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Since June 2002   I, (under my nickname Tarac),  offer downloads for the Sims games for free. I used all kinds of platforms before, like f.e. Weebly and I’m now using WordPress.
Being some kind of a hobby (I am 79-years young), I don’t ask for contributions or donations and do not allow advertisements on my site(s) and no registration is required to get full access.

Absolutely virusfree

All our downloads are guaranteed free from viruses, malware, misleading adverts, trackers, surveys aso.
Nevertheless, your anti-virus program may warn you for what is known as false positive warnings.
Files required for cracking the games, such as RldOrigin.dll, OrangeEmu.dll, Anadius.dll are often reported as a virus or a trojan horse. They are however completely harmless.


For questions or remarks, you can contact me via mail: or preferably use the “thoughts” underneath every page


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  1. hi, i updated my dlc unlocker yesterday, however it’s taking forever for my game to load, after 3 hours my game still hasnt loaded.

  2. It stopped working at all. Yesterday it was fine but today when I tried to initate the game it stopped. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but to no avail

      1. its been since 2 days i dont find my TS4_x64.exe anymore and when i found it today it give me a message error :

  3. Hi , so I´ve been trying this since yesterday , completed all the steps , downloaded the dlcs , the game says I own them but I cannot use them because its requires all game updates.I tried updating it then doing the steps didn’t work , completed the delete command , tried reinstalling the game and redoing it, also no luck. Thoughts ?

  4. I turned my anti virus off and put it under the exception so it wouldn’t get blocked but the Sims 4 updater still keeps saying “Failed when writing to a file. Make sure your anti-virus doesn’t block this program”

  5. Nevermind, I`ve managed to figure it out. Just had to reinstall the program because of the change on the launcher

  6. My game says I dont own the packs anymore. It used to run smoothly before yesterdays update but now it started opening via EA’s app and even when I manually open it with Origin it says I dont have the packs

    1. Whenever you switch from the EA app to Origin or from Origin to the EA app you must re-apply the DLC unlocker and type 5 first and then 1,2,14 and q

  7. I keep receiving the message ” The contents of your user data directory were created by a new version of The Sims 4 and cannot be loaded. Pease update your game via Origin to play.” every time I try to start the all in one game, but origin is gone and I updated sims via EA and I still got the same message

  8. Hi, I am having a huge issue now. My EA App on desktop wont update, it keeps saying to restart the app and then it just loops. I tried to repair it but it gives an error message. I tried to uninstall it via control panel and it gives the same error message as when I try to repair it. I cant find any way to fix it. I uninstalled the locker thing and it makes no difference. My copy of sims 4 is legal

  9. Hello! i installed this because i wanted all the packs but now i can’t download cc. so i want to delete it but i don’t understand how? can you help me?

    1. It would help if you told me what you installed and what you want to delete.
      When you want to install cc, these should go to the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods

  10. Hi, When i try to install EA DLC Unlcocker, the configs folder are created, the main config are copied but have a fatal error: Permission error. Could not install the Unlocker. I don´t no what to do please help me.

    1. I don’t if you have the same problem as me but when I start Sims 4 it says that the Main Config File is missing and I should reinstalll the DLC Unlocker again.

  11. Hi!

    Please excuse my english, I’m French but I’ll try… I play on a Macbook and I have multiples issues with the DLC unlocker. I already had several legal pack extension and some kits and I wanted to have all the collection so I downloaded it (It was not easy, at the beginning I couldn’t even see any extension in the game…). Now I see that all the items from the unlegal packs and kits are not available in the game: hairs, clothes, objects… When I try to put an object on the ground, it seems like the mesh is missing.

    Did somebody already have those issues? What can I do ?

    Thank you!

    1. They are not the only ones.
      If people want to pay for it, be my guest. I can’t stop them.
      At least on my site, it is all for free and 100% safe.

  12. Hi, I downloaded the DLCs on to my game recently and the next day I went to play it said they were all unowned, I tried downloading it again and the installer already has my DLCs checked off already so I cant re-add them to the game

    The game now says I own them all BUT the things arent in the game

    Please help this is frustrating 🙁

  13. Hello!
    I use the method with the ‘legal’ game now sinds october…
    But when the newest kits came in i forgot how to get them in the game, i used the ‘updater’…

    But now when i start ea games and click on the sims 4 they ask me if i want to play online or offline.

    So i mus have done something wrong? Since i have the legal game he didn’t ask this anymore.
    Can i do something about this??


    1. You did not click yes when prompted about your legal game so the updater overwrote your folder Game with the cracked version.
      Let the EA app repair your game.

      1. Hello!
        I recently installed the updater for the packs and my sims dont seem to do the actions I put them to do. An example is that when I put them to chat they get in front of eachother but dont chat,they just stay in their positions. Also some sims get weird highlights on their hair but in the original game they didnt have them which is weird.

          1. Not really, even the pets dont do their actions. They just stand and dont do anything. I never had this problem before like when i put the sims to cook they dont finish their cooking,they just stand and dont do anything.

  14. Bonjour, j’ai une question ayant installer les Sims 4 avec EA et Steam je n’est pas Origin faut il que je l’installe est il obligatoire ? C’est la question que je me posait. Peux-tu m’aider STP Merci

      1. Oui EA est installé mais je n’ai pas Origin j’ai Steam. Donc ma question est : je doit installer Origin ou EA et Steam est suffisant

      2. Hi Mr Tarac, I have a MacBook and I have followed every step and it says I have all the extension packs but it says ‘download to use’ therefore don’t show up in the game at all. Reading through your other replies, even if I go on the EA app/website it then takes me to ‘origin for MAC’ so I don’t understand where I am going wrong.

      3. Hello tarac i downloaded the legal game and I got all dlcs however when I start my sims 4 game none of the main menu options is at the side so I cant start or resume any of my games at the top of the page it says “free trial not translated”

        please help

  15. I just wanted to say you’re awesome. ive been using your stuff for about a year now has made my life way easier. <3 thanks for the good work.

  16. I really hope the updater will be developed for Mac platforms. I’m dying inside because I bought this A computer franchise and there aren’t many options (at least less complicated ones) to get all the dlcs.
    Please work on it! *u*

    1. When you downloaded the free base game of the Sims 4 you don’t have to worry about updates. It’s done automatically whenever you start your game via the EA app.
      When an update also contains a new EP, FP, GP or SP you must download that from this page step 3
      Then re-apply the DLC Unlocker (same page, step 1)

  17. I Downloaded all of the packs but when i want to unlock the dlc it says fatal error. I already re installed origin and ea can you pleace help me?

    1. As Origin is no longer supported, delete Origin and only use the EA app.
      (When you re-download the app, Origin is automatically deleted.)

  18. Hello, a couple of months ago (around the beginning of November)I found out about this dlc unlocker, so I downloaded it, and it worked perfectly for 2 days. Then the sims 4 had an update, and it has stopped working since then. I have uninstalled and reinstalled this multiple times. I even stopped playing Sims 4 for a month, cause I thought a lot of ppl were having the same problem at some point, and I just had to wait for it to be updated. The point is it’s been 3 months and it’s still not working. PLS HELP!

  19. hello i am wondering since the origin app doesnt really work anymore, do i have to redo updating and downloading dcl packs? if so would it be done the same way?

  20. I got it to work, and i can make the sim, but now everytime I try and put them in a world I get an Error: The Game Failed to load error code 109:6166bd56:19ae8aa
    I restart the game and it just keeps doing that

  21. Hello. i have played sims before from origin and had mods installed. i deleted the origin and the game then i installed from this page and i got the old mods in the game. the problem is that it crashed when I played with mods. for example, when I clicked on the refrigerator, the whole game effectively froze, I had to force quit, I couldn’t click on anything. now i have the same problem. I deleted everything related to the old game. how do I fix this problem? i want to play in the new game with mods. if i disable the mods the game works again. where do i find the mods?

  22. Hello, I tried downloading the DLCs to my legal base but it only shows me my paid packs. I’ve used this technique on different PCs its the first time thats it’s happening. I’ve tried checking for the pack as it is explained on the page and also reseted the ea dlc unlocker but nothing worked yet. Did i do something wrong this time?

  23. Thank you so much for making this EA unlocker for people who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for DLCs! It was easy to use and worked well.

  24. Hello! I’ve tried to manually edit the graphics in the Graphics Rules to 1920 x 1080, however when I go to save the file it say permission required from the file admin. Is this locked by you or is it something to do with my computer? just prefer to play it in full res as opposed to 800x. No major if I can’t change it, than you 🙂

  25. Where do i extract the file to because it keeps saying “Download to use” no matter how many times i do the process.

  26. I have tried everything to fix this but i can not log in because there is an “invalid remid” code it does the same thing with the sid code as well

  27. I’m having a bit of trouble with downloading the EA DLC Unlocker from the link that was provided. It was stated there that instead of being a zip file, it is a .7z file which leads to it being downloaded as a .7z file.

  28. The program was working fine yesterday but when I updated it today it stopped working and it keeps giving me the same error message. I changed the file folder a dozen times but it doesn’t work. “CRITICAL ERROR
    Can’t finish despite running as administrator. Original error message:

    Can’t create or delete files in this folder, move the program somewhere else.
    Do NOT put it directly on your system drive (C:) nor in Program Files!”

  29. SOOOOO UM GREAT GAME. Everything is working perfectly for me except for the Gallery. I can’t seem to have found a valid cookie for the log in. I have repeated the steps several times and continues to show failure. I have a remid cookie and a sid cookie so I don’t know what’s going on. If you could help me that would be wonderful.

    1. Download the free base game of the Sims 4 via the EA app. You then have a legal game and no need to use a remid cookie.
      Then add the DLC’s to the folder of your legal game, run the EA DLC unlocker and all packs are available in your legal game for free.

      1. Hello, I am trying to just download the DLCs but the torrent is stuck at connecting to peers, what should i do?

  30. Hello! just wanted to ask if you know why the Kraken files website isn’t working? it won’t even load for me.

  31. Good morning Mr. Tarac, I am reaching you since I am not able to get the dlcs to work using the Anadius Updater. I have followed every step and it does not work (I have the game legally with the Origin Launcher), I do have every expansion I want installed on “The Sims 4” folder but when I open the game they say they are unowned. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the EA Unlocking tool, and it did not work, I wonder if there is any chance you can help me with this situation.

  32. hallo, ik moet nu via ea de sims4 spelen maar alle dlc files kan ik niet spelen
    ik heb de unlocker al verandert naar ea, ik heb die ook al verwijdert en opnieuw geinstalleerd maar toch krijg ik de melding dat ik pakketten mis.
    origin kan ik niet meer openen want dan krijg je die popup om ea te installeren en dat kan ik niet verwijderen dus ik kan niets meer met origin!
    ik ben al bijna 2 dagen bezig met antwoorden te zoeken via google maar het is nog niet opgelost, het gaat vooral om de 12 ep pakketten (aan het werk tot ik ga naar school)maar als ik op de gsims kijk van unlocker staan ze er wel bij.
    hopelijk heb je hier een oplossing voor ik heb ze ook al opnieuw gedownload.

  33. Hello, I used the DLC unlocker system, everything worked fine until the forced installin of “EA app”, I had no choice to install it, I lost everything. Is it possible to have a tutorial to get the packs for free with EA app? thank you.
    Have a good day.

  34. hi im having trouble with this because i have all the packs that i want downloaded but its saying that it isnt working because i dont have enough space and idk how much more space i need

      1. i have downloaded all the packs but its saying it needs to download other things with it I cant specifically remember names but its saying i dont have enough storage for the extra stuff but its not saying how much storage i need

  35. Buenas, tengo un error y es que me aparce al ejecutar como administrador el TS4_x64 me aparece que la ejecucción de código no puede continuar porque no se encontró anudius64.DLL. Este problema se puede solucionar reinstalando el programa. Ya borre todo como 2 o 3 veces y sigue sin ir y ese archivo aparece en la carpeta. No se que hacer ya : (

  36. Hello, I’m having an issue with the Sims 4 DLC Unlocker. The file is a .7z type so I can’t do anything with it after downloading it. Do I have to do something else or is the file just not working ? Thanks

      1. Hi! Ive been playing the legit copy of the game with cracked dlcs for a few days now with no issues. Today, when I opened my game I see that all the packs are gone. I went to my sims 4 folder and they are still installed but are not showing up. I am the only one with this problem and is there a way to fix it?

  37. Hello,
    When I install the update file, it tells me that there is a virus detected and therefore I cannot install it, what should I do?

  38. Hi, since the latest Mac update (Ventura 13.1) there’s no way to run those DLCs 🙁 I tried literally everything, I reloaded Origin, I let “terminal” do anything to my mac, and I even deleted the DLC folders from Sims 4 packs and re-downloaded. Is there anything you can do to solve this? Thank you 🙁

  39. Ciao a tutti. Ho installato The Sims 4 ma quando inizio la procedura per giocare online mi da i passaggi da fare. Ma non riesco a trovare la demo sul sito e non riesco a trovare il codice “remid”. Come posso risolvere?

  40. Hey, I noticed you did a thing to log online but it no longer works as the origin website is nomore. is there a fix for it?

  41. hi so the updater worked well for the past months, but now as i wanted to download the new kits it says “your game version ( doesnt match the version available ( make sure your legit game is up to date). i have updated origin as well as the game (purchased), so i dont know why it still wont let me download the new kits. no issues with anti-virus either

  42. My Cheats won’t work when i get the tab open my pressing crtl+shift+c it does come on screen but when i type something in it doesnt work, i don’t understand why?
    Please help

  43. bonsoir j’ai un jeu de base legal, j’ai installé tous les DLC mais quand je lance une parti j’ai que 2 mondes fonctionnels.
    Les mondes des pack n’apparait pas

  44. Hi i am really having issues with the downloads of the packs ive been sitting here since yesterday afternoon i managed to dwnload like 5 if not 4 packs but everytime i try it says “Can´t replace a file. maker sure your anti-virus doesn´t block this programm and i have tried every thing ill put the links on what i tried to remove the anti-virus.



    when i tried the first link it didn`t work it says that its deaktivated and the second one i did it over and over but i could only download 5 if not 4.

    please hlep i cant figur it out

  45. Hey uh, it says I own the packs and kits on the menu but when I start a game, there’s nothing. Even in the Sim maker, it doesn’t show any of the DLC clothes and when I filter it, it says I don’t own the DLC despite it saying I own it in the menu. Can someone help me out here?

  46. Hi, I’m having an issue regarding setting up the EA DLC Unlocker. After I type in the 1 in the setup.bat it keeps saying that I don’t have the origin\version.dll is missing even though I’ve extracted it. I’m not sure what the issue is so if anybody could help me that’d be really appreciated.

  47. Hello, I just want to say thank you very much!!!
    you don’t know how happy and thankful I am because of

    If it weren’t for this page I would never experience TS4, wish I knew about his page sooner.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  48. Hello, I have the legit base game and I downloaded all of my DLC’s from direct download happily on your site, and have been playing them with no problems. However, Origin no longer is a thing and now it’s som EA thing, and my DLC’s are not showing up now. I only have access to the base game and that is depressing. Do you have any suggestions?

  49. Hello! I downloaded the last Kits (pastel pop and everyday clutter) and the download was succesful but and they appear under the “My Kits” tab in the game initial screen, but it says “Download to use” but I don’t see any option to download, I’ve downloaded all previous kits using the Sims 4 Updater with no problem. Help please?

    1. Where did you download the kits SP36 and SP37 from ?
      These are not yet released by Electronic Arts (expected 10th November)
      So it’s obvious that they do not appear in your game as yet.

  50. Hello, I downloaded the DLC’s a while ago and everything was fine but today I got an error message saying I need to upadate the game on my origin account even tho I didnt have any updates avialable.
    I tried to copy and paste the remid code again but now it says that the remid code is invalid whenever I try to open the game. What should I do?

    1. I’m completey fine with playing offline too, but this error message comes up [d6f91ffb:29f00e76:00000000:4b0d852b]

  51. Hello, I downloaded the DLC unlocker it does show I have the all the packs but when I want to choose the outfits, it doesn’t let me click on any of the new packs. I also still have the same three worlds that was just in the base game. How do I fix that?

  52. Hello, I want to add Deluxe Edition to this game. How to do that? Thank you. Ihave add all DLC via EA DLC Unlocker.

  53. Hello, I recently changed my computer and I don’t know how to access the gallery with remid cookie from the new EA application bc origin no longer exists 🙁 please help I want my gallery backkk!!!

  54. Hi! so I have installed your DLC before, and everything was working fine. But when my sims game updated, all of it just kind of stopped working. so I uninstalled them, and uninstalled my game. reinstalled the game (i have the official base game) and I justs now reinstalled the DLC packs using the direct download, and the download via torrents. I followed the directions and put the games directly into my sims 4 game file and when I go to start up the game, it says that I own all of the packs (from the last time when I had them(before the update) but not a single shows up. So what I’m asking is if you might know how to fix this problem in any way.

    1. Re-download the EA DLC Unlocker, run setup as an administrator, type 5 to delete previous installation, then type 1,2,14 and q again.

          1. HI again, Im sorry for the bother but I dont see a set up option when I open the file on winrar

          2. Nevermind, thank you for the help! the issue that I have as of now is that Im being shown a screen that says that my origin\version.dll is missing

  55. Hey! upon scouring the website a bit I’m not sure if I missed a different tab or something, but what are the steps for uninstalling the cracked version of the sims 4 entirely? I’d like to restore my game as a legitimate copy but I’ve been struggling to figure out how! I say this because when I open my game it totally crashes whenever I try to save/load anything, even from just the main screen. I downloaded the complete sims 4 64 bit version if that helps. Thank you!

    1. You can uninstall a cracked version of the Sims 4 by just deleting the The Sims 4 folder (not the one in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts)

  56. Heyy. I have question. After I downloaded every mod and I started sims 4 again, A window popped up and it asked me if I wanted to use shortcuts and I said yes. (to offline or online sims 4) After that another window popped up and it said that I made sure to use an account without games on it etc…I watched the video where it explains how you do another account log out and then log back in, but after THAT you gotta go to another website. The website is linked on one of the buttons, so I clicked it and it says „error“ and something else. (For information, I dont use origin. I use EA. I dont know how I can use it with EA.) If I start the game, all packs work perfectly, but if I wanna go into the gallery it doesn’t work. I click on the button, but it doesn’t do anything. If I wanna go online, to look for a house for example, it doesn’t let me. It tells me, that its not possible. I dont know what’s wrong, but pleaseee help..have been struggling for a day already. So yeah, I can only play offline…

  57. When I go on the game and start using cas it completely shuts off and I have to re do the process? What should I do?

  58. Hi! I have to say, I really appreciate what you do, it’s really incredible, I’ve been playing Sims for a while, and your crack program allows me as a student (without much financial means) to be able to Play such a great game. Seriously, it’s my source of fun and motivation.
    thank you 💖
    I wish you a good day and good health.

  59. Hey,
    I am trying to download Sims 4 expansions for free but both the updater file gets blocked by my laptop because it has a virus.
    Could you help me? Will the file be updated soon?

      1. Hello , Good Morning I’m having this issue with the DLCS , My Issue is it says i own them in the game but when i go to manage world or even in build mode or even in the cas for the free dlc packs clothes etc it doesn’t show up . It only shows the 3 packs i’ve already brought from sims i use the EA app now because organ updated etc but this the only issue i’m having can you please hit me back up asap . Here is Some Proof of My Issue I have below . Have a Great Day Thank You . Also i have emailed you about the situation on your email , my email is

  60. HI! crack version people still exist! LOL please continue to help us out with the updates! your work is so much appreciated! we love you!!!

  61. Hi, thank you first of all and could you indicate where we can download CCs and mods in the cracked folder please ?

  62. Hii I downloaded the DLC with the updater but now i am a not sure of how to use the DLC with the unlocker. I do not have origin i am using EA
    please May you kindly Assist me

  63. Hello. I am having a random, new issue. I had my game open and played it on Friday. Closed it out and tried to go back in tonight. For some reason, my game won’t launch. I click on it and nothing happens. The icon has even gone white, like a blank looking page instead of how it normally looks. I don’t understand what happened, and wondering if you could offer some advice here?

    1. Apparently you deleted the installation folder.
      When you have a legal base game log in to Origin, right-click on the icon of the Sims 4 and select Repair.


      Try to find your installation folder by clicking on the magnifying glass (next to the windows icon) and search for TS4_x64.exe.

  64. Hello! EA is gonna replace origin with EA apps and I tried… the pack system all those downloaded packs can’t be used anymore. Will there be a solution to this? Thank you!

  65. Hey! since the base game is going free, will they’ll be a tutorial on switching from a cracked game to the free base game + unlocked DLC and not loose all my mods and saves?

  66. ciao, ho un problema..
    ho installato l’aggiornamento come sopra indica per la versione, ho aspettato 1 ora e finito lo scaricamento mi dice che tutto va bene, allora contenta apro il gioco, ma non è cambiato nulla, uguale a prima (versione 1.86 e qualcosa con tutti i vecchi dlc) premetto che ho fatto tutto per bene e selezionato tutti i dlc nuovi, ho anche schiacciato repair dopo che avendolo aperto era come prima, aiutatemi non so che fare

  67. I just downloaded sims 4 added DLCs and I have the sims 4 game which is with origin. I downloaded it and it says you can now play and I went into my game, but I do not see the expansion packs that I downloaded. Is it because my game is with origin? If so is there away I can get the added DLCs with sims 4 origin?

  68. Hey,

    Ik heb alle stappen ondernomen, het lijkt alsof alle packs zijn geïnstalleerd voor de Sims 4. Alleen kom ik tegen een probleem aan zodra ik in CAS ben. Alle items, volgens mij voornamelijk van de packs, geven een error en zijn wit/rood met vraagtekens. Hoe kan ik dit fixen?

    1. Verplaats, dus niet kopieer, de map C:\Documenten\Electronic Arts\de Sims 4 tijdelijk naar je bureaublad.
      Start je spel opnieuw en kijk of het nu wel goed gaat, zo ja, dan ligt het aan je mods en dan kan je vanaf die verplaatste map op bureaublad de mappen Saves en Tray terugzetten.
      Gaat het nog steeds goed dan zul je je mods moeten uitzoeken.

  69. Hello I have a problem and I don’t know if I’m the only one but the werewolf DLC doesn’t work very well; the werewolf skin is bugged, I already repaired and updated the game; I don’t know what else to do. Thanks in advance 🙂

  70. I have downloaded the DLC onto the legal copy of the game and it says that I own all of the packs and to download them to use them, how do I download the packs to be able to use them if it says they’re owned?

    1. Have you used the EA DLC Unlocker again ?
      Check the installed versions (legal and crack) with the validator, as both versions should be the same.
      I had something similar a couple of days ago, rebooting my PC solved the problem.

  71. All my cc wont show in the game. I checked many times if it is in the folder but it just won´t show in the game. Can someone please help? 🙁

    1. Have you tried this ?
      1. Start your game
      2. Click on Options
      3. Click on Game Options
      4. Click Other
      5. Check the box enable custom contents and mods

          1. that sadly doesnt exist on my Pc since I moved my sims game. I tried adding the folder to anywhere in my sims folder but it still doesnt work. Is there any other way?

          2. As soon as you play the Sims 4 that folder will be created automatically, so do a good search.
            (of course not applicable for Mac users)

            On your taskbar in windows, click on the magnifying glass
            Type GameVersion, select Open file location and you should see the folder that also includes a folder Mods

  72. Hi.
    I am having a weird problem that I can’t seem to fix, and I’m running out of options. For some reason my cheat console won’t open while I’m in game after pressing Ctrl + Shift + C, and my tilt arrows won’t work either. Every other key works fine. I played the game just the other day and everything worked perfectly. I’ve removed my mods, tried to separate my other mod’s who could be the cause but non of them are the problem. I’ve done a repair from your downloader, but nothing works. I can’t seem to find any direct solutions online to this problem, is there a way you could help me out with this please? Many Thanx

      1. Apologies for my late reply. It would appear it’s not in my game, but just my keyboard as you mentioned in your response. Thanks for the feedback though, it’s much appreciated.

  73. Hello!
    Thank you for doing what you are doing, I have always wanted to get more Sims DLCs (I have the legit base game + Island Living & Get Famous) but I am currently not in a situation where I can get the rest of the DLCs I want. Through this website you have allowed me to enjoy those DLCs and I am really happy.

    I have only used this website for a couple days and at first everything worked perfectly. However, today I updated to the new EA application which automatically uninstalled Origin. I opened the game as usual excited to continue my gameplay when the game had notified me that in order to play my saved world I would need to get the 26 DLCs I had used. I tried to repair the game and checked if the new application had changed the location of the legit game (it did not) but it stil says all the DLCs I downloaded are unowned.

    Is there anyway I can fix this?

  74. Hey there, thanks so much for making this. I do run into some trouble trying to move the files from the iso into the Sims 4 folder. Everytime it gets stuck on moving the ClientFullBuild3.package and it won’t progress any further. Any thoughts on what I can do to solve this issue?

  75. Hi, after updating to “Full update SP34” aka the “First Fits Kit” i get notification “Pack Download in Progress”, and i don’t know what happened, what should i do?

      1. HI, I have been having some problems with my saves being corrupted. I have tried everything from trying to repair the game and removing the mods folder, I’m not sure what else to do. Thank you!

  76. Hello! I want to thank you for everything you do providing this game for free. You’re a legend. I have a small question tho. If I get the legal base game (deluxe edition) and add some dlc’s from your site, will I then be a able to upload my stuff to gallery and download from it? Or do the dlc’s need to be legal as well?
    Thank you.

    1. As soon as you have a legal game installed you can access the gallery for both up- and downloading.
      When you add cracked DLC’s and use the EA DLC Unlocker you still retain access to the gallery.
      So: Legal base game + cracked DLC’s + Unlocker = legal game.

  77. First, I’d like to apologize for my ignorance. I’m new to this and trying to figure it out.

    So I have a few issues:

    1. I followed all the instructions and when I try to play the High School pack and the Cottage Living pack it says I have to download them, but it won’t let me because I’m “offline”.
    2. I tried the Sims 4 Updater, and it won’t run because of a critical error.
    a. I tried downloading the software/redistributable thingy (the 64 bit version) and it didn’t work.
    3. I tried downloading the updated versions of the packs on your website and I can’t mount the ISO files.
    a. It doesn’t give me the option to mount the ISO files and I tried troubleshooting online but the apps I download to try and mount them don’t work either.
    4. I can’t access the gallery because it says I’m “offline”.
    a. I’m using the cracked version- signed up with a new EA account and I made sure to get the trial for the base game and CAS.
    5. I also can’t find your discord anywhere. I might not be looking hard enough and in that case I apologize for wasting your time with this email.

    I hope that this all made sense. Again, I apologize for my ignorance.

    1. 1. Did you download the latest EA DLC Unlocker ?
      2. When you downloaded the Updater your anti-virus blocked it due to a “trojan virus”, so make sure that you add t to the exceptions of your anti-virus
      3. To mount an iso simply rightclick on the downloaded iso and select open with Windows Explorer.
      4. You can no longer access the gallery without an original legal game. The only method available at the moment is THIS ONE
      4a. No longer required (obsolete)
      5. You can find the troubleshooting guide HERE

  78. Application Start Issue

    At first, the TS64 application gave me error notifications about some missing DLL files (which I had installed), but when the DLL file issue was resolved, it started giving me an error message.

    One of those “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)” errors. I’ve reinstalled the .exe using the updater, but it’s still not working. (No matter how many times I reinstall/download everything).

    I really hope you can help because I’m itching to play TS4!

  79. Good evening,
    I have an issue with the DLC in my legal base game. I play on Origin, on a Mac. Since the last big update DLC don’t work on my game, but the game still runs. I just erased the pack SP5 because it makes my game crash.
    Will the DLC Unlocker v.2 be available for Mac ? And do you have a solution for my problem ?

    1. Yes, it is confirmed by Electronic Arts that for some players the saves disappear since the last update (1.90.357.1020).
      They are working on it now, and they hope that a new version will cure this problem. This new update is expected on 30th August 2022.

  80. Hey, i wanted to ask I updated the game a few days ago and all of a sudden my game got a last exception error, where the sims just can’t eat. And then the game randomly shuts down. Does anyone else have similar issues?

  81. Hi,
    I have brand new laptop. I am trying to download the sims 4, however i have tried to download on my external hard drive. It gets so far then i get this messege CRITICAL ERROR Failed when writing to file. Make sure your Anti virus doesn’t block this programme. My windows defender is not on. Have you got any suggestions.

  82. Hello, I accidentally hit no when I asked if my game was legal and when it is. Now I get a pop every time I try to open up my game. I really do not want to lose my save data, Is there a way to change this?

    1. Download Game Origin from this page, extract with Winrar, delete your existing folder Game and copy the downloaded and extracted folder Game to your installation folder of the legal game.

  83. Hi so every time i try to load my save it says error 132:2f1962c8b4dd8348. Could you help me fix this?

      1. I just updated my origin and it gives me 8cd178d4164599604fe1a310ef343d32 error. Its been an hour. What should I do? Should I wait more

  84. Hi there!
    I used this program on a laptop and a PC.
    It worked on the laptop but when i add the dlc’s on the PC, it says it’s completed but the dlc’s do not show up in the game.
    Any help?

  85. Hello! I have already downloaded the packs i want, both codex version and anadius version. I’ve mounted it before and extract it so I do have the files in the Sims 4 folder I played,,
    But when I run the updater, they downloaded all new packs again. 1 EP is like 30GB.. How do I use the file I already downloaded?

    Note: The files for newer GP and EP and SP are in my folder already, but when I start the game, it only loads the original game… (I copy pasted the extra GP,EP,SP from extracted folder)

    1. Apparently you have 2 (or more) installation folders. You copied the downloaded EP’s in installation folder one and run the updater on installation folder two

  86. Hi!!! So I’m trying to download some rooms in the gallery but something appears about updating to the recent version of the game. How do I adjust this? Sorry if this is confusing, English is not my first language.

  87. Hi, thank you for your work. I’m sad to say it doesn’t work for me, so how do I remove the downloaded packs from my game? Do I just delete the file in the installation folder? Thanks in advance

  88. I used the current updater to download the new hs pack and it’s saying that I don’t own it?
    Going back into the updater, there’s no packs listed to download.

    Not sure if anyone else is getting this bug but I thought I’d let you know!

    Thank you for all the work that you do though, you’re the best!

    1. Ps thank u anadius!
      I had the same problem and i’ ve fixed it
      You can try uninstalling unlcoker and after that download new version

  89. Hi, I want to ask you when you release the new expansion pack high school years. You can update it when it is release or you update it later? Thank you

      1. Hi, I have just repaired and updated my game, but I get “script call failed” when trying to place doors. how do I fix? I deleted my script mods from my CC folder.

  90. I have the legal game, how do I remove some of the DLC? I tried to follow the instructions on the page but it did not work/

    1. I presume you want to delete some pirated DLC’s. Just remove the folders for the unwanted DLC’s
      In the EA DLC Unlocker, open the folder g_The Sims 4. if you want to disable a DLC – add ; before IID

  91. Hi, so I just wanted to know whether if I should remove my mods folder, save trays, or any other folders before I installed your updating program?

    1. Use the Anadius Updater.
      When you have problems in the game itself, temporarily move the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop

  92. Hi, will you be adding high school living any time soon? Thanks so much for sharing all of this!

  93. When I try to install the DLC togger it keeps saying, “Could not read crack config file:
    Game_cracked Bin RidOrigin.ini
    Game-cracked Bin\anadius. cfg
    Game Bin RidOrigin.ini
    Game Bin\codex.cfg
    Game Bin\anadius, cfg
    Game Bin\”.

    I also dont see ” (the folder where you can see __Install, Delta, Data, Game, Support and your DLC’s”

  94. hi, I managed to put all the packages in my game and everything is fine, but some doors and windows and some objects are kind of “invisible” and I already deleted all mods that were detected as “conflicting”. my the sims is original and i don’t know what else to do 🙁

  95. Hey, so I read the instructions and followed all of them but when I open up my game the packs that i added are showing up as “not owned”.

  96. Hi. so i tried to repair the game and it sent me this
    Cant hash ‘D://The Sims 4/EP08/clientfullbuild0.package’ file.
    This is the 2nd time its happening. Pls help

  97. I can’t connect the sims 4 online again. I did connect the first time with the instructions but now even if i log out and do the same things i can’t reconnect. The game opens offline

  98. Hello!
    I have a problem starting the game, I downloaded the Sims 4 All-in-one multi language version.
    When I mount the ISO and already have my folder ready, I click on the .exe file that is explained. I get the prompt asking me if I want to play online or not.
    When I hit the Offline option, the game runs and goes to a white screen and then closes.
    Would you know what the problem is there?

    1. the updater tells me that my legit game is not up to date, I checked and it is the latest version. what do I do?

  99. Hi good day, I download the full game from the website but anytime I try to click the setup, it was tells me the file is corrupt and unreadable. I had to delete and re-download and it is still showing the same thing. Please what can I do?

      1. Anytime I download the game and click on the setup to install, it keeps telling me that the setup file is corrupt and unreadable. I’m downloading for the first time

  100. Bonjour ! J’ai un problème lorsque je dois ouvrir le jeu crack : “Impossible de démarrer car les données du jeu requises sont manquantes ou endommagées. Veuillez réparer ou réinstaller le jeu avec Origin”. J’ai pourtant réinstaller le jeu 2 fois, réparer le jeu, enlever les DLC que je possédais déjà mais rien ne fonctionne…

    1. Il semble que votre antivirus rende le crack inoffensif.
      Assurez-vous que votre dossier d’installation est couvert par vos exceptions antivirus.

  101. I installed all dlcs using your link. worked perfectly for a while now when I run the sims 4, on the main page it says I own all the packs but they are not working. For example, when I go to create-a-sim I only get base game clothes. I have tried the running the command files and everything. Also, I have updated ts4 with origin

  102. J’ai un soucis qui me bloque quand je coche “autorisé la modification de scripts” pour faire fonctionné les mods ça me dit de redémarrer le jeu et quand je le relance rien n’est enregistré c’est a nouveau décoché pareille pour les options plein écran et résolution ils ne sont jamais enregistré Merci pour l’aide

  103. hey
    j’ai un problème
    lors du téléchargement il est indiqué qu’il faut telecharger 48 giga ce qui me parait énorme,
    alors que mon ami en a telechargé environ 18 giga
    comment ça se fait que j’ai autant

    1. Pour le moment, la taille totale des Sims 4 est de 50,2 GB.
      Cela inclut toutes les extensions jusqu’à la version incluse.
      Le package de base seul sans extensions est de 19,2 GB.
      Votre ami aura donc téléchargé une ancienne version incomplète

      Mettez à jour votre jeu actuel avec Anadius Updater

  104. It’s been so long since I opened my sims since my finals just finished and all. When I tried to log in (open online vers) it stated that I got an invalid remid cookie. I redid the process (created another account and all) but I can’t access the accounts.ea/connect portion. This kept on popping out: {“error”:”404 Not Found”,”error_description”:”No handler found for GET /connect”,”error_code”:null,”code”:107018}

    Help pls :'(

    1. Apparently you did not read the instructions:

      Steps 4-5 (prepare for a cookie named Remid)
      4. Open your new account in Origin
      5. Click on open in the menu
      You will see an almost blank screen with an error message. Ignore it because it is important
      Don’t close your browser and do not close the errorpage

      Press F12
      Firefox: click on the Storage tab
      Chrome: click on the Application tab

      Step 6 (get the Remid Value)

      Now click on Application
      If you don’t see it, click on >>
      In the left menu click on Cookies
      Click on
      Click on Remid
      Copy the Cookie Value (here shown in blue) and paste in the window as shown in the login figure under item 6. Paste it below
      Of course: Copy your value, not mine !
      Close Origin

      find remid

  105. hi i’m trying to download the two new kits: moonlight chic and little campers. but when i download the iso it downloads as a torrent file, not an iso therefore i can’t mount it. just wondering why and if u can help me with this?

  106. Hi, I recently added the DLC to my base game following the instructions but I’m encountering a problem with the extension packs. When I go look at them in the main menu it is written that I possess them, but in game if I go to “manage worlds” for example they do not appear as if I didn’t have them. Is there a solution for that ?

  107. Hi, I recently downloaded the sims 4 repack and tried playing online to access the gallery. The first time opening the game after downloading, everything worked fine but opening the game a second time, the gallery is no longer loading any creations and doesn’t seem to be working. Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

  108. Hello I downloaded Sims 4 with all the
    DLC, but I always have a problem when I want to save options in the game, for example: if I select full screen and I save the modifications I leave and come back in the game the window becomes windowed again the same for the authorization changes to scipts, it’s annoying for mods because I can’t play with them

    1. Check your folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts, maybe there are more The Sims 4 folders in it.
      When you open the Config file you can set WindowedFullScreen 0 to 1

  109. Hey, I have an issue… I downloaded the latest update, and Windows Defender gave me a warning for “Win32/Uwamson.A!ml” as a Trojan, after unzipping and running the exe… Stupid to ask but is this a false warning?

  110. Sims 4 suddenly stopped opening, saying “Invalid Remid” so i did the whole thing again multiple times but nothing, so i updated using the “updator” but still nothing, doesnt want to budge at all.

  111. Hi whenever I try to open sims 4 updater it says critical error and doesnt open. my antivirus and firewall are also disabled

  112. is this compatible with the g4tw download system or would I have to do a fresh install? afaik, there’s no mounting/iso involved but I could be wrong.

  113. I can’t install the Sims 4 Updater because it’s giving Python310.dll error

    I don’t know how to fix this, anyone who can help I appreciate it.

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    Can we further discuss this offer?Contact me.

  115. Hello! Firstly, I’d like to thank you for making these DLC’s available 🙂

    Since Wedding Stories, I’m having an issue with the world of Tartosia coming up; I have all the content, but the world stays on a white screen when I try to load.

    I must admit I am a bit ignorant to tech stuff, but I haven’t had issues with installing any of the other packs via your instructions–do you think you could please help me troubleshoot?

    Thank you for your time, and consideration!

  116. hi after the latest update my game let me open the galley ones and from there its a struggle to get the galley to work again (keeps on asking to connect), is there an solution for this

        1. How to turn on neighborhood stories sims 4?
          The first and most obvious way to enable or disable the feature is via the Manage Households tab, which in addition to letting you customise which life events you want to allow for different types of household, lets you turn off Neighborhood Stories for that household type altogether.

        1. Cracked game:
          Copy the entire folder The Sims 4 to your flash drive (not The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts).
          Make shortcut from the new location Game\Bin|TS4_x64.

          Legal Game:
          Open Origin, click on My Game Library, right-click on the picture of The Sims 4 and select Move Game. Now select a location on your flash drive.
          When that is finished, add the DLC’s to that new location.
          Then, open the DLC unlocker run Setup (as Admin) and select 5. Uninstall EA DLC Unlocker.
          When that is done, reboot your computer and redo the entire step 1 of the Unlocker again.

  117. Hi! I’m wondering why after using the updater my game version is when the 2/15/2022 patch shows as the most current patch? I’ve been generating a lot of last exception reports with fully updated mods and I’m wondering if this is the problem.

    Thank you for all your help!

    1. = pre-patch for GP11 version (GP11 not yet included) = the latest version incl. GP11
      Yes, mods are the cause of 90% of all errors.

  118. For the sims 3 medieval the save does not work and it’s always error I contacted you in email too

    1. When you are still in tutorial mode you cannot save your game.

      You don’t want to go through the whole tutorial ?
      As the tutorial in the game is quite lengthy and you can’t save the game when it’s not finished
      Go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval
      Open the file Options.ini with f.e. notepad
      Change the line enableintrotutorial from 1 to 0
      Save the file.

  119. Hi! I tried to use the updater with my legit game but it keeps saying “CRITICAL ERROR
    Can’t check available disk space.”
    I have the last version I think ( and installing VC Redist didn’t change anything. What can I do?

  120. Hi,

    If you could help that would be great! I have followed the steps multiple times but it seems I have the wedding stories pack installed but on origin it still says I need to buy it. It worked previously when I installed the kits a week ago but I’m using the same steps (from the guide) and it doesn’t seem to be working correctly. Any help would be appreciated! 😀

  121. hey mate, just letting you know that when I try to download the newest DLC (My Wedding Stories), I get a torrent for patch instead of the current one, hopefully you can fix it! 🙂

  122. Bonjour, peut-on déplacer le dossier de profil afin qu’il soit dans le dossier d’installation (stocké sur un périphérique usb avec votre pack) ? si oui, comment ?

    1. Je ne recommanderais pas de le mettre dans le dossier du jeu sur une clé USB.
      Donnez à la clé USB une lettre de lecteur fixe, puis suivez la procédure pour déplacer le dossier vers ce lecteur.

  123. Hello, I hope you’ll see this. So I re-download the game again bc I can’t enter the game. I followed the instruction and still no game. It only said that the game is already running but the game doesn’t popup. I’ve been having this problem since last month with the old update, I don’t know what to do, please help me bc I can’t play the game anymore.

      1. Hello, I tried following the Open Origin and cancel out to start game (origin) on startup of the computer, it’s still the same problem 🙁 I still can’t play.
        The last update was 1.80, that’s where the problem started. So I deleted the old cracked version and download the latest cracked version, which is the 1.83.

        1. When you still have the downloaded iso for 1.83, mount the iso, go to the folder Game -> Bin and start the game from TS4_x64.exe.
          Most probably your anti-virus blocked the crack.
          Put the The Sims 4 folder under the exceptions of your anti-virus.
          In case you no longer have the iso for 1.83, download the latest folder Game after you excluded the Sims 4 folder in your anti-virus

  124. i play sims 4 with the anadius repack game and also succesfully connect to gallery. everything was well until suddenly i can’t connect the game to the internet. everytime i tried to open the gallery it always says unable to connect, eventhough my internet connection is fine. do you know how to fix it?

  125. Como puedo desinstalar todo? (tengo el juego original)
    Al momento de entrar al juego me aparece que tengo todos los packs,kits etcétera pero me dice que falta instalarlo.
    Quiero sacarlo, por favor ayuda, quiero mi juego como antes.

  126. Can I delete the anadius repack folder after setup? And also, the page said that I would get with the repack, but when I downloaded the repack, it said that I have I have tried deleting the game (multiple times, including all the folders) and updating with anadius updater (it says I am missing files)

    1. Express Delivery has no separate folder, it is incorporated in the base game.
      It can only be active when you have a contact with Origin, either by a legal base game or by illegal “cracks” like the remid code.
      The only way to remove express delivery is to roll back to a previous version of the game.
      You can stop it by removing the check for “Automatically Download” which can be found in the Options menu ->Game options ->Sims Delivery
      Or set the “Check for Sims Deliveries” to Never.

      1. But is it true that the delivery reference folder is then located in: Documents> Electronic Arts> The Sims 4> content?

        Because your game crack I put it on an internal secondary drive.

        1. It could well be that the delivery contents are stored in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\content
          Inspite of installing your sims 4 game on another drive, the contents of your game will ALWAYS be stored in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 (unless you manually performed some complicated adjustments)

          1. so this path of the content folder is equivalent both in the main drive C: where Windows is installed, and in my case in a second (internal) drive

  127. Hi, I followed the instructions under legal game w pirated DLC download and no matter what I do the packs in the game still say “Download to Use”. I tried to use the Wizard thing but it had like 30 gigs to download so I just stopped it cause I figured something was going wrong. I deleted the DLCs, redownloaded them and followed the instructions as given and still had the same issue.

    1. When you have added (new) DLC’s to your legal game you must update the config.file as explained under troubleshooting.
      Failing to do that your newly added DLC’s will remain “Download to Use”.
      Only when these DLC’s are incorporated in the config file they become “Owned”

      1. i started the game from the shortcut but it still is saying download to use. how do I update the config file?

  128. Hola! Descargué la nueva actualización de historias de barrio y no me aparece nada de historias del barrio los textos me salen en blanco, cuándo llaman a mi teléfono para pedirme consejo sale en blanco todo, las notificaciones de historias del barrio también salen en blanco, descargué los archivos de idiomas y sigue exactamente igual, no sé que pueda suceder. Gracias, espero que puedas ayudarme.

  129. i found a site that is using anadius updater as if it had created it, and charging people for whoever wants to use it, how can i report this? do you want me to send the link?

  130. Hola! Queria informar que con la nueva actualización de historias del barrio, no aparecen los textos cuando te llaman por teléfono por ejemplo.

      1. Sigue sin salir nada, cuando se trata de alguna interacción de la nueva actualización no sale nada, solo en blanco

  131. Is the Sims 4 Updater latest version is 0.5.4? I downloaded just now but it keeps on popping out notification that a new version is available. When i click to download the update, it directs me to forum.

  132. Hi, I currently have the base game and all the dlc pirated (through your torrents). I want to buy the base game so I can have the gallery. I have a few questions about that.
    Firstly, what’s the best way to do it? Uninstall everything and then reinstall it after I have the legit base game?
    Second, will i still have my save games after I uninstall everything? How can I ensure it?
    Lastly, when I have the gallery, can I only download base game only builds or will I be able to download everything?
    Thank you so much! You are amazing, you do great work!

    1. 1. When you have the legal base game installed copy the DLC’s from your pirated game to the legal one (see the Pack System0
      2. Yes you still have all your sims, houses etc./
      3. You have access to the full and complete Gallery

  133. I have a question about the “About comments” section. What if you don’t want to reveal your real name? Or what if you don’t have a valid email or want to even post your email privately? I remembered when we can post comments anonymously, and I kind of missed that.

      1. OK. Thanks. And I have another question. Why is our email a requirement in “Thoughts” section if it’s not going to be seen or published? Just curious.

  134. Hi. It’s seens that the method to use gallery without a legal game is broken right now. When I click in any gallery content it’s shows a network error message.
    There’s is a way to fix that?

  135. Hey Tarac, thanks for all the work you’ve put in for the community! I’ve tried to update Sims by updater but It failed twice halfway through. Here’s the screenshot for it do you know the issue here ? Thanks in advance!

        1. Try this to avoid the no-origin-fix error:
          Download the latest Game folder from THIS PAGE
          That includes the latest no-origin-fix so the updater does not have to download.

          Alternative solution:
          Download THIS FILE
          When downloaded copy it to the folder of the Anadius Updater.
          When you now redo the Updater you’ll see an additional command bar with Extract
          Click it and when your downloaded file is extracted continue the Updater with Update.

          1. I’ve tried both methods, still got the same error.

            I haven’t updated my game for like 4-5 months, could this be the reason I’m getting the error ? If so, how can I fix this ?

          2. Download THIS FILE
            When downloaded, copy it to the folder of your Anadius Updater.
            Run the updater. You now see an additional bar marked Extract. Click that.
            When extraction has finished run the Updater again.

  136. Hi! I’m so glad I found your site. I had a question about getting the most updated game using your links. I downloaded a my cracked version of Sims 4 from FitGirl Repacks, and it’s version 1.77, with Cottage Living the most recent pack. Would I be able to do the updates you provide to get my game up to date, with gallery access? Or would you recommend starting over and downloading the Sims 4 through your method?

  137. Hola! Jugando a la expansión Vida en el pueblo, me di cuenta que no salen conejos y en sus casas nunca están y las gallinas tampoco salen del gallinero.

  138. I use the mod ‘Better Exception’ to find issues in my game and the report shows this error which is causing my game to crash: [manus] a_b_test_service failed to handle on_all_households_and_sim_infos_loaded due to exception (AttributeError: type object ‘Operation’ has no attribute ‘REQUEST_AB_TESTS’)

    Do you know what this is?

  139. Hola! Necesito ayuda con la expansión Vida en el pueblo. Antes de la actualización del 1.81 la tenía y ahora no aparece que tenga la expansión. Me metí en la carpeta que tengo de Los Sims 4 y correcto, no tengo la carpeta EP11, cuando antes si que la tenía. No sé si pueda solo descargarme la carpeta EP11 y copiarla en mi carpeta de Los Sims 4 (Aclaro que el juego NO es de origin, todo lo descargué aquí con el método 3 de todo en uno) Gracias!
    pd: Puse el mismo mensaje en otra parte del foro pero no me expliqué bien y quise repetirlo!

  140. Hi,
    I had a problem in the Get Famous DLC because during the awards event, the host would come and do nothing.
    I decided to fix the game using the updater.
    It updated my game to with Lush Greenery.
    When I turn on the game and want to turn on save there is an error.
    The same error shows up when I create a new family and bring them into the house and want to play. The sim creates itself, moves into the new house but the game won’t go any further.
    “Error loading game. Error code:
    122:c42b9e2b.4e96c85d. We recommend restarting the game.”
    I have read to delete everything from …DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4, then the game will create itself all over again but the same error keeps showing up.
    I don’t have my game everything is from this site.
    Please help

    1. Probably installing a new folder Game will sort this out. See This Page

      If that doesn’t do the trick:
      Fixing Error Code 122 in Sims 4
      Fix 1 – Remove the beloved trait and go to Manage Households to delete the Sims that are no longer in your world.
      Fix 2 – Delete some families. You can skip this step if you’re not comfortable deleting your Sim families. This is a really tough call. But if you’re willing to use this method, go into Household Management, click Other Households, and start deleting families one by one. After you deleted one family, check to see if the error persists. If you’re impatient, you can simply delete all the families. If some of the families are malfunctioning, this method should fix the problem.
      Fix 3 – Remove mods and CC. Once something does not work properly or stopped working altogether, this is one of the first solutions you can try to fix the problem. Move the mods folder to your desktop and check if the error is gone. Update your mods as well. There are plenty of issues that outdated mods can causes, including this annoying error code.
      Fix 4 – Update the MC Command Centre if you have that tool installed. This quick method solved the problem for many users and it might work for you as well.
      Fix 5 – Clear your game cache. Another method that might work for you is clearing your game cache and deleting the localthumbcache.package from the Sims 4 folder.
      Fix 6 – Start a new save. Some players confirmed this method worked for them — at least temporarily. After the new save, the game worked fine and there were no crashes and errors anymore. But this is only a temporary workaround, the error code 122 came back after a few minutes. But if you’re lucky, you can play the game for a few hours before this nasty error returns.
      Fix 7 – Repair the game. To do this, right-click on Sims 4 in your game library and select the Repair option. Restart your computer and launch the game again.

  141. Good news on the Linux front! Although I failed to use the dlc unlocker on my legit copy, the anadius repack is working flawlessly and with gallery access after following a guide on Reddit by u/OmaHildegardt
    The tutorial is made specifically for the Fitgirl repack but it works perfectly well with the anadius repack.

    The tutorial:

    It is possible to add it to Lutris after installing it to make launching it easier.
    Basically you have to use the following prefix when following the tutorial I mentioned:
    Click the Add Game button on Lutris, fill out the info, then on the Game options tab set the prefix you installed it to and choose the right executable (/home/YourUsernameHere/Games/the-sims-4/drive_c/Program Files/The Sims 4/Game/Bin/TS4_x64.exe). Be sure to also set Prefix architecture to 64-bit!

  142. Hi this msg is adressed for whoever anadius is, ive been a sims lover since i was a kid i used to have it on my PS2 i had multiple CDs of it and i used to spend the whole day playing, and since 2014 when the sims 4 came out ive been looking everywhere for it trying to download it but no site worked, then years later i found the sims you posted on thePiratebay site so i just wanna thank you so much for all your work and for putting the game for free cause there are poeple who cant afford it i really hope you get my message and read it, thanks again.

    1. Are you sure you found it on PirateBay ?
      I do not use PirateBay at all. Maybe somebody else copied my Sims-downloads and put it there.
      Anyway, thanks for the message.

      1. yes i first found it on piratebay and even the username is anadius thats how i found this site. and they’re still posting after every update i can send u the link if u want

  143. Hello and thanks for the very informative website! I am having problems running the EA Dlc unlocker on Linux. I have installed the legit base game on origin using Lutris and it runs great, but when i try to run the setup.bat using wine it fails, saying i need to unpack it first (even though i have already unpacked it). Is there any way to do this manually, without the use of the .bat? Or am I better off downloading the full repack and trying to run it with lutris?

      1. Oof, thanks for responding anyways! If I find a way to make it work I’ll respond to this comment so if someone has the same problem as me they’ll have a way to fix it.

  144. Hi. I am from Germany but I hope you will understand what my problem is. So I installed the last update from origin. And now I can not open the game. I mean the “real” one works for me but not this one. It says the “contents of my user data directory (Inhalte deines Benutzerdatenverzeichnisses)” was created with a new version of the sims 4 it can not be loaded. And I have to update the game in origin. BUT I have already the latest update.

    How can I fix it?

    1. Go to the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\Die Sims 4 and open it.
      Then delete the file GameVersion
      Play your game, it should work now

      But somewhere you did something wrong in updating your game via Origin.
      Open the folder Game\Bin in the installation folder of your legal The Sims 4
      Then open the file Default
      Scroll a bit down to [Version] and look at GameVersion, it should show

      Gehe in den Ordner C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\Die Sims 4 und öffne ihn.
      Dann lösche die Datei GameVersion
      Spielen Sie Ihr Spiel, es sollte jetzt funktionieren

      Aber irgendwo hast du beim Aktualisieren deines Spiels über Origin etwas falsch gemacht.
      Öffne den Ordner Game\Bin im Installationsordner deines legalen Die Sims 4
      Öffnen Sie dann die Datei Standard (Default)
      Scrollen Sie ein wenig nach unten zu [Version] und sehen Sie sich GameVersion an, es sollte anzeigen

  145. Hi, thanks for the files!

    I had my game working on the “Sims 4 final” version.

    But I downloaded the Update – pre-update for Lush Greenery – including 2 new scenarios and I Mounted the downloaded iso and copied the files/folders to the installation folder of my cracked game and it doesn’t open/program stops working.

    What could I be doing wrong? Thanks again

    1. Hello

      Your ISO of “Update” do not include “TS464.EXE” so that we cannot open the game after copied the files

      1. The edit only contains files and folders that have changed. TS4_x64.exe was not changed so not included.
        If you have by any change deleted the game folder, download the latest folder from HERE

  146. Hi Tarac, first of all, thank you so much for giving us access to the all TS4 contents without any paywall.

    I have this problem that my newly downloaded TS4 from this website is so laggy even without CC and mods. The fps drops at literally single digit. Before it was on 30-60 fps, I think. The lag problem started at the time of the Cottage Living release. Before that, it was working quite well even with CC and mods. I miss playing The Sims 4 but I am afraid that it might not work properly and will lead me to disappointment.

  147. Hi, I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but my game keeps crashing. No warning or error message, it just goes straight to my desktop and this has been happening for over a month now. I thought it was my CCs and mods but I have spent one month cleaning and deleting them. I have also updated my game but nothing I do changes this problem. I have been playing Sims 4 since it first came out and this has never happened to me.
    I have attached my lastexception below just in case anyone is able to figure the problem.
    Please someone help me :'(

    2744865e3f812034961603649desyncea.maxis.sims4_64.15.pc2021-10-08 in <function c_api_set_object_location_ex at 0x00007FF4AE475E60>, args: (171433528430497420, 171433528430497597, {2610DE2C4B10E8C,0,World}, Transform(Vector3(0.000000, 0.800781, 0.000000), Quaternion(0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000)), 171433528430497571, (1, 0), 4113554315), kwargs: {} KeyError(‘Unable to find joint b__subroot__1 on object_Counter_2part_deco:0x02610de2c4b10f3d[0]’) (KeyError: ‘Unable to find joint b__subroot__1 on object_Counter_2part_deco:0x02610de2c4b10f3d[0]’) Traceback (most recent call last): File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Core\sims4\”, line 183, in wrapper File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\”, line 1156, in c_api_set_object_location_ex File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\objects\”, line 1572, in set_parent File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\objects\”, line 366, in location File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\objects\”, line 421, in set_location_without_distribution File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\objects\”, line 773, in on_owner_location_changed File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\objects\”, line 235, in get_joint_transform KeyError: ‘Unable to find joint b__subroot__1 on object_Counter_2part_deco:0x02610de2c4b10f3d[0]’rtim=0 ClientInfo isn’t here

      1. Thanks for responding so quick 😀 I have run the Anadius Validator in forum format as requested:

        Game version: [b][/b]
        Crack version: [b][/b]
        Folder: [b]The Sims 4[/b]
        Crack used: [b]ANADIUS[/b]
        Legacy Edition: [b]not installed[/b]
        [color=#026526][b][u]Hash mismatch:[/u][/b][/color]
        — quick scan —
        [color=#026526][b][u]Missing files:[/u][/b][/color]

        [color=#026526][b][u]Unknown files:[/u][/b][/color]
        game/bin/my mix.ini
        [/spoiler][spoiler title='Title']Text[/spoiler]

        1. Not much wrong in your game.
          Maybe your problems are caused by the unknown files in your folder Game.
          Delete from your folder Game\Bin:
          my mix.ini
          folder reshade

          Then try to start your The Sims 4
          Still problems ?
          Move, not copy, the folder The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop and start The Sims 4 again.
          You have a complete new game now and all your own houses, sims, CC etc. are temporarily gone.
          Problem solved ?
          From the moved file on your desktop copy the folders Saves and Tray back to the newly created The Sims 4 folder in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts.
          Still working OK ?
          Your CC is causing the problem.

      2. Hi, really need your help, do you know why am i getting this message?
        “Download failed for some files, check your internet connection and try again”
        Tried to repair it 2 times, didn’t work. Also turning off anti-virus, removing CCs, and with my internet’s working well. It’s literally 50mbs of files left(Almost finished, dang it!) i’m so confused, please need help right here :’)

        1. also, this is what i get from the txt file “sims-4-updater”:
          09:49:06:ERROR:myremotezip: mqeirEDIm2ybY5gZP-BiUOyvO1x8ZoXgvGXD7wa1ualqg-WGWk-Zr9XM8uBXpN93SFhxXcbkwGyzRAzAsp6jfDfJqXeeqNMgOdxcoOm5RCV-a4epe2XAPf90eWx3dfvPqCmPsNEXNcxgleu_PWqC_IWdoWLDNLp2uZ61rgjWm2ybpNcRQ8ljoua2QVlBTsjsyWe8Mg69taOxuErSaHmpZZzMPNZclZqDESs6Es7re1jNMAa9qpa1rjrJqXeeTZDMFtZalZpsS2CCV5LtvFzCMAG5uZG2u0fSo2tjn9MbPttTk-6zR2U8Yt6fhxnDOAi5Zmh6fQeGo3dQpt8aPtJRpIRq-D13XsqdfWzAQ_-BtpaktDzNn3yMuOIYPNZQY9a_TGB6Ttjwx1iFPxN2clWtsknLWjxnc5zMOdsOo-22N26AU9Xczmi6Ov_IUFVhj0TSnylStuMY_t1nUqZqRGB8V4WxjCuD7wPCZqyzqkvFrXiTrtUg2o0OduO2PRcwZdjpiWnQ8cZ0sp6vrvuebzlcY9ka8MxRot-rTFwYEoXDxGW877zHuaFvuVSIZimcrN4R8J4fYLJ2-GB8EsnsumG4Pf7HrpasruXZqWybqOTaRNZblem_TDEuUdjwxye6CcuEeG57aS_OnymYpN4QQ9VPm99qR2dzZMbxxGjF7w69s5qlaUrbrhM6h-UeOdtVUOKrRlt6W9Pke2i97w68q1Wiq0rcnymVu9MRQOFXn-h2-Fh8YdnlwGt3NBK3q6W1skrUWniTpuUeQtJSaoRULGlvVcrfvFzC78LBtai1aU3LnW6et5APMdlaUOarS2s3LG-dez_AO_90aKiqvUCTqmqTrtETNeBKot-7TVyBZtjZvF24Pw65uKhvuVSIZimcrN4R8KEiaaZqQWUuZcrrvwN37-C9sppha07Prm5ds9EPO85Vle2mTWl6Xs7fjlW6PgjCq5i1skrUqnifr54cSY8aUOazRlwuKZethxnAPbrJuKGwuUDURClQidkYNY0Qo-O-PSR-U8jovGC8QvbJuKGtsj2Zln6krNwIQtJiovN4SHAwHoXpxGe8786EdmFhskmGo3eTtdUZNdtiOppqHmB6V4WfzmLLNMfEp5isqkLLrWWltdwYOc8hjOqrO2JvWcrwt2zAR8jEv1dtaUfPqG5QeqPh_I1Xnpq8PWlvW9jiZRl3FQPAq1VjvETanzagpNMXMdRTo9a_SmN6W8ewt1zGPQi5qamquEnWqXicceAl8pkOnOO4PRdEKZepe2LF7w_GsqSxrklwWil2rNwR8I9hme6vBWdvVdDewl7KKw_GsqGqqw7CnXiesdUPRNZdnuq5R2M8Yt6fhxnDOAi5Zmh4ggeGo3dQot0NO9JNot-7TVyBZm-dez_AO_90aKiqvUCTqmqTrtETNeBKpey2RGBwJcHgymfFNP3Ir6SvuUrVpjegvJLY8NlXnt9qCyo_HoXmyRm2Qfu9uZqgvUTTn3ilt3ohQtlamdx9BlyGVcrtz2LGPQ2CmJqirS_Pp26fuOTxQt9dorRqIEtiQrjAymfFNP3Ir6SvmUrVpjGYsuMgDZRSn_G4RGZvVpewkzGFPP-4r5ansk3LaGyfsJfY8N1dou6HDCtBG5-drV64M7rIr6KmrfvVr31eY5geNc5SUO6zRVx9Z9m6jSmA2aSYu6eqt0KGomqep9wVPtQOn-BqTF9zEsbfym-87__MqZqxvUTVqDVQpN4bRNVTopqvUFpzYtnmymd3Pv23u6ezrj-gRBOEtdEPNc9Pk-VqAGR9ZdmdzV66NAjIZpiitUeGpmqjt5nm2o0OduO2PRcwX97vwGbGQ__Or6VvuVSIZimcrN4R8J4nZqZqQWUuWMrxvmG2NQ_CUFVhj0TSnylSsOkeNdpdpN_EQWc8Yt6fhxnDOAi5ZmZ5gQeGo3dQtdUdRdJhpIRq-D13XsqdfWzAQ_-BtpaktDzNn3yMtdUdRdJhpO2mS1yBZc7syWyFPxN2clWtsknLWj5keZzMOdsOl9–4hcuOM7pwBl5QgPIq2Kxqj7Rm3CVtsweNd5jle2-S1OBV9jwxGjFQsjEv1dtaUfPqG5QeKPf_I1Xnpq8PWiDV9jxZRl3FQPAq1VjvETanzagpNMXMdRTo9a8PWiDV9jxzlXKNA3Hr6SvvAnWsytcY9wVPtIOZq6ABBd3YIXwwGe72bp0jJ6trvuIrXKkqJ0cMdBZkeGvS1OAV9bywGzLQva1qpaxvUDYrTegvJLY8NlXnt9qDSlHHoXmyRnKNAi4UKemulDLrX2jcdUkM9JepOO5Rmo8RMrev03APP_Du6l7aSO6jlmDht8aPtJRpOO5Rkd9YdGlw2jKQ9d7qqS4t0fVm21idqjk_tpTlOOrPmCAV5PgymZ–7rEtae1hg-abTJqY8IRMdEOpOO3PVsuYdrxiRl_Qf-1qlW1skjLqX6kgKLc-Xc=
          09:49:06:WARNING:myremotezip: rpqirUDYrUNQsd8g8OBTpIS_SmNIEs3xz2nKCcmDqqS4t0fVm21idqjk_tpTlOOrPmCAV5PgymaGR86Iup6sgAzTq22Xct0PNOdgoeXEQDB9U8jyySi7_Aa5pZRydgyZaIM=
          09:49:06:WARNING:updater: download failed for d-le__13: Delta_LE/GP04/Strings_DAN_DK.package

  148. Hi! I downloaded the latest torrent for the new fashion kits (Incheon and Street Fashion) but I don’t get a welcome screen and the items don’t show up 🙁 I’ve followed all the steps and copied the files in the right folder. Am I doing something wrong or is something up with the download itself? Thanks!

    1. I did get a welcome screen but just like you I can’t find the items anywhere. Both kits show “owned”

      Edit: Even bought the 2 kits now and still can’t find the items

        1. I installed to pirated version and the 2 kits are not even marked as “owned”, I have no new content in my game

  149. My PC is a 64 bit but it still won’t run on my computer.
    It’s giving me the same error as if I tried to load it on a 32 bit.
    This doesn’t really make sense to me because I had the exact same pack downloaded on this pc before I reset it. (except I had version
    I tried to use the legacy edition but I get the (unable to start due to missing game data. Please download the sims 4 legacy edition from origin) error message.
    I tried the updated but no help.

    What should I do??

  150. Created shortcuts to desktop, what do I do next to open the cracked application?

    I opened the ‘TS4-Shortcut’ app from my desktop and get an error message.

    Unable to start:
    Unable to start fit to missing game data. Please download The Sims 4 Legacy Edition from Origin.

    Origin says I already have it but when I opened the game through Origin there was no packs.

    Any advice? Thanks!

    1. Incorrect start file.
      64 bits = Installation folder -> Game -> Bin -> TS4_x64
      32 bits = Installation folder -> Game -> Bin_LE -> TS4

  151. HI, the sims 4 opens and right after it crashes like after a few seconds.
    I tried changing the game folder and repairing with anadius updater, I don’t know what else to do…

  152. My gallery stopped working after a few months in the game. Now everytime i try to log in it says remid invalid. I redid all the steps again to find the remid, copied and pasted and still invalid remid. I dont know what else to do. Please help. Thank you.

  153. I download the update. I saw the game version it changes to the latest version. the 1.80. but when i open my game and try to put some sims from the gallery, it says those sims were created with newer version of the game. how is this possible? I really need help.

      1. I already did. Im using the cracked version. I usually used your update and its always working fine. But this time i tried to download iso version. Somehow the game failed to recognize the update. Did I do something wrong? Do I still need mount the iso file, while playing the game?

        1. Once you copied the files/folders from the mounted iso to the installation folder of the Sims 4 you can eject the iso
          No need to keep it mounted when playing

    1. Use the Anadius Updater and update to the latest version by checking Cottage Living, Industrial Loft and Spa Day refresh (if listed as not in possession)

  154. Im trying to download the cottage living EP and its merely telling me update failed, TRY AGAIN. Following files were not updated: EP11/ClientFullBuild0.package

  155. the spa refresh is broken! did i do something wrong? did i have to do something i haven’t done? i don’t get why, the new trait, aspirations and anything related is missing the name and description like wherever there should be some text of any kind there’s just a small empty speech bubble thingy so.. whats up, what should i do?

  156. the sims 2 keeps crashing on my pc. there is no error codes. whenever i want to play my sim it crashes it says “the sims 2 has stopped working”. i don’t have mods.

  157. I just updated my game and it signed me into my legit ea account instead of my side one for my crack, how do i fix this?

  158. hi i tried opening the ZOrigin but it says “MSVCP120.dll can’t be found” and for the Z client even after registering,it says disconecct everytime :/

    1. We discontinued support for ZLOrigin/ZClient because it is an outdated system.
      For the Sims 4 Use the Anadius Updater or Anadius Repack instead.
      When you have at least the base game legally bought, use the Pack System.

      MSVCP120.dll can be installed with vcredist on THIS PAGE

    1. Mods go to the folder C:\Users\Your username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.
      This folder is automatically created the first time you start the Sims 4 and has absolutely nothing to do with our downloads

  159. I had the same problem with ” you must have The Sims 4 registered to your EA Account to access online features” and when I added in the shortcut’s target window the -alwaysoffline it said I’m offline and whenever I try to connect keeps attempting to connect for an hour
    any advices?

    1. You have 2 possibilities:
      1. When you have at least a legitimate base game of the Sims 4 you can follow the steps on THIS Page
      2. When you don’t have a legitimate game you must find the remid code as described on THIS Page

      בפעם הבאה אנא הכנס את תגובתך לתיקייה הנכונה ולא ליצור קשר

  160. Hi I used the pack method aka I installed the dlcs to my legal version but they weren´t working properly ingame (on people and everything around there were question marks and some worlds didn´t have any houses) so I just deleted the sims and origin and I want to install the cracked version of sims but I don´t know what exact tutorial here I shoud use? Because I have all the dlcs and the updater in my pc and I only want the game itself. Am I supposed to uninstall everything and then install again?

    1. Before you added the DLC’s, did you update your legal game with Origin ?
      Also: did you copy the DLC’s for the packs and not the usual DLC’s as the latter ones overwrite your game folder.

      Llama’s, missing houses etc. are in 95% caused by outdated mods.
      Move the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 temporarily to your desktop, then play the game again.
      No problems now ? – Problems caused by Mods.

      New installation: use the Anadius Updater in repair mode

  161. hi, im having issues. i have the base game and some dlcs legally bought. i tried using your sims 4 updater. i followed the download steps. it wont work. and only connects me to log in on origin. i used to have the updater at the same time as the base game before. i dont understand why it wont work now.

    1. When you use your “old” shortcut you still play your old game.
      Make a new shortcut from your installation folder The Sims 4 ->Game-cracked -> Bin -> TS4_x64

      In your case I would switch to the pack-system

  162. Hello! I have an issue with debug (Sims 4)!
    A lot of objects are missing from the Cottage Living debug menu (I don’t have like 95% of the debug items in the game). I had the game version and updated to to see if it would change anything, but no (I have no mods whatsoever). Help?

    1. Also, can’t teleport Sims and they will cook but not eat (I click on the action and nothing happens)

  163. Hey,I have the Sims 4 from Fitgirl and i already installed the sims 4 game and crack V1.77.131.1030 ( cracked by Anadius ).
    so i got a new the anadius updater with the latest DLCs v1.77.146.1030 then i can play all dlc is good and login . but one problem . i was enter play game then why i can’t connect and also too gallery i cant donwload .

    please tell me , why?

      1. yes i did remid cookie . but that i was play enter game is good but why i can’t connect or cant connect with gallery from ( DLCs V1.77.146.1030 )

        i was play V1.77.131.1030 that did work connect(100%) . but now v1.77.146.1030 that cant connect. why ?please help !!

          1. ooo ok. but thanks for u. i can connect login and i can comment. it was because i forgot check box “remember me” hahahahaha.

            if i didn’t check box or uncheck that probably won’t connect login or can’t download gallery 🙂

            Thank You Tarac.

  164. Hello Tarac,

    been using your website for many years, since The Sims 3! As I changed my computer, I wanted to download from here again since it alwasy worked perfectly but I see the downloads are now from torrent, even the selective (I don’t want all the expansions). But the torrent has no seeds and I can’t even download just the base game. Can you help me?

    Thank you for the amazing work!

  165. Hey, i’ve tried to update my sims 4 and install the cottage DLC. At the first try it said it couldnt update because the internet connection was lost, then i tried it again and it worked perfectly. But now it crashes everytime at the same point and it sais :”Update failed, TRY AGAIN, Following files were not updated: Data/Client/ClientDeltaBuild0.package”

    Did try it again and again, it always stops there.

    Hope you can help me :3

  166. Coming from a third-world country and not being able to afford the crazy-high priced sims 4 prices, I would loooove to thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

  167. Hey,
    I resetted my game earlier today and redownloaded my game but the game is saying error at startup. No youtube videos are helping can you help? Please!

    1. Do you have a 64-bits Windows ?
      Start the game with the installation folder The Sims 4 ->Game -> Bin ->Ts4_x64
      When you have 32-bits Windows: The Sims 4 ->Game ->Bin_LE ->Ts4.exe

      What did you use to re-install the game ?

  168. Hello i have the Sims 4 ( cracked) and the anadius updater with the latest DLCs. I attempt to access many of the expansion packs but they require online conection and when i press connect i am unable to conect. Am i missing an instalation step in order to play these DLCs? thank you

    1. You cannot play the DLC’s separately. All DLC’s together form the game The Sims 4. The more DLC’s the more possibilities/objects in your game.

  169. Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your downloads. You’re the reason I’ve been able to (happily) play this game, from TS2 to TS4. 🙂

  170. Sobre the sims 4, assim que eu baixei as DLC expansões até então tudo certo, até entrar no jogo quando eu entro no jogo e vou em meus kits e expansões está lá tudo que baixei, mas quando eu entro no jogo não muda absolutamente nada, nem mapa e nem móveis, por favor me ajude!

    1. Execute o dlc-toggler.
      Há algum item marcado em vermelho? – Sim – Remova a marca na frente desse item. Esse DLC não está instalado

      Itens cinza desmarcados? – Sim – Marque-os à medida que esses DLCs são instalados.

      Run the dlc-toggler.
      Are there any items marked in red ? – Yes – Remove the tick in front of that iitem. That DLC is not installed

      Grey items unticked ? – Yes – Tick them as these DLC’s are installed.

  171. Hi will you be able to patch for the Sims Sessions as it’s saying to make sure game is up to date? Or is it too short a period to add it in time?

      1. First of all I would like to thank you for all of the hard work you put in so we can have fun.

        Secondly I downloaded the dlc toggler, always used it sins the beginning, but know if I unselect a pack it still show up in my game. Yeah I did put it in my installed sims 4 file under program x86.

        Thirdly 😄😁🤗👍

          1. Owned, I uininstalled the packs I didn’t use. That worked the dlc toggler did not. I thought it was because I didn’t update the sims with the summer update, but I did update and re download dlc toggler but still it didn’t work. Don’t worry now, wait until after the the new pack, then see if you can fix it or if it work. The dlc Uninstaller work well it is just if I want a pack back I have to install again.

  172. I used the custom download for sims 4, selected a couple of packs and the base game. I can play the game, but the packs show as not downloaded but it won’t let me download them. It also gives me a pop-up when I run the game asking me to login or play offline, and either way, it won’t let me download or use them. Any help?

  173. So I downloaded the updater for the Sims 4, but then I changed my mind, so I deleted it. But when I open the game, the game is acting like I still own all the dlc, but I just haven’t installed it. Is this gonna be a problem in the future, if I decide to buy the rest of the dlc legally? How can I undo completely what your mod did? Thank you

    1. When you delete the updater your game will still be playable. The updater only UPDATES your game (when used), it doesn’t delete your game.

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