my mods folder

  39. After extracting the application, I used it to download the base game and the packs. I followed the instructions – Clicked repair but I did’nt click the download only. When I came back There was an error Saying URL not found (p-71_86-72_28)

    1. I just used this method to create a new all-in-one legacy edition from scratch and no problems whatsoever.
      I suggest you try it again. (previously downloaded files are still stored in the folder update)

  40. Hi! I downloaded the sims 4 repack last night and I can start the game and make it til the world but the loading screen when I try to play a household like forever. I just checked that the Mods weren’t in the electronic arts folder, do you may know why it’s like that?

    1. And when I try to open cas i can’t see the sim, it’s just a loading symbol down to the right

    2. The folder Mods should be in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 (or when you play in another language Les Sims 4, Die Sims 4, Los Sims 4 or equivalent)

  41. What about when the download doesnt complete because it says the xdelta something is missing and that the updater needs to be redownloaded and extracted

  42. I went on the game but all of the phone interactions and logos are the wrong way around. This includes the need bars and aspirations, when I hover over them with my mouse they just change to a different icon. Also when I change an outfit the screen goes green on each o
    Outfit so I can’t see what they are wearing?

    1. Are you using mods ?
      If yes, then move (not copy) the folder mods from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop and then start the game again.

  43. My game has game pack vampires in it but the world does not appear also when I turn my sim into an occult(vampire), the abilities or skills are gone and the vampire rank meter has Llama icon in it. The newcrest world also has Llama icons. It’s the update 1.76. Can this be fixed?

  44. My game won’t load any households and is stuck on the loading screen after the summer sessions update. What do I do? It worked fine before that.

    1. Do you have mods in your game ?
      Move (not copy) the folder Mods from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop and run the game again.
      No problems now then (all or some of) your mods are outdated.

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