Add pirated DLC’s to your legal The Sims 3 game [pack system]

Pack System: Add pirated DLC’s to your legal The Sims 3 Game for free
+ full access to the Gallery + the latest version

Again thanks to Anadius

When you have at least the Sims 3 base game via Origin or the EA app  you can add pirated DLC’s to your legal game for free.

  • Always automatically the latest version (Origin or the app updates it for you)
  • No problems with anti-virus (there are no cracks)
  • Much smaller downloads
  • Easier to add missing DLC’s for free
  • Possibility to switch out DLC’s when your PC is not capable to play with all DLC’s
  • Less problems with your CC
  • Access to the Gallery (no longer switching between legal and pirated versions)
  • Play via Origin as if you bought all DLC’s from Origin
  • Save a lot of disk space as you no longer need the cracked version

New DLC’s however must still be added manually (step 3), although much smaller in size.


In the undermentioned details we use as an example the folder C:\Program Files (x64) -> Origin Games -> The Sims 4
Depending on the language you chose for your original installation that folder could well be Les Sims 4, Die Sims 4, Los Sims 4, De Sims 4 or other.

Preparations in Origin

Preparations in the EA app.

  1. Log in to your Origin account
  2. Click on the word Origin (left top bar)
  3. Click Application Settings
  4. Click Application
  5. In Client update:   switch “Automatic game updates” and “Automatically update Origin” on
    Now your game and Origin update whenever you start your The Sims 3
  1. Log in to your EA app account
  2. Click on My Collection or Installed Games
  3. Click on the picture of The Sims 3
  4. Click on Manage
  5. Click on View properties
  6. You now see the location where the legal Sims 3 will be or has been stored.
  7. Unfortunately, you cannot choose another location (at least I could not)



  1. Download a small file EA DLC Unlocker v2.
  2. Extract with Winrar
  3. Right-click on Setup and run as Administrator
  4. As this is a small .bat file you can’t use the mouse, so type 1 after Choose option Number
  5. When that is done, type 2
  6. Type 13 for the Sims 3
  7. Type Q to exit

When you switched from Origin to the EA app or from the EA app to Origin, the added, cracked, DLC’s can become not owned. In that case re-run the EA DLC Unlocker and first type 5 to undo the previous settings.
Then again type 1,2,13 and q

When you right-click on setup to open as Administrator and typed 1 for the Install EA DLC Unlocker you should see

Logged in via Origin Logged in via the EA app.
Configs folder created
Main config copied
DLL added
Origin detected.

As long as you don’t see that there is something wrong with the Administrator status and you get an error message.


Locate your legal installation-folder 

For Origin: Probably C:\Program Files (x64) -> Origin Games -> The Sims 3
When you still have a shortcut for your legal game, right-click on it and select Open File location.
You come in Your Installation folder\Game\Bin\Sims 3Launcher. Click on arrow-up and you are in Your installation folder\Game\Bin. Again arrow-up and you have found your Installation folder.

STEP 3 (To add missing or new DLC’s)

  1. Open the installation folder for your cracked game
  2. Select the folders for the DLC’s and copy these folders to your legal Game


Warning about torrents:
In some countries, such as  USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand,  downloads via torrents can be monitored by copyright holders and this can result in a warning from your ISP (Internet Service Provider). This in the end can lead to fines or even blocking your internet facilities.
When you download via torrents you better use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)


Download via torrents (selectable) in Winrar format All DLC’s in 1 iso download
  1. Download the selectable torrent for DLC’s for the packs in winrar format
  2. Make your selection(s)
  3. When downloads are finished, select the .rar files
  4. Right-click on the selection and click Extract
  5. In the pop-up window search for the installation folder of your legal game
  1. Download the torrent for the all-in-one DLC’s
  2. When download is finished mount the iso
  3. Copy the folders of the DLC’s to your legal installation folder

Check the file location for your legal game

Sometimes users have created an installation folder that does not correspond to the settings in Origin.
When you start your game via Origin it will always lead to the folder as described in Origin and not to your self-made installation folder.
Consequently, added DLC’s in that self-made folder are not recognized.


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44 thoughts on “Add pirated DLC’s to your legal The Sims 3 game [pack system]

  1. Hello, I downloaded the all in one torrent, then launched it in qbittorrent and its not downloading, just stalling. Don’t really know what I did wrong.

  2. Followed all the steps, their currently in my Sims 3 folder… but I’m not getting any of the packs showing in the sims 3 launcher.

  3. NOTICE: if anyone is struggling with getting the packs to even register in the launcher, make sure your DLC files are in the installation folder correctly, I’ve been struggling all day.

    There should only be one main folder for the specific DLC (ie EP01), and then when you go into it, it should have game and gamedata, etc.

    Ex: Program Foldersx64> Origin Games > The Sims 3 > EP01
    and inside EP01 there shouldn’t be another EP01, it should just be all the DLC data, hope this helps anyone

  4. okay everyone i figured it out YES it says packs arent intalled but they are as long as you keep them ticked in the launcher so press cancle to continue i know its strange but it works

  5. So I installed All the files via Utorrent, but couldn’t extract the files.. every time I sent it to a file that file would disappear or it would be empty. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but it is extremely frustrating to have to wait hours for the packs to install and then not be able to play them.

  6. Hi, I have downloaded the Add pirated DLC for sims 3 and when I go into the game to install all the packs and content from the pirated DLC file, origin comes up, and it’s just the in game library screen with my sims 3 game up. But I go to extra content on origin it says that I have to buy those packs. This is the order I put the folder from the pirated DLC file into 1. This PC. 2 Windows C: 3 Program Files (×86). 4 Origin games. 5 The sims 3. And then I put the files all into the sims 3 folder from all those other steps. I don’t understand why origin keeps saying I have to pay for them even though I have also used the DLC Unlocker I have set that up as well in the same folder. Please help :'(

    1. I just tested it and it works perfectly. This is what I did:
      1. I moved (not copied) the entire folder The Sims 3 out of C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games to a temp. folder on my desktop
      2. Logged in to Origin -> My Game Library -> Right-clicked on the picture of the Sims 3 and selected Repair.
      3. From the temp. folder on my desktop I copied the EP’s and SP’s to my newly created folder The Sims 3 in C:\Program Files (x64)\Origin Games\
      4. Downloaded the EA DLC Unlocker (don’t put it in your C:\Program Files (x64)\Origin Games\The Sims 3 folder)
      5. From the extracted EA DLC Unlocker I right-clicked on Setup and ran it as an Administrator.
      6. Entered 1 (gave an error), repeated it (now no error)
      7. Typed 2, 13 and q
      8. Started the Sims 3 from the newly created shortcut
      9. Opened Expansions & Stuff Packs in Origin and Ticked all expansions
      10. Played new game

      1. i’ve followed these steps as well, multiple times, but only the expansion packs show up in my launcher, not the stuff packs. 🙁 I don’t know what i’m doing wrong anymore, repaired the game, did the unlocker multiple times but no succes. No mac…

  7. Need a bit of help here. It worked fine the first time, but I noticed when I close the game and restart it at a later time during the day, the launcher seems to just delete all my packs and when loading the game, no expansion packs are there. The DLC folders are still in the correct folder so I have to keep doing it all over again and overwrite existing folders but it still doesn’t show up on the launcher or in game. On top of that, the store items I spent sim points on don’t appear in my game either even though they are downloaded and installed.


  8. I chose to add the pirated packs instead of downloading cracked version. I have done everything that has been instructed, yet the expansion packs dont appear in my legal game. Ive completed the ea dlc unlocker thing and ive downloaded the packs through torrent and extracted them, then placed the folders into my installion folder (programfilesx86/originGames/Thesims3/game/bin) ive pressed play and the packs arent showing out of game or ingame. Have I done something wrong?

  9. I also did this. Accessories are not still detected in sims launcher. But there is no problem with expansions. Why?

  10. so I pasted sp05 folder to the The Sims 3/Game/Bin. Is it ok? Additionally, the problem is only with accessories. DLCs are discovered by origin normally.

  11. I tried the Selective Anadius Method to add all DLCs to my legal Sims 3 game on Origin. However, it did not work and I realized that the readme says it only works for the Steam version. I have bought the Steam version, but when I try to run TS3_setup.exe it does not give me the option to choose where to install, and it wants to put the DLCs in my Origin folder. How can I fix this?

    1. It works for Origin based game as well. The TS3_setup.exe searches for the installation folder of the Sims 3 but detects the Origin version.
      What you can do is download the DLC’s for the Pack System and add these to your Steam installation folder.
      Then run the DLC unlocker

      1. I am encountering the same problem I had on my first attempt (before I deleted everything and tried reinstalling). Only two of the packs, Into the Future and Island Paradise, show up as unlocked and installed in the Sims 3 launcher, even though all of the packs should be installed just the same. There was nothing wrong with the torrent so I don’t know why only 2 packs are working out of all the packs.

          1. They do not appear in the launcher at all, except for the 2 working packs (Future and Island).

          2. Thank you for your prompt responses, and I apologize that mine are a bit slow. I am going to try a different method, so no need to worry about helping me with this one!

  12. hello! i followed all the steps but can’t seem to find the cracked folder, i tried checking the same location where my sims 4 crack folder is located but it’s not there, it only lists the 3 DLC’s i already have

    1. When you only played the legal game you don’t have a cracked folder.
      You do have a shortcut for the Sims 4 on your desktop I presume.
      Right-click on it and select Open file location.

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