Who am I

Since June 2007   I, Tarac, offer downloads for the Sims games for free. I used all kinds of platforms before like f.e. Weebly and I’m now using WordPress.
Being some kind of a hobby, I don’t ask for contributions or donations and do not allow advertisements on my site(s) and no registration is required to get full access.

Absolutely virusfree

All linked downloads are guaranteed free from virusses, malware, adverts, trackers aso. Nevertheless your anti-virus program may warn you for what is known as false positive warnings.
Files required for cracking the games, such as RldOrigin.dll or OrangeEmu.dll, are often reported as a virus or a trojan horse. They are however completely harmless.


For questions or remarks, you can contact me via mail: or via leave a reply below

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. When I click the download button on the stack page it doesn’t do anything, have tried the torrent and direct link

    1. As stated also in the reply to Matthias Grond:
      Sometimes the download button in Stack does not respond due to maintenance on the site.
      Just try again a little bit later.
      It could help closing your browser and re-open.

      Note that in Chrome it often looks like nothing happens but check the bottom of your screen where the download should show up.
      In Firefox check the download-arrow righthand-top

  2. Hey man. When I click the “download” on the Sims 3 ISO, nothing happens. What’s up with that?

    1. Just checked, no problems.
      Sometimes when Stack is re-organizing the download-button does not respond. Sorry for that.

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