Anadius Validator

The Anadius Validator

The Anadius Validator is a handy tool for checking your The Sims 4 files and folders.
It reports missing and or faulty files in your installation of the Sims 4.

  1. Connect to the validator
  2. Chose your installation folder (select it, don’t open it)
  3. Click on Upload
  4. When validation is finished click on Discord
  5. You now see an overview of missing or faulty files
Here you can see an example:

It shows you a.o. the version number, the not installed DLC’s
GP12 is not installed, gp12 is in your directory but still in .rar format, you must extract it of course.

When you can’t solve the problems yourselves, copy the details and post it to me via the mail,


Here you see an example of an installation folder with a legal (Game version) and a cracked version (Game-cracked version).
All versions are the same, as it should be.No missing or faulty (#Hash mismatched) files

















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