Download & Install

Download and Installation of the Sims 1

On this website we only offer the all-in-one download (Base Game + all expansions in one)

  1. Download the torrent for the Old Sims Games
  2. Mount the downloaded iso (If you don’t know how see HERE)
  3. Right-Click on Start and run as Administrator
  4. Enter registrationcode: EQMV-73XB-F8J4-GSLX-4M67
  5. When installation is finished open the folder # Crack and copy the file Sims to your installation folder overwriting the existing file Sims.
  6. Make a shortcut of the new Sims file, rightclick on it, select Properties -> Compatibility , tick Open as Administrator, click Apply and OK

This download is part of a multiple choice torrent

  1. Download the torrent
  2. Apply in your torrent client
  3. Select the game(s) required
  4. When you can’t make the selection(s), delete the present torrent by right-clicking on it in your torrent client, select delete (not delete and ..) and re-apply the torrent.

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22 thoughts on “Download & Install

  1. Hi! Thanks for all your work. Maybe it’s a stupid question, but have looked for it everywhere: how can I change the language?

  2. Please help:( I’m trying to install Sims 1. I installed them, but when I’m going to copy and paste the crack thingy in the other folder, it says that it is too full; that there’s no storage left.
    My laptop still has SO MUCH space left, so why is this happening? Thanks in advance:(((

  3. Hi, I’m trying to uninstall this, but it keeps saying unknown error aborting setup. What do I do? I’ve used the eraser and I manually removed the file, is there something I’m doing wrong?

      1. hi, can you tell me how to uninstall the application? because i also have the same problem with you. thanks in advance.

        1. Hi there, I had a problem uninstalling as well so I downloaded a free application called IOBIT Uninstaller. Make sure to read everything carefully and uncheck the boxes as you may potentially install some random applications, web extensions and browsers that you don’t need.

  4. Hi I’ve followed all of the steps but whenever I try to open the game it says “Game cannot be started because: The default graphics card doesn’t support Thousands of Colors. Exit now.” Do you know how to fix this?

    1. Go to: C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 and delete the file config. Then start your game again.
      Still problems ?
      Open the newly created file config, scroll down to === Graphics device info ====
      Copy the lines after Number ⇾ driver version and post it here

  5. Hi thank you for the free trojan horse your torrent has infected my pc badly, i’m so happy

  6. i already did all the procedure but when i go to run the game nothing happens, i also installed the ”erasers” as someone suggested but nothing changed

  7. First of all, thanks for your works, really appreciate it.
    Second of all, I can’t install Sims 1 lol. When I click on Start, whether administrator or not, nothing happens.

      1. I have already tried but it says something like: “the installation procedure fails to close autoplay”

        1. First of all clear the registry from all previous installations of the Sims 1
          Download the Ersasers extract with winrar and run them all.
          When that is done, install the all-in-one again.

  8. I tried to uninstall The Sims 1 in the control panel but a fatal error is appearing every time I try to do it, even after manually deleting all of the files from the game. Pls help

  9. Hey, this is the only one I can’t get to download, I’ve installed all your other sims, every single one, but every time it asks if I want to let this one make changes it does nothing.

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