All-in-one Download and Install

The Sims 2 all-in-one Download & Install

  1. Download the all-in-one version HERE
  2. Switch off your anti-virus program as the crack might be seen as a Trojan
  3. In Windows 8.1 or higher rightclick on the downloaded file and select Open with …. Explorer. Older versions of Windows: Mount the download in a program like Poweriso or Daemon.
  4. Click on Setup.exe, not on Setup-1 or Setup-2 (Mind you, it takes rather long so be patient)

Change language

  1. Keep the Windows key pressed and type R
  2. In the window type regedit and click on OK
  3. Now follow this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE On a 32-bits machine you can now go to EA Games, on a 64-bits Windows you first have to go to WoW6432Node and then to EA Games
  4. Open the folder Mansion and Garden Stuff, open the subfolder 1.0
  5. Open Language, check Decimal and change to the code of your language (see table below)
  6. Close the Register
  7. When you changed a language always start the first time as an Administrator (rightclick on the shortcut)

List of decimal language codes

 1  English US
 2  French
 3  German
 4  Italian
 5  Spanish
 6  Swedish
 7  Finnish
 8  Dutch
 9  Danish
10  Brazilian Portuguese
11  Czech
12  Hebrew (needs external font support)
13  Greek (needs external font support)
14  Japanese
15  Korean
16  Русский (Russian) (needs external font support)
17  Simplified Chinese
18  Traditional Chinese
19  English UK
20  Polish
21  Thais
22  Norwegian
23  Portuguese
24  Hungarian

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