The Sims 4: Do not pay for cracked updates.

The Sims 4: Do not pay for cracked updates.

Example of what is asked per month

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Some uploaders are asking contributions for so-called Automatic Updates. 

You must register, pay and then login to a yandex page that will “synchronize” your Sims 4 game. It’s not even automatic, you must check on a regular basis via that Yandex page.
They rely on third-party methods created by a.o. Anadius.

It’s absolutely amazing to see that so many people are prepared to pay for something they can get for free.
If you want to spend money, buy the original games, support the developers !

Automatic Updates free of charge


Our site offers the same or at least similar services FREE OF CHARGE.
No registration, no payment. The only difference is that you don’t log in to a certain Yandex page but you login to the Anadius Updater instead.
The updater contains already version

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