Move your game to another drive

Move your game to another drive

The Sims 4 is contentiously growing in size with every new DLC you install and consequently your C:\ drive can run out of space.
Many computers also have a D:\ drive with plenty of space, so maybe you want to move the game from C:\ to D:\ (or even an external drive, beware an external drive could make the start of your game much slower and you must give that drive a fixed station-letter like Z:\).

Owners of a legal game or Pack System users:

  1. Open Origin (you can still download it HERE)
  2. Open My Game Library
  3. Right-click on the image of the Sims 4
  4. Click on Move Game
  5. Select your D:\ Drive or create a folder like My Games and select it.
  6. Origin will start moving your entire present folder for the Sims 4 to your D:\ drive

What Origin did for you:

  • Moved your entire installation folder to a different location.
  • Changed the registry
  • Changed your shortcut
  • Deleted your old installation folder
  • nothing is lost, even the EA DLC Unlocker is still functioning.

Owners of cracked games only:

  1. Go to your present installation folder of the Sims 4 (don’t open it)
  2. Right-click on it
  3. Select Copy to
  4. Select the drive where you want the new installation folder
  5. When finished make a new shortcut of  the new location\Game\Bin\TS4_x64.exe
  6. Test your game – when all OK delete the old installation folder


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