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Since June 2002   I offer downloads for the Sims games for free. I used all kinds of platforms before like f.e. Weebly and I’m now using WordPress.
Being some kind of a hobby (I am 78-years young), I don’t ask for contributions or donations and do not allow advertisements on my site(s) and no registration is required to get full access.

Absolutely virusfree

All linked downloads are guaranteed free from viruses, malware, misleading adverts, trackers, surveys aso.
Nevertheless your anti-virus program may warn you for what is known as false positive warnings.
Files required for cracking the games, such as RldOrigin.dll or OrangeEmu.dll, are often reported as a virus or a trojan horse. They are however completely harmless.


For questions or remarks, you can contact me via mail: or use the “thoughts” underneath every page


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  1. Hi Tarac, first of all, thank you so much for giving us access to the all TS4 contents without any paywall.

    I have this problem that my newly downloaded TS4 from this website is so laggy even without CC and mods. The fps drops at literally single digit. Before it was on 30-60 fps, I think. The lag problem started at the time of the Cottage Living release. Before that, it was working quite well even with CC and mods. I miss playing The Sims 4 but I am afraid that it might not work properly and will lead me to disappointment.

  2. Hi, I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but my game keeps crashing. No warning or error message, it just goes straight to my desktop and this has been happening for over a month now. I thought it was my CCs and mods but I have spent one month cleaning and deleting them. I have also updated my game but nothing I do changes this problem. I have been playing Sims 4 since it first came out and this has never happened to me.
    I have attached my lastexception below just in case anyone is able to figure the problem.
    Please someone help me :'(

    2744865e3f812034961603649desyncea.maxis.sims4_64.15.pc2021-10-08 in <function c_api_set_object_location_ex at 0x00007FF4AE475E60>, args: (171433528430497420, 171433528430497597, {2610DE2C4B10E8C,0,World}, Transform(Vector3(0.000000, 0.800781, 0.000000), Quaternion(0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000)), 171433528430497571, (1, 0), 4113554315), kwargs: {} KeyError(‘Unable to find joint b__subroot__1 on object_Counter_2part_deco:0x02610de2c4b10f3d[0]’) (KeyError: ‘Unable to find joint b__subroot__1 on object_Counter_2part_deco:0x02610de2c4b10f3d[0]’) Traceback (most recent call last): File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Core\sims4\”, line 183, in wrapper File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\”, line 1156, in c_api_set_object_location_ex File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\objects\”, line 1572, in set_parent File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\objects\”, line 366, in location File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\objects\”, line 421, in set_location_without_distribution File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\objects\”, line 773, in on_owner_location_changed File “T:\InGame\Gameplay\Scripts\Server\objects\”, line 235, in get_joint_transform KeyError: ‘Unable to find joint b__subroot__1 on object_Counter_2part_deco:0x02610de2c4b10f3d[0]’rtim=0 ClientInfo isn’t here

      1. Thanks for responding so quick 😀 I have run the Anadius Validator in forum format as requested:

        Game version: [b][/b]
        Crack version: [b][/b]
        Folder: [b]The Sims 4[/b]
        Crack used: [b]ANADIUS[/b]
        Legacy Edition: [b]not installed[/b]
        [color=#026526][b][u]Hash mismatch:[/u][/b][/color]
        — quick scan —
        [color=#026526][b][u]Missing files:[/u][/b][/color]

        [color=#026526][b][u]Unknown files:[/u][/b][/color]
        game/bin/my mix.ini
        [/spoiler][spoiler title='Title']Text[/spoiler]

        1. Not much wrong in your game.
          Maybe your problems are caused by the unknown files in your folder Game.
          Delete from your folder Game\Bin:
          my mix.ini
          folder reshade

          Then try to start your The Sims 4
          Still problems ?
          Move, not copy, the folder The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop and start The Sims 4 again.
          You have a complete new game now and all your own houses, sims, CC etc. are temporarily gone.
          Problem solved ?
          From the moved file on your desktop copy the folders Saves and Tray back to the newly created The Sims 4 folder in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts.
          Still working OK ?
          Your CC is causing the problem.

      2. Hi, really need your help, do you know why am i getting this message?
        “Download failed for some files, check your internet connection and try again”
        Tried to repair it 2 times, didn’t work. Also turning off anti-virus, removing CCs, and with my internet’s working well. It’s literally 50mbs of files left(Almost finished, dang it!) i’m so confused, please need help right here :’)

        1. also, this is what i get from the txt file “sims-4-updater”:
          09:49:06:ERROR:myremotezip: mqeirEDIm2ybY5gZP-BiUOyvO1x8ZoXgvGXD7wa1ualqg-WGWk-Zr9XM8uBXpN93SFhxXcbkwGyzRAzAsp6jfDfJqXeeqNMgOdxcoOm5RCV-a4epe2XAPf90eWx3dfvPqCmPsNEXNcxgleu_PWqC_IWdoWLDNLp2uZ61rgjWm2ybpNcRQ8ljoua2QVlBTsjsyWe8Mg69taOxuErSaHmpZZzMPNZclZqDESs6Es7re1jNMAa9qpa1rjrJqXeeTZDMFtZalZpsS2CCV5LtvFzCMAG5uZG2u0fSo2tjn9MbPttTk-6zR2U8Yt6fhxnDOAi5Zmh6fQeGo3dQpt8aPtJRpIRq-D13XsqdfWzAQ_-BtpaktDzNn3yMuOIYPNZQY9a_TGB6Ttjwx1iFPxN2clWtsknLWjxnc5zMOdsOo-22N26AU9Xczmi6Ov_IUFVhj0TSnylStuMY_t1nUqZqRGB8V4WxjCuD7wPCZqyzqkvFrXiTrtUg2o0OduO2PRcwZdjpiWnQ8cZ0sp6vrvuebzlcY9ka8MxRot-rTFwYEoXDxGW877zHuaFvuVSIZimcrN4R8J4fYLJ2-GB8EsnsumG4Pf7HrpasruXZqWybqOTaRNZblem_TDEuUdjwxye6CcuEeG57aS_OnymYpN4QQ9VPm99qR2dzZMbxxGjF7w69s5qlaUrbrhM6h-UeOdtVUOKrRlt6W9Pke2i97w68q1Wiq0rcnymVu9MRQOFXn-h2-Fh8YdnlwGt3NBK3q6W1skrUWniTpuUeQtJSaoRULGlvVcrfvFzC78LBtai1aU3LnW6et5APMdlaUOarS2s3LG-dez_AO_90aKiqvUCTqmqTrtETNeBKot-7TVyBZtjZvF24Pw65uKhvuVSIZimcrN4R8KEiaaZqQWUuZcrrvwN37-C9sppha07Prm5ds9EPO85Vle2mTWl6Xs7fjlW6PgjCq5i1skrUqnifr54cSY8aUOazRlwuKZethxnAPbrJuKGwuUDURClQidkYNY0Qo-O-PSR-U8jovGC8QvbJuKGtsj2Zln6krNwIQtJiovN4SHAwHoXpxGe8786EdmFhskmGo3eTtdUZNdtiOppqHmB6V4WfzmLLNMfEp5isqkLLrWWltdwYOc8hjOqrO2JvWcrwt2zAR8jEv1dtaUfPqG5QeqPh_I1Xnpq8PWlvW9jiZRl3FQPAq1VjvETanzagpNMXMdRTo9a_SmN6W8ewt1zGPQi5qamquEnWqXicceAl8pkOnOO4PRdEKZepe2LF7w_GsqSxrklwWil2rNwR8I9hme6vBWdvVdDewl7KKw_GsqGqqw7CnXiesdUPRNZdnuq5R2M8Yt6fhxnDOAi5Zmh4ggeGo3dQot0NO9JNot-7TVyBZm-dez_AO_90aKiqvUCTqmqTrtETNeBKpey2RGBwJcHgymfFNP3Ir6SvuUrVpjegvJLY8NlXnt9qCyo_HoXmyRm2Qfu9uZqgvUTTn3ilt3ohQtlamdx9BlyGVcrtz2LGPQ2CmJqirS_Pp26fuOTxQt9dorRqIEtiQrjAymfFNP3Ir6SvmUrVpjGYsuMgDZRSn_G4RGZvVpewkzGFPP-4r5ansk3LaGyfsJfY8N1dou6HDCtBG5-drV64M7rIr6KmrfvVr31eY5geNc5SUO6zRVx9Z9m6jSmA2aSYu6eqt0KGomqep9wVPtQOn-BqTF9zEsbfym-87__MqZqxvUTVqDVQpN4bRNVTopqvUFpzYtnmymd3Pv23u6ezrj-gRBOEtdEPNc9Pk-VqAGR9ZdmdzV66NAjIZpiitUeGpmqjt5nm2o0OduO2PRcwX97vwGbGQ__Or6VvuVSIZimcrN4R8J4nZqZqQWUuWMrxvmG2NQ_CUFVhj0TSnylSsOkeNdpdpN_EQWc8Yt6fhxnDOAi5ZmZ5gQeGo3dQtdUdRdJhpIRq-D13XsqdfWzAQ_-BtpaktDzNn3yMtdUdRdJhpO2mS1yBZc7syWyFPxN2clWtsknLWj5keZzMOdsOl9–4hcuOM7pwBl5QgPIq2Kxqj7Rm3CVtsweNd5jle2-S1OBV9jwxGjFQsjEv1dtaUfPqG5QeKPf_I1Xnpq8PWiDV9jxZRl3FQPAq1VjvETanzagpNMXMdRTo9a8PWiDV9jxzlXKNA3Hr6SvvAnWsytcY9wVPtIOZq6ABBd3YIXwwGe72bp0jJ6trvuIrXKkqJ0cMdBZkeGvS1OAV9bywGzLQva1qpaxvUDYrTegvJLY8NlXnt9qDSlHHoXmyRnKNAi4UKemulDLrX2jcdUkM9JepOO5Rmo8RMrev03APP_Du6l7aSO6jlmDht8aPtJRpOO5Rkd9YdGlw2jKQ9d7qqS4t0fVm21idqjk_tpTlOOrPmCAV5PgymZ–7rEtae1hg-abTJqY8IRMdEOpOO3PVsuYdrxiRl_Qf-1qlW1skjLqX6kgKLc-Xc=
          09:49:06:WARNING:myremotezip: rpqirUDYrUNQsd8g8OBTpIS_SmNIEs3xz2nKCcmDqqS4t0fVm21idqjk_tpTlOOrPmCAV5PgymaGR86Iup6sgAzTq22Xct0PNOdgoeXEQDB9U8jyySi7_Aa5pZRydgyZaIM=
          09:49:06:WARNING:updater: download failed for d-le__13: Delta_LE/GP04/Strings_DAN_DK.package

  3. Hi! I downloaded the latest torrent for the new fashion kits (Incheon and Street Fashion) but I don’t get a welcome screen and the items don’t show up 🙁 I’ve followed all the steps and copied the files in the right folder. Am I doing something wrong or is something up with the download itself? Thanks!

    1. I did get a welcome screen but just like you I can’t find the items anywhere. Both kits show “owned”

      Edit: Even bought the 2 kits now and still can’t find the items

        1. I installed to pirated version and the 2 kits are not even marked as “owned”, I have no new content in my game

  4. My PC is a 64 bit but it still won’t run on my computer.
    It’s giving me the same error as if I tried to load it on a 32 bit.
    This doesn’t really make sense to me because I had the exact same pack downloaded on this pc before I reset it. (except I had version
    I tried to use the legacy edition but I get the (unable to start due to missing game data. Please download the sims 4 legacy edition from origin) error message.
    I tried the updated but no help.

    What should I do??

  5. Created shortcuts to desktop, what do I do next to open the cracked application?

    I opened the ‘TS4-Shortcut’ app from my desktop and get an error message.

    Unable to start:
    Unable to start fit to missing game data. Please download The Sims 4 Legacy Edition from Origin.

    Origin says I already have it but when I opened the game through Origin there was no packs.

    Any advice? Thanks!

    1. Incorrect start file.
      64 bits = Installation folder -> Game -> Bin -> TS4_x64
      32 bits = Installation folder -> Game -> Bin_LE -> TS4

  6. HI, the sims 4 opens and right after it crashes like after a few seconds.
    I tried changing the game folder and repairing with anadius updater, I don’t know what else to do…

  7. My gallery stopped working after a few months in the game. Now everytime i try to log in it says remid invalid. I redid all the steps again to find the remid, copied and pasted and still invalid remid. I dont know what else to do. Please help. Thank you.

  8. I download the update. I saw the game version it changes to the latest version. the 1.80. but when i open my game and try to put some sims from the gallery, it says those sims were created with newer version of the game. how is this possible? I really need help.

      1. I already did. Im using the cracked version. I usually used your update and its always working fine. But this time i tried to download iso version. Somehow the game failed to recognize the update. Did I do something wrong? Do I still need mount the iso file, while playing the game?

        1. Once you copied the files/folders from the mounted iso to the installation folder of the Sims 4 you can eject the iso
          No need to keep it mounted when playing

    1. Use the Anadius Updater and update to the latest version by checking Cottage Living, Industrial Loft and Spa Day refresh (if listed as not in possession)

  9. Im trying to download the cottage living EP and its merely telling me update failed, TRY AGAIN. Following files were not updated: EP11/ClientFullBuild0.package

  10. the spa refresh is broken! did i do something wrong? did i have to do something i haven’t done? i don’t get why, the new trait, aspirations and anything related is missing the name and description like wherever there should be some text of any kind there’s just a small empty speech bubble thingy so.. whats up, what should i do?

  11. the sims 2 keeps crashing on my pc. there is no error codes. whenever i want to play my sim it crashes it says “the sims 2 has stopped working”. i don’t have mods.

  12. I just updated my game and it signed me into my legit ea account instead of my side one for my crack, how do i fix this?

  13. hi i tried opening the ZOrigin but it says “MSVCP120.dll can’t be found” and for the Z client even after registering,it says disconecct everytime :/

    1. We discontinued support for ZLOrigin/ZClient because it is an outdated system.
      For the Sims 4 Use the Anadius Updater or Anadius Repack instead.
      When you have at least the base game legally bought, use the Pack System.

      MSVCP120.dll can be installed with vcredist on THIS PAGE

    1. Mods go to the folder C:\Users\Your username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.
      This folder is automatically created the first time you start the Sims 4 and has absolutely nothing to do with our downloads

  14. I had the same problem with ” you must have The Sims 4 registered to your EA Account to access online features” and when I added in the shortcut’s target window the -alwaysoffline it said I’m offline and whenever I try to connect keeps attempting to connect for an hour
    any advices?

    1. You have 2 possibilities:
      1. When you have at least a legitimate base game of the Sims 4 you can follow the steps on THIS Page
      2. When you don’t have a legitimate game you must find the remid code as described on THIS Page

      בפעם הבאה אנא הכנס את תגובתך לתיקייה הנכונה ולא ליצור קשר

  15. Hi I used the pack method aka I installed the dlcs to my legal version but they weren´t working properly ingame (on people and everything around there were question marks and some worlds didn´t have any houses) so I just deleted the sims and origin and I want to install the cracked version of sims but I don´t know what exact tutorial here I shoud use? Because I have all the dlcs and the updater in my pc and I only want the game itself. Am I supposed to uninstall everything and then install again?

    1. Before you added the DLC’s, did you update your legal game with Origin ?
      Also: did you copy the DLC’s for the packs and not the usual DLC’s as the latter ones overwrite your game folder.

      Llama’s, missing houses etc. are in 95% caused by outdated mods.
      Move the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 temporarily to your desktop, then play the game again.
      No problems now ? – Problems caused by Mods.

      New installation: use the Anadius Updater in repair mode

  16. hi, im having issues. i have the base game and some dlcs legally bought. i tried using your sims 4 updater. i followed the download steps. it wont work. and only connects me to log in on origin. i used to have the updater at the same time as the base game before. i dont understand why it wont work now.

    1. When you use your “old” shortcut you still play your old game.
      Make a new shortcut from your installation folder The Sims 4 ->Game-cracked -> Bin -> TS4_x64

      In your case I would switch to the pack-system

  17. Hello! I have an issue with debug (Sims 4)!
    A lot of objects are missing from the Cottage Living debug menu (I don’t have like 95% of the debug items in the game). I had the game version and updated to to see if it would change anything, but no (I have no mods whatsoever). Help?

    1. Also, can’t teleport Sims and they will cook but not eat (I click on the action and nothing happens)

  18. Hey,I have the Sims 4 from Fitgirl and i already installed the sims 4 game and crack V1.77.131.1030 ( cracked by Anadius ).
    so i got a new the anadius updater with the latest DLCs v1.77.146.1030 then i can play all dlc is good and login . but one problem . i was enter play game then why i can’t connect and also too gallery i cant donwload .

    please tell me , why?

      1. yes i did remid cookie . but that i was play enter game is good but why i can’t connect or cant connect with gallery from ( DLCs V1.77.146.1030 )

        i was play V1.77.131.1030 that did work connect(100%) . but now v1.77.146.1030 that cant connect. why ?please help !!

          1. ooo ok. but thanks for u. i can connect login and i can comment. it was because i forgot check box “remember me” hahahahaha.

            if i didn’t check box or uncheck that probably won’t connect login or can’t download gallery 🙂

            Thank You Tarac.

  19. Hello Tarac,

    been using your website for many years, since The Sims 3! As I changed my computer, I wanted to download from here again since it alwasy worked perfectly but I see the downloads are now from torrent, even the selective (I don’t want all the expansions). But the torrent has no seeds and I can’t even download just the base game. Can you help me?

    Thank you for the amazing work!

  20. Hey, i’ve tried to update my sims 4 and install the cottage DLC. At the first try it said it couldnt update because the internet connection was lost, then i tried it again and it worked perfectly. But now it crashes everytime at the same point and it sais :”Update failed, TRY AGAIN, Following files were not updated: Data/Client/ClientDeltaBuild0.package”

    Did try it again and again, it always stops there.

    Hope you can help me :3

  21. Coming from a third-world country and not being able to afford the crazy-high priced sims 4 prices, I would loooove to thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

  22. Hey,
    I resetted my game earlier today and redownloaded my game but the game is saying error at startup. No youtube videos are helping can you help? Please!

    1. Do you have a 64-bits Windows ?
      Start the game with the installation folder The Sims 4 ->Game -> Bin ->Ts4_x64
      When you have 32-bits Windows: The Sims 4 ->Game ->Bin_LE ->Ts4.exe

      What did you use to re-install the game ?

  23. Hello i have the Sims 4 ( cracked) and the anadius updater with the latest DLCs. I attempt to access many of the expansion packs but they require online conection and when i press connect i am unable to conect. Am i missing an instalation step in order to play these DLCs? thank you

    1. You cannot play the DLC’s separately. All DLC’s together form the game The Sims 4. The more DLC’s the more possibilities/objects in your game.

  24. Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your downloads. You’re the reason I’ve been able to (happily) play this game, from TS2 to TS4. 🙂

  25. Sobre the sims 4, assim que eu baixei as DLC expansões até então tudo certo, até entrar no jogo quando eu entro no jogo e vou em meus kits e expansões está lá tudo que baixei, mas quando eu entro no jogo não muda absolutamente nada, nem mapa e nem móveis, por favor me ajude!

    1. Execute o dlc-toggler.
      Há algum item marcado em vermelho? – Sim – Remova a marca na frente desse item. Esse DLC não está instalado

      Itens cinza desmarcados? – Sim – Marque-os à medida que esses DLCs são instalados.

      Run the dlc-toggler.
      Are there any items marked in red ? – Yes – Remove the tick in front of that iitem. That DLC is not installed

      Grey items unticked ? – Yes – Tick them as these DLC’s are installed.

  26. Hi will you be able to patch for the Sims Sessions as it’s saying to make sure game is up to date? Or is it too short a period to add it in time?

      1. First of all I would like to thank you for all of the hard work you put in so we can have fun.

        Secondly I downloaded the dlc toggler, always used it sins the beginning, but know if I unselect a pack it still show up in my game. Yeah I did put it in my installed sims 4 file under program x86.

        Thirdly 😄😁🤗👍

          1. Owned, I uininstalled the packs I didn’t use. That worked the dlc toggler did not. I thought it was because I didn’t update the sims with the summer update, but I did update and re download dlc toggler but still it didn’t work. Don’t worry now, wait until after the the new pack, then see if you can fix it or if it work. The dlc Uninstaller work well it is just if I want a pack back I have to install again.

  27. I used the custom download for sims 4, selected a couple of packs and the base game. I can play the game, but the packs show as not downloaded but it won’t let me download them. It also gives me a pop-up when I run the game asking me to login or play offline, and either way, it won’t let me download or use them. Any help?

  28. So I downloaded the updater for the Sims 4, but then I changed my mind, so I deleted it. But when I open the game, the game is acting like I still own all the dlc, but I just haven’t installed it. Is this gonna be a problem in the future, if I decide to buy the rest of the dlc legally? How can I undo completely what your mod did? Thank you

    1. When you delete the updater your game will still be playable. The updater only UPDATES your game (when used), it doesn’t delete your game.

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