Make the Sims 4 portable

How to make the Sims 4 really portable (legal games)

Use the Cloud storage offered by Origin

  1. Open Origin
  2. Click in the top taskbar on the word Origin
  3. Click on application settings
  4. Click on Installations and saved games
  5. Enable Cloud storage

How to make the Sims 4 really portable (cracked games)

Drive Z: is just set as an example, of course you can assign a different drive or use a fixed HDD (like D:\)

Suppose your parents are divorced and you alternately live with one of your parents.
Of course you want to take your game with you and play directly on the computer present there.

Problem is that the progress of your game is always saved in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 and it would be much easier when both your game and the progress are stored on an external device like an USB stick or external HDD.

STEP 1 (Give your external device a fixed station-letter)
In this example I want everything on drive Z:\

  1. Insert an USB stick or external hard disk drive
  2. Keep the Windowskey pressed and type X
  3. Select disk management
  4. Select your external device and right-click on it
  5. Select Change stationletter and path
  6. Click on add and assign drive letter Z

STEP 2 (Make drive Z: the new location for your progress folder)

Again keep the Windowskey pressed and type X

When you see Windows Power Shell rightclick on the taskbar -> taskbar settings

  1. Go to your progress folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts and copy it to your Z:\ drive
  2. Go back to your original progress folder on drive C
  3. Place your cursor in the top-window that shows the path, rightclick and select Copy address as text
  4. Now delete your progress folder on drive C:
  5. Do windowskey+X and select Command prompt (Administrator)
    You will see C:\Windows\System32>
  6. Now type mklink /d” and do a CTRL+V.
    When the path has copied type ” ” (quotationmark space quotationmark)
    Go to the folder Electronic Arts on your Z drive and in the top window showing the path, rightclick again and copy address
    Do a CTRL+V and type a quotationmark followed by Enter
  7. When you’ve done it correctly the commandpromt will look like
    C:\Windows\System>mklink /d “C:\Users\your username\Documents\Electronic Arts” “Z:\Electronic Arts”

Note: Pay attention to the quotation marks, they are mandatory

STEP 3 (Check)

On the location where your old progress folder was, the Electronic Arts map icon has changed to that of a shortcut Everything SEEMS the same because when you click on it you will still see everything that was originally in that folder, but it has become a shortcut to your new location and no longer takes up space on your C drive. Now when you continue playing with the Sims, your new game data will be saved to your new Electronic Arts location on disc Z


Perform the above (Steps 1-3) on all computers you want to play the Sims on


If you ever want to restore the old situation:

  1. Rename the folder of your location on Z Electronic Arts_del
  2. Remove the shortcut from your old location
  3. Copy Electronic Arts_del back to the old location on C
  4. Rename Electronic Arts_del back to Electronic Arts

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4 thoughts on “Make the Sims 4 portable

  1. Bonjour, il y a une erreur de syntaxe dans le descriptif donné.
    En étape 2.6, vous dites :
    Tapez maintenant mklink d/”

    or il faut taper :
    Tapez maintenant mklink /d ”


  2. Hello Tarac! To elaborate my concern, I have been getting the error of “Cannot create a file when that file already exists” in the command prompt. I formatted the things correctly and have even looked if there even was a folder with the same name besides the folder I copied in the drive I’m moving it into, and there wasn’t at all. I’m planning to move my folder to the D: drive for extra context. Is there a certain turnaround for surpassing this error?

    Self attempts at turnarounds and Extra information:
    – In terms of path copying, I tried both copying the path in properties folder and copy as path after shift-right clicking, but the same error still happened as well.
    – I have controlled file access enabled, if this information is required for the troubleshooting

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