Download and Install all-in-one

The Sims 3 all-in-one download with perfect Launcher.Dutch Pages

There are many all-in downloads available on the internet but unfortunately almost all of these have problems with the Launcher.
Anadius offers a repack with a perfect Launcher and also gives you the choice to only install the packs that you want.
Disadvantage of this repack is the missing of 3 worlds, Hidden Springs, Midnight Hollow and Sunlit Tides. They are shown as buyable items. You can add these worlds for free afterwards.

Download and installation of the Anadius repack all-in-one for the Sims 3

  1. Download TS3-all-in via torrent
  2. Mount the downloaded .iso file (don’t know how to mount ? – see this page)
  3. Click on TS3_setup and follow the instructions on the screen
  4. Select the language of your choice
  5. Tick the boxes for your wanted packs (DLC’s). When completed click on Next
  6. In case you never played Sims 3 or Sims 4 before on your computer, also tick Install redist
  7. Select the folder where you want the Sims 3 to be installed
  8. Click on install

Don’t panic when you notice an installation time of several hours. It will quickly reduce and in the end it takes approx. 30 minutes.

Shortcuts on your Desktop

The installation creates 3 shortcuts:

  • Start the game via Launcher
  • Quick start the game skipping Launcher
  • Sims 3 (FPS Limiter) – This will reduce the frames per second for modern, quick, processors. Less chance that your system will hang or freeze.

Add the missing worlds (optional)

  1. Download Worlds
  2. Mount the iso as described in item 2 above
  3. Double-click on a world, the Launcher will start and installs the World (be patient, takes rather long)
  4. Do the same with the other world
  5. The worlds are now added to your game but show up twice, 1x as a world you can buy and 1x as a playable world.

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