Problems with Mods

Problems with mods – 95% of all errors are mod-related


Where can I find the mods-folder ?

Irrespective of where you installed the Sims 4, even on an extern drive, it will always be in C:\User\your username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods

Mods not visible in game after an update

After every update the Game has disabled the use of Mods, so you have to alter this setting manually.

  1. Start your game
  2. When startup has finished, click on the 3 dots
  3. The options menu will show up
  4. Click on Game Options
  5. In Game Options click on Other (Lefthand menu)
  6. Now check Enable Customs Content and Mods
  7. Also check Script Mods Allowed
  8. Click on Apply Changes


How to tell if mods are causing a problem

Mods can cause issues and conflict with The Sims 4 game in many different ways, so there is no single way to determine if problems exist.

The best way is to just play the game and see if issues come up. There may be very obvious problems, such as the game fails to boot or save games fail to load, but other small issues can also indicate the Mod is causing problems.

  • If you’re using Custom Content, check out the content like items or clothing and make sure it’s acting normal. If your Sim’s hat is floating above them, that’s a type of sign that things aren’t acting normal.
  • If you’re using Game Mods, make sure everything is functioning like it’s supposed to. While Sims love to ignore us, if they’re walking up walls or have been eating dinner for 24 hours, that may be a clue the Game Mod is causing an issue.
  1. Temporarily move the complete folder C:\User\Your username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop
  2. Now play the game, all your own Sims, Houses, Mods aso are no longer in the game
  3. No problems now ? – then mods are the culprit.
  4. Now move back the folders Tray and Saves from the folder on your desktop to the newly created default folder C:\User\Your username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4
    At least you have your own creations back in the game now.
  5. Leaves you with the tedious task to find the faulty mod(s) – good luck

How to find mods causing issues

Once you have identified that one or more of your Mods is creating issues, you then need to determine which Mods are the problem. Since you could potentially have many Mods in your Mods folder, this can be a time consuming process. Here are some tips to speed things up:

  • Move, not copy, the folder Mods to your desktop and add them back in batches.
    • After adding each batch, run the game to see if the problem persists.
    • Once you determine that a particular batch contains a problematic Mod, remove half of that batch and see if the problem still exists.
    • If it does then remove another half of the batch and try again.
    • If it does not then add back in half of the removed Mods and try again.
    • Repeat this process until the problem Mod is identified. This type of searching is sometimes referred to in The Sims community as the “50% method.”
  • Remove Game Mods first. These are more likely to cause conflicts, so start by just removing those Mods (if you have them) to narrow down your search.


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  1. I can play the game. Made the Mods folder with the Resource file. Added my CC and nothing pops up in the game even tho i enabled mods ands scripts. Please help

  2. I downloaded all packs including the base game, so I have no “authentic” mods folder, I have downloaded a resources.cfg file. Still no CC showing in my game

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