The Sims 4: Do not pay for cracked updates.

The Sims 4: Do not pay for cracked updates.

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Some uploaders are asking contributions for so-called Automatic Updates. 

You must register, pay and then login to a yandex page that will “synchronize” your Sims 4 game. It’s not even automatic, you must check on a regular basis via that Yandex page.
They rely on third-party methods created by a.o. Anadius.

It’s absolutely amazing to see that so many people are prepared to pay for something they can get for free.
If you want to spend money, buy the original games, support the developers !

Automatic Updates free of charge


Our site offers the same or at least similar services FREE OF CHARGE.
No registration, no payment. The only difference is that you don’t log in to a certain Yandex page but you login to the Anadius Updater instead.
The updater contains already version

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8 thoughts on “The Sims 4: Do not pay for cracked updates.

  1. commenting on this page too, this is THE SITE to go to for downloads the sims. thank you for all that you do! also special thanks to anadius as well, since his method is my favorite! <3

  2. Thanks for this information. This website are now become my main source for The Sims games especially The Sims 4. Before, I use G4TW but I agree that the website are now sloppy. I personally have the legit version of Sims 3 and Sims 4 and already own a few pack for both games. Though I still using the crack version because I want play all the pack I want while saving some money and wait for the pack on sales. I still using the Origin version for the gallery access.

    1. Thank you! I was using another site to play the game but it constantly crashed on me. Installed yours yesterday and it plays perfectly! It was so simple to install too! Thank you so much!

    1. @Anonymus

      You’re welcome.
      It always upsets me when people are trying to make money via ideas of others.
      Anadius left G4TW because his contributions were only available via Linkvertise, a method to generate some income for G4TW.
      (Meanwhile G4TW is “officially dead” now. It degenerated from a worldwide well-known forum to a sloppy website – no longer a forum at all.)
      Yes, I also make use of the inventions of Anadius, but at least I give him the credits and I don’t ask money for it. (neither does he)

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