Direct Links to Packs

Direct Links to packs – only suitable for Pack System (Windows and Mac)

  1. These DLC’s will only work when you have the Pack System installed and you must have at least a legal base game.
  2. Make sure you have the latest version installed via the EA app. (to do that, simply start your legal game and it automatically updates to the latest version)
  3. Download the pack you want by clicking on the links in red.
  4. Mount the downloaded iso file (don’t know how to mount an .iso ?  – Look HERE)
  5. Copy the folder from the mounted iso to your:
    Origin/EA app.:  installation folder (Probably C:\Program Files (x86) -> Origin Games (or EA games) -> The Sims 4).
    If you can’t find the correct folder, download this small file and run it. It will show you the correct folder for your DLC’s. Don’t put them in the folder __Install.
    Steam installation folder (Probably C:\Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> The Sims 4). I don’t know what the default folder for the Mac is
    Mac: To find the correct applications folder, in finder press: “shift” + “command” + “h”
    That should open the correct location, and you should see an “applications” folder, click and open that. Now you should see “the sims 4 packs” folder. If you do not see that, right click, make a new folder, and name it “the sims 4 packs.” Now, drag all those DLC folders you lined up into the “the sims 4 packs” folder.


Expansion Packs Free Packs Game Packs Stuff Packs Kits
EP01 Get to Work FP01 Holiday Celebration GP01 Outdoor Retreat SP01 Luxury Party Stuff SP20 Throwback Fit Kit
EP02 Get Together GP02 Spa Day SP02 Perfect Patio Stuff SP21 Country Kitchen Kit
EP03 City Living GP03 Dine Out SP03 Cool Kitchen Stuff SP22 Bust the Dust Kit
EP04 Cats & Dogs GP04 Vampires SP04 Spooky Stuff SP23 Courtyard Oasis Kit
EP05 Seasons GP05 Parenthood SP05 Movie Hangout Stuff SP24 Fashion Sreet  Kit
EP06 Get Famous GP06 Jungle Adventure SP06 Romantic Garden Stuff SP25 Industrial Loft Kit
EP07 Island Living GP07 Strangerville SP07 Kids Room Stuff SP26 Incheon Arrivals Kit
EP08 Discover University GP08 Realm of Magic SP08 Backyard Stuff SP27 does not exist as yet
EP09 Eco Lifestyle GP09 Star Wars Journey to Batuu SP09 Vintage Glamour Stuff SP28 Modern Menswear Kit
EP10 Snowy Escape GP10 Dream Home Decorator SP10 Bowling Night Stuff SP29 Blooming Room Kit
EP11 Cottage Living GP11 Wedding Stories SP11 Fitness Stuff SP30 Carnaval Streetwear Kit
EP12 High School Years GP12 Werewolves SP12 Toddler Stuff SP31 Décor to the max.Kit
EP13 Growing Together (Expected) SP13 Laundry Day Stuff SP32 Moonlight Chic Kit
SP14 My First Pet Stuff SP33 Little Campers Kit
SP15 Maschino Stuff SP34 First Fits Kit
SP16 Tiny Living Stuff SP35 Desert Luxe Kit
SP17 Nifty Knitting SP36 Pastel Pop Kit
SP18 Paranormal Stuff SP37 Everyday Clutter Kit
SP19 Gnome on the go * SP38 Simtimates Collection Kit
SP39 Bathroom Clutter Kit
  • This was temporarily on offer when you pre-ordered EP11 and was valid for a specific time only. This pack is included in our Cottage Living download
    ** not available as yet

Please note: from EP08, GP09, SP16 or higher and Kits, only available for 64-bits Windows

Download all DLC’s in 1 iso torrent


When you download THIS FILE, you have all DLC’s ready for use., just download and mount

You can pick which ones you want to include in your game by copying the folders from the mounted iso to your (legal) installation folder.
You can find your legal installation folder by downloading this small file and run it.

In Mac:

To find the correct applications folder, in finder press: “shift” + “command” + “h”
That should open the correct location, and you should see an “applications” folder, click and open that. Now you should see “the sims 4 packs” folder. If you do not see that, right click, make a new folder, and name it “the sims 4 packs.” Now, drag all those DLC folders  into the “the sims 4 packs” folder.

Next, open the DLC Unlocker V1 and run the fix origin.client.command.

Now, open origin, and go offline. You can go offline by going to the bar at the top on the righthand side and clicking: “account” > “go offline”

Now run the game, and you should see your DLCs.

NOTE: you MUST be offline every time you run sims 4, or else you will not see your DLCs working. You can go online once in the game, but you will always need to be offline in origin to start your game.


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636 thoughts on “Direct Links to Packs

  1. hello can someone help me to fix my game.I just finished updating the game but when i want to enter in the ts4 offline/online a pop up message tell me that i have to get update my game .

  2. I used this to get all the packs, when SP36 and SP37 came out I added them and it worked great. I did the same steps when SP38 and SP39 came out but its not working. It said I owned both kits but none of the items showed up in game. I tried it multiple times and now it says ‘unowned’. I’m not sure what I need to do differently as it worked before.

    1. use the dlc unlocker installer again happened to me to too but i just used the origin dlc installer again and it worked im on mac try using the windows version if you are on windows

  3. pls help my kits wont show up in game (tells me i dont have any) but the expansion packs do work so its just the kits :((

    1. same except all my kits are showing up except for simtimates and bathroom clutter I have Origin and its been working fine

  4. So I just got the EA app and it replaced Origin. I tried to play the game and all my packs were not in the game. They were in the file folder but in game it said I needed to purchase all the packs. Do I need to move them to another folder? If so please help me below.

      1. Cuando se intenta actualizar el juego en la EA app se bloquea en el 57’24 o/o he vuelto a descargar el EA unlocker y volver a instalarlo y nada , ayuda?, gracias
        When trying to update the game in the EA app it crashes at 57’24 or/or I downloaded the EA unlocker again and reinstalled it and nothing, help? Thank you

        1. The EA app has some problems. Try again later or close the App and download Origin again (available here)
          When update/repair via Origin is successful you must re-apply the EA DLC Unlocker and type 5 first

    1. Hi! (using the translator xd) There is an extra program that you have to download to be able to configure that well. The essential thing, you must have the sims 4 (origin, EAapp, Steam, etc.) Then you Will look for “Add pirated DLC’s to your legal The Sims 4 Game for free”, the program is from this same page.

      Here is a very clear tutorial, if you don’t understand the language, you are guided by the images xd GOOD LUCK!


  5. Hola! Ya arreglé el bug en dónde mis sims se veían rojos con signos de interrogación. Todo lo que hice fue volver a instalar el kit y aunque la ropa se sigue viendo roja y blanca mi sim se ve en perfectas condiciones. Espero que a alguien que tenga el mismo problema le pueda servir :-).

  6. how do i extract the all in one file on mac? it just makes a zip, then i try to extract that and it just makes another .iso.torrent file. what am i missing??

    1. Downloading it should make a .iso file on mac. Double click that file and on the left side in finder, there it should appear under your running drives (under locations). Click that (it should have an eject symbol next to it) and copy the folder that appears on the right into the sims 4 packs folder (command+shift+h –> applications –> the sims 4 packs

  7. My game says I own all the packs when i look at “My Packs” however it still says “Download to us” and when i enter the game they don’t appear? i have followed all the steps but may have messed up I am just not sure where. Help please TWT

    1. When you start up Origin make sure to go offline. If you’ve done that and they’re still not there, perhaps Origin has been updated and you need to repeat step 5 (I think) before playing the game.. Hope this helps.

        1. On a MacBook, go to the top bar and select ‘account’ and then select the option ‘go offline’ – you should know that it worked if the top right of origin has light blue text that says ‘offline mode’.

          1. im on an imac and there is no offline mode, only invisible, away and online, is invisible offline?

    2. it’s the same for me with the four new kits. they doesn’t show up in the game and i have done everything. PLEASE HELP!!

  8. Lately I have been having to download everything all over again everyday because in my game build/buy objects are showing up with “rainbow question marks” and the worlds are having “grey llamas” all over or not showing any lots like completely empty

      1. Whenever I download the two new kits, they don’t show up in my game what so ever but if I download anything else it shows up.

          1. I have the same probleme, happend after the origin’s last update of the game. Since then I tried to run unlocker again, other dlc and else….. Always rainbows or the game don’t even want to load my save 🙁

  9. i got packs but not all of them in my sims for packs folder but in my game it says i own all the packs and kits. but when i go into the game i dont see the clothes or certain furni or the special things from those packs i should be able to play around with, even though it still says i own all of them. I tried doing the DLC unlocker but it didnt work, any help?

  10. Hi, i’ve been trying to install these packs for a while now and am still having difficulties. What exactly are the things i need to download in order to get the packs on my mac?

  11. Hi, my sims 4 game dosesn’t recognize any DLC as owned since i switched from Origin to EA app almost 1 month ago.
    Could you please explain me what i am supposed to do to get them back?
    should i re download everything?

    1. If anyone is having the new kits show up as blue update all worlds residential (it doesn’t show it’s updated in the change log but it turns out it was updated on the 18th)

  12. Just a quick question. What is the typical timeframe for adding new packs/kits after they’ve been released?

  13. Hola, si alguien podría ayudarme se lo agradecería muchísimo.
    He descargado algunos packs de expansión y unos kits, todo está en orden pero cuando probé algunas ropas a mis sims estos aparecían color rojo y con signos de interrogación. ¿Es un problema de mi ordenador o se puede arreglar?

    1. Creo que puede ser cc y cuando sale asi es porque esta dañado, en la pagina del creador te debe salir para actualizarlo, si no lo actualizan entonces se queda obsoleto:(

    2. Hola, me pasa exactamente lo mismo. Incluso tuve que eliminarlo (los contenidos de “Interiorísmo – GP10”, “Sí, quiero – GP11” y “Jardín Romántico – SP06” 🙁

    1. I am running into the same issue, a bit confused because after downloading the unlocker it says I have the packs in game but I need to download to use but I guess this is how you download packs, but what do we do if the link is saying blocked for all of them?

  14. hasta el momento todo se me ha descargado correctamente, recuerden seguir paso a paso del video, de verdad funciona, espero que mas adelante no de problemas, pero de resto jala fino

    1. hola desde el dia de ayer al intentar descargar cualquier archivo de la lista aparece una ventana con el mensaje ” obstruido” apenas logre descargar hasta la expasion 9

  15. oigan yo intente descargar el kit de aspiradoras, lego al entrar en el juego aparecian como todos los packs instalados pero solo tengo el mundo, objetos, ropa y demas de escapada en la nieve. luego intento descargar otro pack y el juego no lo lee, solo puedo descargar este una y otra vez que no le pasa nada. Pdt: tengo la EA App

  16. I have downloaded the packs and followed the directions however I cannot get them to appear in my game any help is appreciated! I am on a Mac so that changes some things.

  17. De momento llevo de la EP01 a la EP04 que me han dado error al descargar, en todas me dice archivo incompleto. si he podido descargar EP05 y GP02, estas dos ultimas han funcionado bien, muchas gracias por ello. Seguiré probando las demás de las que no tengo, que son muchas. Solo quería saber si es que esas expansiones tienen algún error o si algo hice mal. Aunque las dos que si funcionaron las descargué exactamente igual. Muchisimas gracias de nuevo.

    1. Emilia aquí un amigo simmer hispano hablante!
      Corroboré las descargas e instalé las expansiones por separado. No tuve ningún problema, todo funcionando asi que quizás es un asunto con tu conexión a internet (se inturrumpe probablemente generando un lío en los datos descargados)

      1. Encantada! Gracias por tu respuesta. Si, es muy probable que sea eso, porque las otras funcionan de maravilla. Igualmente, ya llevo tres expansiones gratis, que ya es de agradecer, jaj. Un saludo.

      2. hola una pregunta el EA UNLOCKER tiene virus? lo acabo de instalar me funciona bien y todo pero no se si tiene virus

    1. Hello, I have a problem with the DLC of vampires GP04 and with city living EP03, what happens is that the worlds do not appear in the game, it is the only thing that fails because the clothes, the makeup and others work, I don’t know what I can do do, I would be very grateful to anyone who can help me. I did all the steps, I even watched a video tutorial, help please

      1. I’ve dowloaded vampires pack months ago and was bugged, today I dowloaded one more time and now it works, so try it again.

    2. Hello i have a problema with the DLC le vampires (GP04) and city living (EP03) what happens Is that the worlds do not appear in the game it Is the only thing that fails cuz the clothes the make up and others work idk what i can do i would be very grateful to anyone who can help me i did all the steps i even watched a video tutorial help please

  18. Hi so I’ve followed the first couple steps but once I have to look for the sims 4 folder nothing appears… (C:\Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> The Sims 4)

    No common folder is found, anyone have a solution for this?

  19. Does anyone else have the “network error” while trying to download? I was able to dowload one file and then that error started to pop up. Searched for solutions and worked once for one more file and then stopped working again. Anyone with answers? Thanks in advance and happy new year, best wishes

    1. I just had it for me as well. I downloaded one or two at a time and re-downloaded if needed. It helped, probably just overloading the wifi trying to do them all at once.

  20. can i put multiple packs in the Sims 4 Packs Folder? like if i opened the game, do i get to choose what packs i get to play

  21. When the site was down thought it was dead but still happy its still alive though i just went to the other site Anadius? i think, nevertheless it still works flawlessly.

  22. my game runs as if all the packs were corrupted, i cant use anything and if i try to my sim just turns red. i’ve never had origin, i did all the steps correctly.

  23. A little question like this. Is it possible to remove Eco Lifestile from my game first because I don’t like it but keep the objects associated with it. Because I download houses in the gallery and it happens that I need this expansion to have it correctly.

    1. Please read the instructions 🙁
      Just again, READ, READ, READ.
      Don’t ask and expect things to be done for you 🙁

      1. @Frustated Simmer
        Sorry it was not a question of adding or removing a DLC but of knowing if the objects related to this DLC would be present anyway. Even if you don’t like this DLC , in the gallery, most of the house requires a specific DLC. Read my question this has never been asked before…

  24. since origin has been deleted and replaced by the EA application, we can no longer have our packs thanks to this method, help us

    1. How many times must I explain to each and every visitor (too lazy to read the instructions) that you must re-apply the EA DLC Unlocker, type 5 first to undo the Origin settings and then type 1,2,14 and q again ?

      1. ik heb dat allemaal gedaan, maar de 12 EP pakketten zie ik nog steeds niet.
        ik heb alles uitgepakt eerst met breezip en daarna met winrar maar het helpt allemaal niet ook het opnieuw installeren van ea unlocker ( eerst 5 dan 1,2,14 en q)
        heb je een oplossing?

        1. Waarom Breezip EN Winrar. Eén van de twee is genoeg.
          Als je voor de EP’s de .iso hebt gedownload moet je de iso koppelen met Windows Verkenner. (zie HIER)
          En als je ze hebt aangekruid in de Anadius Updater hoef je niks te doen, gaat allemaal vanzelf zolang je uiteraard naar de juiste installatiemap hebt gebrowsed.

      2. Tarac you shouldn’t keep giving them answers!
        You’ve been doing enough for us.
        Just let the lazy ones without Sims, they don’t deserve all your patience.
        By the way, thanks for all your help and guides.
        Those who can read and follow instructions really appreciate it!

  25. If I delete / eject the file so I can have more space will the pack still be in my game since I copied the file to the folder in sims 4 file

  26. hi! so i just moved to the ea app (origin made me transfer for some reason, i dont know) but it says i dont own any of the packs i downloaded before when i had origin they worked fine when i was using origin but now with the ea app, they dont? please help

      1. @Tarac I believe that most people here always ask the same question and you have to answer with the same answer every time regarding the EA DLC Unlocker. Because people don’t take the time to read the comments .Why not put a note on a page mentioning the problem that several people have and the solution. It would make you waste less time.

        1. Even when I publish something on a page in a yellow box with the title IMPORTANT, it still won’t be read.

          When you switch to the new EA app, you must re-apply the Unlocker as it should detect the Desktop version.
          You must first type 5 to uninstall the Origin based settings, then type 1,2,14 and q again.
          1. ik heb dit allemaal gedaan, maar de pakketten ep01 tot ep12 zie ik nog steeds niet, de andere pakketten wel, ik snap er niets van, ik heb deze gisteren allemaal opnieuw moeten downloaden en installeren want die waren alle 12 verdwenen. maar als ik het spel opstart zie ik die wel bij mijn pakketten staan maar als ik een opgeslagen spel wil spelen zie ik ze onderaan staan en als ik daar op wijs zegt die niet aanwezig.

          2. hallo daar ben ik nog eens ik heb bij de validator gekeken en die zegt dat die 12 mappen not installed zijn, maar ze staan op dezelfde plaats als alle andere mappen, wat kan ik nog doen?

          3. Waarschijnlijk heb je die 12 EP’s niet met Winrar uitgepakt alvorens ze in je spel te plaatsen.
            Wanneer je de validator uitvoert, staan ze dan misschien bij de unknown files ?

        2. hallo Tarac, ik kan niet reageren op jouw antwoord dus doe ik het op deze manier: ja ze staan bij onbekende bestanden. maar ik heb ze met winrar uitgepakt en daarvoor met breezip

          Game version:
          Crack version: not detected
          Folder: The Sims 4
          Languages: nl_nl
          Crack used: unknown, assuming legit game
          Legacy Edition: installed
          DLCs not installed: EP01, EP02, EP03, EP04, EP05, EP06, EP07, EP08, EP09, EP10, EP11, EP12
          #Hash mismatch:
          — quick scan —
          #Missing files:

          #Unknown files:

          Hele rits bestanden (lijst verwijderd door Tarac)

          1. Je hebt er een beetje een rommeltje van gemaakt.
            Je hebt mappen in mappen, b.v. een map EP01 binnen de map EP01
            Het lijkt er ook op dat je mods in je installatiemap hebt geplaatst zoals b.v. tinytwavellers binnen de map tiny twavellers.
            Ik raad je aan om de mappen van de uitbreidingspakketten EP01 t/m EP12 te verwijderen, evenzo ook de SP mappen en de map Game.
            Ik heb geen idee wat Tiny twavellers is, maar die map hoort daar ook niet thuis. Ook Onyx en Severinka
            De EA DLC Unlocker hoort ook niet in je installatiemap te zitten.

            Ik stel voor dat je:
            1. de volledige installatiemap verwijdert.
            2. Het spel opnieuw download via de EA app
            3. De DLC”s toevoegt via de Anadius Updater (wanneer gevraagd wordt of je legale spel in die map zit, kies Yes)
            4. Voer de EA DLC Unlocker opnieuw uit en t5ik eerst 5 en daarna 1,2,14 en q


          2. he he, ik heb je onderstaand advies opgevolgd en nu zie ik geen ontbrekende pakketten meer.
            heeeel erg bedankt

  27. update:
    i right clicked the iso files and pressed the option **open, then I put them in my Sims 4 folder and it worked!!!
    for the new update i just unistalled them and then installed them again.
    thank you anadius guy

  28. i’ve done all the steps and i’ve updated the game but it keeps on saying download to use. what can i do?
    thank you

  29. Ik heb alleen C:\Program Files (x84) kan dat ook want ik heb het al heel vaak geprobeerd maar het blijft het maar niet doen. Weten jullie hoe dat komt?

      1. What folders am I supposed to put them in? I dragged them from the extraction window into the sims 4 folder, but not within any other folder like the content folder. I tried to use the content folder but that didn’t work either. It’s not showing up anything even after running the DLC unlocker tool and followed the steps. They are still sitting in their original, respective folders. Do I need to place the .packages somewhere different and the contents of the worlds folder somewhere different? I search a lot of the comments and no one talks about this.

        1. Added information by Mac user Lamp (thank you for sharing)
          For those who are struggling to add DLC’s to their game, here’s an easier way of understanding:

          Make sure you’ve repeated “STEP 1” for the DLC Unlocker
          Download chosen DLC’s (via and extract the folder from the .iso file* (e.g. SP35)
          Locate your ‘The Sims 4 Packs’ folder:
          a. Open Finder and do: Shift + Command + H
          b. Click on ‘Applications’
          c. Locate ‘The Sims 4 Packs’ folder, if missing create a new folder with the exact name
          Drag your DLC folder (e.g. SP35) into ‘The Sims 4 Packs’ folder
          Download the DLC Unlocker again and run: “fix OriginClient.command”
          Open Origin and go to: Account > Go Offline (in the menu bar)
          Open your Sims 4 game
          *Double click the .iso file and drag out the folder from the window
          ** Right-Click File > Open With > Terminal

          • You must repeat steps 4-5 in order to add new DLC’s to your game
          • Steps 6-7 must be repeated every time you want to open your game to play with DLC’s and/or with online features
          • If your DLC’s haven’t appeared in-game, restart Origin and repeat step 6

          1. can you tell me how can I run the DLC unlocked in a Mac, cause I download it but I can’t do something with it

  30. I keep trying to download packs from here, and the downloads just keep failing partway through? Any idea what might be wrong?

    1. You should redownload the EA/Origin DLC unlocker and do everything in add fake entitlements.bat and fixOriginClient.bat files and it’ll work. It worked for me

  31. Hi I downloaded the 2 latest kits and they don’t seem to work for me, the rest of the packs work perfectly fine though, is there a solution to this problem?

    1. Yeah same, except city living and dream home decorator also don’t seem to work or show up in game, anyone know why?

      1. Did you mount the downloaded iso’s and copy these to the installation folder of the Sims 4 ?
        Often made error: Make sure you don’t copy these folders into another pack. (This sometimes even happens to me)
        Just to check such an error, run the Validator
        It will be shown as Unknown files.
        Example when you Copied SP37 into the folder SP35

        #Unknown files:

        Cut the folder SP37 from the folder SP35 and paste it in the correct position.


    2. Did you:
      1. Download the latest EA DLC Unlocker
      2. Did you mount SP36 and SP37 and copied them from the mounted iso to the installation folder of the Sims 4

  32. Hey what happened to SP19 and SP27? I already installed all the dlc, but im curious about SP19 and SP27, it will help us to complete the dlc.

    1. SP19: This was temporarily on offer when you pre-ordered EP11 and was valid for a specific time only. This pack is included in our Cottage Living EP11 download
      SP27: No idea why EA skipped it. Rumours go that SP27 counts for the Sims Delivery Express.

  33. Hello,

    For some reason when I downloaded the Pastel Pop Kit and the Everyday clutter kit they wouldn’t work in game, still says it’s not owned. I did it the same way with the other packs, those work for me but i’m not sure why the recent ones aren’t. I tried redownloading and replacing them a few times to see if that’d work but it didn’t.
    Thank you

      1. Yes, they’re all as folders for me. And I ran the validator and it didn’t show any missing/ faulty files.

        1. Maybe you have an old copy of the EA DLC Unlocker.
          When you open the unlocker and open the file g_The Sims 4 do you see the SP36 and SP 37 when you scroll all the way down ?
          If not, re-download the Unlocker..

          1. I re-downloaded the Unlocker, that didn’t seem to solve it. I’ll keep trying to see if I can figure it out.
            Thank you

  34. Bonsoir, je n’arrive pas à retélécharger correctement le EA DLC UNLOCKER. J’ai téléchargé l’app d’ea et donc je voudrais le réinstaller seulement je ne trouve pas comment ouvrir en tant qu’administrateur.
    Merci d’avance pour votre réponse !

  35. In which folder do i have to move these exactly? Cuy it is nohow working and i cant start my cracked since it became free and i lost all my previous progress and DLCs

  36. Hello! First of all, thank you so much for all the work you do! Question, when will the lastest kits Pastel Pop and Everyday Clutter will be availble?

  37. Hii for some reason when i try to download GP12 it wont work? Can someone help me or send me an alternative link maybe?

  38. Hello, if I delete Sims 4 legal game will the dlcs that i downloaded here still be downloaded or do i have to download them again?

    1. That depends on the way you delete the legal game. When you delete the complete folder you will also lose the DLC’s
      Best way is to run the Anadius Updater and when prompted about your legal game tick No.
      That way your legal game will be overwritten with the cracked game and all your DLC’s will still be available.

    1. Redo the unlocker, type 5 first to uninstall the old installation, then type 1,2,14 and q again.
      When you used the EA app for the legal base game make sure your game does not start via Origin or vice versa.

      1. Hi, I’ve got the legal base game and have downloaded lots of packs which have all worked in the past before. I used the origin fix command etc but when i run my game, my packs mostly stay ‘download to use’, ‘not owned’ even when some of them are legal? some downloaded packs are working and some not

      2. Hey everyone! I downloaded and installed the packs and they work perfectly. My problem is now after installing them on my game it is so slow and so laggy and the loading screen takes forever. Any help with this?

  39. I downloaded all the DLCs but 3 that I already own, I also downloaded the DLC unlocker v1 for Mac.. but now Origin and the sims 4 are not working. I can’t even open the origin. once I deleted the unlocker and DLCs then origin and sims worked perfectly fine, I tried again and downloaded everything, and origin and sims 4 doesn’t work again. I tried to put the DLC + unlocker in the mods folder like for cc because I didn’t know where to put it, origin and sims 4 wouldn’t open so I moved the DLC + unlocker to the desktop and it still doesn’t work. Is anyone having this problem?

  40. Hi, thanks for your hard work! Whenever I try to download GP12 it fails and I cannot open it because “the disk image is corrupted”. (On Mac). Any ideas?

  41. Hello, every EP and GP works except EP12 (I play on mac).
    Why does that happen? I tried to reinstall everything several times

  42. v that’s what im wondering, i did both and none of the DLCS is showing up in the game so idk whats going on

        1. Hai,
          Hoe heb je dat gedaan? Ik heb het gedownload en gekopieerd naar het spel en er staat wel in het homescherm dat ik alles heb maar het is niet in de game…

  43. Do you put the files straight into the __installer folder? and if so, do you put it straight into the DLC folder?

    1. You must put the folders from your downloaded Packs into the main folder of your The Sims 4 game. (where you see Installer, Data, Delta, Game aso)

  44. I downloaded a few of these and a couple days after i went to load a save and its saying im missing all the ones I downloaded from here.

  45. Hi, i am able to play the sims game just fine but when i play half way, it will crash. May i know how can i fix this?

  46. Hi, I have installed my SIMS 4 on drive D using copy paste initially few years ago,and now i tried running the EA DLC Unlocker V2 (setup.bat) , i am seeing this error in the command prompt, can you guide me on how can it detect the game in drive D? I downloaded the open the sims 4 folder.bat and it was able to detect my game at drive D just fine. I am having trouble with EA DLC Unlocker V2 not being able to detect the path and i cant change it either.

  47. hi, please i tried everything when i open the game in the packs section it still says i own everything but in game or cas i can’t access the packs
    i updated the ea unlocker and i don’t have the config updated message when opening the game.

  48. Just tried to download the Get To Work dlc, and when I run the game, all dlcs say that I own them, but no content is added to the game. What should I do?

  49. I’ve downloaded the DLC but it doesnt show in my game. I’m confused what folder it’s suppose to go in. I already have the base game downloaded thru origin, and I am using Mac. Pls help

  50. my downloads are in the form of a “disk image file” and not in the form of a file like the previous ones, and when I put them in “the sims 4” and launch the game, there is nothing new. is this normal?

  51. Hello, I downloaded EA app by mistake, and it had uninstalled origin so I downloaded it back but now my DLCs aren’t working anymore.
    Can someone help me please ?

  52. So EA keeps telling to install their new EA App to launch Sims 4 faster or whatever.

    Will everything still work if I switch to that app?

    Is that tested yet?

  53. the first fits kit is downloading as a .iso.torrent file when usually they download as just .iso files, does anyone know why this is or how to fix it? thanks

  54. I already placed some game packs (GP) on my The Sims 4 folder on steamapps, but the GP doesn’t seem to show on my game. Why is that?

  55. I am still having trouble with the DLCs and stuff packs showing up as “download to use” but I have them in the correct folder, and have tried troubleshooting with the DLC unlocker and restarting my laptop (mac). is there anything else I can try?

    1. I had the same problem. I was just connecting to the game while online and for the packs to properly work you must be offline while entering the game. Hope this helps!

  56. I have a mac and Highschool years aren’t working for me. I saw a previous comment saying to check everything has transferred correctly and I did. I even redownloaded the Origin DLC unlocker and it still hasn’t worked. Has anyone found a solution?

  57. I also had problems with the new highschool dlc, it didn’t work either, but after downloading it again and decompressing it again and seeing that it didn’t work, it occurred to me to check if all the files had been passed and it turned out that they hadn’t, they were missing, for example some files in the “World” and “areas” section or also one called “ClientFullBuild0.package” so I chose to put them manually and it turned out quite well because now the game did recognize that I had the DLC and I only played it once little because the truth is that I didn’t find anything attractive but the short time I played I didn’t notice anything wrong, maybe that’s it and you can try to check the files to see if they were decompressed correctly. And if something is not understood, blame the Google translator :p

  58. updated my game today and none of the dlc i downloaded is working? is it because i don’t have the highschool pack?

    1. Its not working for me either- when the highschool pack got first released on this website, I downloaded it and put it in my sims 4 pack folder and did the exact same thing what I did with other packs, but it never worked and now none of them work at all ever since todays update.

        1. ciao, ho anch’io un Mac e addirittura non so come fare per scaricare tutte le DLC… ho troppo difficoltà, e seguendo i passaggi non riesco proprio, troppa confusione

  59. I’ve tried to download ep12 twice now, I mount the file and move it into the sims 4 folder like the other files but when I run the DLC unlocker it doesn’t appear in the config files or work when I play sims 4. I’m not sure why this is happening, I’ve physically gone and updated the game as well and still doesn’t work

  60. i just downloaded ep12 and every time i start playing my sims age. I also tried to download it again but it didn’t fix the problem. PLEASE HELP!!!

    1. known bug with ep12, also accidentally added incest, and a lot of other issues. ea will eventually fix it

  61. Can I delete the iso files in downloads once the folders have been extracted and moved to the “Game Packs” folder? Or do I need to keep it?

  62. How do you guys on mac mount an iso file? Or do you not need to do that on mac? Please help!! :'(

    1. ok so in your launch pad look for your disk utility and open it then under files click open disk image select the file so for example if downloaded GP07 you would click that then click open once its open you will see it popped open and already highlighted right click on it and open “show in folder” once that it open
      you need copy the folder and place it in The sims 4 packs folder

      if you dont know where to find the sims 4 packs folder what gonna do is go in your finder in your applications your going to type “packs” and you should find the folder from there

      i hope i helped im terrible at explaining.

  63. I installed high school pack but i don’t have teen aspirations. I have everything else from the pack. I tried taking out the mods folder but it didn’t help.

    1. same kind of thing happaned to me! i dont have the trendi app and i can’t go to school with my sim.

    1. I got it to work. Go into setup (that comes with EA DLC Unlocker) and hit update, I think it’s option 2, then hit Sims 4.

    2. 1. Did you update your game to the latest version ?
      2. Did you run the EA DLC Unlocker ?
      3. Run the Unlocker and type 3, then open g-The Sims 4 – scroll all the way down. Does it show High School ?. If not you have to redo step 1 incl. the download of the Unlocker.

    1. Y’all need to remove your mods folder and see if you can enter the world if so, one of your mods is out of date!

  64. I downloaded Highschool years from your site, and mounted it just like I did the werewolves pack when you made it available, but after installing it the exact same way It says that coppdrdale is locked! I do have the legit base game, so I don’t know what I did wrong please help

  65. I downloaded the High School pack, and created a sim then picked a residential world I picked (CopperDale) then purchased the only land property in that world. I went to press play on that household then it brought me back to the pick a residential world map screen. Then this error code popped up -122:68b5947d:5996347d
    And it said to Relaunch the game. Which I did still didn’t fix the problem. Is this a mod error? Or the game packs itself?

      1. I can’t remember how to find which mod is the ones that need updating. I know theres a way I just can’t remember

  66. High school years doesn’t work. I have downloaded other packs from here in the past so I know how to do it. It just shows in the library HSY twice, but I don’t own it.

      1. How long will the uploading take from now? Minutes? Hours? A day or two? Just asking bc I am deciding rn whether to just go to sleep or stay up all night and play the sims, thanks in advance!

      2. hey, im having a problem where ive downloaded the high school prep-update from origin, but when i’ve downloading the pack, my gender buttons AND little arrow gui to select categories of clothing, are just blurry boxes, any solutions?

      3. hey, im currently having an issue where i’ve downloaded the pre-high school years update from origin itself, but after downloading the torrent version of E12, my CAS male and female options are 2 blurred boxes and my arrow to select clothing categories is also a blurry box, any solutions?? thank you <3

  67. People please stop being so impatient! We must be thankful that Tarac created this website in the first place, making Sims accessible to anyone… Jeez… Tarac blijf zo doorgaan, ik ben al jaren fan van je site! Niets van aantrekken hoor!

      1. People need to be patient and know that they are lucky tarac is even offering to put these packs on his site for free. Go buy it then, if you want it right now.

  68. hi, is it safe to delete the “Game-cracked” folder? since i have the legal game, thankyou for replying,

    appreciate u mate.

  69. Has anyone else gotten a RAT from this? I had one before but I have lots of torrents and am wondering if it’s from this bc i wanna download it again.

  70. hi i downloaded one pack and it worked, but now i cant seem to access the gallery. i opened the sims with origin still online, does this mean im in trouble? 🙁

      1. It all depends on the speed of your internet.
        Yes, it is normal for a download to start slowly and after a while to go faster.

  71. when i try to transfer the mounted iso its saying theres not enough space in my folder… what do i do?

  72. |MS-DOS FUNCTION| Hi! Whenever I try to transfer the GP12 file to my The Sims 4 folder, a pop-up saying “Invalid MS-DOS function” comes up. How do I fix it?

    1. When you have at least the legal base game:
      Download GP12 from this page.
      When download is completed, mount the downloaded folder GP12 and copy the folder GP12 inside to your installation folder of the Sims 4

      When not:
      Run the Anadius Updater

      1. i copied the GP12 ffolder into the sims 4 folder, but every time i open sims 4, the packs don’t show up. do i have to log out of my origin account and log back in? or delete the base game and reinstall it?

  73. i’m having trouble with the last two game packs, i’ve deleted and redownloaded them a couple of times but they aren’t showing up in game. i don’t have any mods installed. any ideas how i can fix it? thanks

  74. Hey! Mac user here, i’ve been trying to make the Werewolves pack to work but it won’t work. When I add the Iso file it says unowned, iv’e removed the file still says unowned. I added the entitlemnetes command and removed it and it still says unowned. May anyone help please, thankss!!

      1. Hey, my chicken coop in country living is unresponsive. I can purchase the chickens but do nothing else. Please could you advise 🙂

  75. after doing all the steps, opening origin and login in, origin just goes white, not logging me in or starting sims, is this an origin problem or did I mess up?

    1. I recommend using the turbo Download manager (classic) chrome extension to help speed up the process that’s what i used

  76. Hi! Mac use here, every pack besides werewolves is working for me. Ive tried to add entitlements command, delete it and then re add it. What else may I do to dix it? Thanks!

    1. hiya, i’m a mac user here. I’ve followed all the steps exactly and absolutely none of the directly downloaded packs have worked for me. My game says they are not finished installing. I’ve tried staying offline, but the same result. Does anyone know what I can do to make it work?

  77. So if I understood correctly, the werewolf pack is not available for Mac? If it is then it hasn’t been working for me :(. Any advice on what to do?

  78. I downloaded the werewolfes pack but when I open the game it’s like I don’t have it and I’ve already downloaded other packs so I don’t know why this is not working, what should I do?

  79. hey, i downloaded the werewolves pack and everything seemed fine, cas is working ok and everything but when i try to load moonwood mill it just stays in a white screen. i tried several times in different saves but the world just looks like its broken…. idk why it happens im feeling so sad bc i was so excited to explore the new world and move my new sims to their house i created for moonwood mill, help please:(

  80. I downloaded the new Werewolf game pack, it says when I open the game I already own it. But when I try to go into the game play, the loading screen won’t load it just continues to load and doesn’t bring me to the game play. I put the pack in the right spot I know that, I have used this site with all the other packs and kits, but this one doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve also restarted the game, repaired the game, but it’s still not letting me into the game play.

  81. helloo
    i started to download the werewolves pack and then the download failed and now when i click the page loads forever is it my connexion or the link does not work anymore?

  82. I’ve already downloaded a few and I can see them in my folder, but they are still not in my game. What should i do next?

    1. it worked for me when I opened origin, turned off the wifi, then launched the game. I have all packs when I launch the game with the wifi turned off. You can turn on the wifi while playing to use the gallery and you will still have the packs

    1. hi, decor to the max works for me, but after downloading S32 & SP33, it just shows as unconfirmed download too.

      1. 1. Delete your present EA DLC Unlocker
        2. Download the latest EA DLC Unlocker from Step 1
        3. Extract with Winrar
        4. Run Setup as an Administrator
        5. Select 5 to undo earlier installations (you probably see an error message, in that case select 5 again)
        6. Select 1,2 and 14

    2. Have you got wedding storys to work i get all the outfits and decor but the world just will not work?

  83. last time I got these in my folder it all worked but after I reset my pc and did the same steps it shows up as unowned? please help

  84. Dine out issues, no matter what I do I can’t buy a restaurant. Can only buy if purchased under retail. Have tried bull dozing, re-adding. Selling etc. When I do change venue to restaurant I get “can not buy owned businesses or unoccupied houses” even if they are not even owned? On editing them they show items needed in red even though there are the right number of needed items? If I delete them, they go to green? Can’t run a business without tables, chairs, tills etc? Seems like this dlc doesn’t really work and there are no clear work-arounds, can only visit them and use them that way.

  85. Do you know around what time today that the “Moonlight Chic Kit” and “Little Campers Kit” will be out?

  86. Hi!! I tried opening the pack system, the EA DLC Unlocker v2 but I can’t. It says cannot execute the specified program. I’m using Windows 11, on 64 bit

      1. yeah, i did and its in the downloads folder. i tried moving it to the programs (x86) but it still won’t work

  87. Hello,

    I followed all the steps to the letter but when I put the folder in the game folder and I open my sims, I don’t have the pack I just put :/ (I use the base game bought legally) Would you have a solution to give me please? Thanks in advance 🙂

  88. Bonjour,

    J’ai suivi toutes les étapes à la lettre mais lors que j’ai mis le dossier dans celui du jeu et que j’ouvre mes sims, je n’ai pas le pack que je viens de mettre :/ (J’utilise le jeu de base acheté légalement) Auriez-vous une solution à me donner svp ? Merci d’avance 🙂

    1. Hello,

      I followed all the steps to the letter but when I put the folder in the game folder and I open my sims, I don’t have the pack I just put :/ (I use the base game bought legally) Would you have a solution to give me please? Thanks in advance 🙂

  89. So i downloaded spa day, parenthood and dine out then mounted the iso file copied the folders into where the game folder is but it appears as not owned ingame. Tried to remove the Sims 4 documents folder but it still wouldnt work, i use a cracked game. Helpp

    1. The DLC’s are for the pack system only. (You must have an original base game).
      For cracked games, use the Anadius Updater

      1. So there’s no direct links to packs for cracked games? I get a connection error whenever i try to update the game using the anadius updater so thats why i tried these

        1. When you download via the direct links, the folders Install, Data, Delta and Game are not adjusted. (That’s where you need the updater)
          If you can’t use the updater, you can download the latest base-game, which will update these particular folders.

          1. Ok thx so much for your help! I got it to work. We appreciate you as always

  90. Has anyone been successful getting Decor the the Max kit to work? Its the only one not working for me.

  91. will this still work if you play The Sims 4 through the EA games desktop app instead of Origin? if so, im not sure where i went wrong. I followed the instructions but just made sure to put them in the EA games folder instead and when i loaded sims it gave me loads of trophys in game but i didnt get any of the game packs…? or do i just need to buy The Sims 4 using origin instead…

  92. I was wondering if after I’ve mounted everything and put it into my sims 4 files can i delete the ios files from my downloads or will that also remove it from my game?

  93. i was just thinking and i wasnt sure if it’s possible but could you maybe make it so we can have the option to download more than 1 at a time without it lagging out or even just so we can download all the expansion packs, stuff packs, game packs and all that at once? if not thats alright i was just wondering that for a while

    1. There are different ways to download the DLC’s:
      1. A full .iso with all the DLC’s in 1 download (link)
      2. A selectable download for all EP’s en GP’s (link)
      3. A selectable download for all FP’s and SP’s (link)
      4. Individual downloads per DLC (page)

      1. how do i use the first one it shows up as a torrent and i havent seen anywhere how to extract all the things like that?

          1. i downloaded u torrent and am currently doing whatever it was to put them in so i think ive got it now thanks so much for the help!

  94. i have been downloading all of the packs one by one, and after a good chunk once i try to mount a pack i get the error message “no more drive letters are available. free up a drive letter and try again.” has anyone else had this problem? how do i fix it?

  95. So ive been having some issues where while im playing not even a couple minutes in my game crashes, i have all the packs and things listed here and was already having issues before i had them all which i find odd and was wondering what the issue would be because i have around 16gb of extra space so if it needs to update it can? and i never have problems in CAS but only in live mode 🙁 its kinda sad because i want to be able to play longer than 5 min max

  96. although i love this i was wondering how i would solve the issue of when im trying to mount the last few files i have it says there is no more letter disks so therefore i cant mount them?

    1. I figured it out i think, i went through all the downloads and ejected them all then deleted them so i can redo them for the next ones and it worked great!

        1. I opened the folder where i would take the pack from to put into sims 4 folder and there was a button at the top saying eject

  97. thank you so much for this it is truly a life saver instead of spending over 1k+ on everything I can test them here and use them as I wish which I love so much I applaud your work it is astonishing to be completely honest I don’t know what I would have done without you! keep up the good work!!

    1. can you tell me how u updated it in your game i transported my files to steam sims but when i open game it showes unowned

  98. Hi Tarac,

    I wonder if you’re gonna publish SP31 – Decor to the Max.
    Is there a place where your progress are tracked (I don’t see it on the forum) ? Or can you share your advancement here ?

    Of course, Thank you for all this work !

    1. you must put these files in the electronic arts file – sims 4 copy and paste them and then open origin and put origin in offline mode then it will show up in your game origin must always be offline when playing and then to use gallery just put sims on online . hope that helps

      1. @Kenyan I downloaded the file, mounted it, copied the folder and pasted it in Applications > ‘Sims 4 Packs’ Folder, (not directly in my ‘Sims 4’ folder and weirdly this has always worked for me, maybe because i had bought a legit extension before?). Downloaded the new DLC unlocker, followed the steps and voilà!

    1. I do not have a Mac myself so cannot really check it. I noticed however that the file for the Sims 4 in the folder Configs in the latest download for the Origin DLC Unlocker is different.
      So maybe you must re-download the DLC Unlocker and repeat the steps as described on the Mac page

      1. I re-downloaded the Unlocker and it still didn’t work. I did all the steps but Wedding Stories just doesn’t work for Mac from this site.

      2. yess the configuration number changed from 12 to 15 when I re-downloaded the DLC unlocker for Mac! It works for me now 🙂 thank you so much

  99. Hey, thank you for uploading all the stuff, but i unfortunally have some issues. I have the legit basegame and im downloading stuff from here for the first time. I downloaded the files, mounted them and put them in the correct folder, i dont get any warnings, but the packs are still shown as not owned (all of them). I wanted to ask what i couldve missed 🙂

  100. Hi, first of all, thank you! I own the legal game and so far have never had any issue putting the pack folders into my legal The Sims 4 folder. However with the GP11, I mounted the iso and put the folder with the other packs, in the same way I always do, but in game it still shows up as Unowned. Could you explain how to fix this, please? Thank you :))

  101. I tried to download the new game pack but when i mount the iso i can’t find the folder to copy, it only says “worlds” and there are like the file translations, i guess.
    I’ve never had any problem downloading them and mounting them but now i can’t seem to make it work 🙁

    1. I re-uploaded the folder and it should now show the complete folder instead of the contents of that folder.
      Yesterday my computer crashed beyond repair and I had to buy a new one. Unfortunately I lost a lot of programs and utilities required for making these updates.
      So re-download GP11, mount it and copy the complete folder GP11 to the installation folder of your legal game.

      1. Hey i redownloaded it and it mounts just fine this time but its still not showing up as owned in the game

  102. Hi! When I want to go to new world Tartosa from Wedding stories, there is just white, blank space. It is only in mine game, or everybody have this issue? Is there possibility that something is wrong with files?

    1. im not having this problem so i think it might just be you, maybe try deleting the pack from your folder and reinstalling it? last time a pack wasnt working that worked for me 🙂

  103. HI, so far all of the packs work for me except the modern menswear & incheon, it just says unowned, tried to redownload it and everything, hope someone helps me

    1. Download the latest DLC unlocker and run it as an admin.
      Most probably you are using an old one not containing the latest DLC’s
      Other possibility: you did not copy SP26 and SP28 to the root directory of your legal game or these folders contain double entries (a folder SP26 inside folder SP26). In the latter case remove SP26 and SP28 and let the Anadius Updater solve this problem.

    2. Is anyone else able to download get famous (EP06) but when you try to use it in game everything is broken and you cant access the world

      1. Have you mounted the downloaded EP06 and copied the folder EP06 from the mounted download to the installation folder of the Sims 4 ?
        When problem still persists, remove the folder EP06 from your installation folder and use the Anadius Upodater to update your game

  104. Hello i am using legal sims 4 rn (downloaded from steam), i’ve installed all off the files to (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Sims 4) but i couldn’t use them in Game are there anyone i can talk to ?

  105. Hello, i use legal Sims 4 (downloaded from origin), installed all required dlc to path of game, installed cfg to unlock all dlc and after all this dlc says “download to use content”. May be some erros, because im bad in english.

    1. Excuse me! Folders be like “D:\Programm files (x86)\Sims 4\EP01\EP01” because that it dont work, im very sorry.

      1. That error occurs often. People copy the DLC’s to the wrong directory.
        When you want to use the Pack System you can easily find the directory for the legal game:
        1. Download this small file It’s only 1 KB
        2. Run it

        Also folders inside folders:
        1. Download the DLC’s you want
        2. Depending on what they are (winrar or iso) extract or mount
        3. Copy the extracted or mounted DLC folders to the root directory of the installation folder and make sure that you don’t copy them into other folders.

        Bad in English ?
        In the top bar of every page you see the option Translate, click it and select your native language.

  106. Hey, I don’t know if it’s just me but I have the impression that all kits since SP24 don’t work in the game, they are marked as “unowned” while all others work. Is it just me?

      1. Re-Download and Re-install the latest DLC-unlocker.

        You can check your present DLC-unlocker as follows:
        1. Open the folder of DLC-unlocker.
        2. Open g_The Sims4 by right-clicking
        3. If CNT=75 the unlocker is up-to-date and when you scroll all the way down you should see Modern Menswear Kit (this will change after the release of a new DLC in future)

        Of course you must have all folders for all DLC’s present in the installation folder of the Sims 4
        Click below on legal game to see the contents of a full legal game with cracked DLC’s
        Legal game

  107. Hi, everything is working great, thank you so much for this! Just wondering whether or not I can delete the .iso file once I have everything downloaded and working in the game?

  108. I downloaded some packs a few months ago (around December of 2021), and while I’m almost certain this was the same page address, it downloaded there as .rar packages, and here it’s only .iso. Did this page change or am I in the wrong place?

    1. All DLC’s released by Electronic Arts for the Sims 4 sofar are available.
      SP19 is included in Cottage Living and SP27 has never existed.
      Don’t really understand your question.

  109. Hello. I’m trying to download DLCs on Mac version of Sims 4 and there is a problem with it. It works fine with EPacks, GPacks, SPacks but it’s not shown that I own some Kit Packs (e.g. Modern Menswear Kit or Blooming Room Kit). What should I do? I suppose there is a problem with the crack command which does not “open access” to new kits.

    By the way, there are some people in comments who couldn’t find the installation folder for Sims 4 on Macs and here it is: /Users/[username]/Applications/The Sims 4 Packs – there one should place folders with DLC

    P.S. it’s impossible to play Sims 4 via Steam as the steam version is able only for windows

    1. if you read it says kits are available on Mac. I have Mac too, got everything working but when I try to actually play a household, it wont load any of the worlds. almost certain this doesn’t work for Mac at all

  110. Hoi Tarac, In alle aanvullingen staan talen die ik niet spreek of gebruik. mag je deze achterwege laten of moet je ze mee kopieren naar het spel. groetjes

    1. Die mag je weglaten maar zullen weer automatisch aangevuld worden zodra je de Anadius Updater gebruikt (zijn trouwens maar heel kleine bestandjes)

  111. Hola, descargué packs por torrent y me ha ido bien! (con el juego legal) pero al querer pasar la carpeta rumbo a la fama a la del juego, me sale que un error que dice “función MS-DOS no válida”, ¿qué ocurre?

  112. Can someone please tell me what I am supposed to do after I download all the DLCs individually and mount them into the sims folder in my program files? They are making my game buggy after I do that because my game works just fine when I uncheck all the DLCs in my DLC Toggle. And also when I check all the DLCs and use the Anadius updater after it reaches a certain number it flags an error. This is so frustrating. Please Help.

    1. After you downloaded the DLC”s you must mount the DLC and then copy the DLC from there to your installation folder of the Sims 4.
      You cannot use the dlc-toggler in the pack system’s legal part.

        1. Most probably you have a shortcut on your desktop to play The Sims 4
          Right-click on it and select Open file-location. You are then in your installation folder\Game\Bin

        2. right click the sims 4 app and click on “show package contents” after that, click on drive_c and you should see a folder called “program files”. once you’ve clicked on it you should see another folder called ” the sims 4″. put the DLCs in that folder, and it should work perfectly fine 🙂

  113. GP08 isnt working for me sadly i mounted it correctly all the other packs right. So if someone can help it is much appreciated thank you.

  114. So, every pack I installed in my computer is working very smoothly, but recently I tried to download Snowy Escape (EP10), I followed the instructions, mounted the iso file and copied the folder to my game installation folder, but it doesn’t appear when I open the game. I was hoping you could help me with this, because I installed and uninstalled the iso a couple of times and nothing really seems to work.

      1. Hi could you pls explain why are all of the packs .iso files I cant put them in the folder now. Idk if its something wrong with my laptop

  115. I can’t get the Bloomin’ kit to work! I’m doing the exact ssame process I did for other packs, that worked perfectly. For some reason just this one won’t work. I tried delete the sp29 folder and use the Anadius updater too, but that didn’t work either.

    1. After you downloaded these packs you must mount the .iso file. Then from the mounted .iso copy the folder to your installation folder of your legal The Sims 4

  116. what if I have ilegal base then I just want to have Blooming kit? I can’t using torrent cause my network is terrible

  117. hey i already download all of the data above , already extract it and moved it to the installed game dir, but i still don’t owned them , i used the cracked version . how to enable them , i also not owned origin , do i need to start over … damn time consuming … i have to make lots of CC …..

    1. When you don’t have at least a legit copy of the bases game you cannot use the Pack System. (as clearly stated in the 1st paragraph of the page
      To add or repair DLC’s to your cracked game use the Anadius Updater

  118. Everything else worked for me apart from SP24, SP25, and SP26. It just says “Unowned”.
    Not sure why, but thanks so much for the content!

  119. I’ve been using the pack for a month now and everything has been working great up until today. I was playing my game fine early this morning but now every time I open the game it keeps saying Origin has encountered and error and the game crashes.

  120. I keep getting an error after downloading and extracting GP06 Jungle Adventure. Winrar says “The file is corrupt”

  121. tried to download GP07 several times and got the same error message every time. “Data error : GP07\ClientFullBuild0.package”
    any help is appreciated, thx

  122. if i download the “newest” game packs (welness and paranormal ive got a error with winrar; “unexpected end of archive” i just downloaded it and tried to unpack it ..

  123. To those who have faced the same issue that I have with the “Download to Use” but not being able to “use” it without it redirecting you to buy the packs. I think there’s a slight inaccuracy with the instructions. When you download a DLC and want to add it to your game, you have to redownload the unlocker and do/redo step 5. Step 5 is what confused me, here what I did was the following;

    -Open Origin, open up Sims and keep the tab open. Now go back to terminal and click any button then when it asks for the number/game you need it for you have to write down 12 (for Sims 4) and then you press a key to enter your answer and then you can press any key AGAIN for it complete the process.

    -Close Sims 4 after completing the process with the terminal application. Go onto Origin and go offline!!!!! Once you’re offline you can open up Sims 4 and your DLCs should be setup ready to use.

    A side note: I’m not 100% sure this was the reason why, but I pretty positive this is! I’m using a macbook btw and I added the packs into the “Sims 4 Packs” folder you can find by searching through the finder. I extracted the DLCs both into The Sims 4 Packs>__Installer>DLC and The Sims 4 Packs folder itself. This might have also helped, but I’m not fully sure. I hope this helps someone!!

    1. Merci! Je vais essayer car pour le moment le mieux que j’ai reussi à obtenir c’est avoir les mondes sans aucun terrain dedans, avoir les objets, les cheveux et les vêtements sans les mesh. Donc rien de vraiment utilisable!

  124. Hi! I downloaded GP10, but whenever I click on the button to get jobs, nothing opens up. So I do have the ability to become an interior desginer, but not option to select jobs.

    1. Looks like a problem with mods
      Move, not copy, the folder The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop.
      Start your game. A new folder The Sims 4 will be created in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts
      From the file on your desktop copy the folders Tray and Saves back to the newly created folder of The Sims 4.
      Close and re-start your game.
      Better now ?

  125. So i’ve downloaded some expansion packs and it looks the same als the print screen in the instalation folder. However, when i open origin or the sims 4 after, its not recogniced..

    What am i missing?

  126. I downloaded some expansions and packs and they all work properly but when i try to cook, use the phone etc. the game blocks and i can’t do anything. How can i solve this problem? (i have the legal game)

  127. Have managed to download many of the DLC’s and they are functioning brilliantly (thanks for that). But for some reason I am having trouble with GP08 – it starts downloading but doesn’t download the whole thing so when I come to extract it says “Data Error”. Could you please advise me what to do? Thank-you 🙂

  128. Hello, I am trying to update using the updater but it says, I am missing base game. I checked via toggler and basegame isnt their. I downloaded all my games using the all in 1 method. Do you have a solution to add basegame in their.

    1. Use the Anadius Updater and select Repair instead of Update.
      If you are still using the all-in-one in .iso format, copy the folders from the mounted iso to the HDD of your computer (make sure that new location is under the exceptions of your anti-virus). When done use the Updater and select Update (not repair)

  129. Heeya at first thanks a lot its so nice system to work with !

    I had a question about the new pack refresh how will that work is it like a automatic patch or do we need to download it? thank you for reading this and sorry for my bad english.

    1. It’s an automatic pack. When you start your game via origin it will automatically update to the latest version.
      There are no additional EP,FP,GP or SP’s for this update.

  130. Hello,

    So I’ve successfully gotten the packs to work, but when I try to create a character, it glitches the design and doesn’t load properly. The male character will load right but not the female characters.
    Is there a way to fix this?

  131. where do you need the map EA DLC Unlocker v2 to put. I have it C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4\__Installer. Is this good? and the folders i have C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4. the folders will not download in the game. What is wrong?

    1. The unlocker folder can be placed anywhere on your computer but of course NOT inside a folder of the Sims spectrum. I have mine on my desktop.
      The game folders (EP,GP,SP) must be extracted with Winrar and after extraction placed in your C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4 (if that is the folder for your legal game)

  132. Hi,
    Whenever I try to exctract a Game Pack from the .rar using 7zip, I get the error “Data error : GP0X\ClientFullBuild0.package.
    X being the game pack number. i managed to successfully extract GP01 after redownloading but GP02 still doesn’t work, so I’m leaving this comment now.

  133. Hello, I can’t download Jungle Advanture and StragerVille, because when I open winrar it says there is an error…
    What should I do?

  134. I downloaded all the packs and they all work expect for SP25 Industrial Loft, I did the same steps but it says “not owned”

    1. it happend to me too, make sure u you dont have another folder inside SP25 folder. and it will work.

  135. hey, i have a problem, i followed all the steps and made origin repair my game and it still won’t recognise the DLC’s, it says “download to use”. i don’t know what does this mean: “These DLC’s will only work when you have the Pack System installed” bc maybe i’m missing something and that’s why it’s not working.

  136. Hey, thanks for the reply! I don’t understand.. because there is a note saying: Please note: from EP08, GP09, SP16 or higher, only available for 64-bits Windows

    or is this outdated and can i download the cottage living for my macbook?

      1. Hello! So I checked that my MacBook is 64-bits and it seems like it is, but when I try to add kits, it still doesn’t show up in my game. The rest of the packs work just fine, is there something I’m doing wrong?

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