With Winrar you can extract .rar files. It’s free and easy to use


32-bits click here
64-bits click here

Do not tick the ISO-box as Winrar is not really suited for extracting an .iso file.

When you rightclick on a .rar file, you see this

  • Open with Winrar         I never use it because great chance it will tell you that Winrar is not for free.
  • Extract files                It asks you for a destination folder for the extracted files.
  • Extract here                It will extract in the folder your .rar is in. Beware it could mean a lot of loose files in your folder.
  • Extract to …. name of the rar-file you rightclicked on    This option neatly extracts the .rar into a new folder with the same name as the .rar

I always use the last option, but of course it’s up to you.


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