Most recent DLC and/or update

Sims 4 Most recent DLC and expecting Update(s)

Please note that installation of the latest update does not add missing DLC’s in between your current version and this most recent update

EP13 – Growing Together –  expected 14th of March

Read this Pack Systems Users only
(Owners of a legal base game)
When this new DLC is released by EA, update your game via the EA app.
Download the DLC, mount the iso and copy the folders from the mounted iso to the installation folder of your legal The Sims 4
Users of cracked version
(yes, they still exist)
When you already applied the Pre-patch for ???
Download the final update for the new DLC and add the folders from the mounted download to your cracked installation folder
When you did not as yet download version ???
Download the full update.
Mount the iso and copy the files/folders to your cracked version of your installation folder.


Pre-patch, version

Read this Pack Systems Users only
(Owners of a legal base game)
Your game will automatically be updated as soon as the new pack will be released by EA.
Users of cracked version
(yes, they still exist)
Download the pre-patch, mount it and copy the files/folders to the main installation folder of your cracked The Sims 4
Or run the Anadius Updater.

SP38, Simtimates Collection Kit
SP39, Bathroom Clutter Kit

Read this

Pack Systems Users only
(Owners of a legal base game)
Download the final update for SP38+SP39 and add the folders from the mounted download to the legal installation folder
Users of cracked version
(yes, they still exist)

When you already applied update
Download the final update for  SP38+SP39 and add the folders from the mounted download to your installation folder
When you did not as yet download version, download the full update.
Mount the iso and copy the files/folders to your cracked version of your installation folder.

Update Pre-patch for SP38 and SP39

Read this Pack Systems Users only
(Owners of a legal base game)
After the official release, just start your legal game via the EA app, and it will automatically update to the latest version
Users of cracked version
(yes, they still exist)
Download Update, mount the .iso and copy the files/folders from the mounted iso to the installation folder of your cracked The Sims 4.
Or run the Anadius Updater


Update Fix

Read this Pack Systems Users only
(Owners of a legal base game)
After the official release, just start your legal game via the EA app and it will automatically update to the latest version
Users of cracked version
(yes, they still exist)
Download Update, mount the iso and copy the files/folders to your installation folder of the Sims 4
or run the Anadius Updater
This Update now includes already the Anadius64.dll version that is not regarded as a Hacktool

The Sims 4 legal base game for free,

As per the 18th of October, you can download the base game of the Sims 4 for free via Origin or the EA app.
When you don’t have an account, make one, log in and the legal base game will download. (see this page)
From that moment on you no longer have to update manually, EA will automatically update your game to the latest version.
Only when new DLC’s are released, you must download these as described on this page.

  • Always automatically the latest version (Origin updates it for you)
  • No problems with anti-virus (there are no cracks)
  • Much smaller downloads
  • Easier to add missing DLC’s for free
  • Less problems with your CC
  • Access to the Gallery (no longer switching between legal and pirated versions)
  • No hassle with remid cookie
  • Play via Origin or Steam as if you bought all DLC’s from Origin/Steam
  • Save a lot of disk space (up-to almost 50 GB) as you keep legal and cracked versions in 1 single folder and you can delete the cracked installation folder

 The Sims 4 – incl.  SP36 (Pastel Pop Kit) and SP37 (Everyday Clutter Kit)

Read this

Pack Systems Users only
(Owners of a legal base game)
Start your legal game, let it update.
Download SP36+37,
Mount the iso and copy the 2 folders to the installation folder of your legal game.
Re-apply the EA DLC Unlocker to add these 2 kits to your legal game
Users of cracked version
(do they still exist ?)

When you already applied update
Download SP36+37,
Mount the iso and copy the 2 folders to the installation folder of your legal game.
When you did not yet apply update
Download the full update which also includes update and SP 36 and SP37


The latest cracked version of The Sims 4 all-in-one incl. SP38 and SP39

  1. You can download this version HERE
  2. When download is completed, mount the downloaded iso
  3. Copy the folder The Sims 4 to a location on your (external) Hard Disk.
  4. Open the folder The Sims 4 ->Game ->Bin and start the game with TS4_x64

See also THIS PAGE


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879 thoughts on “Most recent DLC and/or update

  1. i dont think growing together ep coming soon as it stated from community post it will be released on march 16th after the infant update

  2. Sorry to bother you but last two packs not going in no matter what I try I am still using Origin will that make a difference Or do I need to update the ublocker (havent done it for a while as all was working ok )

  3. Hi,
    My game updated on EA, but now it will not let me play the cracked version. It’s saying I need to update the game, but the game is up to date. Is there something else I need to do?

  4. Hello Mr. Tarac. I had downloaded kits SP38 and 39 but it won’t show up in game. It keeps saying i don’t have it, no matter how i rerun unlocker or redownload the kits. i’ve already updated to version and replaced the files __Installer, SP38 and SP 39. I’m using win 7 but it works perfectly fine in latest dlcs except 38 and 39. What should i do to solve it? Thank you very much!!

  5. I’m trying to mount the iso image on mac but I keep receiving this error “no mountable file systems” Can it be that the iso is not readable on mac or something? The image is mounted, but I can’t access the contents of it.

      1. Hello Mr. Tarac, I want to ask some questions. I have the legal base game and downloaded the packs from torrent (only the ones I like) then there was an update a few days ago, so does that update only affect the legal base game or the DLCs that I downloaded from torrent as well? If not updating the DLCs, should I update them separately then? And is it using the anadius one or just the Unlocker? Please help me, I’m still quite puzzled about it. Thank you so much for your help!

        1. Your legal game only updates the base game and DLC’s that you legally bought. It won’t add new DLC’s to your game.
          So in order to get the latest DLC’s you must use the Updater and the Unlocker.

          1. Hello again Mr. Tarac! Thank you for replying, and also one more question: so I have to download the new DLCs files via the Updater now? Should I delete the previous ones or they will be immediately replaced later with the updated ones? Thank you so much again for your help!

          2. So I tried this and so far I still can’t use any DLC outside of the free ones that I had.

          3. For context, I had used it before and everything was fine, I had everything, and we were good. Then the update happened, I had to redo the steps and it worked, this repeated for a couple days and then suddenly when I load up the game after using the updater and unlocker it says I own it and it’s waiting for me to download it.

      2. Hello Mr. Tarac I had posted a question and i really hope you could help 🙁 i’ve googled but couldn’t find any solution. Sorry if i bother you, just want to make sure i did post the question ‎successfully!

  6. Hello, EA updater didn’t update my game yesterday (17.01.2023)- it kept giving errors and the game was unplayable- did not open at all!

    The matter was resolved by “fixing-repaired” the game files through the EA app, and reinstalling from here EA DLC Unlocker-v2 and then sims-4-updater-v1.0.0 ,-and now the game and dlc works, but probably breaks when the new update comes!

    “Just for information if anyone has the same problem.”

    Hence my question, is there maybe an easier way to avoid such a thing or no? Because when this page here is down, no one can play their game if it is original through Steam or EA, if updates do not register and somehow is broken or incompatible with the game files. Can’t you play this game offline anymore,or without updates because he always opens the game “only” through EA? Or there is another solution that I don’t know?

    Thank you for your work ,and have a great year everyone!

  7. I had the expansion packs working in my sims 4 game. And then when i started it up just now the expansion packs wont load in. I checked my sims folder and it has the pack folders in there, no clue what’s going on?

  8. Hi there! Are DLCs automatically updated too? I understand the base game is but do DLCs update as well after EA releases a “Refresh” or a “Fix” to certain packs?

  9. Hello I have a problem in my game, all the dlc work perfectly but when I want my sims to do certains things like eating it’s just rest the sims so idk if it’s my game or the dlc :/

  10. Hi! For some reason the game isn’t detecting my packs. It was working a couple of days ago, and now all my packs show as “not owned.” They’re all in my EA Games folder in Program Files so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

      1. hello i am wondering since the origin app doesnt really work anymore, do i have to redo updating and downloading dcl packs? if so would it be done the same way?

  11. I let the EA app update my game and now it won’t launch, I get an error message saying my game files might be damaged and they need to be repaired. I ran the repairer twice but it’s not fixing it, any ideas what might be the issue? The anadius updater detects my game as not having the latest version btw, so I don’t think the EA app actually installed the update.

  12. my game updated yesterday Dec 1 with no problem everything working fine Do I still need to do anything

  13. hello, can someone tell me what Hacktool/64 win/Crack is? microsoft defender shows it as a high risk threat. the game won’t run, an error pops up saying that the game hasn’t been loaded up correctly and that they can’t find anadius64.DLL . i’ve had this crack for a few months now and have been using the updater and this is the first time something like this happened. what’s going on ? i didn’t uninstall anything

    1. Yes, this happens after a Windows update
      The crack, of which Anadius64.dll is an important part, is regarded as a hack.
      In fact it is not a hack at all. You can safely allow it in your anti-virus.
      Anadius64.dll is only required by cracked The Sims 4. You don’t need it when you have a legal version of The Sims 4.

      Open Microsoft Defender
      Click on Virus- and thread protection
      Select Protection History
      Select Thread in quarantine
      Click on Actions
      Click on Repair
      Again, Click on Virus- and thread protection
      Click on Settings for Virus- and thread protection
      Scroll down to Exclusions
      Click on Add an exclusion
      Select the folder Game or in a legal game select Game-cracked

  14. Thank you for uploading the update ISO, you are my only source for updates. Hope you keep doing it. Thanks once again.

  15. hi, i followed all the steps and added sp 36 and 37 to my game with ea dlc unlocker, however in game it says owned but download to use. what do i do? when starting the game ea dlc unlocker notification pops up saying dont forget to download the dlc files.

      1. Hello, I have the same problem.

        I don’t see SP 36 and 37 on my game. I have pasted the folder from the ISO file to my legal folder and uplied the updater. It says I own the kits but it does not appear in game.

  16. hi, i followed all the steps and added sp 36 and 37 to my game with ea dlc unlocker, however in game it says owned but download to use. what do i do?

  17. I can’t work out how to ‘Mount the iso and copy the 2 folders to the installation folder of your legal game’ for cracked dlc updates on my original base game. I’ve got the previous cracked DLCs all installed and working from a month ago but struggling with this update. It says to mount it using an image burned or right clicking to mount. Can’t right click to mount and it won’t let me open it in the image burner app so i’m stuck.

    Help very much appreciated Thanks 🙂

  18. Hi,
    I have original base game and cracked DLC.
    Before when all was cracked I used Anadius updater but now updater it’s not working.
    So I tried download missing DLC from this page but it’s .iso file and I have error in torrent.
    Do you have any idea why it’s like this? Is it possible to put this DLC with another file extension? Or by mega downloader or smth?

  19. Hi, I’ve always used your awesome dlc updates and I don’t want to mess up my game, so yeah, we users of cracked version are still hereeee 😀 Don’t abandon us, thank you 😛 And thank you so much for your work! Cheers from Italy <3

  20. Thank you for actually uploading the update, hope you will continue despite the base is “free” now. Free with bloatware like EA app that doesn’t even work! No thanks.

  21. hello, your cracked version is amazing and got quickly loading in my game than the version of EA apps which it’s actually never enter the gameplay(which im actually waiting for 4 hours) in legal version. I wonder how to fix the used cookies? since the origin web is shut down.

  22. Since you yourself were unable to update using the EA App, how do you suggest we update then? I was also unable to update using the app, and I don’t have Origin.

  23. hi sir Tarac where i can download no origin fix with the latest version this file is missing when i try to install dlc installer
    thank you so much

    1. The no origin fix is inside the folder Game. You can download that folder HERE
      Download, extract with Winrar and copy the folder Game to your installation folder.

      1. Thanks for everything you do!

        I have all DLCs in .xbin and when I try to install them with the “ts4-legit-dlc-installer” it sais that I don’t have the no-origin-fix
        The only one I can find to download is no-origin-fix- wich I already have.

        Both cracked and legal are up to date. But the installet don’t work.

        Do you have some thoughts about this, how I can fix it?

        Thank you so much!

  24. I uploaded the game via steam but when i try to open the cracked game it says that i should upload the game via origin, but how can i upload the game via origin if i already did via steam?

  25. bonsoir alors jai télécharger le jeux en legal sur steam mais ensuite pour les dlc je fait comment ? jai justa a les telecharger et a les mettre dans mon dossier sims sur steam et c’est tout d’apres le tutoriel que jai lu car beaucoup parler de EA DLC Unlocker mais sa c’est uniquement pour origins ou EA mais pour steam si ?

    1. Hi, I used the anadius repack, and it worked beautifully, even though I already updated the app via EA, the packs are all gone and I don’t know what to do now… should I just use the EA DLC unlocker?

      1. hi sir can where i can download no origin fix with the latest version this file is missing when i try to install dlc installer
        thank you so much

  26. Users of cracked version EXIST and they WILL exist, because we are not going to install crap-ware like Origin or EA app.

      1. sir can u give me the link of no origin fix of that newest version ? i cant install DLC installer because that file is missing thank you so much

          1. sir help me.. i need origin fix . this file i need when installing DLC installer thank you please

  27. bonjour est ce que je peux telecharger les packs et tous les addon pour les mettre sur un macbook de (apple) ?

  28. Hey!

    I’m super confused here. Before the game was made free, I had the legal version of the base game and all the dlcs from here. I tried to update my game the way I usually do, by updating on origin and then using the updater. There, I found that it is no longer available on origin. I downloaded the EA app, and downloaded and updated the base game. Then, I reapplied the DLC unlocker while leaving the EA app open since someone said that was important in the comments here. Then I went to open my game the way I usually do and found that it was not updated even though I updated via the EA app. I realized that I have two installations, the old one in origin games. The other is for the EA app. I was able to launch the game via the EA app and expansions, packs, kits are there. My question is it safe to start the game via the EA app? Do I risk being banned if I do? Also, when I follow the folder path to EA games there isn’t anything there, so I couldn’t start the game from there via exe file. I hope I’m making sense, I just wanna know how to properly install the game and DLCs with the EA app from here. Is there a tutorial covering this somewhere? Can I delete the old origin games installation? The install location is C:\Program Files\EA Games\ . The problem is there is nothing in the folder, no executable files or the other stuff. What I am missing. Please help! Thanks!

    1. Yes They Are Working , Download the Latest DLC Unlocked.. What i Have Notice : Most of the times you need to Run and Install the unlocked plus run the add game Number 14 Sims if Unowned (since the legal game) *Important EA APP must me open when you run the DLC unlocked . Then If you do Have all the Files … All Will Be Well. Hope i have helped

      1. How do you ge the Ea App to say open when urun DLC unlocked, mine always close out when I use the EDLC unlocked

    1. Why is there a big push to download the “legal” version? Wouldn’t you think EA would “fix” how to add illegal DLC some time in the future?

  29. Can we remove the Delta folder without problem because I don’t understand the usefulness given that we find the same folder where it is necessary for the proper functioning of the game. Or maybe you could explain it to me?

      1. Ouch … Ok..
        I would like to thank you for all the questions you answer and especially since the change. It requires a lot and it is greatly appreciated.

  30. Hello. The main reason I use a cracked version is because I HATE HATE HATE having to download, run, and install the Origin Launcher Platform each time I want to play S4. I have the Steam version but it still requires the Origin Launcher Program.

    Will there remain a means to bypass the Origin bloat, or am I just screwed not that the game is free?

    1. Close your internet connection.
      Also, when you start your game from your installation folder ⇾ Game ⇾ Bin ⇾ TS4_x64.exe it will start the game automatically via Origin (so no download and run Origin)

  31. Hey Tarac, I installed and mounted the update in the folder _Installer an the update doesnt show in the game what can I do to make it work?

    1. Copy the folders of your download for the update to the main directory (installation folder) of The Sims 4.
      Not in the folder __Installer !!!

  32. Thank you so much for everything! I downloaded the game,copied eps,gps and sps from my cracked game folder to the new created one with the EA app open, then closed the app run the unlocker and everything is there! Even some bugs that my game had (42gb of CC ) seems to have gone.
    Can’t thank you enough honestly!

    1. Hi! tarac I want to download the legal game (base game) but I don’t know how to uninstall the cracked game, I don’t have origin. I have been using the cracked version. Do we need to uninstall the cracked version? before to download the legal game? Can we use the anadius updater to download the other dlc if we have the legal game now or we just gonna move the folder of packs to the legal game folder?

      1. When you downloaded the free base game, copy the EP,FP,GP and SP’s from your cracked game to your legal game folder.
        Run the EA DLC Unlocker to incorporate the DLC’s in your legal game.
        When all is done correctly, you may delete the folder of your cracked game.

  33. bonjour est ce que c est possible de telecharger le jeux gratuit avec steam ou il faut obligatoirement avec origin ou ea app?

      1. Do you mean I have to keep the cracked game and then install the legal game also? In other words, have both cracked and legal game installed?

        1. Yes, you can have a legal game as well as a cracked version.
          When the legal version is installed, copy the EP,FP,GP and SP’s from your cracked folder to the legal folder
          Run the EA DLC Unlocker to incorporate the cracked DLC’s in your legal game
          When all is done correctly, you may delete the folder for your cracked game if you wish.

          1. Wouldn’t that take up a lot of disk space to have both legal and cracked games installed? Or, by copying the EP, FP, GP, and SPs to legal folder, and then deleting the rest of cracked game’s folder, would that merge both legal and cracked games and thus, free up space?

          2. Yes, it will of course.
            Copy the EP, FP, GP and SP’s to your legal folder. Rename the folder Game from your cracked game to Game-cracked and copy it as well, you can delete your complete cracked folder.
            Make (if not already done), a shortcut from your legal game, folder Game – Bin -TS4_x64 for the legal game and do the same from Game-cracked for your cracked game

    1. This is what I’ve done so far:
      1. Installed EA App.
      2. Signed into EA acct on EA App.
      3. Installed Sims 4 from EA App to a folder 1 level higher than cracked game folder (per your instructions on another page).
      4. Changed name of “Game” in cracked folder to “Game_cracked”.

      I am unsure of what to do next. Do I go into cracked game folder and copy EP, FP, GP, SP, AND Game_cracked into the new (legal) game folder? So, in the legal game folder, I would have both “Game” and “Game_cracked” folders?

      1. I am confused when you said to make a shortcut for your legal game and do the same for the cracked game (your last sentence). Do you mean I will always have two games (legal and cracked)? I thought by installing the legal game, I would only need one game, the legal one, but still have the option to get DLCs by using the Unlocker, so I can get rid of the cracked game. Why would I still need the cracked game (since you said that I need to make a shortcut for that as well)?

        1. When you installed everything correctly and copies the EP, FP, GP and SP’s from your cracked folder to your legal folder, you may delete the cracked folder.
          You can still start the game Without the EA app via Game-cracked/Bin/TS4_x64 and the legal game by Game/Bin/TS4_x64.
          Because your legal game and the cracked game are together in 1 folder.

  34. Hello! Tarac, do you know what will happen when we have to download the ea app and the origin platform stops working? EA DLC unlocker will still work?

  35. I have question do we keep our folder that is origin games with the crack the same or do we move it all over to EA folder. I saw someone telling a person in a sim facebook group that we had to move everything that was in origin games into electronic Arts folder now.

    1. First, try to download the free edition of the Sims 4 in your existing cracked folder. It should be done in the EA app and select Settings.
      If that fails, don’t worry, just download it in the default folder. Add the DLC’s from your cracked installation folder to the new legal folder.
      When that’s done, you can delete your old installation folder.
      Execute the instructions for the pack-system here

  36. I just wanted to say thank you to you Tarac and everyone that always took the time to give us updates on the game and made it enjoyable. Wishing you all the best.

    1. As we presume that everybody will grab the opportunity to get the legal base game for free,
      we shall still supply updates that contain new DLC’s

  37. This is terrible news for me. I do not have internet at home. I download the ISO files at other places and take them home.

    Hope there is some other way to get the ISO updates in future.

    Thank your for all your work Tarac. Will miss your updates.

      1. Thank you for the reply Tarac. That page says you need pack system to install them. Will you include the updates with the new DLCs when they release or only the DLCs, as I cannot get the updates without the ISO you give.

        Hoping for the best.

        1. As soon as you install the (free) base game you become a pack system user which means that updates will be performed by Electronic Arts. So the folders _Install, Delta, Data, Game, Support will update automatically.
          Only in case a new update also involves a new DLC, you’ll have to download that new folder manually (example: folder SP36 for a new kit)
          Just use the Anadius Updater to get these new folders or download the iso from this page

          1. Thank you for the info, but without internet at home I cannot do any of these steps. But still thank you for trying.

            Guess I will try getting the All DLCs version from time to time to keep the game updated.

            Once again, thank you for all your work.

      1. That’s what I have been doing. I was worried you won’t update the updater anymore. So glad that’s not the case.
        Thank you so much for making this game available to us!

  38. est ce que tu pourra nous expliquer exactement commnet faire pour continuer a avoir toutes les extension quand le jeu sera gratuit
    car je n est pas trop compris ce qu il faudra faire ?
    va t on tout perdre? doit on tout retelecharger ?
    merci a toi

    1. 1. Téléchargez le jeu de base gratuit.
      2. Copiez seulement les EP, FP, GP et SP (c’est-à-dire PAS les dossiers __Installer, Data, Delta, Game) de votre jeu cracké dans le dossier d’installation de votre jeu légal.
      3. Suivez les instructions de l’EA DLC Unlocker
      4. Jouez au jeu depuis la carte légale Game\Bin\TS4_x64

      Ainsi, vous ne perdez rien de votre partie en cours.

      1. Oh im sorry, I meant when the Sims 4 game becomes free in October ,my new Sims4 base game is on Steam. Can I also download “dlc” from here to there? Does this Anadius Updater work with it? And does the gallery work?

      1. my game is stuck on loading screen ever since i updated the game to the luxe desert kit. i tried to repair it and update again but still wont load into the game. it starts up and lets me start my last game or new game but wont take me to play mode. any tips or ideas??

        1. Check for damaged or missing files with the validator
          Choose Discord to see the result.
          Do you use mods ?
          When yes, move (not copy) the folder The Sims 4 out of C:\Documents\Electronic Arts temporarily to your desktop and start your game again.
          No problems ?, then the culprit is an outdated or faulty mod
          Copy the folder from your desktop back to the newly created folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts and try to find out which mod caused it.

          1. so the validator says im not missing any files or any damaged files. i moved my mods folder to desktop and ran game it still is stuck on loading screen. hmm i dont know why its doing this

  39. Hi! I have all of the packs added on, in game they all show as owned but I only have the 3 base worlds and I haven’t noticed any of the clothing since I’ve started playing? I have the legit base game but I do think I have legacy edition. Will this impact on my worlds? It’s so boring with the same ones 🙁

        1. Redo step 1 incl. the download of the EA DLC Unlocker and make sure that the packs (such as EP, GP, SP and FP) are in the main folder of your The Sims 4 installation

      1. hello! i redownloaded the updated game but whenever i try to run the game it says unable to start update or repair game via origin. i tried to update and repair game with your sims 4 update but still not working, i also cant copy the folder and move it into the installer folder. it says not enough space i need more gb. i tried it delete alot of my files but stil isnt working at all. please help? i downloaded the game from here before and it worked amazing i dont understand why it wont work now. please help thank you so much!

        1. Most probably your anti-virus “killed” the crack.
          Make sure that your The Sims 4 installation folder is under the exceptions of your anti-virus.
          When that is done, download the latest folder Game, see this page.
          Then run the updater again.

          When you can’t copy to your installation folder, you probably have an all-in-one still mounted. Copy the contents of the mounted iso to your hard disk (that will become your new installation folder).
          Of course, make sure that this folder is under the exceptions of your anti-virus.

          1. i got it to work! i found the game in my program files. thank you so so much your work is truly amazing im so thankful!

    1. You have to create the folder The Sims 4 yourself and put it under the exceptions of your anti-virus.
      Then copy all files/folders from the downloaded and mounted iso to that folder.
      When that is done successfully, you may delete the downloaded iso.

  40. hello, after update the latest one, when I open the game “Pack download in progress Your uninstalled Packs are downloading now. You will receive a notification once the download is complete” message appears. And after that, it keep stuck on the loading screen when i click my household.. anyone know what should i do?
    (i’ve been download all from here and i always run as administrator when open the game)

  41. I’m using the pack system for mac through origin. I downloaded mounted and installed the SP34 folder into my game where all the other packs, expansions, etc. are. Yet when I go into the game, The First Fits Kit still shows as unowned….. help?

  42. how to roll back the version? After ingame got so many bug all the selection are stick in one. I cant click anyone either

  43. Hi! I installed version 1.90.375.1020 and when I want to save it gives me error 532. why does this happen?

        1. I tried and it doesn’t work. to be from the installed version, I heard that many people have the same problem. should I wait until the new version can solve the bugs?

  44. Do I need to download the final update 1.90.358.1030 to gain access of the high school years extension or can I just download update 1.90.375.1020 and still have the new dlc map withouth needing the other torrent ?

  45. Do I need to download the final update 1.90.358.1030 to gain access of the high school years pack or can I just directly download the update 1.90.375.1020 and still have the new dlc ?

  46. I also can no longer access the online gallery. Although I could when I ran the game with the updates the first time. Has this been fixed yet?

  47. Hello, for some reason the online option is not working anymore.. The game is uptaded with Anadius, I’ve tested without mods to see if that was the problem, but it didn’t work. Is there a way to fix this?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, I’ve the same problem.
      From this day, game stopped working online. I’ve tried to fix all with the instruction for online version, but when I paste code from “remid” I have communicate “Invalid remid”.
      Has anyone the same problem ? how to fix it? 🙁

        1. Unfortunately, a new update will not cure this problem.
          The online cannot be used anymore as Electronic Arts blocked it
          You must have a legal base game now.
          At present the only way to access the gallery without a legal The Sims 4 is this method

    2. Same here! I did the same, mods, bluetooth, restart my computer, everything and nothing is working. I’m guessing the gallery crashed or something, I was on twitter and someone said that the gallery was down all day yesterday 🙁 🙁 🙁

  48. good day!
    I downloaded the portable version. I mounted the drive from the downloads folder, searched for .exe (game-bin) and created a shortcut. The idea is to run from the downloads folder, so save space and could continue sharing the torrent. My question is, the shared file is modified when playing it from there? I can do this? Cheers!

    1. Yes, you can play the present game directly from the mounted iso, however, you cannot use the updater to add future updates of the game.
      Reason: You cannot add or change items to a (mounted) iso, this will result in an error about insufficient disk space.
      Best thing is to mount the iso and copy the files from the mounted iso to a location on your hard (external) disk. When that is completed, you can safely delete the iso

  49. Everything worked fine up to Wedding stories, I recently updated to highschool and can’t use windows, columns, and most furniture, it says script failed, any ideas what’s going on?

  50. hello i downloaded the all in one package incl. high school. I followed all the steps but when i want to run the game it tells me that :” The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.”
    And then it tells me that :” The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found. Reinstalling the progam may fix this problem.

    1. Apparently you did not read the whole page.
      The page also contains:

      Possible errors for new users who never played The Sims 4 before
      You might get an error like “unable to start as mscv120.dll is missing”.

      In that case download vcredist.rar
      Extract with Winrar
      Run all 6 files<\blockquote>

  51. I am using the “all in one” version and I am having problems with the saves and with the files that get corrupted. deleted the corrupt file after a while is another to give the same problems. Is it a bug in the game or did I download something that corrupts other files? I am very attentive to compatibility. have others also encountered the same problem as me?

    1. Seems like a problem with mods as it is no bug in the game. Maybe your saves contain outdated mods.
      You say you deleted some corrupt files, therefore check your The Sims 4 folder for missing files (Anadius Validator) apply the Discord form

      1. the problems started with the latest update. i deleted all mods by reinstalling them by updating them, but i didn’t fix anything. I don’t know this program of yours, I will study it. thank you very much

      2. Game version: 1.90.375.1020
        Crack version: 1.90.375.1020
        Folder: The Sims 4
        Crack used: ANADIUS
        Legacy Edition: not installed
        Hash mismatch:
        --- quick scan ---
        Missing files:

        Unknown files:

  52. Hi, I have cracked game still at and I want to update that to latest version, The question is I must download every version (71,72,..) or I just download the latest version update patch in this page?

  53. I updated the cracked version to the latest as usual, but after getting High School, my game says Werewolf pack missing. How do I add it back? Can I just download and replace the GP12?

  54. I’m having troubles updating to the newest patch; when I go to copy the folders from the mounted ISO to the intallation folder it says that there’s not enough disk space.

    1. Is your installation folder perhaps on a iso ?
      In that case copy the “installation folder” to another location on your hard disk.

  55. Hey, I haven’t update my game since Cottage Living and now I want to update my game because Highschool Years has already released. I missed a lot of stuffs, so which file should I download from this page? Should I download the Update 1.90.375.1020 right away?

  56. I downloaded the latest version including High School EP. But when it is time for the school teens are just disappearing like it used to be and I can’t join them. Is this how it is supposed to be or is something wrong with my downloads?

  57. bonjour excuser moi quand on télécharge la dernière mise a jour pour les sims craqué ou faut t’il mettre le fichier ?

    1. Montez l’iso téléchargé et à partir de celui-ci, copiez les dossiers dans le dossier d’installation de votre jeu cracké.

  58. I think the updated patch is still buggy, since the aging system in long and shot settings are still not working

    1. For me its bug too. I just try to go to another lot and i cant and another thing its that i cant cooked!

      I tried to take away the new mods that i just added and it still not work.

  59. I just want to say a huge thank you for the updater. You have been consistent and fast with the updates, It made it a lot easier for me to update the game and save me a lot of time from downloading it from other pirating sites because they always repack the whole game. I’m forever grateful.

    1. Do you happen to still have the files you downloaded from update with decor to the max included, up to the one before ??
      Thank you in advance.

        1. I was actually tryna avoid downloading the all in one since it’s so voluminous and takes time but ended up downloading the all in one 1.90.375.1020 and will replace the old files I had.
          I was wondering if it was possible to keep the small files of updates and new dlcs in this page for a longer time since it’s more practicle to download those.

          1. Simply use the Anadius Updater.
            It updates your game to the latest version and gives you the possibility to add missing DLC’s to your game.

  60. Hey, I just wanted to know if there is a way to fix an issue I have where the most recent worlds “Moonwood Mill” and “Copperdale” won’t load up for me. All the other world’s do though. I also have the content from both packs but the worlds simply won’t load.

  61. hi, so i have the legal base game and i made sure it was fully updated with origin and then used the updater to download the high school pack, i see the file for it in my game folder with all the rest of the packs, but in game it still says it’s unowned and nothing for it is showing up. all mods are removed already as well. am i doing something wrong?

  62. hello i have this problem where i have double high school pack. the new world also double. And i can’t place any double bed in my game, the bed always dissapear whenever i place it. can someone help me?

    1. you should check if you have two high school folders. Also about the beds i have seen there’s been a problem with them, must be bc of the new patch.

  63. Hi, I ask your help.

    This is my problem :
    I can see the map of moonwoodmills and cooperdale. I automaticly arrive to a white screen and i can return back on the world screen. I only can see my familys, change them and go to the galery. after that i directly go back to the world screen.

    I try to erase my GR12 and EP12 doc and download an other version but nothing happpen.

    thank for the advices and help you gonna send me,

    good day !

      1. hello!
        i deleted all of my mods/cc and my game is still not working
        what can i do?
        ty, have a great day!

  64. Thank you sm for your work. Everything is perfect, but when I want to create a new sim, I can’t change the hair and eyes color. I don’t think it’s from your update, but I think that my game is broken.

    1. if you have mods like cas columns, basemental drugs, xml injector and others, you need to update them, they broke with this new patch

    2. I have the same issue but read somewhere that it was because of the CAS column mod. I tried removing the mod and re-installing the updated one, this fixed my game.

  65. does anyone knows why the high school pack isn’t showing up? i already have the file where it should be but nothing is showing up in the game

    1. Did you update your game to the latest version? Cuz without the latest version update, High School pack won’t work

  66. does anybody have any instructions for high school years? like after pasting the files in your folder, what next? i can’t find any setup thing to run. i ran both cleanup and touchup and nothing. my game is exactly the same

  67. I updated to high school pack using your updater, i get in the game and go to the world and it says locked. I click it and it says it need to be enabled through origin. Do i download your game folder and add it in like that, so the world can unlock?

      1. Its out already on Origin, some people bought it yesterday and was able to play. Thats why I thought it was already on updater

    1. The actual High School pack (EP12) is not yet released. Official release tonight 19.00 hrs CET, available on this site (hopefully) 20.30 hrs. CET

        1. But when you are in a such a hurry, did you already download the pre-patch as that will save you a lot of time later.
          (or use the Anadius Updater to get the pre-patch just NOW)

  68. i downloaded it the cracked version but when i want to enter on my legal game through origin, it shows i have all the packs, but i just have the base game and the holiday pack. how can i fix it?

  69. Hello,
    This is the result of validator
    Game version:
    Game-cracked version:
    Crack version:
    Folder: The Sims 4
    Crack used: ANADIUS
    Legacy Edition: not installed
    DLCs not installed: SP22
    #Hash mismatch:
    — quick scan —
    Edit Tarac: full report removed but contents duly noted.

    1. It looks worse than it is:
      1. Download the latest Game folder – see this page
      2. When you have placved the new game folder: Run the Updater and also select the DLC’s for SP22, SP 32 and 33 if they show up.
      That will solve the items under #hash mismatch and #missing files. You should be able to play the game again.
      You might have lost a lot of your own Sims, Buildings aso, but see below how to retrieve these.

      Leaves us with #Unknown files:
      You may delete these when you still have a copy of C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 on your desktop. Copy the files from the folder on your desktop back to C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
      When you don’t have such a copy:
      a. Move, not copy the folder saves from your installation folder of the Sims 4 to your progress folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4
      b. Move, not copy the folder Screenshots from your installation folder of the Sims 4 to your progress folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4
      c. Move, not copy the folder Tray from your installation folder of the Sims 4 to your progress folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4
      d. Move, not copy the folder content from your installation folder of the Sims 4 to your progress folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4

  70. Can you update last patch for Mac? this should be the latest version
    I have the non-original version, can I go online and download the latest version without destroying the crack or do I need to download a patch from your site?

  71. Since I already downloaded the All-in-one with the wedding dlc, do I need the anadius updater to update the game version or the iso on this page ??? (thought I tried the Full Update and it said that I need 11,6 go to copy the folder) Unless I just need to delete the old All-in-one and replace it with another one ?

    1. When you have the all-in-one incl. wedding you need 11,6 GB to update your all-in-one for version (werewolves).
      The total then comes to 51,2 GB

      1. How do I get an extra 11,6 GB on the iso tho, tried to directly copy and pasted the Full Update mounted iso files to the all-in-one incl. (wich has 49 GB) but my computer doesn’t let me by saying that there not enough space to copy these files. Do I need to delete some files in the all in one for it to update ??

        1. You cannot add anything to an .iso file. Move the contents of the mounted all-in-one iso to your hard disk (maybe you have more space available on your D:\ disk).
          Once copied you can delete the .iso and you can add the 11,6 GB to the location you have moved the contents of the .iso to.

  72. I think some mods are conflicting the game…The world appears black so I tried to delete all my mods in it and run it again now its working

  73. Hello. I’m having breakpoint error after downloading the game. Any suggestion how to get rid of it ?

    1. hey guys, is there anyone who updated to the latest patch including werewolves, using anadius program, and eveything is working?

  74. Hello, I have a problem, and it is that when I start a game the elements of the bar do not appear.

  75. Hi, I was updating my game and I’m a bit confused. Do you mean to put the update (werewolf one) into the Electronic Arts folder or into your folder (Sims 4 [anadius])? If it makes and difference, I did not do the pre-patch update and have downloaded the final update.

    1. nvm I think I was able to do it. I do have another question though, is it fine if I delete the “TS4 – full update” file? Or should it stay?

  76. Hi! I was wondering, if i have an older version of the all in one portable pack is it possible to update it to the new version without having to download the whole thing again?

    1. When you play directly from the downloaded iso, copy the files/folders of your mounted iso to a new folder on your PC.
      When that’s done, run the Anadius Updater over the new folder.

      1. So you’d suggest NOT dowloading from this page and updating your folder but directly running anadius updater? Because mine, by simply mounting the update, copying ALL files and trasferring them to the intaller section of my full game does not seem to work as it doesn’t show in game

  77. Hi!

    I have downloaded the latest update and the Werewolf pack but I can’t start the game now. I get a pop up that reads:

    Unable to start:

    Cannot start because required game data is missing or damaged.
    Please repair or reinstall the game via Origin.


    Does anyone know what’s going on?

    ** I do not use any mods in my game.

    Thanks in advance!

  78. Hello, when I want to create a werewolf, it appears transparent and the different bodies and faces do not appear. any idea what it could be?

  79. sorry it’s the first time that doesn’t work. I updated with anadius updater. It’s says all done but in game i doesn’t have werewolfs

  80. Question:
    Why are so many people downloading the updates from this page instead of using the Anadius Updater which is – at least in my view – much simpler

    1. for me, this site is on my bookmarks and i constantly duplicate/save my sims mods and tray files so i find it easier to just uninstall the whole thing and download it again as one… it could be just me.

    2. For me, it’s because I tried to use the updater once and it gave me an error, so I went back to this one. I have tried the updater for the latest pre-update today and it worked, though!

    3. Some people have issues with using the updater, it gives them errors when they try to update. My friend has that problem, we downloaded the same game files, installed it the same way on the same drive and when the update came I could update but she could not.

    4. Hallo
      ich kam am Anfang auch nicht mit dem Updater klar,habe mir dann in ruhe alles durchgelesen und Schritt für Schritt gemacht und es klappt.
      Genauso wie das mit der Online Galerie, habe mir das in einer ruhigen Minute durchgelesen und nach Deiner Anleitung gemacht und es klappte.
      Bin begeistert…

    5. For me, personally, it’s much simpler to choose and download the specific update that I need, this is also the way to keep track of all the updates. I prefer to know what I am doing, not to rely on some App to do this for me 🙂

    1. I have just came back here to post the same thing! Nearly all the icons are missing other than the sims picture and the aspiration picture but its a square. nothing else is visible

  81. I downloaded the two packs plus update, and now my game wont start, im getting the error:
    “unable to start there was an error processing the startup configuration script”

    I’m on windows 7 so i can’t run the updater to repair anymore.

    1. Try this:
      1. Download the latest folder Game HERE
      2. Extract the down;load with Winrar
      3. Delete the folder Game from your installation folder
      4. Copy the folder Game from the extracted download to your installation folder.

  82. [85262c58:29…..] After the download is complete, a pop-up window appears when you try to run it. I looked it up and there was no clientfullbuild0 file, so I downloaded it again, but there is no clientfullbuild0 in ep01. Any solution? (There may be some awkward sentences using a translator 🙂 )

  83. Is there a way to get the last version of the base game without all the DLC?
    I have a weak pc (bare minimun requirements) and my last update ruined the game (it works for less then 10min before the pc turns off)

  84. Will there be a full all in one sims 4 version available to download including the upcoming go wild game pack? When I try to add some files to your portable sims 4 version it says that the space is only 50GB and that I cannot add any more content.

    1. As Go Wild is not yet released, there is no all-in-one including Go Wild available. You can download the latest all-in-one version now and add Go Wild later.
      Bear in mind that you cannot add packs to a downloaded iso, you must copy the contents of that iso to a folder on your hard (external) disk drive and then add DLC’s to that folder.

    2. Hey did you find a solution? I have the exact same problem. I tried both the updater and also manually inserting the two new kits into my already mounted file and nothing seems to work. I also tried using the file which should give you acces to modify the file but nothing. I even tried deleting it but there is no option to do so and there is also no eject option. I am so lost. The only thing I can think of is trying to dowload the new full version and change the name so it can substitute the old version but I am not sure I can even rename it

  85. Will there be a full all in one sims 4 version available to download including the upcoming go wild gamepack? When I try to add some files to your portable sims 4 version it says that the space is only 50 gb and that i cannot add any more content

  86. I have the base game so i tried 3 methods and 32 and 33 are in the sims 4 folder but its showing as unowned in the game. What should i do ?

    1. i removed them both s32 and s33and installed them again in my folder but they still show up as uninstalled.

  87. For some reason when i download the file it doesn’t appear as an .iso file but as an .torrent file. There is no option for mounting the iso, there is only the option to open it with qbittorrent. I tried deleting qbitorrent, but i still have the same issue.

  88. Is there some sort of archive for the older updates? The updater doesn’t work for me and my game is on version 1.83. I don’t really want to download the whole game for those updates

  89. i have applied the update successfully but the sims keep getting unresponsive all the time and resetting them cant seem to work… what could be the problem

  90. Hi,

    I updated the game to the latest version and now whenever I try to run TS4_x64.exe it gives me the error: “Cannot start because required game data is missing or damaged. Please repair or reinstall the game via Origin.”
    I have a cracked version, already mounted the iso again and moved the mods folder. Any idea what would work apart from reinstalling the whole game?

      1. Thanks! It seems like some files are missing indeed, ran the updater in repair mode and it seems to be redownloading those files 🙂

  91. Hi, I have a small request/suggestion. Please put the “Warning about torrents” on the front page or even on all pages (or all pages containing torrents). I did not know this information about torrenting and received a warning from my ISP, after which I did my research. It is important information, and the page on this site where I downloaded the torrent did not have the warning. It is definitely my fault, but it would be very helpful for people in the future, thanks!

    In case it helps you:
    Page that DOES have the warning:
    Page I downloaded from, with no warning:

  92. i download the update 1.86 and it says the i don’t have the my wedding pack and others but it’s exist in my packs list !!

  93. can i get my wedding stories torrent? i missed it and i cant use anadius updater cause i can only use windows 7

      1. I have the same problem. Yes, updater is for windows but not for windows 7 anymore. Is it there any solution how to install wedding stories without anadius updater?

        1. 1. Update your base-game to the latest version – see this page
          2. Add GP11 (and, if required) SP31

          update via Anadius repack
          In the left-hand column check base game, in the right-hand, the setup, update, the 2 patches, non-origin-fix and the missing DLC(s)

          1. Ty for your help. I did as you told me but I still cannot see my wedding stories in game. When I check dlc toggler it says that i don’t own the pack (it is in red even when checked).In game it still says that I need to download content but I already have it all downloaded and installed properly.

  94. Hey Tarac!
    I’ve downloaded the all-in-one portable folder and added the pack files to my non-bought base game, the game loads up but when I enter create-a-sim, none of the UI shows up and it stalls on the silhouette of the Sim and I’m unable to start a new save without going through create-a-sim. Is there any way to fix this?
    Thank you!

  95. Hello again,

    im still having trouble adding SP31 decor to the max for my sims 4 origin (not steam), the game still state decor to the max as UNOWNED even tho i add the SP31 folder, and update my unlocker at your STEP 1.

    maybe i need the latest version of EA DLC Unlocker? because when i click the file sims 4.ini

    at the line


    maybe the unlocker version is not at the latest version.

    Could you please upload the latest version of ea dlc unlocker at your STEP 1 guide?

    thank you.

  96. Hello. I’m having some issues with “Plan a Wedding Event” UI after the newest update ( It comes out as completely blank. At first I thought maybe some mods were broken/outdated, but even after I updated everything, the problem was still there. So I removed all mods from the Mods folder, but it didn’t fix the issue either. Hope you can help me:)

    1. I still think it’s a mods problem.
      Move (not copy) the entire folder The Sims 4 from the location C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop and then try your game again.
      Your game has then, temporarily, lost all your previously played games and all your self-made Sims and houses/lots.
      When the game now acts as it should, you can copy the folder saves from the location on your desktop back to the newly created C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4. This restores your self-made Sims and houses.

  97. Is there any way that we can access the gallery via Mac with the DLC’s? I am off-line on Origin.

  98. I’ve done all the updates likes I always do which always work, but now when I start my game my save file seems to not be working anymore? Like I can select my save file but when I do my Sims Family isn’t there. And the new Pack also won’t show up..
    Maybe someone has the same problem and knows what to do? I repaired the game multiple times already too.
    I kinda really am regretting updating now, it’s so devastating.

    1. Move the folder The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop.
      Start your game and close it.
      Copy the folder Saves from the folder on your desktop to the newly created folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4
      When your game is working correctly, the culprit(s) are your mods.

  99. hello,

    i am having trouble adding game kits decor to the max, i have extract the SP31 into the sims 4 folder, i have follow your STEP 1 on the web, by downloading installing again the latest EA dlc unlocker on your web but still the game stated “decor to the max” as UNOWNED.

    would you mind helping me and guide me on this matter?

    thank you

    1. Check the folder SP31 in your installation folder.
      Is it a real folder or one with a zip on it or a stack of books. If so, you didn’t extract correctly.
      Also check for a folder SP31 inside SP31

  100. Hey everyone, so I need help as I’m a bit new to this
    Ever since I updated my game with the latest update versions ( my sims are glitching real hard (like full on weird spaghetti legs) on CAS. Does anyone know how to fix it? I’ve tried restarting the game a few times and changing some graphic settings but no success.

      1. hey i need your help so when i try to play the game after this update it gives unable to start error i tried every method but t is not working today i cut my electronic arts folder with all my mods in it and pasted it in my other drive and when i started the game it started perfectly so i dont know if it has anything to do with the mods or what and also can someone tell me how to check outdated mods and delete them

          1. thanks alott i found out which one were causing the problem and now the game plays smoothly i was about to delete the game but saw your comment and gave it a try

  101. Ok, so I’m kinda confused with all of these.

    I have the cracked Sims 4 game from Anadius and had done the cracked update of version previously.
    So which of these options do I download for the cracked update version of
    And what does “Packed System Users” mean?

    I’m sorry. New to all of these.

    1. Ok so I tried to download the first 3 on top, for the cracked users part since I have a cracked Sims 4. I started the game and when I tried to use this one home from the gallery, it says I couldn’t place it because I’m not updated to the latest version of the game. And also, another house from my gallery says I don’t have the Blooming Kit so it won’t be available, but I already checked my dlc-toggler and I do have it.

      I already tried to restart the game a few times, as well as re-copy the patches to my Sims 4 folder just in case I messed up on the file transferring, but to no avail.

      Anything I’m doing wrong here?

      1. Run the Anadius Updater. This will update your game to including any missing DLC.
        Packed system users means people with a legit base game wanting to add pirated DLC to their game (see this page)

        1. Do I need to download the Anadius Updater too, or should that already be in my Sims 4 folder? If so, which is it in here?

  102. Hey,
    Yesterday I downloaded game by Anadius updater and my game stopped working online.
    I tried to logged again with the instruction step by step and game opened but still offline:(
    Do you have any idea what could be the reason?

  103. Hey,
    Yesterday I downloaded game by Anadius updater and my game stopped working online.
    I tried to logged again with the instruction step by step and game opened but still offline:(
    Do you have any idea what could be the reason?

  104. Hi my sims 4 won’t go past the sims loading screen I’ve removed all mods but still nothing I have the all in one and updated to the latest version even the game folder

  105. Hi! I downloaded the Dream Home Decorator GP10. However, everytime my sims would go to work, it loads too long and wont proceed to the workplace. Can somebody help me? Thank you.

  106. I downloaded the all in one 1.84.197 torrent and when i open the ts4.exe file i keep getting a message saying unable to start the contents of your user data directory were created by a newer version of Sims 4 and cannot be loaded. I thought this version included all updates up to 1.84.197 and that i will be able to just open and play

  107. Thank you for the quick updates! I was wondering why the new free update didn’t work, and it turns out I needed the new pre-update from you first!

  108. Hi, Tarac!
    Is there a possibility to update Anadius updater to version (it shows as current on your website) ?
    I use your translator with a legal game, and I’ve updated to through Origin already, but the new texts are missing.
    Or maybe there is an another way to update translation?

  109. Just updated my game today with your 1.85 files. Did as instructed, dragged and dropped, but both the Neighbourhood Stories and the New Scenarios seem to be broken.

    The new Scenarios don’t even show in the menu, and if you click on “Try it Out” on the Main Menu nothing happens.

    As for the Neighbourhood Stories system, it does appear to show in-game, as the buttons are there, the tutorial is there, and you can even interact with your Mailbox in-game. However, there is no way to change or activate any settings related to it. When clicking the respective button, absolutely nothing happens, until you exit out of the menu, only to be presented with a blank Neighbourhood Stories window for the respective household you picked.

  110. The update is missing files like TS4_x64 and anadius64 from the game/bin folder.

    Please update the ISO.

    1. This update does not need a new TS4_x64. It only contains the updated files which you should copy to your existing installation folder.
      Your “old” TS4_x64 should not be affected and can still be used.
      In case you ruined your folder Game you can download a full and complete latest Game folder HERE

      1. Thanks. But the game crashes upon start after 1.85 is installed
        I ran Anadis updater and it showed 2 files needed updates.
        Means those files are not complete in the ISO.

  111. I updated to the version 1.85 but the neighbourhood stories cannot be used.The menu is there but when i clicked it it shows nothing.Is there a fix for this?

  112. Hi i updated my game through anadius updater and when the game opened a message popped saying that an error has occured while trying to download the last express delivery..I tried repairing the game but nothing changed any ideas?

  113. does anyone know how to make reshade work here? it seems the game doesn’t detect reshade at all even though i put it in all folders that has the sims 4 exe file on it (Bin, Bin_LE, NO_DVD)

  114. Hi! I downloaded the last update a couple days ago and everything went well I’ve got to play a couple of times after I updated the game but now it doesn’t start.
    Any idea of why is this happening?

  115. Hi, have any of you this problem? When I go to Tartosa and I play for a little while here, my game just crushes. It just shuts down. I don’t know what to do. When I played in other neighborhood, everything worked just fine. I deleted all cashes, but that didn’t help. I have iso cracked version of the game. Thanks for help.

    1. This could be caused by insufficient cooling. Check/clean the vents and with a laptop especially the openings on the bottom

  116. Full Update is taking forever to download T_T the browser resets all the time after some minutes downloading the torrent, it’s been like this for 3 days in a row now, and it doesn’t matter how many peers are sharing the file, it’ll still fail

  117. one pack is not really correct. the clothes and hair don’t work and al the objects from that pack called debug. How can i fix this? Also the life goals from this pack don’t show any text.
    i hope you can help me!

  118. Hello. What can I do to fix this error? I always use the updater to download updates. It finished downloading but it won’t update. I disabled the anti-virus and run as administrator this file ( already. The updater still gives me this Critical Error. Thank you!

    Original error message: [WinError 5] Access is denied: ‘updater_tmp\\final\\Delta\\EP09\\SimulationDeltaBuild0.package’ -> ‘C:\\Program Files\\The Sims 4\\Delta\\EP09\\SimulationDeltaBuild0.package’

  119. I have a game pirate I can just download Full Update its will work? or need others updates?

      1. Hi, I also have the game pirate To get TS4 my wedding stories I have to download this update too?

  120. I downloaded the updated dlc through utorrent. mounted and added the folder to the installation folder. what next. I still see it as download to use vs owned when I start my game. I may be missing something as i have never downloaded dlc only i usually download the whole game

  121. Thanks a lot Tarac, the new links –> Final Update, that was added earlier finally works for me, thank you have a great day!

  122. When downloading the pack system of my wedding stories I have the iso mounted. gp11 but in the iso sp30 folder is missing it is just files and when i transfer the files the game don’t recognise i am using a mac

    1. like there are no tasks, it says “title title” and “day ends at ##:##” what is happening? can someone help me out?

  123. Hello, the 1.84 update seems to be downloading the 1.81 update instead. Is there any chance you could fix this sir?

  124. I installed my weddind stories by updater.I can see pack’s objects. but I can’t see tartosa map. I dont know why.maybe because of mods.

      1. hi, did you have any trouble while updating ? it says it’s unable to delete some file wheareas my antivrus is off and it is in exception file.

        1. hi. No I didnt. I updated my game by ‘sims-4-updater-v0.6.64 ‘ and worked fine. I’m sorry for your problem. I hope you can fix it.

    1. i’ve downloaded my entire game through the disc/torrent versions can i use updater for wedding stories or shall i just wait?

      1. I was also thinking about downloading it through the updater but that usually isnt recommended so idk but its literally right thereeee

        1. hmmmm i don’t wanna risk my game so i’ll just wait for the torrent, if its already up on the updater then it’ll be uploaded soon!

          1. hey, thank you for this. the links to the final and full update seem to be going to a previous update (1.81)!

  125. I’m just waiting very patiently for the new pack to drop. I’d be happy if you guys could give an estimate of when it’ll be out?? No stress tho 🙂


    extra x1000 thanks to tarac and the rest of the team for getting the game pack patched for us soon!

    can’t wait to play!

  127. I just wanted to say thank you, for always providing for us. I greatly appreciate it. Keep up the good work, take care.

  128. Hello. I just updated to patch from using the selective downloads option. I downloaded the Anadius Repack with the two patch notes, no origin fix, cottage living, fashion street, incheon arrival, modern menswear, blooming rooms, verify xbin files, interactive instructions, hash folder, and the setup. I opened the setup and everything worked fine. No errors. I saw three shortcuts on my desktop when the setup ended: the Sims 4, always online, and always offline. I started the game through the main shortcut icon since I’m sometimes online and sometimes offline. Right from the main menu it already showed the new packs and kits I had just gotten, showing me what new features they had and so on, and I was excited to start playing. Until I got to the worlds and selected Henford-on-Bagley. It shows a blank page and won’t even let me go back to any other world except to exit to the main menu again. There’s been no other hint that anything went wrong in the installation/update process except the fact that Henford doesn’t show. I exited and started the game again just to check the other worlds. They all show although I haven’t actually started playing the main game to see if anything else is off. I don’t want to make anything worse. I tried the two other icons two (always offline, always online), same thing. Is there something I’m missing? I only use one mod and I updated it to the latest version too before starting the game. I hope I can get a quick response. Here’s what the validator says:

    Game version: [b][/b]
    Crack version: [b][/b]
    Folder: [b]The Sims 4[/b]
    Crack used: [b]ANADIUS[/b]
    Legacy Edition: [b]not installed[/b]
    [color=#026526][b][u]Hash mismatch:[/u][/b][/color]
    — quick scan —
    [color=#026526][b][u]Missing files:[/u][/b][/color]

    [color=#026526][b][u]Unknown files:[/u][/b][/color]
    data/client/clientdeltabuild0 (2).package
    data/client/clientdeltabuild1 (2).package
    data/client/clientdeltabuild2 (2).package
    data/client/clientdeltabuild3 (2).package
    data/client/clientdeltabuild4 (2).package
    data/client/clientdeltabuild5 (2).package
    data/client/clientdeltabuild6 (2).package
    data/client/clientdeltabuild7 (2).package
    data/client/clientdeltabuild8 (2).package
    data/client/strings_chs_cn (2).package
    data/client/strings_cht_cn (2).package
    data/client/strings_cze_cz (2).package
    data/client/strings_dan_dk (2).package
    data/client/strings_dut_nl (2).package
    data/client/strings_eng_us (2).package
    data/client/strings_fin_fi (2).package
    data/client/strings_fre_fr (2).package
    data/client/strings_ger_de (2).package
    data/client/strings_ita_it (2).package
    data/client/strings_jpn_jp (2).package
    data/client/strings_kor_kr (2).package
    data/client/strings_nor_no (2).package
    data/client/strings_pol_pl (2).package
    data/client/strings_por_br (2).package
    data/client/strings_rus_ru (2).package
    data/client/strings_spa_es (2).package
    data/client/strings_swe_se (2).package
    data/client/thumbnailsdeltabg1 (2).package
    data/client/ui (2).package
    data/shared/worlds/areas/bg_engagement_01 (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/bg_engagement_02 (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/bg_engagement_03 (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/cas_gcw (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/gd_gardencommunity_01_ll (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/gd_gardenestate_02 (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/gd_gardenpark_01 (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/gd_gardensuburbs_01_ll (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/gd_gardenward_01_ll (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/gd_rbh_glade_01 (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/gd_wardvenue_01 (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/so_cactusbeach_01 (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/so_cactusvenus_01 (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/so_celebrityestates_01 (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/so_desertpark_01 (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/so_rbh_cave_01 (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/so_retrosuburbs_01 (2).world
    data/shared/worlds/areas/so_skywardpalms_01 (2).world
    data/simulation/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep01/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep01/strings_dan_dk (2).package
    delta/ep01/version (2).ini
    delta/ep01/worlds/areas/ep01_alienworld_01 (2).world
    delta/ep01/worlds/areas/ep01_civiccenter_01 (2).world
    delta/ep01/worlds/areas/ep01_civiccenter_02 (2).world
    delta/ep01/worlds/areas/ep01_retails_01 (2).world
    delta/ep01/worlds/areas/ep01_sciencelab_01 (2).world
    delta/ep02/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep02/version (2).ini
    delta/ep02/worlds/areas/ep02_business_01 (2).world
    delta/ep02/worlds/areas/ep02_chaletgarden_01 (2).world
    delta/ep02/worlds/areas/ep02_island_01 (2).world
    delta/ep02/worlds/areas/ep02_islandbluff_01 (2).world
    delta/ep02/worlds/areas/ep02_oldtown_01 (2).world
    delta/ep02/worlds/areas/ep02_oldtownruins_01 (2).world
    delta/ep02/worlds/areas/ep02_rural_01 (2).world
    delta/ep03/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_chs_cn (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_cht_cn (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_cze_cz (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_dan_dk (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_dut_nl (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_eng_us (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_fin_fi (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_fre_fr (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_ger_de (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_ita_it (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_jpn_jp (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_kor_kr (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_nor_no (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_pol_pl (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_por_br (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_rus_ru (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_spa_es (2).package
    delta/ep03/strings_swe_se (2).package
    delta/ep03/version (2).ini
    delta/ep03/worlds/areas/ep03_artsquarter_01 (2).world
    delta/ep03/worlds/areas/ep03_centralpark_01 (2).world
    delta/ep03/worlds/areas/ep03_docklands_01 (2).world
    delta/ep03/worlds/areas/ep03_fashiondistrict_01 (2).world
    delta/ep03/worlds/areas/ep03_uptown_01 (2).world
    delta/ep04/clientdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep04/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep04/strings_ita_it (2).package
    delta/ep04/version (2).ini
    delta/ep04/worlds/areas/ep04_coastal_01 (2).world
    delta/ep04/worlds/areas/ep04_harbor_01 (2).world
    delta/ep04/worlds/areas/ep04_island_01 (2).world
    delta/ep04/worlds/areas/ep04_townsquare_01 (2).world
    delta/ep05/clientdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep05/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep05/strings_cht_cn (2).package
    delta/ep05/version (2).ini
    delta/ep06/clientdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep06/clientdeltabuild1 (2).package
    delta/ep06/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep06/strings_chs_cn (2).package
    delta/ep06/strings_ita_it (2).package
    delta/ep06/version (2).ini
    delta/ep06/worlds/areas/ep06_easthollywood_01 (2).world
    delta/ep06/worlds/areas/ep06_hollywoodhills_01 (2).world
    delta/ep06/worlds/areas/ep06_starsblvd_01 (2).world
    delta/ep06/worlds/areas/ep06_studio_01 (2).world
    delta/ep07/clientdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep07/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep07/strings_chs_cn (2).package
    delta/ep07/version (2).ini
    delta/ep07/worlds/areas/ep07_localisland_01 (2).world
    delta/ep07/worlds/areas/ep07_natural_island_01 (2).world
    delta/ep07/worlds/areas/ep07_resortisland (2).world
    delta/ep08/clientdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep08/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep08/strings_cze_cz (2).package
    delta/ep08/strings_eng_us (2).package
    delta/ep08/version (2).ini
    delta/ep08/worlds/areas/ep08_artscampus_01 (2).world
    delta/ep08/worlds/areas/ep08_collegetown_01 (2).world
    delta/ep08/worlds/areas/ep08_stemcampus_01 (2).world
    delta/ep09/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep09/strings_chs_cn (2).package
    delta/ep09/strings_cht_cn (2).package
    delta/ep09/strings_dan_dk (2).package
    delta/ep09/strings_ger_de (2).package
    delta/ep09/strings_kor_kr (2).package
    delta/ep09/version (2).ini
    delta/ep09/worlds/areas/ep09_industrial_01 (2).world
    delta/ep09/worlds/areas/ep09_innercity_01 (2).world
    delta/ep09/worlds/areas/ep09_suburbs_01 (2).world
    delta/ep10/clientdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep10/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_chs_cn (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_cht_cn (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_cze_cz (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_dan_dk (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_dut_nl (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_eng_us (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_fin_fi (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_fre_fr (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_ger_de (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_ita_it (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_jpn_jp (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_kor_kr (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_nor_no (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_pol_pl (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_por_br (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_rus_ru (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_spa_es (2).package
    delta/ep10/strings_swe_se (2).package
    delta/ep10/version (2).ini
    delta/ep10/worlds/areas/ep10_basecamp_01 (2).world
    delta/ep10/worlds/areas/ep10_basecamp_02 (2).world
    delta/ep10/worlds/areas/ep10_basecamp_03 (2).world
    delta/ep10/worlds/areas/ep10_mountaintown_01 (2).world
    delta/ep10/worlds/areas/ep10_summittown_01 (2).world
    delta/ep10/worlds/areas/ep10_touristtown_01 (2).world
    delta/fp01/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/fp01/version (2).ini
    delta/gp01/clientdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/gp01/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/gp01/strings_pol_pl (2).package
    delta/gp01/version (2).ini
    delta/gp01/worlds/areas/gp01_campground_01 (2).world
    delta/gp01/worlds/areas/gp01_forest_01 (2).world
    delta/gp01/worlds/areas/gp01_hermitdwelling_01 (2).world
    delta/gp02/clientdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/gp02/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/gp02/version (2).ini
    delta/gp03/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/gp03/strings_por_br (2).package
    delta/gp03/version (2).ini
    delta/gp04/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/gp04/strings_fin_fi (2).package
    delta/gp04/strings_ita_it (2).package
    delta/gp04/version (2).ini
    delta/gp04/worlds/areas/gp04_vampireworld_01 (2).world
    delta/gp05/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/gp05/version (2).ini
    delta/gp06/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/gp06/version (2).ini
    delta/gp06/worlds/areas/gp06_jungle_01 (2).world
    delta/gp06/worlds/areas/gp06_marketplace_01 (2).world
    delta/gp07/clientdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/gp07/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/gp07/version (2).ini
    delta/gp07/worlds/areas/gp07_craterbase_01 (2).world
    delta/gp07/worlds/areas/gp07_downtown_01 (2).world
    delta/gp07/worlds/areas/gp07_outskirts_01 (2).world
    delta/gp08/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/gp08/version (2).ini
    delta/gp08/worlds/areas/gp08_magicrealm_01 (2).world
    delta/gp08/worlds/areas/gp08_village_01 (2).world
    delta/gp09/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/gp09/version (2).ini
    delta/gp09/worlds/areas/gp09_foo_01 (2).world
    delta/gp09/worlds/areas/gp09_res_01 (2).world
    delta/gp09/worlds/areas/gp09_smg_01 (2).world
    delta/sp01/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp01/version (2).ini
    delta/sp02/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp02/version (2).ini
    delta/sp03/clientdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp03/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp03/version (2).ini
    delta/sp04/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp04/version (2).ini
    delta/sp05/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp05/version (2).ini
    delta/sp06/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp06/version (2).ini
    delta/sp07/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp07/version (2).ini
    delta/sp08/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp08/version (2).ini
    delta/sp09/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp09/version (2).ini
    delta/sp10/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp10/version (2).ini
    delta/sp11/clientdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp11/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp11/version (2).ini
    delta/sp12/clientdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp12/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp12/version (2).ini
    delta/sp13/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp13/version (2).ini
    delta/sp14/clientdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp14/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp14/strings_chs_cn (2).package
    delta/sp14/strings_ger_de (2).package
    delta/sp14/strings_por_br (2).package
    delta/sp14/version (2).ini
    delta/sp15/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp15/version (2).ini
    delta/sp16/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp16/strings_cht_cn (2).package
    delta/sp16/version (2).ini
    delta/sp17/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp17/strings_spa_es (2).package
    delta/sp17/version (2).ini
    delta/sp18/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp18/version (2).ini
    delta/sp20/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp20/version (2).ini
    delta/sp21/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp21/version (2).ini
    delta/sp22/simulationdeltabuild0 (2).package
    delta/sp22/strings_cht_cn (2).package
    delta/sp22/version (2).ini

    1. You did not copy the files and selected overwrite. Instead you copied the files as separate items and that is why all these files show (2)
      Try the Anadius updater. That could repair your game but all files with (2) remain in your installation folder and thus making that folder extra big. (approx 20 GB)
      It will be quite an afford to remove all these files from your installation folder.
      You don’t miss files for version, however, so the Updater could solve the problem but your installation folder will still be oversized.

  129. Hello, i updated my ts4 with Anadius (like i usually do) but it kept failed with “Can’t delete F:\The Sims 4\Data\Client\ClientDeltaBuild0.package, make sure your anti-virusdoesn’t block this program.”.. i don’t use the antivirus, and i never occur to this problem before.. Thank you before!

  130. hi

    i am sorry but i need help
    when i copy the files to my directory it removed the game data an replaced and the game doesnt start now
    so can someone tell me exactly the file directory where i am supposed to put the file into

    1. When you downloaded the pre-patch and mounted it, you must see this:

      Copy all these folders from your mounted download to your installation folder of the Sims 4
      As you – most probably – overwrote your Data folder with one or more of the other folders, you ruined the game.
      Try to repair it with the Anadius Updater or download the base game again from THIS PAGE
      When you use the latter option I suggest you delete the folders __Intall, Data, Delta, Game, Support from your installation folder before copying the folders from that downloaded and mounted folder.

      1. thank u for your fast reply
        but actually i downloaded version so when i use anadius updater to fix the game it starts download 6gb worth of files presumably the newest update which i dont want
        so is there a way to force it to version

          1. Yes you must have your game updated to the 1.82 version before you can add
            Run the Anadius Updater (incl. selected DLC’s) or download the latest version of the base game HERE and add DLC’s later on.

  131. Hey my version is 1.77 only up to cottage living and I want the latest update for the story progression neighborhood stories. Do I need to download each new update or can I just download the latest one?

  132. Hi Tarac:

    I just read it: “Upcoming patch 1.83 by February 2nd
    A new free patch for the base game is to be expected. Consequently our Pack System users will receive this update automatically as soon as this patch is released.”

    Will be there a portable version or new iso with the new patch later for ppl that actually are with cracked version? Thanks 🙂

    1. That depends on whether or not I can filter the new details (files/folders) by comparison of versions 1.83 and 1.82.99.
      I always managed to do it so presume I can publish this new update a couple of hours after the official release by Electronic Arts.

  133. i update the game to the latest version here. But everytime to download lots from the gallery, i failed to do so. it says that the lots were made with newer version of the game. Mine is

  134. Hello, excuse me, can I upload house and SIMS in gallery? Or do you need to download other people’s homes and SIMS anonymously? Is it normal for galleries to be reminded that they cannot connect to the Internet sometimes?

  135. Hi Tarac,

    I have 2 problems since the latest patch with neighborhood stories. The first one is that the neighborhood options in friendly and mean and the phonecalls about neighborhood stories appear blank.

    The second problem is that I play the game in the offline mode, but because of that I don’t receive the delivery items like the new hair and the new christmas items. Is there a way to get them?

    Thank you for your hard work!

    1. 1. Download the latest Language Strings
      2. Express deliveries can only be received when you have a legit base game and you are logged in to Origin.

  136. im downloading the torrent and it was downloadin pretty fast, only a couple hours before it got near the end. But now all of a sudden with only .2 GB left, it is downloading at 0.00 kB/s ???? and it moves a tiny bit from time to time like up to 0.07 kB/s but then goes back down. Its been doing this for hours.

    1. When you go to this webpage you’ll see the previous updates.
      Download the updates and copy the files to the directory of the Anadius Updater.
      When you start the updater you see an addition instruction bar called Extract.
      Click it, wait till extraction is completed.
      Then click Update.

    2. With the anadius updater. Configure the path where you have the game installed, select Update and that you want the anadius crack, do not select any pack (unless you want it), set ok and wait for all the updates to be downloaded (they will be downloaded in order, you just have to wait) and Ready. If it is very outdated I recommend that you download the entire game in the latest version (that’s what I did, since my game was in version 1.4) but if you have 3 or 4 you can use the updater. I hope I’ve helped.

      Here is the link:

  137. Thanks! One question: this doesn’t include any executables. Do we need to wait for the latest game folder to be updated to 1.82.9, to get those executables?

  138. Hi so i’ve got a problem i did the update but i went to enable my mods and even though i press the button when i restart the game it says the same thing that mods are disabled any ideas on what to do?

  139. I cannot get Blooming Kits SP 29 to appear in game.
    I was running the latest updated from Codex which said it included that pack, but I couldn’t see it in game.. So I searched for a way to download the SP separately and came here, and I tried both the final updated and the full update, but it never appears and it’s not in the list of packs in the main page! I don’t know why it’s doing this 🙁

    (I tried to take out the Mods folder but still it didn’t appear)…
    Should I delete everything and try a fresh reinstall? So strange…

  140. Hello! My version of the cracked game is, I cannot find the version here anymore since it is not the most recent version. If I click the “Full Update” ‘for those who did not update to version’, what will happen? Will be also downloaded? Btw, I do not use Anadius updater, it is not working on my laptop. Thank you and God bless you!

  141. Hello.. I’ve updated the game using the Anadius Updater. The build and cas mode are okay, but when I started to play with my sims, I cannot click/control them. The screen just showing a full screen of the sims, there is no status bar on the top and bottom of the screen. The social event indicator also did not appear.

    1. Sounds like a problem with outdated mods.
      Move (not copy) the folder The Sims 4 out of C:\Documents\Electronic Arts temporarily to your desktop.
      Then start your game – it is completely new just as if you just bought the game – Working correct now ? Then mods are causing the problem.
      Afterwards you can of course re-copy the folder The Sims 4 back to C:\Documents\Electronic Arts

  142. when I copy and paste the folders of the iso.. should i click replace files? skip them? or are there select files i should change?

  143. after new updates, took all mods out my folder but when I go from build to live mode my game freezes. I’m using cracked

  144. Hi!
    I downloaded the latest update, but the last kit wasn’t in.
    I tried to download direct from the pack-s the SP 29 file, then I put it in the installation folder, but in the game i don’t see.

    1. Both the final- and the full update contain SP29
      When you downloaded SP29 separately, did you mount the iso and then copied SP29 folder from the mounted iso to your installation folder ?

          1. So, I downloaded the full complete update, and now i see the new kit, and it works.
            But the scenarios doesn’t work.
            I clicked but nothing happens.

          2. Did you click all of them and none are working ?
            The first time you open scenarios you might see 5 of them but 3 are working. The next time you open your game you only see the 3.

          3. When I start the game, there are 3 options. New game, Load game and New Scenarios. When I click New Scenarios button, nothing happens.
            The new game and the load game button works only.

          4. I don’t see any more options when i press the New Scenarios button in the ‘main menu’.

          5. Thanks for your help. It was the TMEXI-Tool mod. Updated it and now the scenarios works. Thanks again. 🙂

  145. Hey Tarac,

    First of all: thanks for your great (free) work! Love the updates and being able to play Sims 4 without spending 200 euros…
    Now the problem: I downloaded the last update and copied paste it into my file. Now when i want to start the Sims, it seemed to work, but after 1 sec black screen it shut itselves off again. Do you know what I did wrong? I don’t use any mods.

    1. So… I didn’t read it all, and after I downloaded and copy/paste the new game folder, it all worked again <3

  146. hi i downloaded the latest update via the updater but its super glitchy and some of the icons in game arent loaded up normally. it was fine before i updated the game, is there anything i can do ?

        1. 95% of all problems are caused by mods.
          Temporarily move (not copy) the folder The Sims 4 out of C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop and then play the game again

          1. i did that and i lost all of my save files and cc but the icons went back to normal so it seems like it is caused by outdated something

          2. From your file on your desktop copy back the folders Tray and Saves to C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
            You then have your old Sims, Houses etc. back in your game.
            From the folder on your desktop copy back – bit by bit – items from the folder Saves. Start your game, problems ? You now know what cc caused some of the problems.
            No problems, continue with some more items from Mods.

  147. Hi, Tarac –
    I have the legal game and downloaded the packs from you that I didn’t already own. I just did Sims’ newest update through Origin and now my game won’t open–it starts to, then stops. I’ve tried the Anadius Updater, I’ve tried repairing through Origin, and nothing is working. Can you help? Thanks!

    1. Most probably your shortcut on your desktop does not lead to TS4_x64.exe in the folder of your legal game
      Try it out by following this path C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4\Game\Bin\TS4_x64.

      When you use the Anadius Updater make sure that:
      1. You browse in the updater to the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4 (don’t open that folder)
      2. When prompted about legit game, click YES

      1. I made sure that target was correct (I had to delete “-alwaysonline” from it. Now it’s just opening my older game before I downloaded all of your packs. If the target points to my original game without your packs, how would it know to open the cracked version with ALL of the packs? Thanks!

        1. Target for cracked game: Your installation folder \The Siums 4 \ Game \ Bin \ TS4_x64.exe
          Target for legal game C:\Program Files (x76) \ Origin Games \ The Sims 4 \ Game \ Bin \ TS4_x64.exe

  148. i have all games4theworld’s Sims 4 files installed (up to v.173.57.1020). can i download and install the latest version v1.81.72.1030 to my existing game?

  149. Why do we still have to download the extra game folder after we downloaded the update via torrent? The connection to the latest game folder is poor it keeps getting disconnected, and I don’t feel comfortable downloading it directly from unknown server. If I sound like I don’t trust you and this has offended you then I’m sorry, but I still don’t understand this and don’t feel right.

    1. When I prepare updates then I only publish the files/folders that have changed (to keep update as small as possible)
      Some people think that they must delete the old folder Game before copying the new files to their installation folder.

    2. If you are not comfortable with downloading “free cracked game” from unknown server, maybe you should just buy it, don’t torrent it.

  150. hey why did you stop including the game files in your latest updates? It can be fixed with the anadius updater but it is a little bit confusing .

  151. Descargé la nueva actualización de ayer día 02/11/2021 y cuando fuí a iniciar para verla, se abre la pantalla en negro y se quita de inmediato, es por problema de la nueva actualización? (Jugué hace 3 días atrás y todo iba perfecto)

  152. I updated to the last version but when i go to the kits it say to download them. Did i do something wrong while i was updating?

  153. I updated to the last version but when i go to the kits it say to download them. Did i do something wrong while i was updating?

  154. Great Job.
    I had to delete my game and then recently re-installed it (vers is there any way to get updates so I can get upto the current version?

        1. Sorry, my reply to Vanny was in a different topic.
          Here a copy of it:

          Updating via Origin doesn’t help in this case.
          When you have added SP24 and SP26 in the correct manner and in the correct main folder of your install-folder.
          I suggest that you run the DLC unlocker as an administrator, type 5 (uninstall EA DLC Unlocker) probably you get an error, repeat 5 again.
          Then 1 and 2, 12 for the Sims 4 and q

          1. Thanks for the reply Tarac.

            Looks like Anadis updated his crack files. I downloaded the crack files separately as they are not included the last 2 ISO files and the Kits showed up properly.

            If you can make a new ISO with those new crack files included with the Kits, then I dont think anyone will face any issues of the Kits like me.


  155. hi does anybody manage to solve the problem with Fashion Street and Incheon arrival kit not showing in CAS?

    1. It took me a long time to find the items.
      Finally found the coats in Cas – Full body -> Cold weather. The small icon, left top of the coat looks like a pair of boots

  156. Finally got the Fashion Street & Incheon outfits to show in my cas by using Anadius Updater. I had already downloaded the color swatches update and the new kit via torrent but the updater downloaded around 50 mbs and after launching the game the main menu notification was there along with all the outfits in cas.

  157. Has anybody found the long coats (incheon kits) is CAS ?
    As a last resort I even bought the kits via Origin and still no luck.
    Btw: The official files/folders are exactly the same as my pirated version.

    Edit: Finally found the coats in Cas – Full body -> Cold weather. The small icon, left top of the coat looks like a pair of boots

    1. Hi Tarac. I’m not the first one in this thread with same problem. I’ve downloaded torrent, mounted .iso, copied all the folders to my game folder, as I do usual. Main menu tells that I do have new kits now, but there were no greeting screen at first loading and still there are no new items in CAS. I’ve filtered all the items by kits in CAS and it shows only fitness ones from one of the previous kits. Could it be the similar problem as it was before (I guess, with the Courtyard kit? when there were no items too with first download until you’ve fixed it). It would be nice from you if you’d checked it out.

    2. Hi Tarac, I have a problem with the fashion street & incheon kits. I’ve done everything like download the update, mount the .iso and put everythings there in my sims 4 folder. But there’s nothing new in my CAS, can you fix them pleasee??

  158. Hi Tarac:

    The latest full pack: “The Sims 4 all-in-one portable version from Base Game up to and incl.Fashion Kits” is ALL included? (swatches + fashion kits) and Anadius crack added? just to mount and play?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Yes all included.
      Although it still is mount and play I strongly advice to copy all files/folders from the mounted all-in to a hard disk. That way you only have to add new DLC’s instead of downloading a fresh new all-in every time a new DLC is released.
      Make sure that the location you copy the files/folders to is under the exceptions of your anti-virus.

  159. New kits don’t show in the game. I use the cracked version and downloaded the update via torrent. A fix would be greatly appreciated <3

    1. 1. Download the update
      2. Mount the downloaded iso
      3. From the mounted iso copy the folders __Install, SP24 and SP26 to the installation folder of your The Sims 4

          1. Dl’ed cracked version update
            I also had already updated the game file to the latest patch before I placed the new kit files in my game folder.
            I’m telling you, the kit files are corrupted or missing some files

      1. Have been using your downloads for some time now. It’s a simple copy over. But this latest one, even though the files are there, there’s none of it in-game

  160. Hi,
    I use the cracked version method.
    It usually shows newly installed pack when the game is launched after updating, this time there was no notification that the Fashion Street Kit(or the Incheon Kit) was installed. And, I don’t see the newly added items in the game.
    Perhaps this update is missing some files?
    Thank you.

  161. I think the Fashion and Incheon kits are missing the delta folders for the kits to work. (As of Oct. 5th.)

    1. So if you update with anadius updater new fashion kits arent available yet? Were they released by Sims?

    2. The previous version was in fact a pre-fashion kits update, so the required Delta, Data, Install etc. are already in that update.
      The latest update only shows some items in __Install and SP24 and SP26. That’s why it is such a small download.

      1. The previous 1.80.69 update did NOT include the Delta folders for SP24 and SP26, which is what is needed. The current Kits 1.80.69 update is missing those Delta folders, which is why it doesn’t work. The SP24 and SP26 are in the main game folder, but separate (and different) SP24 and SP26 folders are needed in Delta.

        1. My own game does not include the SP24 and SP26 in the folder Delta, nevertheless when I open Kits it shows in possession.
          Throughout all updates the latest folders never show up in the folder Delta.
          I really don’t know what the purpose of the files in Delta is as when I remove the whole folder Delta my game still works.

          1. That’s strange. I don’t know what the purpose of the Delta folders are either, but they appear to be needed for the new content to show up when playing the game. Yes, you are correct that the new kits do show up as available in the main screen without the SP24 and SP26 Delta folder, but the content (i.e., the clothing) isn’t available in game when you use CAS.

            Anyway, it’s probably not that important to fix in this release. They can be added or fixed when the next patch comes out. Thanks for all your effort.