The Sims 1 – Cheats

The Sims – Cheats

 More Money

You start with 20.000 Simoleans (Sims-dollars) but pretty soon you wish you had more.

How to get more money

When you have the Base Game only you need the cheat Klapaucius, for all other expansions it is Rosebud.

  • Open the cheat Window (CTRL+SHIFT+C)
  • Type Rosebud and you’ll have $1000 extra
  • Type Rosebud;! (semi-colon + exclamation mark) and the score is $ 2000.- extra
  • Type Rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;! (9x semicolon+exclamation mark) and voila, $ 10.000 extra

Now we are going to cheat the cheat

  • Type Rosebud and fill the window with as many ;!;! as possible but after the last exclamation mark type 2 – Hit enter.
  • Error message – no such cheat – but in fact you have a lot of Simoleans extra and the cheat is still in your cheat-window, so hit Enter again and again and again.
  • When you have enough money, clear the window and type Exit or Quit

Make the mood bars green again

With the cheat Move_Objects on you can move your letterbox, trash can but also your Sim.
Warning: Never delete your letterbox as without it, you no longer exist. Yoy can’t go to your work, receive no mail, get no vistors.

  1. Save your game
  2. Open the cheat window and type move_objects on
  3. In Buy-modus select your Sim and press Delete
  4. Your Sim is gone and in the icon of your Sim you seel small red circle with an X
  5. Go back to Life modus, click on the incon of your deleted Sim
  6. Your Sim is back and all mood bars are green

Handy Downloads for Cheating. (Winrar or Add-on-Handler required)

  1. Download one or more of below mentioned items
  2. Rightclick on the downloaded item and select Extract Here
  3. Select the location of your The Sims installation folder like C:\Program Files (x86)\The Sims\Downloads

Adoption Bureau (no expansions required)

Get a child whenever you want it.
Use the phone and now you see the Catering service twice.
Select the dark coloured lady,
It will cost you 20.000 Simoleans

You can download it HERE

Money Chair (no expansions required)

Buy this chair (1 Simolean only), Sit in it and you have

  • 1 million Simoleans extra
  • all mood bars are green
  • all skills on level 10

You can buy the chair in Buy modus – Chairs – the flat lying 8

Download the chair HERE

Happy Cake (Superstar required)

  1. Vist your location without your Sim in Star City
  2. Select Buy-modus and place 2 pieces of cake in the location where you want your Sim to perform
  3. When you now visit Star City with your Sim and he/she has no energy left, take the cake and the mood bars are green again
  4. This enables your Sim to stay longer in Star City

Download the cake HERE

Magic Bookcase (Making Magic required)

Sims can deposit their ingredients in this bookcase and making them available for other family members incl. kids.
As this is an officoal download by EA Games, the installation is different.

  1. Download the bookcase and save it on your desktop
  2. Open the folder and double-click on the “blue traficsign”
  3. The bookcase will now install

Download the bookcase HERE

Magic Toadstools (Making Magic required)

Toadstool 1: All mood bars gree, magic coins (1800 per click), all ingredients, all skills and 25000 Simoleans per click

Download it HERE

Toadstool 2: various Magic Skills, you can teleport yourself on your lot and extinguish fire with a magic spell.

Download it HERE

Mechanical Maid (no expansions required)

Do you often forget to “wake” your robot ? This maid will come to action as soon as there are dirty dishes, toilets, showers aso.


  • Download her HERE
  • After extraction place the .far file in the folder Downloads. All other files go to GameData/Skins

Magical Mirror

The solution for lazy Sims players
The more expansions, the more powerful the mirror is.
Skill, money, mood bars, and much more: everything you want is there.
Warning: Using the mirror takes the fun out of the game.

You see it in your game as a blue framed mirror

Download it HERE


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