Sims Medieval Cheats

  • Motherlode –  $ 50.000 extra
  • Kaching –  $ 1.000 extra
  • DisableRespos – *No daily order at 09.00 hours
  • EnableRespos – *Daily orders must be followed up again
  • setQP number – *setQP 1000 sets your Questpoints on 1000.
  • setKP number – *setKP 5000 sets your KP (=RP) on 5000 enabling you to bay more buildings
  • testingCheatsEnabled – see below for extra cheats
  • ShowAllQuests – Make all quests available
  • RerollQuests – Sorts quests in a diffent order
  • moveObjects on/off -enables you to place items/buildings elsewhere
  • enablellamas on/off – These warnings do no longer show (off)

* the cheats marked with * are only available after  testingcheatsenabled=1

Extra cheats

Go to the location you installed Sims Medival to, by default it is  C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Sims Medieval

  1. Open the folder GameData
  2. Open the folder Shared
  3. Open the folder NonPackaged
  4. Right-clcik on the folder Ini  and select Properties
  5. Delete tick for Read-Only click on Apply and then on OK
  6. Now open the folder Ini and rightclick on Commands (open with Notepad)

Now you see:

; Warning: Editing this file is not supported and could have unpredictable results.
; You might permanently damage your save file and/or game experience. Achievements,
; Ambitions, and Quests might become impossible to complete and the game could
; become stuck. There may be no way to recover. It is recommended that you backup
; your save game before making any changes to this file.
; Enables/disables advanced console cheat codes

Don’t worry, we’ve played the game for years and no problems at all

  • Change TestingCheatsEnabled=0 to TestingCheatsEnabled=1
  • Save in f.e. My Documents or on your Desktop
  • Right-clcik on the original  Commands-file, rename it in Commandsold
  • Copy the altered Commands-file to the folder Ini

That’s all

When you now enter help in the cheat toolbar you see more cheats. De best of course is that you can now have access to the Needs bars and you see more possibilities when clicking on your Sim with Shift pressed.

You don’t want to go through the whole tutorial ?

As the tutorial in the game is quite lengthy and you can’t save the game when it’s not finished
Go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval
Open the file Options.ini with f.e. notepad
Change the line enableintrotutorial from 1 to 0
Save the file.

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