With Winrar you can extract .rar files. It’s free and easy to use


32-bits click here
64-bits click here

Do not tick the ISO-box as Winrar is not really suited for extracting an .iso file.

When you rightclick on a .rar file, you see this

Open with Winrar I never use it because great chance it will tell you that Winrar is not for free.
Extract files It asks you for a destination folder for the extracted files. This is the best option for adding folders of  downloaded DLC’s to your installation folder
Extract here It will extract in the folder your .rar is in. Beware it could mean a lot of loose files in your folder.
Extract to …. name of the rar-file you right-clicked on This option neatly extracts the .rar into a new folder with the same name as the .rar
Beware: This option will create a folder within a folder, f.e. folder EP01 within the folder EP01


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3 thoughts on “Winrar

  1. Hi, very new to this.
    Each time I click download a tab opens but immediately closes with nothing explaining what happned. Ive paused addblocker but no luck.

    Also, how do I know if I need 32 bit or 64?

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