Who am I

Since June 2002   I, Tarac, offer downloads for the Sims games for free. I used all kinds of platforms before like f.e. Weebly and I’m now using WordPress.
Being some kind of a hobby, I don’t ask for contributions or donations and do not allow advertisements on my site(s) and no registration is required to get full access.

Absolutely virusfree

All linked downloads are guaranteed free from viruses, malware, misleading adverts, trackers, surveys aso.
Nevertheless your anti-virus program may warn you for what is known as false positive warnings.
Files required for cracking the games, such as RldOrigin.dll or OrangeEmu.dll, are often reported as a virus or a trojan horse. They are however completely harmless.


For questions or remarks, you can contact me via mail: or leave a reply below.

Can not download from Stack

When Stack is performing it’s daily back-up or when too many people are trying to download from the site, clicking on “Download” gives no reaction at all.
Try again later.

I just contacted Stack and they gave as a reason that indeed too many people are downloading and that my bandwidth is exceeded.
So as as said, try again later.



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  1. hello! i downloaded the sims 4 nifty knitting and it worked well perfectly and then after a few days or weeks, I suddenly cant open it and it always says that I have to reinstall it using origin. I redownloaded it and it still doesn’t work and I downloaded it again and still the same thing happens 🙁 I hope you can help me with this. Thank you!

    1. In my direct mail to you I gave you an incorrect answer.
      I think that your anti-virus destroys the crack OrangeEmu.
      Make sure your The Sims 4 folder is under the exceptions of your anti-virus program.
      When you still have the iso of the Nifty Knitting copy the folder Game to your The Sims 4 folder.

      You can also use Anadius Updater to repair your game

  2. Tried to get the all in one for Sims 3 and nothing happened when I clicked on the link. (trying to dl via Torrent file, using ExpressVPN) Will try later on and see if it works then.

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