The Sims 4: Update, repair, add DLC’s

Download, update, repair your game and add missing DLC’s.

Thanks to Anadius
from base game up-to and incl.  Update incl. SP36 en SP37
“Wizard” Anadius came up with a program enabling you to update and repair your game with just a few mouse-clicks.

No manual downloads, no copy/paste, the program does it all
Only works for 64-bits Windows higher than  Win 7


Important message about the Updater.

For unknown reasons the updater now replaces your file Anadius64.dll version with version That version is regarded by many anti-virus programs as a virus (Hacktool).
When this happens to you, copy the old version (download HERE) to your folder Game\Bin (for cracked games) or folder Game-cracked \Bin (for Legal game)


Download Updater  
Extract the downloaded Updater with Winrar or 
Click on Sims-4-updater-vxx.xx inside the folder (Where xx.xx represents a version number)
Click on Browse and select your The Sims 4 Installation Folder (don’t open it)
Click on Update, this will also repair your game
Language files will be installed if not already present.
With cracked games only, just click No

If you do have a legit game or you are using the pack system, click Yes
In that case an additional folder Game-cracked will be created and you can start your legal game with access to the Gallery via Your legal installation folder ->Game ->Bin ->TS4_x64.exe and you play with your legal DLC’s only.
You can start your cracked game incl. cracked DLC’s via
Your installation folder ->Game-cracked ->Bin ->TS4_x64.exe

You can just update your existing game without adding DLC’s  (Click OK)

The program shows an overview of non-installed DLC’s
(in this example SP21-SP30)

You can Add missing DLC’s
Tick the DLC’s you want to add to your game and click OK

Note for users with 32-bits Windows

Bear in mind that Discover University, Tiny Living, Eco Lifestyle, Nifty Knitting,  Star Wars,  Snowy Escape, Paranormal, the kits and Dream Home Decorator can not be played on 32 bits Windows, so no need to download these DLC’s.

Also note that the Legacy Edition is for 32 bits Windows only



The program is now checking all your installed DLC’s for the latest update and adds the ticked items to your game


Should an error occur, just repeat your last selections. All items already downloaded are stored in the folder Update. The program performs a quick check and continues the task.
(Make sure that the Updater is under the exceptions of your anti-virus)

Where is the base game ?

When you did not install the base game earlier, you should use the Repair option and the base game will be installed as well as your selected DLC’s.
Some people wish to play the fully updated base game without other DLC’s (lack of disk-space or computer not powerful enough ?). In such cases Click Repair and don’t tick other DLC’s.

First of all create a new folder The Sims 4 on your computer. Place that folder under the exceptions of your Anti-Virus program  Lead the updater in the first step to that folder.

Change language

  1. Download the Language Changer
  2. Double-Click on it and select your language
  3. Click Yes, Yes and OK in the pop-up screens.

Possible errors for new users who never played The Sims 4 before



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  1. Personnellement je continue d’utiliser l’update and repair, je trouve ça tellement pratique. Je ne dis pas que je ne passerais jamais par la version des packs séparés avec la version légale du jeu mais tant que tout fonctionne avec cette version je ne trouve pas d’avantage a changer (désolé si cela fait plus de travail T_T et merci du fond du coeur pour ce que vous faite)

  2. i wanted to download the new two kits but the updater won´t let me bc my game version doesn´t match the version available in the updater. the game works just fine with all the previous packs but somehow i can´t download new ones. how can i fix it? i updated the game via origin multiple times before running the updater but still doesn´t work.

    1. Id also likes to know when they plan on updating to the latest sims version, please! Had I known anadius wasn’t at .1030 yet I would’ve just never updated my original game on origin.

  3. Please help i downloaded everything, it said all done enjoy the game. I have the legit copy through ea so i clicked the TS4_x64 found in my C:\GamesTS4\Game-cracked\Bin

    However when i click it i get an error ” The code execution cannot proceed because anadius64.DLL was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.”

    What am I doing wrong?

    edit: I then redid it and it went thru pretty smoothly until i got error message “cant hash C:\GamesTS4\Game-cracked\Bin/anadius64.dll” file. Make sure your antivirus doesnt block this program.

    Added context on my first attempt to download everything the first error told me to change the files location hence the GamesTS4 location name.

  4. Hi. Please read this and respond!
    Can you please fix the virus problem. When the sims wasn’t free it worked perfectly fine for me but now that I got the legit game and try to download cracked DLC it doesn’t work and it says ”virus detected”. Should I delete the legit game? Please help.

    1. Please help i downloaded everything, it said all done enjoy the game. I have the legit copy through ea so i clicked the TS4_x64 found in my C:\GamesTS4\Game-cracked\Bin

      However when i click it i get an error ” The code execution cannot proceed because anadius64.DLL was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.”

      What am I doing wrong?

  5. The code execution cannot proceed because anadius64.DLL was not found. is showing up when i go into the game cracked folder.

    1. I have the sam issue. I was so stupid and turned my anti virus program off now I have to fight with a trojan. I don’t understand why there is a virus because before that update everything worked fine. 🙁

  6. I have just updated the legit game and downloaded the updater and clicked update and it said all done but when I click on the game it comes up with system error and says anaduis64.DLL was not found. I have already tried updating the updater a few times and my anti virus was turned off. My game worked fine before this. How can I fix this issue? Thank you

    1. its the antivirus, click on the treat notif from the antivirus and allow the file to work on your device, the antivirus is blocking the game from starting, it happened to me and i fixed it like that.

    2. Anadius64.dll is part of the crack to play the Sims 4 without a legal copy.
      Your anti-virus has put that file on quarantine.
      Make sure you start the game from your legal folder or start from the EA app.

  7. My current game version is One of my mods stopped working with this version and needs the update. Will the updater be updating to that anytime soon?

  8. hi, i followed this tutorial and everything has been working perfectly fine for more than a week now – but today i had to restart my computer and when i started up the sims, i can’t play any of my saved games. when i click load game it shows me my saved games, but with a “restart required” and that the packs are needed + that they are not owned. i repaired and updated my game using the updater, and moved my mods out of the folder but this still happened. what should i do to fix this issue?

  9. Hey 🙂 trying to get the program file for the updater to start up but McAffee won’t allow it. I’ve tried turning off the firewall, restored the file, adding the files for permissions to run the program…I’ve hit a big wall sadly. Any reccomendations?

      1. Bonjour, j’aimerais savoir comment vous vous en êtes sortie, j’ai le même problème mais on ne me parle pas de virus

  10. Hi
    I just finished downloading the game and it didnt give me any errors and just told me to enjoy playing the game but when I load up the game the packs arent showing up…
    I restarted but nothing should i play the one in the Game-cracked folder or did i do something wrong?
    Please help..

      1. Where does this come in?
        I downloaded the EA dlc Unlocker and typed in all those numbers and it still doesnt work
        I dont know what i did wrong but please recommed something else or jusyt hel p me
        Thanks once again…

      2. Whenever i update my game it always tells me “Download failed for DLC [EP01] Get to work 0. Make sure your internet connection is OK and your anti-virus and firewall don’t block this program. And make sure they don’t block “aria2c.exe” either, that’s what this program uses for downloading.”

        I have redownloaded the updater several times, put in my desktop, allowed it in firewall and turned off my firewall as well and also i have get to work in my game so im even more confused please help

        1. I guess that Worlds are blocked by some outdated mods.
          To check that, temporarily move (not copy) the folder The Sims 4 out of C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop.
          Play the game and you should see all the welcome screens for all packs installed.
          Also check now for the Worlds.

          When all is OK now, copy back from the file on your desktop the folders Tray and Saves to the newly formed folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
          Good luck with sorting out which mods caused the problems by copying back, bits by bits, some mods back to the new Mods folder

  11. Bonjour,

    J’ai tout téléchargé et tout c’est très bien passer j’ai pu jouer etc. Mais quand j’ai voulu faire la nouvelle mise-à-jour, pour obtenir les deux derniers kits, j’ai suivi les explications et j’ai même reçu le message “All done! Have fun playing the game :)”, mais quand je vais en jeu je n’ai pas les kit et ils me disent “télécharger pour utiliser” mais où est ce que je dois télécharger pour obtenir les kits? merci d’avance.

  12. im getting this error
    Your game version ( doesn’t match the version available in the Updater ( Make sure your legit game is up to date.

  13. Normally I don’t get a message talking about a virus detected when updating the updater but I did with this update and now I am scared to actually install it

  14. hi so i have already done all this but i want to get rid of some dlcs i previously selected for my game to hopefully stop crashing. how would i do this? thanks!

      1. hi! i have a problem with my sims 4 updater it gives me a error code which my pc is a 64 bit computer.

  15. for some reason, the sims-4-updater file isn’t in the folder. neither is the updater_files file and the updater_paths. is this due to an antivirus software on my computer? I have 64 bit windows 10 computer.

    1. Switch off your anti-virus.
      Re-download the Updater, extract it and place the Updater folder on your desktop.
      Add that folder to the exceptions in the anti-virus
      Turn your anti-virus back on.

  16. I’m having trouble using the updater. says “Download failed for DLC [EP01] Get to Work 0. Make sure your internet connection is OK and your anti-virus and firewall don’t block this program. And make sure they don’t block “aria2c.exe” either, that’s what this program uses for downloading.”

    I have already turned off my anti-virus. also added the updater to the trusted list

  17. Hi, I really need help on this one, I downloaded de updater but it sais “Your game version ( doesn’t match the version available in the Updater ( Make sure your legit game is up to date.” thing is, when I see my version it sais that I have the How do I fix this?

      1. bonjour, j’ai un soucis, j’ai tout télécharger depuis un moment et tout fonctionnait bien, sauf que maintenant, lorsque je veux lancer mon jeu crack ça me dit “impossible de lancer en raison de données de jeux manquantes. veuillez télécharger les sims 4 edition classique a partir d’origin” sachant que j’ai fait la mise a jour de mon jeu de base
        pouvez vous m’aider ?

        1. Lorsque vous avez la version légale et la version fissurée dans 1 dossier, copiez le dossier Game vers votre bureau, puis exécutez le programme de mise à jour et, lorsqu’on vous pose des questions sur votre jeu légal, cliquez sur Non.
          Une fois cela fait, renommez le dossier Game en Game-cracked et copiez le dossier Game de votre bureau vers votre dossier d’installation.

  18. Hi, so it seems to work fine except it has crashed about 5 times since I got it but sometimes my whole pc restarts by itself and says “:( Your device ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you.”
    I already own the base game, but got most of the packs using this.

  19. Is it still possible to back up and reset the game without problem.? And in my Electronic Art document folder I have a folder named content it seems to me that this folder was not there before .

    1. The folder Contents exists in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 so that could not be the problem.
      When you run the Validator and browse it to your installation folder of The Sims 4, you should find missing or faulty files.
      you can back up a cracked Sims 4 siomply by copying the installation folder to another location on your computer or an USB stick/external disk drive.
      No need to back up a legal folder as you can use repair in the EA app and add the cracked DLC’s later on.

  20. I’ve updated the game via the updater and installed to a hardrive. Game loads and works fine, but mods don’t work. I select them to be turned on & restart the game but whenever I reload it keeps asking to turn them on via settings again? Can you help? Thanks

    1. Open C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4
      Search with Ctrl+F for ModsDisabled (should be set to 0)and for ScriptModsEnabled (should be set to 1)

  21. Hi, i downloaded the updater but it says it contain trojan virus so i cant run the updater but im pretty sure its a false positive so how do i solve this so i can run the updater?

      1. hey so like im trying to update it and whatever but it keeps saying that drive c or something is full and i cannot continue to download and i dont know what to do.

        1. Open your torrent-client
          Go to Options
          Go to Preferences
          Select Folders
          Check Save new downloads in
          Make a new directory on another drive
          Select that directory.

  22. hi, i got this message error

    can’t move files to your game folder
    if you don’t have administrator rights – copy your game somewhere else

    what im supposed to do ??


    Before this comment get’s deleted for obvious reasons. I just wanna save people the trouble!
    The executable your planning to run contains a backdoor and many other viruses, a backdoor just refers to a reference entry point to someone else’s computer (yours)
    I also confirmed it by downloading it on my second driver. the results were when I opened it my internet was turned off and anti virus was turned off, followed by it wouldn’t let me turn off or restart my computer, thankfully I was able to get rid of the virus before they could do anything.
    additional note: I also found out my origin account password was changed, either it was my bad memory or it was actually changed.

    1. Why should I delete your comment ?
      Yes, your anti-virus warns you for trojans inside the downloads.
      If what you state were true, my computers would be cluttered with viruses, they still function properly however.
      Many .dll files, required for cracks, will trigger your anti-virus but these are so-called false positive warnings.
      I’m afraid the malfunctioning of your computer was caused by entering other pages, not mine.

  24. Hello, when I try to use the updater it says “Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service.” then the icon dissapears. It was doing it with origin so i switched to the ea app but it keeps popping up.

    Game version:
    Game-cracked version:
    Crack version:
    Folder: The Sims 4
    Crack used: ANADIUS
    Legacy Edition: not installed
    DLCs not installed: GP09, GP12, SP22, SP36, SP37
    #Hash mismatch:
    — quick scan —
    #Missing files:

    #Unknown files:


    1. Your anti-virus blocked the crack in the folder Game-cracked.
      1.Switch off your anti-virus
      2.Download Game-cracked.rar
      3.Extract the downloaded .rar file with Winrar
      4.Copy the extracted folder Game-cracked to your installation folder of the legal The Sims 4
      5.Run the updater on your legal file, check the missing packs GP09, GP12, SP22, SP36 and SP37
      6.Switch your anti-virus on
      7.Put the legal folder under the exceptions of your anti-vius

  25. Hi, the updater worked fine until today. The Sims says that it does not own any packs or DLC’s anymore. How can I fix this

      1. Hey! It worked fine for me and I have the game through Steam. Now whenever I load the game the game suddenly closes by its own. Any thoughts on how to solve this?

  26. bonjour !!
    ou peut on trouver le lien de telechargement des sp36 et sp 37 stp je ne les trouve pas!!
    merci a toi

    1. Tu peux utiliser l’updater et installer les sp36 et 37 avec, juste en faisant “update” et en sélectionnant les sp en question.

  27. I went through all the steps, and downloaded all the dlc last night. however it says: ” CRITICAL ERROR
    Can’t move files to your game folder.
    If you don’t have administrator rights – copy your game somewhere else, for example:
    “D:\Games\The Sims 4″ ”

    What should i do?

  28. hi, i downloaded the dlc’s with no problem and my game works great! 🙂 i shared this way of downloading with my friend but she’s having some issues. when she opens ts4 and goes to packs it tells her she owns everything, but when she enters it theres nothing there (the worlds don’t appear). Any tips on how to fix this issue? Thank you

    1. Is she using mods/cc ?
      Has she re-downloaded the latest EA DLC unlocker ?
      When she runs the Unlocker does it say Origin detected or Desktop detected?
      When the game starts via Origin and the unlocker shows Desktop detected, then run the Unlocker again and type 5 first
      Likewise when game starts via the EA app and the unlocker shows Origin detected.

  29. hello, thank you for your all kind works 🙂
    btw, I downloaded this file and launched it, but soon it crashed and showed me 2 errors.
    1. it says that I don’t have “api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1-0.dll” in my computer
    2. error loading Python DLL ‘C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\_MEI104522\python310.dll
    LoadLibrary: cannot find Module

    I used sims 4 updater 5.5 last year at my Win7, but it worked just fine ;(
    I dunno what caused this kind of error. If you can help me, I would be very thankful ;D

  30. hello, thank you for your all kind works 🙂
    btw, I downloaded this file and launched it, but soon it crashed and showed me 2 errors.
    1. it says that I don’t have “api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1-0.dll” in my computer
    2. error loading Python DLL ‘C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\_MEI104522\python310.dll
    LoadLibrary: cannot find Module

    I used sims 4 updater 5.5 last year at my Win7, but it worked just fine ;(
    I dunno what caused this kind of error. If you can help me, I would be very thankful ;D

  31. Hello, after an update from steam, sims 4 crashes everytime I try to launch it. Says that the game has ran out of memory error. I have checked the ransomware as they say on the forum but there was no problem there. Any solution?

  32. hello i followed the instructions and the game worked fine at creating a sim and adding them to houses but whenever i choose a household and press play it doesn’t load and it goes back to choosing worlds again .. i launched the game from the folder game-cracked>bin>TS4_x64.exe .. whats wrong?

  33. I tried updating it since my game was in my drive D but there was a game with a CD icon as drive E, they say they cannot locate the base game. Idk what to do now

      1. i have 64 bits windows though:( i’ve been trying to switch the sims back to the 64 ones but its not working at all for the cracked version ones

  34. ho seguito tutti i passaggi e mi dice che posso “avviare il gioco e divertirmi” ma quando lo avvio non c’è nessun dlc. (ho il gioco comprato). in piu non trovo il file “The Sims 4\Game-cracked\Bin\TS4_x64.exe”.
    potete aiutarmi? grazie!

  35. Hello, whenever i try to access the site to download the updater, i fail to access it. do you perhaps have an alternative site to download the updater?

  36. Bonjour,

    A chaque fois que je veux jouer le logo des Sims 4 disparait de mon bureau.
    Quand je veux lancer le jeu sur l’application EA un message d’erreur apparait et me dit “démarrage impossible en raison de données de jeu manquantes. Veuillez télécharger les Sims 4 Edition Classique à partir d’Origin”
    Et le logo application TS4_x64.exe disparait a chaque fois.

    Avez vous une solution ?

  37. Hi, so usually the updater works for me. But after updating my game the downloader began having errors. So, I uninstalled it, but now every time I try to run it, it won’t open at all.

  38. When i want to open the updater it say “The ordinal 380 could not be located in the dynamic link library” how could i fix this

  39. Hello. I installed the updates and played fine on day one, but the next day they all disappeared. What can I do now?

  40. Hi! I have a question. it might be stupid but I’d rather be safe than sorry. I used to have the cracked version of the game but I recently switched to the legal game using this tutorial: with the “You already have a cracked game with additional DLC” title. I just wanna know what I should do when the updater says “is your legit game installed in this folder?”. Should I click yes?

    1. It would be best to remove all (repack) or cracked games from your computer. Start over with the legitimate base game.

      Make sure the legitimate base game is working and up to date.

      Install the DLC updater v2 first, then run the Anadius game updater.

      You may also wish to save from your old Sims4 Documents folder:

      Mods, Tray, Saves folders to your desktop then gradually add those files to your new game. This step is not necessary if you don’t care about older content you created or downloaded.

      1. Hey, do you mind helping me out. So I followed all the steps and it says I own the packs but have to download to use I cant see where I’ve gone wrong

        1. When you have at least a legal base game:
          Make sure that the EP, FP, GP and SP folders are inside the main directory of your legal The Sims 4 installation folder (where you also see folders like Data, Delta, Game etc.)
          You can easily locate your legal installation folder by downloading this small file and double-clicking on it.
          Re-apply the EA DLC Unlocker.
          Type 5 first, then 1,2,14 and q again

  41. Bonjour, j’ai un problème car en plein téléchargement j’ai le message “critical erreur” qui me dit que se serais un problème de connexion et que il faut bien que je désactive mon anti-virus pourtant j’ai désinstaller tous mes antivirus et j’ai une bonne connexion internet sa fais 3 fois j’essaye d’installer mais toujours la même erreur.

  42. i’ve been having this issue,
    Can’t hash “D:\FOLDERX\THE SIMS 4\The Sims 4\Data\Client\ClientDeltaBuild4.package” file. Make sure your anti-virus doesn’t block this program.
    How to solve?

  43. November 10th or so there are 2 new kits coming, will we be able to download them from here and add them to our legal base game with anadius updater or does ea block any further dlc’s from being pirated?

  44. why does it said i need the sims 4 legacy now? i’ve been using it with the sims 4 from steam and it was fine but suddenly i cant run the game anymore and i need to install the sims 4 legacy

      1. When you have a 32-bits computer, you MUST have the Legacy Edition.
        Did you already update your legal game via the EA app or Origin ?

  45. I tryed it with the Anadius Updater but now I can’t click on the play buttuns. The complete buttons are gone. Anyone had this issue yet?

  46. Abri o jogo e iniciei um novo jogo mas diz que eu não possuo as dlcs, mas na primeira página aparece que já possuo todos os pacotes

  47. If I have the cracked version but want to get the free base game for the gallery, how would I go about that? Is it possible to do without losing all my saves and progress?

    1. Your saves, progress etc. are in a different directory C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 so they are not changed or lost when you download the legal game.
      For installation of legal game, see this page

  48. Toda vez que clico no jogo aparece: “Não é possível iniciar: Erro de inicialização. [135dec40:29f00e76:00000084:18a1dd51]”.
    Já tentei ir no Updater e Reparar, já reiniciei meu notebook, meu antivírus e firewall estão desligados, o app está como “executar como administrador” e mesmo assim não tá pegando. Por favor, alguém me ajuda! :(((

    Da última vez que o jogo pegou, ele passou horas tentando salvar meus sims para eu poder jogar, até que saiu tudo e meu notebook desligou, simplesmente perdi tudo ://

  49. This was working beautifully for me until the November 1 EA update. Now most of my packs are gone. What can I do to get them back?

  50. hi so i was playing last night perfectly but i was going on it today and i cannot find where to actually open the game, i went on the updater lots of times and it says ready to play but i cant find the application thats TS4 i downloaded the base game with it btw

    1. Where did you browse the Updater to when it said ready to play ?
      That’s the folder where your games are stored, open the folder Game -> Bin and double-clcick TS4_x64.
      When you have the legit game installed, download this small file and double-click it. It will show your installation folder for the legit game.

  51. What can I do if it says: (I use EA Desktop)

    Unable to start:

    The contents of your user data directory were created by a newer version of The Sims 4 and cannot be loaded. Please update your game via Origin to play.


    1. Most probably you are starting a cracked version that is not yet updated to or you are starting a legal version that is not updated as yet.
      Temporary solution to be able to play anyway: Delete the file GameVersion from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4

  52. I don’t know why but since the patch of yesterday i I have to apply the DLC Unlocker to be able to play … I uninstall it and reinstall it but same thing…

    1. Before the update I did not need to always uninstall DLC Unlocker and reinstall it now every time I want to open my game without doing it all DLC and Kits are not possessed.

  53. Hey I just downloaded the base game and a few packs and so on through the updater but when launching the game it says there a files missing?

  54. Fica só aparecendo “Não é possível iniciar: The Sims™4 já está em execução. [ed35e0ea:29f00e76:00000000:18a1dd51]”.
    Já botei executar como administrador, já desativei o antivírus e firewall e simplesmente não abre. Alguém pode me ajudar? Já não sei mais o que fazer 🙁

  55. Will there be updates in the future for this method? Or is it stuck at 1.91? I don’t use legal base game, neither EA App or Origin. Just wanna know if it’s possible for Anadius Updater users like me to have the latest update from now on or if we have to switch to a new method. Thanks a lot in advance!

    1. Używam updater Anadiusa już od 5 miesięcy i za każdym razem nawet tego samego dnia była aktualizacja gry oraz dlc

  56. Es posible iniciar con mi cuenta de origin en el juego crakeado? intente seguir las instrucciones pero no me permite entrar, que puedo hacer?

  57. Hi, I’ve been using the free base game with the cracked dlc for a week. It all worked nicely but today my game doesn’t seem to recognise the cracked dlc anymore. I tried to update and repair by using the anadius updater, but it still doesn’t work. Do I have to download something ?

    1. When you installed the EA app and performed the EA DLC Unlocker you will “lose” the DLC’s when you start the game via Origin.
      Remove Origin from your computer and re-apply the EA DLC Unlocker. Type 5 to uninstall the previous version and then 1,2,14 and q again.

  58. Ever since I updated from the Origin app to the EA app my game will not load any family’s I have and I cant create a new sim because it won’t load.. HELP

    1. Taky dneska nainstalováno EA aplikace místo Origin a nezobrazují se žádné rozšíření, přitom v Update oknu rozšíření se tváří jako že jsou nainstalované

  59. hello, when downloading the file through Kraken, Windows Defender tells me that it was quarantined and is a severe threat containing a Trojan that I’ve researched as an actual threat. This didn’t happen a few months before when I had downloaded this as well as when downloading through Zippy.

  60. Can someone help me with this error :
    Unable to start:
    Can’t run The Sims 4 with the video card in this system. Please check that the video card meets the minimum specifications and that the latest video drivers are installed.

    I tried with anadius updater but it says that the game is ready to play, however I still get this error after I start it.

  61. ok i downloaded this repair and it went well, telling me i can play it but when i loaded it in none of the packs appear so should i use the anadius dlc unlocker in addition to it?

  62. Hi I added all the packs and kits to my game and the download went fine, but none of it is showing up when I open my Sims game via Origin.

  63. Bonjour Tarac, le lien pour télécharger le fichier zip/rar ne s’affiche pas, peux -tu le remettre en réponse ? Merci beaucoup 🙂

    1. Bonjour, il y a plusieurs fichiers rar/zip a telecharger dans cette opération, lequel veux tu spécifiquement ?

  64. Salut, j’ai un soucis, je joue depuis mon compte EA tout a fonctionnée niquel, je joue quelque jour et après mon jeu n’est plus dans mon dossier cracke j’ai essayer plusieurs fois mais toujours pareil.. ?

  65. I was about to download Anadius Updater but it can’t be downloaded as it contains virus. Is it just false positive by my anti-virus software?

    1. it is a false positive error. you just have to open Windows Security and add the folder of the app as an exclusion

  66. It keeps downloading past 100% – downloaded a few DLC’s and it said only 7GB total, then I came to check it and it had downloaded 12Gb and said ‘157% complete’ and still downloadiung. Is this an error or have I clicked something wrong?

    1. bonjour Tarac, hier soir j’ai voulu cracké le jeux j’ai bien fais tout ce qu’on m’a dit, à la fin du téléchargement des pack on me dit que tout vas bien et que je peux joué à présent. Sauf que une fois que je vais sur mon jeux, aucun packs que j’ai télécharger apparaisse et pourtant on m’a dit qu’ils étaient télécharger j’aimerai vraiment qu’on m’aide car j’ai l’impression que je suis la seule à qui ce problème arrive j’ai beau lire tout les commentaire aucun parle de ce problème.(mon ordinateur est un windows)

  67. Hé ! les téléchargements se sont bien passé mais lorsque je joue certaines textures de meubles ne s’affichent plus correctement, dans crée un sims, plus aucunes texture ne s’affiche correctement, elles sont remplacées par soit des carreaux blanc et rouge avec des “?” à l’intérieur ou alors un dégradés multicoloreavec un “?” . Mais aussi certaines choses sont remplacée par des sortes de lamas gris.
    Que dois-je faire ?

  68. Hey, everything works nicely, but Copperdale. The city doesn’t load. It’s just white page with not working earth icon on left side. If i accompany my sims to highschool, then it loads, but the city itself don’t. Do u have any idea how to fix it?

  69. hi, i need some help with an error message i am getting.
    it says:
    “Could not read crack config file: Game-cracked\Bin\RldOrigin.ini”
    and the list goes on, i dont know what to do or if anyone else had this issue. can someone please help

    1. Apparently your anti-virus destroyed the crack.
      Switch off your anti-virus
      Download the latest folder Game
      Extract with Winrar and copy the extracted folder Game to the installation folder of your The Sims 4
      Now run the Anadius Updater.

  70. Hey Tarac, I cant find the DLC unlocker file where is it ? Also, when the download of the DLCs is finished, in what file I have to put all the DLCs files ?

  71. i followed everything but when i opened my sims 4, its still shows that i unowned all the kits so.. can anyone help?

  72. I have a problem with remid cookie. I cannot go to because it no longer exist, so I also can’t add a demo game (it’s also probably the sims 4 are free now) in the browser. Is there any other way?

    1. i have the same problem, i cant access the gallery because i cant play online without the remid cookie, cant get it cause ea seems to have removed origin, is there another way to play online?

    2. You can still follow the same steps if you log into EA website, that is where origin has transferred over to

  73. Whenever i click update it sends this message
    Your game version ( doesn’t match the version available in the Updater ( Make sure your legit game is up to date.
    how do i fix this?

    1. Just run your game from the legal installation folder. That will update your game to version for the folders __Install, Data, Delta, Game and Support
      Not sure what your legal installation folder is ? Download this small file and run it. Your legal folder will show.
      When up-to-date, run the Anadius Updater again to get missing packs.
      Then finally run the EA DLC Unlocker

  74. I don’t understand even after using updater for update and repair I still don’t see the last 3 kits, 33-34-35 Kits in my library

    1. Download and run the latest version of the EA DLC Unlocker, extract with winrar, open the file g_The Sims 4. In the top line you should see CNT=87

  75. I used anadius updater with no problem. But Kit 33-34-35 are still missing in the game. Is safe to remove Game-Cracked folder in program files 86 ?

    1. I got that too. I have been using this site for a while so I’m sure it could be a false positive, but you never know.

  76. hi tarac i tried to download the sims 4 free version on ea origins but directly downloading it
    using the steam app

    sorry for my bad English:<

  77. I have just installed the free base game and I also ran the Anadius updater to add all of the DLCs. When that was done, I tried running my game and it showed that all DLCs and Kits were unowned. How should I fix this?

      1. ive downloaded this and the unlocker . the packs show up in my game but i cant play with so what should i do?

  78. I don’t know why but I did add the last 3 kits,. SP33 – Little Campers Kit
    SP34 – First Fit Kit
    SP35 – Luxe Desert Kit in the legal file and it does not appear …I am a little afraid to use Anadius updater. So ?

  79. I’m using the updater to download ALL the packs but it is going so slow!
    I have a 90Mbps connection but it’s only downloading at approx 240KBps. Is this normal?

  80. Hey Tarac so I got the base game from the EA app and I moved all my packs from the cracked game to the legal one, I got all the packs but all the other worlds are missing so my question is if I use the updater to add the missing packs will it affect my game?

    1. You can safely use the Updater but when prompted about your legal game click Yes
      Also, now that you used the EA app you must adjust the EA DLC Unlocker. Run it, type 5 to delete current version, then type 1,2,15 and q again

  81. Hello ! I can’t get in my game, when I click on “Start Online” and then “Log In” an error appear with the sentence “Invalid remid!”…
    Do you have a solution for my problem ?

  82. Excuse me, I downloaded the free game in STEAM. Can I open the game directly through STEAM after DLC downloading and unlocking? Or only through TS4_ X64.exe Play games? thank you!
    PS: Will DLC unlocking and networking cause my EA account to be banned?

    1. I don’t know about Steam but as the EA app contains a method to download via Steam I presume Yes
      No your EA account won’t be banned

  83. hey tarac since sims 5 is announce i hope you gonna do something when it comes to download and updater for the future and i know they are working on it

  84. Salut ! j’aimerais télécharger des mods / CC mais le soucis c’est que il n’y a pas de fichier mods et j’ai essayé d’en créer un en téléchargeant le fichier ressource mais ça ne marche toujours pas est-ce que je doit tout supprimer et réinstaller ou il y a une autre solution ou aucune tout simplement ? en tout cas merci pour tout c’est super ce que tu fait ! 🙂

      1. justement quand je télécharge avec EA il n’y a pas de fichier mods et je n’arrive pas à télécharger le jeux avec origin ça me met que il y a erreur

        1. Votre fichier mods est dans C:\Documents|Electronic Arts\Les Sims 4.

          L’application EA supprime Origin, donc si vous souhaitez utiliser Origin, vous devez le télécharger à nouveau

  85. Hi, everything has gone smoothly so far however when i try to download the updater, it says a virus has been detected. What do I do about that?

  86. hey tarac i have sims 4 in origins and can’t play my sims without a dlc any solution for that? sorry for commenting again im a autistic player and do you have a dlc origin unlocker

  87. How do i unistall the cracked game? i have to unistall it for space problems but when i go to apps in windows it doesn’t fin it and i don’t know why.

    1. You can delete a cracked game by just deleting the installation folder of your cracked game (did you copy the EP, FP, GP and SP’s from your cracked game to the installation folder of your legal game ?)

  88. when sims 4 base game gets free on steam, can we use this program to add dlcs free on steam version and play through steam?

      1. si je télécharge le jeu de base, est-ce que je vais perdre mon ancien sauvegarde vu que je n’avais pas accès à la galerie ??

      2. Well, I downloaded the EA app to play the game. I already had the Sims legit base game, but that was on my legit account. So I used the cracked version to play with dlc’s. I’m having major issues with the EA app. Every game says loading instead of play or download. No solution found online has worked. So I’m guessing I’m screwed. Can’t get it to work and I uninstalled my base game to start fresh. But now I can’t install the free base game. So I can’t play right now. I’m trying on Steam in hopes that that will work.

        1. You can only have 1 location with a legal game, so I guess the EA App overwrote your already existing folder for the legal game.
          To get your DLC’s in your game re-download the EA DLC unlocker, type 5 to uninstall the Origin version of the Unlocker.
          Then type 1,2,15 and q.
          To find out where your legal game is installed now, download this small file and run it

  89. I’m trying to start my game online, I have followed all the steps but the remid value says “invalid remid’ I am stuck and not sure what to do, is there a way to restore the cookies from the site? when I restarted my pc all the cookies got deleted

    1. In a few hours, EA will give us the opportunity to download the legal The Sims 4 base game for free.
      With that download, you can access the Gallery without the remid cookie.

      1. oui et non je viens de le faire mais le saul problème il recréera un dossier “games-Cracké”

        si on le démarre à partir de steam pas de souci avec la galerie mais mais un souci de dlc non reconnu
        et si on le démarrare avec l’exe qui se trouve dans le dossier “games-Cracké” alors pas de souci avec les dlc mais un souci avec la galerie no internet.
        alors comment faire?

  90. Im getting a side by side error when running as admin and a error saying cannot access the specified device, path, or file running without admin. i read the read me i have 64 and visuals are updated

  91. J’ai voulu télécharger une maison a partir de la galerie mais ça me disait que je devais mettre a jour le jeux alors c’est ce que j’ai voulu faire mais ça me met ça ( je comprends l’anglais mais je comprends pas ce que je doit faire) : Your game version ( doesn’t match the version available in the Updater ( Make sure your legit game is up to date.

  92. Hi, this is my problem, what to do?
    Game version:
    Crack version:
    Folder: The Sims 4
    Languages: cs_cz, fr_fr, it_it, ja_jp, no_no, pt_br, es_es
    Crack used: ANADIUS
    Legacy Edition: not installed
    #Hash mismatch:
    — quick scan —
    #Missing files:
    #Unknown files:


    1. Nothing wrong with your game besides missing some language files.
      Download the language strings to cure this problem.
      Download, extract with Winrar and copy the folders to the installation folder of your The Sims 4

  93. hello, I downloaded the update, it did its download for about an hour and a half and after waiting, I open the game and it’s like before, it hasn’t updated and I don’t have the new packages .. do I have to move something? I also did it again but it doesn’t work, I also did ” repair ” but nothing, can you help me?

    1. It looks like you have more than 1 installation folders.
      Right-click on the shortcut on your desktop for the Sims 4. In the pop-up-menu click Open file location.
      It will show you the file TS4_x64 in the folder Bin. (or TS4 in the folder Bin_LE)
      Go up 1 level to the folder Game, Again go up 1 level to the Folder The Sims 4. That is your installation folder to be used for the Anadius Updater.

      1. hi, first of all thanks for replying, i did as you said, i also installed the correct version of vc redistx64 but now it gives me “ critical error ” and it doesn’t work

  94. Hi! I’m having a problem and I was wondering if someone could help me, if possible. I have the base game purchased on steam, and I used the “Sims 4 Updater” and the “Origin Unlocker v2” to unlock the DLCs, and it worked (extremely grateful for that). The problem is that only the older expansions work. “Bust The Dust Kit” backwards, all worked perfectly, but the others forwards, no matter how much I download them again, are not unlocked in the game. My The Sims is up to date so I don’t know what it could be. Thanks in advance!

    (I do not speak English, so forgive me for any mistakes, I hope you can understand what I said)

    1. Re-download the Unlocker and perform the steps again.
      Your older version does not have the latest DLC’s

      Baixe novamente o Unlocker e execute as etapas novamente.
      Sua versão mais antiga não possui os DLCs mais recentes

  95. When I have the updater and click update it states it is installing only 58DLC however when I go to the unlocker and config it is showing 87DLC’s. Can anyone please help?

    1. When you read the config file you also see some items for the Sims 3 and pre-order items.
      In fact there only are 12 EP’s, 1 FP, 12 GP’s and 33 SP’s = 58 DLC’s

  96. I keep getting an error coming up .

    the program cantstart because api-ms-win-path-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer . Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem ….

    Can anyone help

  97. I cant open the updater. I extract it and run it as an administrator. but nothing no pop ups after that. Nothing. what can i do ?

  98. i cant play my game i used the adapter and did the instructions but my game is not loading through the game cracked version it created please help

  99. Hi, I tried to download the realm of the magic pack & when I make magic sims their faces disappear and I’m only left with teeth and eyeballs. How do I fix this?

  100. hi so i did everything thing right and this is not my first time downloading this but for some reason my mods aren’t working and I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried enabling and disabling Mods and then opening the game back up it hasn’t worked and my cc isn’t working either. It’s just not showing up.

    1. I got the same problem…my cc’s aren’t showing when I add new ones even if they are up to date… have you found the solution ?

    2. Hey I have that same problem going on with my game I was trying to see if you ever got the answer to fix it or know how to fix it

  101. I have a problem that says script call failed when I try to place an object above another. Itry using the repair tool that cames with the updater but it seems like doesn’t really work. What can i do? does someone have the same issue?

  102. I’m afraid that this updater broke my entire game. because after using the updater an opening The Sims 4, an error message says that the game is missing some files

    Can’t delete “updater_tmp\crack\Game\Bin\anadius.cfg”, make sure your anti-virus doesn’t block this program.
    Read the FAQ in “updater_readme.txt” for possible solutions.

    how can i fix this?

  104. The updater keeps crashing for me. I’ve tried it many times. I’ve tried redownloading again & I dont think its my antivirus that’s causing the issue.

  105. Bonjour quand je veux telecharger la mise a jour quand je le decompresse je n’ai pas d’icone pour telecharger je n’ai que les bloc note ? si on peut m”aider ..

      1. oui comme d’habitude j’ai tout comme il me faut quand je fai extraire ici je n’ai pas d’icone pour installer le jeu. Que des icones bloc notes

  106. Thank you for everything Great Wizard Anadis !
    I’m a bit sad not to access in game gallery anymore with my own account (and share my creation with others) and I hope, one day, you’ll be able do make us that gift again (will this happen ?).
    I really apreaciate the time you dedicate to give access to this game to everyone. Thank you !

    1. Apparently Mega blocked the updater (infringement of copyright), so you should now use the one from Krakenfiles.
      Get used to it, be happy that another solution is offered. All direct downloads are always in danger of being cut off.

  107. I’ve cracked the game before and used this to add some of the new dlc’s. It all worked great but when i try to create a sim I can’t choose different colors. Neither skintone, haircolor or any clothing works, when I press it I can only just the default color.

  108. I’ve cracked the game before and used this to add some of the new dlc’s. It all worked great but when i try to create a sim I can’t choose different colors. Neither skintone, haircolor or any clothing works, when I press it I can only just the default color.

  109. Hi! I tried repairing my game after I tried to play and enter my sim’s world, but was met with an infinite loading screen.
    After I tried to repair I got this error:
    Can’t hash “D:\Sims 4\EP02\ClientFullBuild0.package” file. Make sure your anti-virus doesn’t block this program.
    Read the FAQ in “updater_readme.txt” for possible solutions.

    My antivirus is not the problem and I tried the fixes explained in the FAQ but none of them worked :c
    Do you think one of my mods could be causing this?

    1. if theres a file that says last exception thats why, and it does have to do with mods. go to the mccc deaderpool discord server and they can help u from their, just dont mention u have pirated stuff lol

  110. So at the moment we can only access the gallery with “legit” base game? Jeez, I’d love to but it’s too expensive for me right now. Are you gonna try to solve the problem?

  111. i have the legit game and i downloaded all the dlc’s and i can no longer access gallery for 2 days now can you please help thanks.

  112. when i run my game, the notification to connect on the library doesn’t show up and i can’t even conntect to the library when i’m in the game

    1. thats the same problem that i have, i tried using a different account, but i still cant connect to the library

        1. thats what i was doing before i found out that i can connect to the Gallery from the game(and it worked), instead of using tampermonkey

  113. Ola, eu não consigo ter acesso a galeria e nem aos conteúdos personalizados. Como faço?

    Hello, I can’t even have the gallery or the contents to have personalized access. How do I do?

    1. Same here. I’ve already tried to log out and log in again, but it doesn’t work and I really don’t understand what’s the problem.
      A few days ago it worked just fine, I really need access to the gallery :(((

    2. Yes, I have same problem. It even showed Anadius on profile, not my EA account. It happen since yesterday, the “online/offline/log in/log out” options not even available. I hope the bug be fixed.

  114. 谢谢您的一切!这个程序我用了很久了,每次都会感慨您的伟大工作!多么惊人的作品!可惜有些人还是不会操作,我知道您已经提供了十分清楚的解释与说明,我按照你的操作进行的非常顺利,直到今天依然能够畅通无阻的工作!所以我希望能够看到这条留言的朋友们也能够细心的去查看作者的步骤,真的十分简单!若是哪里有问题肯定是哪一步出错了,这么伟大的作品下面的留言却是各种问题实在让人苦恼,导致我的很多朋友也望而却步,再次谢谢您!希望您的生活幸福美满!

  115. Hi, so I was able to download the packs with ease and they do show up however, the content doesn’t show up in game. I can’t create occult sims and the cas stuff isn’t there. I’m not even sure if the worlds are there!

  116. Hello, I have such a problem. I wanted to update the game to a newer version via Updater, but it said “cannot open Ts4 permission error”! So I can’t update the game, does anyone know what to do? This has never happened to me before.

  117. Malwarebytes

    -Szczegóły raportu-
    Data zdarzenia ochrony: 22.08.2022
    Czas zdarzenia ochrony: 19:15
    Plik raportu: 01457ffe-223e-11ed-a1da-086266512d6a.json

    -Informacje o oprogramowaniu-
    Wersja komponentów: 1.0.1725
    Aktualna wersja pakietu: 1.0.59005
    Licencja: Premium

    -Informacje o systemie-
    System operacyjny: Windows 10 (Build 19043.1889)
    Procesor: x64
    System plików: NTFS
    Użytkownik: System

    -Szczegóły zablokowanego złośliwego oprogramowania-
    Plik: 1
    Malware.AI.1758769821, D:\Gry\The Sims 4\sims-4-updater-v0.6.95.exe, Dodano do kwarantanny, 1000000, 0, 1.0.59005, 8CD2D4CB4984420468D4B29D, dds, 01914687, 0B2AF46BD7B61B6388127F1F047F9674, 4A410F61FEEA5C93B48CA228578BC4A13D2C9BAAE5E61B73774E97DDC87A0854


  118. hey, after installing the base game and dlcs, should I select play offline or play online? I’m new to this and I also didn’t have the base game

  119. Never had problems with the updater, but the recent one triggers my scanner and auto-deletes it.. might wanna look into it

    1. Ignore the warning about trojan virus.
      When Origin searches your computer for installed components it’s not triggering your anti-virus and when the Updater does the same it is all of a sudden seen as a virus.

  120. Hi! I just want to inform you that the newest version of sims 4 updater has trojan but when I use the v0.6.87 the other day, it doesn’t have any trojan and windows not detect anything from it. I just want to let you know if it can be checked once again. Thank you for your time and hard work. Love the updater btw!

    I can assure others that it’s not a scam because I had used and successfully play the sims 4 with all of the dlc.

    1. Update (for anyone concerned about the trojan notification)
      I allowed the program to run and it does not have any virus or trojan in it. So it’s safe.

  121. Bonjour à tous, mon ami à fait la MAJ via ce lien et maintenant il peut lancer le jeu, mais lorsqu’il lance une partie le jeu reste sur l’écran de chargement avec le prisme qui tourne mais rien du tout que faire ? Nous avons essayé de supprimer les anciens fichier Tray et Saves mais toujours pas de changement, nous avons aussi essayer le “repair” du logiciel mais rien n’y fait ? Merci d’avance 🙂

  122. The updater (.94) contains a trojan, probably used to run other viruses, steal cc info, and/or mine cryptocurrencies.

    First noticed laggy behavior on my sims instance (which is pretty much impossible on m y pc -im on the high end of high end), then ran the updater because i thought an update might fix that. windows defender found the issue, but i wanted to be sure so i also scanned the file with ClamAV on Linux and it also found the trojan.

    So, you built up trust for years with these releases and then decided to ruin the computers of people who trusted you and earn money from them. while also destroying the playability of the game as well as usability of their systems and possibly even directly stealing money from them.

    1. Many so called virus-protectors act on the principle “I do not know the file, so it must be a virus”.
      I can guarantee you that this is a false positive warning and the updater (or any of my downloads) does not harm your computer, nor will it try and steal money from you.
      Many protectors also regard the cracks, required to play the game outside Origin, as trojans.
      But of course, nobody forces you to download our items.

    2. Same thing happened to me and now I’m believing this might’ve been the reason I had to factory reset my entire system a few days ago. Did not realize I was overlooking this file because in it’s earlier releases I never had a problem.

      1. I just downloaded the latest updater again and yes, Defender warned me of a trojan, I overruled it because I knew it was a false positive warning, ran the updater and my computer still runs smoothly.

  123. Whenever I try to open the file, my antivirus detects a virus, even my old downloads of it. I’ve been using this for a while and its never done this before. Is this happening to anyone else? Is this something I should worry about?

  124. Hi when i click on the updater link it says the download is no longer availiable on mega and the other link doesn’t work either. Please help!

  125. Everything works except one thing. I have legal city living, cats and dogs and go to work, and i installed with this the celebrity one, island one, discover university, high school stories, the mountain japanese one idk the name, spa day, the restaurant one (it’s a bit bugged but overall works), vampires, prenthood, strangerville, werewolves, realm of magic, dream decor, MY WEDDING STORIES, the creepy accessories pack, kid’s room, vintage glamour, toddlers, knitting one and paranormal. i forgot what kits i got but only 2 if i remember correctly.

    now, the problem is that my sims have a wedding and i’m trying to buy a cake and a bouquet. unfortunately that seems to be impossible, because every single food stall and any other stall (bouquet and cake) ONLY SELL PRODUCE. Now, I don’t mind fresh carrots, but when i go buy t shirts or bouquets I expect to buy t shirts or bouquets, NOT CARROTS.

    I searched this problem and I DO NOT have any CC food stalls or anything similiar. I even deleted the online stores accessible on the pc.

    I didn’t have this problem before I installed this updater, everything worked just fine.

    Is there a way to fix this without having to remove all the expansions? I just want to buy stuff at events and a pretty bouquet :’)

  126. Hi, it’s Emmy again about the dlc file location. You had mentioned some time ago that the file location that I had in it was not the right one. Which is the correct folder for my dlc files to go into?

        1. Sorry, what I meant by that was, originally, it was in the same folder where I linked the updater to for the dlc’s to install into. Should I delete them and then redownload them all? Because all the other dlc’s show up, just not particular ones. For example, Dine out and Cats and Dogs show up but not the werewolf pack.

  127. Hello! First and foremost, I’d like to thank you for your hard work ^^ I’d like to ask if there’s any way to make the updater compatible with Windows 7 by any chance? I can’t open it and I believe it’s because of OS incompatibility, I would like to use it to add missing DLC’s. Thanks again ♥

      1. Many thanks! Just one last question: will the .iso files take any space from my USB drivers by any chance? It happened to me once that I downloaded a game that was meant to be a CD since it was rather old, so I downloaded a .iso copy and for some reason one of my USB ports is unusable right now ^^”

        Thanks a lot again ♥

        1. Every file, iso or not, takes some disk (drive) space.
          Our iso’s are guaranteed free from viruses and won’t harm your USB drivers.
          When your USB ports are not responding, try to renew the drivers by visiting the site of the manufacturers of your computer

          1. Hello again, and thanks for being so kind and helpful 🙂

            I’ve mounted the .iso files and dropped the DLC folders into the Sims 4 Origin folder. But for some reason they still appear as unowned? I believe I followed all the steps correctly, but if you notice something I could have done wrong please tell me. Thanks again ^^

          2. You wrote this comment on the page for The Sims 4 Update, repair and add DLC’s.
            When you use the updater there is no need to add DLC’s manually. The Updater would add these to the folder you browsed to.
            I can only assume that you have more than 1 installation folder. You browsed the updater to folder 1 and you play with folder 2

  128. When I download this file Windows Defender flags a trojan called “wacatac.b!ml” and deletes the file.

    1. You need to open your Windows defender, go to privacy settings, privacy history and you will see the blocked download. Click this download and allow and re-download with no problem.

  129. hi i have a question
    so every time a dlc finished installing it said the files got deleted and put in the recyclebin is that something i such be worried about if so what can i do

    1. Once the updater finished checking your files and downloaded missing items, it copies the files to your installation folder of the Sims 4.
      When the copying is completed, the temp.folder inside the Updater will be empty

  130. Hi Tarar, I’m desperate, I followed all the instructions to the letter but without success, the updater and the toggler tell me that I am ais but when I open my game, nothing at all (I have didn’t buy the game, I cracked it)

  131. Hi, I had three questions. Can the updater uplado the whole game even if I do not have the base game? Does the updater work for Mac? What is the best way to download the game for Mac? Is there a way to do it via torrent for example

  132. Hi Tarac, for some reason I have two Copperdale, I took out all my mods to test the game but I still have 2 copperdale, I fixed the game with the updater but it doesn’t work, what can I do?

  133. Hi I’m trying to update the latest patch with the latest dlcs/kits but an error about may not having the right permissions to access the item keeps popping up after i’ve extracted the files. what do i do to fix that ?

  134. Hi!
    I have a big problem, my game is on my external hard drive because I have very little space left on my C drive: and I would like to change the location of the working directory on my external hard drive, but I don’t know how to do it, can someone help me to do it please? Thanks

    1. Hi! you’ll have to do that through origin! I also use an external hard drive, just change the location of your base game, it takes only a few seconds. Google will help you!

  135. Bonjour, j’ai installée aujourd’hui les sims 4 mais je ne sais pas comment faire apparaitre le logo Sims 4 pour démmarer le jeux

    1. Ouvrez votre dossier d’installation des Sims 4, ouvrez le dossier Game, ouvrez le dossier Bin et faites un raccourci du fichier TS4_x64.exe

  136. I downloaded the game today, it works fine but i cant change the colour of clothing, skin tone and the colour of hair of my sims 🙁

  137. Hello,

    My cracked Sims 4 is in my D(:), and I always choose it when I run your updater but no matter what I do the updater always uploads in my C(:). Uploads shows in my desktop for some reason.

    Can you please help me?

  138. Thank youuu!! I followed the instructions and it worked perfectly fine with no custom content enabled at first. Then I tried enabling the cc and script mod from the settings, some of my cc’s were missing. I guess it’s because some of my mods were already outdated. All in all, I have no problem with the game itself, I’ll just have to work with the mods/cc I put in there. Thank you so much for this!!!

  139. Hi I did the download correctly and can’t go online . Every time I use the remid cookie it would always say Network Error. How can I fix this ?

  140. Hi! I just downloaded today and it worked great the first time I loaded in. However, one of my saves now crashes when I try to load into the household. I played with this household one time after downloading. The others all work fine. I updated my mods, and it still doesn’t load. It’s just this one household so far. Can anyone help? Thank you!

  141. hi i seem to be having a problem with my game, it says that my drivers are not compatible with the sims 4, but ive run it perfectly fine for months. i can get it to start if i repair the game through the updater, which then works for a few days, before i get the same error message.

  142. Hello, I I already had the entire game installed from you and just wanted to download the High School Years, but it shows me something like that
    Can’t finish despite running as administrator. Original error message:

    Can’t create or delete files in this folder, move the program somewhere else.
    Do NOT put it directly on your system drive (C:) nor in Program Files!
    Read the FAQ in “updater_readme.txt” for possible solutions.

      1. Download this file
        Ignore the warning (if you get one)
        Right click on it and select run as administrator
        Navigate to your installation folder of the Sims 4
        Also run it on the folder of the Updater

  143. Bonsoir, lorsque j’essaie d’installer l’updat et le nouveau pack, en fin de tache il me note critical error, pouvez vous me dire d’ou cela viens ? merci à vous

    1. Je sais pas si ils lisent le francais donc je vais traduire.
      “Hello, when I try to install the new update and the new pack, at the end of the task I get “critical error”, do you know what triggers that ? Thank you”

      1. Most probably your anti-virus blocks the crack (Anadius.dll and TS4_x64).
        Make sure that your folder The Sims 4 is under the exceptions of your anti-virus, then run the Anadius Updater

  144. Hello! i have a probably stupid question lol
    I’m playing with “always offline” now and it works perfectly, but i was wondering if it’s ok to play “always online” with a cracked game

  145. Yo, si quelqu’un pouvait m’aider ce serait cool car je galère depuis une semaine…
    J’ai installé tous les packs et fais le déroulement des choses comment ils le l’explique sur le site cependant lorsque je veux lancer le jeu, il me dit que je n’ai pas anadius64.dll alors que si et je ne peux rien y faire… Comment faire ? Je ne vais pas tout réinstaller sachant que cela m’a déjà pris 2 jours…

    1. Votre antivirus a mis en quarantaine le fichier anadius.dll. Ajoutez le dossier Les Sims 4 à vos exceptions antivirus.
      Téléchargez la dernière carte du jeu, voir cette page
      Ou relancez Anadius Updater

  146. Hello, When attempting to add the new patch I am advised my game version (1.90.358.1030) does not match the version availablein the updater (1.90.375.1020). Is there a way for me to fix this?

      1. I am also having the same issue, when I try to update to the new patch, the updater version 0.6.92 only updates to version 1.90.375.1020. What else can I do to update?

  147. Hello. I am having an issues with my Sims not being able to eat. Whenever the sims try and get a plate of food, it automatically drops the plate of food and they do not eat. I’ve taken out the mods because I thought that may have something to do with it and it still does the same thing. I even attempted in another household, but still the same thing. If I remove the pack, it works just fine and I even tried repairing. Is there something else that could be affecting it?

  148. “hi! i got a problem when i try to update/repair with Sims 4 updater i got an error message ( Your game version ( doesn’t match the version available in the Updater (1.90.358.1030). Make sure your legit game is up to date.) but my game is already up to date because when i try to update my game on origin they say it got latest update”

      1. hiii i recently just tried to update my sims but it keeps on saying “Your game version (1.90.375.1020) doesn’t match the version available in the Updater ( Make sure your legit game is up to date.” my game is up to date though so i dont really know what to do next

  149. Hi! I just installed everything and things work pretty fine except for copperdale. When I tried to open the world through the main menu, the page becomes blank. I’ve tried repairing it using the updater but it doesn’t work. Do you have any idea on what possibly went wrong?

  150. hello I don’t know if someone has already had business with this problem or even if someone knows how to do it but I installed the game and I was able to go on it only 1 time now it tells me that it can’t run the code because anadius64.DLL could not be found can someone help me please?

    1. Anadius64 has been blocked by your anti-virus.
      Put the installation folder under the exceptions of your anti-virus
      Run the updater again

  151. hi, lately there s a bug where when certain item is broken, it cant be fix no matter how long u been repairing it, and sometimes it happen to upgrade the item as well where no matter how long u upgrade it, it wont upgrade. im not sure if the bugs came along with the high school update or just bcz of the mods(i only use ui dxtension and mccc).

    1. me too. Some of my buttons and icons are glitchy and missing. And I have 2 copperdales and moonwood mill

        1. Hi Tárac, i have the same problem of two worlds, i took out all my mods to test the game but i still have 2 copperdale, i repaired the game with the updater but it doesn’t work, what can i do?

  152. I LOVE YOU GUYS cant say that enough FOR REAL!

    heres hoping you keep this running when Sims 5 releases!!!

  153. Hey, whenever I run the updater it says my game is out of date and to update it, but whenever I run an update on Origin it either says “there was a problem while updating your game. One or more files that requires an update may be in use. If the issue persists please restart your computer and resume the update” or it says “ready to play”, but the game is still not updated and it still shows an update available, which will continue the cycle of getting either of those results. Looking at my game version in the files, it says it hasn’t been updated since December of last year. I’m not sure how to fix this?

      1. Forgot to mention I already have and it did nothing, I’ll try it again later though. Thanks for answering all these questions, I know it can’t be fun!

  154. Help I don’t know what’s going on with my game!!!
    So I updated my game (high school years) and when I built a house and then SAVED it and exited the game when I opened it the next day all of the furniture was gone and then all the windows and so on and then today I made a new family and wanted to play with them but it didn’t work and the game sent me ”The game failed to load” with an error code so I restarted the game and it did that again.

    1. I’ve two copies of Copperdale… so two copperdale and double identical townies… what can i do?

      1. It’s a known bug on the sims 4 that you can only get rid of by repairing your game. In this case, you have to repair your game with the Anadius Updater to fix this.

        1. Hello after updating via the updater my game became so laggy and buggy, when i say laggy i mean real laggggy and i don’t have any mods at all. Everything was fine before the update now i uninstalled the game and am installing it again but definitely not updating this time. The game is very huge please be careful before putting up laggy and buggy updates

        1. I have to same problem. Tried to repair the game several times, but the two copies of Copperdale remain, anyone know other strategies I can try to fix it? Hoping I won’t have to reinstall the whole game …

  155. hi! i got a problem when i try to update/repair with Sims 4 updater i got an error message ( Your game version ( doesn’t match the version available in the Updater (1.90.358.1030). Make sure your legit game is up to date.) but my game is already up to date because when i try to update my game on origin they say it got latest update

  156. Hey! I’m having trouble with the update. I’ve downloaded the new update and made sure to download the high school pack, but when I open the game it says I don’t have it. Is there any way I can fix this?

    1. I installed the new version with the high school pack, but when I go to build mode it gives me “call to script”, I removed some mods but it doesn’t change. What should I do?

        1. do you know in where to put the program? i get an error message telling me not to put it in system drive nor in program files. i dont know much about computers

  157. I installed update and high school life DLC but when I turn on the mods I can’t play and I did a new save game but nothing happen
    it gave me a error code 109…
    Is this a problem with the update or a problem with the mods?

  158. Working well so far, but I can’t get sound. Does anyone else have the same problem or know how to fix it?

  159. Hiiii! i encountered a problem, when I updated my game I have 2 copperdale highschool, i removed all my mods and its still there. Do you know how can i fix this?

    1. I also was getting two copperdale worlds on the map. Repairing my game with the Anadius Updater fixed the problem.

  160. Hi, so I just downloaded the new DLC High school years and I wanted to know, is the vibing streamer gear included with it or not?? because i couldn’t find any of it in my game so i just assumed you hadn’t included it?

  161. My game is completely broken (no pictures to show, you can’t change colors, the mods don’t work anymore)
    And it doesn’t help
    Is there anything I can do?

    1. it’s a broken mods issue, u have to take them out until they receive updates. I did the same and my game worked normally again.

    2. most mods (gameplay ones) need to be updated, i reccomend deleting the old mods and reinstalling the updated versions

        1. Just to understand, at what time do you think it’ll be available? Even just a rough time is fine. Thank you for your work.

        2. HI! Firstly, thank you so much for all your hard work. I can’t imagine the time and dedication it takes to make everything run effeciently while addressing our concerns. Secondly, I seem to be having an issue with the recent updater. I have the newest version, have run & repaired it for the new hs pack and checked the dlc toggler, it is checked off and says its there but doesn’t show up in game. I’ve just tried to repair the legal game in origin as well.

  162. Hey, when I tried to update my DLC Unlocker, Windows said it had a trojan. Is this a false positive? I’m only asking because I’m really paranoid and worried about these kinda things.

  163. To clarify if your post was in response to my message: The expansion pack I downloaded was not High School, it was Snowy Escape. I have since tried with Outdoor Retreat and it does the same thing. Nothing. Everything is in the right folder, so I don’t understand why it doesn’t work :/

  164. It works! and I can use my copy of the sims on origin! when is high school life being added? Can’t wait, thank you so much!

  165. I downloaded one expansion pack and it it located in the right folder with all the others. No error messages, everything seems to be in order. But when opening the game, everything is as it used to be but without the new EP. it just doesn’t register in game. I don’t know what I did wrong

      1. To clarify if your repost was in response to my message: The expansion pack I downloaded was not High School, it was Snowy Escape. I was since tried with Outdoor Retreat and it does the same thing. Nothing.

  166. Hi! Can anyone help me please? When i click updae it appears the message: Drive used in install path doesn’t exist!

  167. Can anyone please help me with the error below?

    Can’t save “updater_files.cache”. Make sure your anti-virus doesn’t block this program.
    Read the FAQ in “updater_readme.txt” for possible solutions.

  168. Bonjour esque vous pouvez m’aider ? je ne peut plus jouer au sims 4 depuis que j’ai faite la mise a jours sur origin quand je lance le jeux il me mette comme quoi tout fonctionne mais quand je clique sur une partie ou je veut jouer cela me mes la carte sans ville et je ne peut pas jouer

  169. Hey, so the new updater version is not working on my laptop (Windows 10 Home). At first, as normally, I started the old version which automatically replaces it with the new version before it can update the game. But for some reason it gave me an error message. I could see the new version in my folder, but it wouldn’t open. Plus, when I tried to delete it, another error message popped up saying that there is possible virus detected. So, I tried downloading the new version of updater from the links provided, but both before finishing the download are giving me error message about possible virus detected. So, idk where’s the problem since until now all the versions of updater worked just fine. Does anyone have similar problem or am I just special and shout try different way of getting the new version of updater? Thanks

    I turned off the antivirus and it worked. Just in case someone has the same issue lol

  170. I’ve downloaded all the dlcs however i cannot find the game on my desktop. I do not own the base game, I tried repairing it but i’m still stuck

    1. You can find the installation folder by right-clicking on the shortcut on your desktop and select Open file location.
      You’ll end up in your installation folder\Game\Bin. Use the up-arrow 2x
      See this page

  171. after the update there’s smth weird going on with the display. everything looks fine but there’s this weird white stuff covering the icons e.g. weather icon, moon phase, inventory icon, etc.

    1. If you have any mods installed in your game, you should update those as well. This should fix the problem. If you don’t have any mods, then I don’t know…

  172. i’ve downloaded the program and updated. i can see the dlc files inside the updater file but it doesnt send them into the game file and i cant see them in the dlc toggler. what sould i do?

  173. It doesnt work to download, it says that it contains a trojan virus. Even if everything is off and using a VPN

      1. The crack for pirated versions of the Sims 4 are regarded by many anti-virus programs as Trojan Horses, this is a false positive warning.
        Place your installation folder under the exceptions of your anti-virus
        Download the latest folder Game – see this page

      2. i just allowed the map i put it in.

        You can do that in the windows anti virus and i managed to get the update!

  174. I started using the marriage pack and suddenly the part of organize wedding events stopped working. It says, “dinner party” “description goes here” and nothing else, there’s no photo, no more events, anything. I tried running the updater, i thought it could fix the problem but no, i reboot the game but it didn’t worked tho. Please help me please

  175. Hi there!

    I have the original game from EA, everything works amazing but just for like 3 days, then all my DLC disappear. I don’t have any antivirus, just the one from Windows, do you think that could be the problem?

    Thank you so much, wish you all the very best!

    1. When you are using the Pack-system, there are no cracks required. So there should not be any problems with your anti-virus.
      Are you sure you play with the legal game ?
      Check the location for your legal game – see this page

  176. Se eu apagar algumas coisas do jogo será que ele carregará mais rápido? Meu notebook não é tão bom, e mal tem coisa nele de jogo só the Sims 4 , mas os loading são muito longos 🤦🏻

  177. Hi, i updated my sims with your updater a couple of times, and every single time it shows my old version which is 1.72. What am i doing wrong and why i cant update to newest version?

  178. is there a way to uninstall packs? i have a lot of packs i don’t really play anymore and i want to make some space for newer or other packs

  179. hi, I managed to put all the packages in my game and everything is fine, but some doors, aspirations and windows and some objects are kind of “invisible” and I already deleted all mods that were detected as “conflicting”. my the sims is original and i don’t know what else to do 🙁

      1. Hi tarac, I update my game using the updater then After that, The game is work fine but I can’t upload any build in gallery, I have a crack version and also I dont have any mods in the game, thank you in advance

          1. Hello thank you for the response:)), I have the remid method but stiil can’t upload, maybe the remid is expire or something? When I Upload in the the gallery, It always show “CANNOT LOCATE THIS ITEM”, I try to create another account for the remid but still the same:((

          2. Yeah, I tried to upload a sim or any build in the gallery and when I click the upload button It always pop up this message “CANNOT LOCATE THIS ITEM”

          3. Hi, Tarac, Thank you for the reply, I try your method but now , It say, “SERVER ERROR, WE COULD NOT PROCESS THIS GALLERY REQUEST.” WHEN IM UPLOADING IN THE GALLERRY:((

  180. i just finished updating it. it was a doing good when I opened it. Then I enable mods and restarting the game, I can’t open the game. i clicked it a lot of times and nothing works. i need help

  181. when i try to update my game it tells me that it cant find the base game, what do i need to do to fix this??

  182. wait, so i won’t need the patch files anymore? like the ones we used to download and chose to update with?

    1. When you use the pack system the new updates will be added automatically. All you have to add yourselves are the new EP’s, GP’s or SP’s.
      When you have a cracked game only, the Updater will be sufficient to keep your game up-to-date.

    1. Try this:
      Right-click on the Updater and select Solve compatibility issues
      Select Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

      I don’t think it will work as the program is written in Python which is not supported in older Windows

    2. Managed to get it to work in Win 7 x64.

      Downloaded a wine based api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1-0.dll that was made to allow install of newer versions of Blender in Win 7.
      Basically extracted the x64 api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1-0.dll to my windows System32 folder.

      Also downloaded a x64 fork of python 3.10.1 that was compiled to work in win 7.
      When I installed the x64 python 3.10.1 package I selected “Add Path to System” option. … windows_7/

  183. Hello! just wanted to ask how to remove DLC? there is some that I don’t play with and don’t really like

    1. Hi, tarac, I updated the game yesterday, and after that I can’t upload in gallery, I have a cracked version and I don’t have any mods in the game, Thnak you in advance:))

  184. Is it normal for the updater to be missing? The the dlc toggler and uninstaller are there but the updater is missing.

      1. Hello Tarac, I have some difficulty in updating my cracked Sims 4. I directly downloaded my missing dlc from the manual update but in the text instructions no instructions have been given for those using this method… Please what I’m supposed to do ? Can I have the instructions Text file ?

  185. Hi ! I got a huge problem with my game.
    Before the new update, it worked perfectly but now, he says “Your game version ( doesn’t match the version available in the Updater ( Make sure your legit game is up to date.”

    I check my game and is up to date so what is the problem ?
    Can you help me please !

    Have a nice day !

    1. Do you have a legal game, when Yes
      Log in on Origin with your legal account
      Go to My Game Library
      Right-click on the picture of the Sims 4
      Select Update game

      You don’t have a legal game, Run the updater and tick No when prompted about your legal game.

  186. Hi! So, I just currently use your updater. It works fine before but today I seems can’t go online even replaying do the steps over and over again. What is wrong? I’m in latest version.

    1. I cant seem to go online since last night either. I cant even access my own profile in the gallery, which I know I could do a couple days ago. 🙁

  187. Hi Tarac, I had a question about some of the DLCs not showing up. On the updater, I’ll see the ‘GP12 Werewolves’ on the list of updates (including 10 other packs ‘SP23-SP33’ that won’t show up in game after updating. when I open up the game it acts like it didn’t install it. For instance, the Werewolf world doesn’t show or any of it’s contents that is included in the pack.

    At this point I have taken out all of my mods and cc to make sure that it wasn’t the case. After taking them out, I have checked the Delta folders located in ‘Documents/Electronic Arts/TheSims4’ and it shows that it is in there. I currently run the non-Legacy version. I also tried to repair it and it unfortunately didn’t work. What do you think it might be?

    1. I don’t know what you have done, but the Delta folder should NOT be in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4
      Also, taking out the mods folder is not sufficient, as there still could be mods inside your Sims. You must temp. move the entire The Sims 4 folder from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts.

      1. I have the same issue as them. I searched my folders for the Delta folder you said shouldn’t be in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4, it was in there. I do not play with any mods either. Is there a specific place it goes or a way to fix this by any chance?

        1. When the folder Delta is in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 you can delete that Delta folder.
          It should be inside your installation folder where you also see __Installer, Data, Game a.o.
          Run the Updater again in repair mode.

  188. Hi! thanks for all the work you do.
    I didn’t really understand what i should do when i don’t have the base game installed. I understand that i should create a folder named Sims 4 first, but where do i create it? And after that, do i just click repair and then i add the dlc’s?