The Sims 4: Update, repair, add DLC’s

Download, update, repair your game and add missing DLC’s.

Thanks to Anadius
from base game up-to and incl.  version
“Wizard” Anadius came up with a program enabling you to update and repair your game with just a few mouse-clicks.

No manual downloads, no copy/paste, the program does it all
Only works for 64-bits Windows higher than  Win 7

Download Updater  
Extract the downloaded Updater with Winrar or 
Click on Sims-4-updater-vxx.xx inside the folder (Where xx.xx represents a version number)
Click on Browse and select your The Sims 4 Installation Folder (don’t open it)
Click on Update, this will also repair your game
Language files will be installed if not already present.
With cracked games only, just click No

If you do have a legit game or you are using the pack system, click Yes
In that case an additional folder Game-cracked will be created and you can start your legal game with access to the Gallery via Your legal installation folder ->Game ->Bin ->TS4_x64.exe and you play with your legal DLC’s only.
You can start your cracked game incl. cracked DLC’s via
Your installation folder ->Game-cracked ->Bin ->TS4_x64.exe

You can just update your existing game without adding DLC’s  (Click OK)

The program shows an overview of non-installed DLC’s
(in this example SP21-SP30)

You can Add missing DLC’s
Tick the DLC’s you want to add to your game and click OK

Note for users with 32-bits Windows

Bear in mind that Discover University, Tiny Living, Eco Lifestyle, Nifty Knitting,  Star Wars,  Snowy Escape, Paranormal, the kits and Dream Home Decorator can not be played on 32 bits Windows, so no need to download these DLC’s.

Also note that the Legacy Edition is for 32 bits Windows only



The program is now checking all your installed DLC’s for the latest update and adds the ticked items to your game


Should an error occur, just repeat your last selections. All items already downloaded are stored in the folder Update. The program performs a quick check and continues the task.
(Make sure that the Updater is under the exceptions of your anti-virus)

Where is the base game ?

When you did not install the base game earlier, you should use the Repair option and the base game will be installed as well as your selected DLC’s.
Some people wish to play the fully updated base game without other DLC’s (lack of disk-space or computer not powerful enough ?). In such cases Click Repair and don’t tick other DLC’s.

First of all create a new folder The Sims 4 on your computer. Place that folder under the exceptions of your Anti-Virus program  Lead the updater in the first step to that folder.

Change language

  1. Download the Language Changer
  2. Double-Click on it and select your language
  3. Click Yes, Yes and OK in the pop-up screens.

Possible errors for new users who never played The Sims 4 before

You lost all DLC’s

When you switch from Origin to the new EA app you seemingly lost all your packs.


  1. Re-apply the EA DLC Unlocker
  2. Click on Setup 
  3. Type 5 [enter] to uninstall the old Origin settings (When you get an error, try again)
  4. Type 1 [enter]
  5. Type 2 [enter]
  6. Type 19 [enter]
  7. Type q [enter]

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815 thoughts on “The Sims 4: Update, repair, add DLC’s

  1. Whenever I try to play it will crash as soon as it launches, I’ve tried to delete the updater and restart but the game won’t update to the exact date I re-installed it.

  2. I recently updated my game and installed For Rent, and i built an apartment in Brindleton Bay. The next day when i opened the game, Brindleton Bay wouldnt load. I have tried the Repair option in the updater, Ive tried the update button, I have moved my mods out and disabled mods, ive restarted the computer multiple times nothing is fixing it. The only solution any one could give for this bug is to delete all mods and locathumbcache.package and create a new game, which did give me access to the Brindleton Bay world again but that doesnt help me considering I need the apartment i was building back from my old save. Any fixes?

  3. Is it possible to uninstall some of the packs that I don’t use after installation with this tool?

  4. Hey so I’ve downloaded all the packs, been using this since January, but recently my game hasn’t been working, on the loading screen, I have to CLICK the screen for it to get off the loading screen, and when I load into my game my sims just stand around and dont do anything, I’ve tested all my mods since I don’t have a lot, but they aren’t the problem, do you think you could help me figure out whats wrong?

    1. I have the same problem. I’ve been using these since last year but now that I changed my laptop I had to download everything again. Now my sims just won’t do anything. I thought the mods were the problem, but even when I take all of them my sims just don’t move lol

  5. Hello Anadius,

    I have used your updater several times and always succeeded, but this time it says:
    – “Updater encountered a critical error and cannot continue”
    -” Download failed for Full Patch 41″

    Also, I cannot download SP52 and SP53 individually, this has never happened before.

    I wonder if maybe I am missing something here? should I install something before the updater or SP52&53?

    It would mean a lot if you can help with this.

    Thank you so much

  6. Hello,
    I have problem with game from your website that I’ve downloaded.Almost everytime when I open game it freeze,then comes back to normal and then when I want to load save file and enter household,I play for a while then it freeze again and crashes.

    1. I forgot to mention that this keeps happening after I updated the game.I’ve update through your sims 4 updater,didn’t do copy-paste or anything.I’ve deleted some mods that I’ve thought maybe those mods caused problem,however problem is still the same.

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