The Sims 4: Update, repair, add DLC’s

Download, update, repair your game and add missing DLC’s.

Thanks to Anadius
Version from base game up-to and incl. Modern Menswear Kit

“Wizard” Anadius came up with a program enabling you to update and repair your game with just a few mouse-clicks.

No manual downloads, no copy/paste, the program does it all

Always check for the latest version of the updater,
do not rely on previously downloaded versions.
Latest Updater version: 0.5.5
Updater Download includes:

  • dlc toggler
  • language changer
  • vcredist files for new Sims4 users

Download Updater 0.5.5

Extract with Winrar 
Copy the extracted folder to your Hard Disk Drive
Click on Sims-4-updater

Click on Browse and select your The Sims 4 Installation Folder
Click on Update, this will also repair your game
Language files will be installed if not already present.
With cracked games only, just click No

If you do have a legit game or you are using the pack system, click Yes
In that case an additional folder Game-cracked will be created and you can start your legal game with access to the Gallery via Your installation folder ->Game ->Bin ->TS4_x64.exe and you play with your legal DLC’s only.
You can start your cracked game incl. cracked DLC’s via
Your installation folder ->Game-cracked ->Bin ->TS4_x64.exe

Click OK
You can just update your existing game without adding DLC’s  (Click OK)

The program shows an overview of non-installed DLC’s
(in this example all EP’s, FP’s, GP’s, SP’s and Legacy Edition.)

You can Add missing DLC’s
Tick the DLC’s you want to add to your game and click OK

Note for users with 32-bits Windows

Bear in mind that Discover University, Tiny Living, Eco Lifestyle, Nifty Knitting,  Star Wars,  Snowy Escape, Paranormal, the kits and Dream Home Decorator can not be played on 32 bits Windows, so no need to download these DLC’s.

Also note that the Legacy Edition is for 32 bits Windows only



The program is now checking all your installed DLC’s for the latest update and adds the ticked items to your game

Now play your updated/repaired game and you see that all DLC’s are in the game, even those DLC’s you have not installed..
From the download of the Updater, copy the files dlc and dlc-toggler to your installation folder.
Run the dlc-toggler
All non-installed DLC’s are marked in red. In the picture, all SP’s

Uncheck the red boxes and close the toggler

Make sure all non-red items are ticked

When you now start your game it’s clearly visible which items are installed and which are not.

Should an error occur, just repeat your last selections. All items already downloaded are stored in the folder Update. The program performs a quick check and continues the task.
(Make sure that the Updater is under the exceptions of your anti-virus)

Where is the base game ?

When you did not install the base game earlier, you should use the Repair option and the base game will be installed as well as your selected DLC’s.
Some people wish to play the fully updated base game without other DLC’s (lack of disk-space or computer not powerful enough ?). In such cases Click Repair and don’t tick other DLC’s.

First of all create a new folder The Sims 4 on your computer. Place that folder under the exceptions of your Anti-Virus program  Lead the updater in the first step to that folder.

Change language

  1. In the downloaded updater you’ll find a file called Language Changer
  2. Double-Click on it and select your language
  3. Click Yes, Yes and OK in the pop-up screens.

Error about missing .dll files

New users who never played The Sims 4 before on a Windows 10 machine get that error.

  1. In the downloaded updater you’ll find a folder # vcredist
  2. Open that folder
  3. Double-Click on all (6) files (one by one)

Do you have problems with the Updater ?

Too slow or certain files not found ?
You can also manually use the updater by downloading the updates from THIS WEBSITE

  1. Download the requested update(s) and place it in the root directory of the Updater
  2. When you now run the Updater you’ll see an additional menu item called Extract
  3. Click on extract 
  4. When extraction is finished, click Update
  5. After a successful update remove the downloaded updates and the folder Update from the Anadius Updater.


Suppose your present version is and you want to update to the latest version (presently

  • Download:
    update from
    update from
    update from 
  • Put these downloads in the main directory of the Anadius Updater. (see picture)
  • Now run the Updater, browse to your installation folder (select it, do not open it)
  • Click on Extract and select the downloaded Update-files
  • When you see Extraction completed, Click on Update


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719 thoughts on “The Sims 4: Update, repair, add DLC’s

  1. hello, my sims 4 base game are which is the latest but an error pop up to update it on origin which its a latest version

  2. Hello and thank you! I have the legal game and I have followed every step however the donwload stopped at the very last second and told me that there was an internet error and I should try again. So i didn’t because it already took too many hours BUT i’m trying again now. Another weird thing is that in my origin game it says that i already own all the dlc but i actually can’t play with them in the game..why?

    1. Delete your existing folder for the EA DLC unlocker and download the latest version.
      After extraction of the downloaded unlocker run setup as an administrator.
      Select 5 (uninstall EA DLC unlocker) – if you see an error, try it again.
      Then run setup again, select 1, 2, 13 and q
      Now run your legal game via Origin and non-installed DLC’s should show up as “download to use”
      Close your game
      Now run the Anadius Updater – lead it (browse) to the folder of your legal game. Do not open that folder, just select it.
      When prompted about your legit game, click YES
      Select the Anadius crack and tick the missing DLC”s

  3. Hi!

    How do I remove a dlc after downloading if I dont want it and want to create more space? Since there is no way to go through origin to do it with this downloaded version of the game.
    Not very good at this stuff haha would appreciate help! 🙂

      1. I cant find the dlc- uninstaller, do you know how I find it?
        And I did delete it from my installation folder (at least the folder that is the sims 4 anadius repack folder not sure if its the right one) but the dlc is still in the game and I cant seem to find any other file related to the specific dlc.
        Sorry if Im being really dumb but I cant seem to figure it out

        1. You can find the dlc-toggler incl. dlc-uninstaller HERE
          Download and extract with winrar, copy the extracted files to your installation folder.
          You can find that folder by right-clicking on the shortcut on your desktop, select open file location.
          You’ll end up in the folder installation folder of the Sims 4\Game\Bin. Navigate up to the actual file location The Sims 4

  4. Hi! Sorry if this is such a common error but I keep getting the “Hello ;)” popup message saying the app was not able to start correctly. I tried launching it from Steam, Origin, and even from the Installation Folder/Game/Bin but it still won’t launch. I’m only testing a few packs at a time since a massive download gives me an error saying I should recheck my internet connection.

    If it helps, the packs are still in the installation folder, along with Game-cracked folder, and dlc + dlc-toggler from the Anadius Updater folder.

      1. Thanks for replying! I downloaded the batch file and ran it but it still didn’t fix my issue 🙁 the error OrangeEmu64.dll pops up followed up TS4_x64.exe – Application Error (0xc0000142) saying it’s unable to start correctly. I already took the dlc + dlc-toggler outside of the installation folder in case that was what’s messing with it, and even tried to run the app again both with and without the batch file you suggested inside the installation folder but I still can’t run it

        1. Download the latest folder Game
          From your installation folder delete the folder Game
          Extract the downloaded folder Game with winrar and copy this extracted folder Game to your installation folder.

          The above method will eliminate the OrangeEmu64.dll + the incorrect TS4_x64.exe and replace it with the Anadius64.dll crack and another version of TS4_x64.exe

  5. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this on my own and have tried to read every reply and forum before asking but I can’t seem to figure it out on my own and I don’t know what I may be missing.
    I have everything that I believe to need installed the DLCs, the unlocker, etc. I even got past the obstacle of the “Download to Use” prompt I kept getting too. I finally got to the point where they all said owned and I was ready to play! I made my sim and then went into build mode and none of the packs are loading. I either see ? or just llamas in place of the object. I restarted my game and computer also I did repair and ran the unlocker again just to be sure it was still working.

    Any ideas on what I can do to troubleshoot in my next steps?

    (I also ran the vcredist files while troubleshooting and uninstalled/reinstalled them in case that was an issue?)

    1. When you see lamas it could be an indication that you are using outdated mods.
      Move, not copy, the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop, then start your game again.
      Are you still seeing lamas ?
      If not, copy the folders saves and tray from your file on your desktop back to the newly created C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4

  6. Hi there! So my problem has been that after i completed yay the steps, it said “Download to use”. So i speeches the comment section for a solution. i tried all the methods i could find and right now i’m attempting to redownload by pressing repair instead of update on the anadias updated screen. But, now this is downloading incredibly slow and i’m not sure what to do. I have the legal game so i’ve tried moving the files like you said in the comments.

    1. When you see “download to use” you did not browse the updater to the correct installation folder.
      Browse the updater to the folder of your legal game
      When prompted about a legit game, answer with YES
      When the updater has finished run the DLC Unlocker – see this page
      Now start your legal game via Origin

      1. I greatly appreciate your response! I did download all the DLCs to my legit game file. I did all of those steps and have been troubleshooting since it hasn’t worked. I checked the config file and everything was listed as on that page.

  7. Hi my updater application has crashed and is saying:

    17:00:14:WARNING:updater: download failed for d-gp04__1: GP04/ClientFullBuild0.package.
    00119:34:25:WARNING:url: p-81_72-82_99: failed to retrieve download URL from server 1
    19:36:16:WARNING:url: no-origin-fix- failed to retrieve download URL from server 1

    Does anyone know what to do to fix this

  8. Hi. I have been trying for a while to download some packs, but it keeps giving the error ‘uncaught exception’. It says I should send a file to your discord, but I can’t find it anywhere.

  9. I have a question, how can I safely update my sims game without my mods fillies getting corrupted every time I do it?

    1. As long as the updater is not copying files to your installation folder you can close the updater.
      Downloaded files are stored in the folder Update in the actual Updater.
      When you delete the folder Update from the Updater all temp.stored files(updates) will be lost.

  10. Hello, in my games it says I own the packs but I cant play my saves because it says I dont own the packs. I restarted the game and still nothing. I have the original Sims 4 base game. Help please!

  11. I don’t know where to ask this question but my antivirus software, AVG, suddenly and randomly quarantined my TS4_exe file and I can’t open my game. Everything else is intact, what do I do?

    1. well, i reinstalled the game and i’m updating it right now but I simply asked the antivirus to remove it from quarantine so hopefully it’ll be solved

      1. which isn’t working. This is super frustrating. When I try to un the game now it says anadius64.dll can’t be found

          1. So the game repair is still running but I went to my regular Sims 4 folder where I kept the anadius repack file and opened the readme.txt, it mentioned something about a “no-origin-fix-”, so I extracted that file and it had a new “game” file with a “bin” and “bin_le”. In the “bin” file I found the missing .dll’s so I copied it to my download file. I’ll keep you updated

          2. it’s working!!! i found a “no-origin-fix….rar” for the latest update in the updater folder and did the same thing and it’s working!

  12. so my game version is, and i can`t upgrade to later versions, i`m followin the instructions but i always get an error. Can you help me?

  13. I got this error when my download was almost finishing “xdelta\xdelta3-3.0.11-x86_64.exe missing. Redownload the downloader, EXCTRACT IT and don’t delete any files.”
    I downloaded the updater again and extracted it. What should I do next? Should I download the update from the updater again?
    Thanks in advance

    1. web host blocked the whole site as there was a suspicion of malware in the Dutch forum section. Proved to be a false-positive warning.

  14. Every time i update DLCs and try to start, (legit version of base – delux game) the game freezes within 30 seconds (or if i skip the opening credits)
    I tried to repair the program and its able to complete, but still does not work.

    Also – When i launch the DLC toggler – getting error:
    Could not read crack config file:

    Any thoughts? Have been working on this for a couple days now

    1. The toggler does not work for your legal game because there is no crack involved. Consequently the toggler cannot find it.
      Problem about freezing: MOVE (not copy) the folder The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop and then start your game again.
      You seemingly will loose all your own Sims and houses. No longer freezing ?. Copy the folders Saves and Tray back from your desktop to the newly created folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
      I fear that when you also copy back the folder Mods your problem with freezing will be there again. So the problem is mods-related.

    1. When you start your game with a shortcut on your desktop, right-click on the shortcut and select something like Open file location.
      You are then in your installation folder\Game\Bin. So go up and manoeuvre to the installation folder where you can find folders like Install, Data, Delta aso.

      When you mean the installation file of the Updater, download the Updater, extract the download with Winrar and run Updater.

  15. I don’t know why bit it keeps giving this everytime I try to open the game “cannot start because game is missing required data or its broken and to repair it thru orgin and then i went to the # vedredist thing and went thru and updated that the game still won’t open and will give that error message what do I do?

  16. I have the legal base game and installed all of the DLCs, repaired the game and still, whenever I open it, it says that the DLCs are not installed. Did I do something wrong? I don’t know what else to do.

  17. Can anyone help? When i first started the updater it was 10GB and the it reached 2.5GB and it displayed this error “download URL for p-72_28-73_48 not found, TRY AGAIN” and the i restarted the update and it was then 8GB and said “download URL for p-72_28-73_48 not found, TRY AGAIN” again and now I started it again and its 6GB for me to download, does that mean its updating my game?

    1. When you repeatedly get errors about (or other) you can download the update from THIS WEBSITE
      Copy the downloaded file to the directory of the Updater, you get a new toolbar Ëxtract”. Wait till the extraction is completed and then click “Update”.
      When update is successful, you can delete the file from the directory of the updater.

      1. Thank you, it worked. i also changed my crack selection to codex since that’s what shows in my game.

        But now it has updated and I did everything right, I even downloaded some new stuff packs from here but when I open my game it still shows me my old version. Why please?

  18. Anadius, thank you so much for making these games available for free. I want to play TS4 but refuse to support EA because their greed has made the many of their game series worse.

  19. Does the Updater support the Sim Delivery Downloads or does it download it as an option when opening the Updater? Mostly asking since I do not use the online version. I clicked Sims Delivery to download yet I received an error.

    1. The Sims Express delivery does not work in cracked games (although it states that you are up-to-date).
      For cracked games you’ll have to wait for the next cracked update
      It does work in the Pack System

  20. Thank you so much for all your help! I think I’ve finally got a hang of this updater down and it seems to be working pretty well so far. However, for some reason, the GP04 folder seems to be having some problems. For a while, I kept getting error messages that would pop up during my dlc downloading that said ‘ download URL for d-gp04_1 not found, Try again’. So I just gave up on the pack and stopped ticking the GP04 to allow the rest of the DLCs to download and the rest has been going pretty smoothly. Is there something wrong with the folder or is it something I did wrong during the extraction process?

  21. keeps saying it can’t find the Delta.exe file and to extract it again. i definitely have it but idk where it’s supposed to be sitting for this updater to notice it?

      1. Never mind! It was winrar causing an issue. It finally extracted after trying it multiple times. Sorry about that.

  22. Can you still can update the game after the delivery update is out? Because I want to use this updater in the long term

      1. Update your legal game via Origin or Steam.
        Add new DLC’s to your game: Run the updater and when prompted about a legit hame in the same folder reply with YES

  23. Hi. I just wanted to know does this require internet connection even if I put the update manually? It seems to be downloading files after it check the update folder.

  24. Heya! I just updated my (legit) game so it has more dlcs that I dont own in it, but I have the Game folder and the Game-cracked in the same instalation folder, should I delete the original Game folder and run the cracked one or should I just play it in the origin app?

      1. I did it and I can play the game with the dlcs! but I cant I access the online gallery anymore and it sucks because I dont know how to build houses, how do I access the online gallery?

  25. Hi! I cant login :// and when I tried on my new account I couldn’t find Create A Sim Demo or The Sims 4 Demo so Im a bit confused- Should I use Island Living Trial Version or try again my old account?

  26. I’m trying to access the gallery but it keeps writing but its not connecting. can anyone help? has anyone been able to access the gallery with this crack?

  27. Hi, I have installed “Sims 4 Updater 0.5.4” and I am trying to install DLCs (specifically EP05/Seasons). When trying to open “dlc-toggler”, I get the error message “could not read config file: dlc.ini”. Help is much appreciated, thank you!

  28. this is my first time using the updater and i have a cracked sims 4 game that hasn’t been opened in about 6 months. i wasn’t sure where to put the updater so i put it where the mod folder goes (with all the dlc folders). since i have a 64bit laptop, i chose to ignore the legacy edition. however, when i tried to update it, it told me “Download URL for d-gp10_1 not found, TRY AGAIN”, what do i do?

      1. i tried again several times. i’ve also repaired the game and changed the amount of dlc selected but it still shows up after a while with the same message. should i select the legacy edition, download it, and delete it afterwards or would that be bad to do?

        1. my bad, i thought “d-gp10_1” was the legacy edition but it’s the dream home decorator game pack. i’m currently only updating with the dream home decorator selected but it’s going pretty slowly.

  29. I haven’t tried any of this yet. I just got a brand new computer and downloaded my copy of sims 4 from origin. Do I follow the same instructions with windows 11?

  30. Hola! Tengo la nueva actualización y hasta ahora todo va bien pero me di cuenta que no tengo la expansión de Vida en el pueblo y anteriormente si que la tenía. No encuentro el archivo en la pagina de Vida en el pueblo para descargarlo que puedo hacer?

  31. Hey, Im asking for advice or help with the Cottage Living dlc, which is disabled cause of “preorder”, but it has been a long time after the premiere. Can anyone explain? Or maybe im doing something wrong updating, but every new pack comes in well.

    1. As you pre-ordered you apparently also have a legal base game Start your legal game via Origin. (C:\Program Files(x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4\Game\Bin\TS4_x64.exe)
      Most probably Cottage Living will now be added to your legal game.
      From then on proceed with the Pack System
      Copy the DLC’s from your cracked game to your legal game and apply the DLC Unlocker

  32. hi! after i did to the recent update 1.81, there’s a problem with the event and scenario goals because it’s broken and i can’t see it. i tried moving mods, it worked and then when i put the mods back, it crashed again. should i recheck each mods to check which is making the game like that? thank you so so much!

    1. Yes indeed.
      When you have many mods I suggest you copy them back in bunches of 10 and then try the game.
      I know it could take a lot of time.

      1. i did this and finally found it! turns out, one mod needed some update due to the new patch. thank you so much!!

  33. What is meant by “installation folder”? is it the folder in which my legal game is, or a folder that I have specially created…

    Sorry, I’m a total newcomer to all of this and I urgently need support for stupid people


    1. It depends on which installation folder you want to update, cracked or legal
      When you see this
      answer yes for your legit game and no for your cracked game

  34. I think the latest “Scenario” update for the Sims 4 broke my game. When I start up the game, there is no option to start a scenario, it’s just two new menu buttons reading as “OK” and the Options menu can no longer be opened and now reads as “Text.”

    1. Download the Language Strings, extract with Winrar and copy all corresponding folders to your installation folder such as Program Files\The Sims 4 or
      in case of genuine Origin downloads C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4.

  35. Hi Im newbie for this game and I have a question. I downloaded base game here, and I want to play it with mods, but I don’t know where to add mod files . Can you pls let me know where the folder like ‘mods’ in legit game is? Thanks

    1. C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.
      When you have played the game before that folder still exists including your mods, otherwise it will be created when you play the game for the 1st time.

  36. Hi, I’ve installed the game and has been playing the game quite smoothly for a month now but not quite sure why I wasn’t able to open the game today after many attempts…

    1. Most probably because your anti-virus destroyed the crack. (place the installation folder under the exceptions of your anti-virus) and download the latest Game folder
      Other possible cause: did you recently added mods/scripts/cc to your game ?

      1. i put it under exceptions today for the new update, but it still says error and at the top it says permission error. i have downloaded the new version of the updater and still get the error. i don’t have space to move the whole game like it suggests, and have tried removing the installer to a different disk. it still doesn’t work. any advice?

  37. Hi umm, i downloaded the updater and i wanted to download the Base Game pack and its about 26GB and it downloads but when it says check your internet connection and try again it works until the last 1.92GB then when u try again it goes back all the way to 1.92GB, yet I downloaded like 500MB and it says the remaining is 1.92GB..

    It Just Gets *SO* ANNOYNING!!! 🤬🤬

    Please advise me….

  38. Hi umm, i downloaded the updater and i wanted to download the Base Game pack and its about 26GB and it downloads but when it says check your internet connection and try again it works until the last 1.92GB then when u try again it goes back all the way to 1.92GB, yet I downloaded like 500MB and it says the remaining is 1.92GB..

    It Just Gets *SO* ANNOYNING!!! 🤬🤬

    Please advise me….

    1. Everything you already downloaded is saved in a folder Update inside the Updater folder, so you don’t have to re-download again.
      When you re-start the Updater it quickly checks the already downloaded items and continues downloading the remaining parts.

  39. Never mind my question. I followed another tutoral of yours and used Unlocker to install Journey to Batuu. It worked just fine this time!! Thanks for everything by the way.

  40. Hi, I’m sorry I’m sure I missed to do something or did something wrong, but I’ve been trying to add the “Journey to Batuu” DLC to my game, and it just never appears in the game.

    I’ve bought the Sims 4 base game on Origin. I’ve then installed the DLC the way it’s described on this page, created a new Origin account, downloaded the essay version of Sims there, , copied the redmi cookie, etc. I have NO error message, no problem with the antivirus, nothing of the sort. And yet, when I launch the game, Journey to Batuu doesn’t appear.When I click “start offline”, there’s a message saying that a new pack is being installed, but I’ve waited for an hour and the DLC still never appears in the game 🙁

    What do I do wrong? Am I supposed to replace the original “game” folder with Anadiu’s? (probably looks like a stupid question, but as it’s not said I’m scared I don’t want to make a big mistake…) same question with the GP09 folder? am I suppose to put it in the Delta folder, among the other DLC folders?

    By the way, I am under Windows 10 64bits.

    Thank you so much in advance!

    1. When you have a legit copy of the base game, most probably in C:\Program files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4 copy the DLC’s from your present installation folder to that folder.
      Then run the EA DLC Unlocker. Start your game via your official Origin account.
      For full details see THIS PAGE

  41. I just want you to know that you don’t need to come up with solution.I did download all over again and put in the mods folder,and now mods works just fine and game finally can load.The only problem that I still have is custom music.I still can’t hear my own custom music,but I can hear ea’s music.Thank you so much

      1. Yes,I did that and I have my own custom music in the folder,but I can’t hear it my own music,I only hear ea’s music

  42. Hey!I have deleted sims 4 installation folder and sims 4 updater,but I did extract sims 4 file rar., and sims 4 updater.Now it’s updating game and I did play the game but it doesn’t let me play with a mods.When there is mods in mods folder it doesn’t want to open the game.What do I do?Everything is working fine without mods.

      1. But how to open game with mods?Also I did extract file from sims 4 fashion kits and copy to the original sims 4 installation folder and it’s working just fine.And I still can’t update game because it can’t find some url.

        1. Am I right in assuming that you have at least a legal base game, based on your reply above (original sims 4 installation folder) ?
          If yes, play your game via Origin and then Origin will update your game to the latest version.
          When that’s done, use the Updater to add missing DLC’s and when asked about legal game click Yes

          When you don’t own a legal base game then tell me what your present game-version is and i’ll have to think about another solution.

          1. Yes I have Sims 4 base game from your website and sims 4 trial 3 days for free,but that it.I don’t have Sims 4 origin,I have only on origin sims 4 trial

  43. I can’t do that.I want to delete old updater folder and update all over again.There is no way to do except that way.I already have red line on local disk c because of sims 4 updater.

    1. or can I delete sims 4 installation folder and extract the sims 4 file?I’m really out of options here.Every Sims 4 video updater on youtube was copying files to sims 4 installation folder and everything was working fine for them.And they update from your website(sims 4 updater)

  44. I did it everything before you comment because I thought it is because of antivirus program,but isn’t because I did added sims 4 updater folder and sims 4 installation folder on virus & threat security(it says add or remove exclusions) and on antivirus program.It’s still the same message(or should I say permission error) saying:”Make sure to add updater folder exception list on your anti-virus.If that doesn’t help then disable your anti-virus completely.
    If you still get this error copy the whole sims 4 folder updater somewhere else(like for example C:/updater).And if that still doesn’t help copy your whole game somewhere else.” I’m really out of the options and I did move to desktop sims 4 folder and sims 4 updater folder,but still nothing.Also,I’m sorry for long comment.

      1. Will I delete the old folder sims 4 updater?Because I’ve just download this new sims 4 folder updater and I don’t have enought space because of that updater.

          1. I have out of 233 gb.And this new updater folder doesn’t let me update because of not having enough space,and no I don’t have another drive.

          2. Looks like “end of story” then
            Last resort: Delete existing installation-folder(s), empty waste bucket, re-start computer
            Download full all in one (method 3). Target a USB-stick (capacity 64 GB or more, NTFS formatted) or external HDD

            Play from USB stick or external HDD.

    1. 1. Download the latest game folder from HERE Extract with Winrar
      2. Delete the existing folder Game from your installation folder and copy the downloaded folder Game to your installation folder.
      3. Run the updater

  45. I checked it with virus total website and the result showed that the sims 4 updater contains 3 malicious viruses including a trojan horse. I am a bit worried.

    1. Yes, files unknown to your anti-virus program that can make changes in exiting .exe and/or .dll files are potential dangers. But you can be sure that the items in the Updater are completely harmnless.

  46. Hello , i’ve updated the game and it shows me that there are such many missing contents- I mean about dlcs. How they’ve been dissapeared so sudden?

  47. Been trying to download for a while now. Having struggels at “sims 4 updater”, and it can not find my legit basegame – even though I know exactly where I have the basegame.
    Would be grateful for some help 🙂

  48. Everytime I try to download it says mid download “error check your internet connection and try again” even though there is nothing wrong with my internet connection.

    1. Yes, that error often shows up when too many people are trying to download the same.
      Just repeat the updater and if necessary tick the DLC’s again. Your progress is stored in a file Update so the already downloaded files will not be downloaded again, only quickly checked.
      The actual downloading will start again from the point where it was before the error occurred.

  49. Why my SP24-26 not include on this update file (all I can see is stuffs’re from latest spa pack, no sp24-26 packs as well)

    1. When you start your game, what version is it ?
      If then SP24 and 26 must be included as folders in your installation folder of the Sims 4

  50. hey, everytime i run my game it gives a blue screen? so i had to delete it and im scared. got my new computer last week, and ive been using ur app since june. dont know whats happening

  51. It just says that the file is corrupted even if i make a exception from my antivirusprogram. And when I unzip it there is only vcredist files..

    1. I am 100% sure that the updater does not remove such files as these are stored in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 and the updater uses your installation folder only

  52. Hello, i’ve already installed the game but when i was trying for open the game, it said “can’t run The sims 4 with the video card in this system”. What does it mean? is my laptop not support? i’m using Sis Mirage 3 graphics.

  53. when im trying to run dlc toggler its show me ,,ERROR” could not read crack config file: game-cracked\Bin\RldOrigin.ini or game-cracked\bin\codex.cfg
    or game-cracked\bin\anadius.cfg or Game\Bin\RldOrigin.ini or game\bin\codex.cfg or game\bin\anadius.cfg

    1. Most probably you did not place the dlc toggler in the root directory of the Sims 4 (installation folder)
      The DLC toggler must be in the same directory where you find folders like __Install, Delta, Data, Game.

  54. im sorry for asking this im just so confused how do i check my game version? (i have the crackgame one) i tried to check from google but i couldnt fine any solusion

      1. Hello guys, why am i getting this message?
        “Download failed for some files, check your internet connection and try again”
        I have tried to repair it 2 times, didn’t work. Also turning off anti-virus, removing CCs, with my internet’s working well. It’s literally 50mbs of files left(Almost finished!) i’m so confused cuz i’m a new player in the community, please need help right here :’)

          1. Hey Tarac, thank you for replying,
            My last version before updating to the latest version was 1.69
            Turns out i try to not ticking any DLC before updating so it just updated the game, and finally it worked! Thank you to Anadius and you specially 🙂
            But i still have my last question, do you know how do i install the unticked DLC before? Cuz i wanted to have and ticked all DLCs before updating but i can’t because it won’t finish the update, you know what’s the option in the updater? Or should i use another tools? Please let me know :’)

  55. Hi there. I’m struggling to get my game updated from V 1.79 to the latest version with the two kits. I’ve downloaded the files from the mega link link you provided and tried extracting them, I’ve taken my MC commands out from mods folder and I’ve put an exception on for the updater, on my anti virus. I’ve tried what you recommend on the previous replies, but it’s still not working. Do I need to remove all the mods I’ve added onto the game or do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you for the work you do btw. The last time I used the updater it worked wonderfully, so now I’m wondering if it’s all the mods I’ve added.

    1. Very easy to find out if your mods are causing it.
      Move, not copy, the folder The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop.
      Start your game.
      Your game now is brand new as if you just bought it.

      No problems ?
      Copy the folders Saves and Tray from the file on your desktop to the newly automatically created C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
      You now have your old houses, Sims etc. back in your game

      Still no problems ??
      You’ll have to sort out your mods/CC.

  56. Hi there! I tried to udpate the game yesterday night with the updater program (my actual version is to have the latest version and the new two packs.
    Unfortunatly the updater didn’t finish its work ’cause it appeared a blue screen of death and my pc restarted.
    Now i’m scared to update honestly. Is it safe to do this update with this program?
    I already tried to download the iso and followed the instruction for that method but it didn’t work.
    Thanks in advance for any help!

  57. Hi,
    I followed all the instructions and when I open the game there are no DLC installed? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling using Origin and still does not work. I cannot find any instructions on what to do to help.

    1. Apparently you did not follow the instructions.
      It is very important that you browse to the correct folder (don’t open that folder, just select it)

  58. hey, im getting issues when my sims goes to school, she occasionally stuck there hours to hours and unable to go home and when in the festivals, the timer is full but the event wont end(not the festival itself but social event that happens there). do you have suggestion? or mods that fix this?

  59. I followed all the steps and everything was extracted successfully then
    it said the update was successful but my game version and everything remained the same

    1. Hello, i updated the game using the updater and it said it was successful, but when I wanted to put a replacement of house in a lot build mode is not showing. Like i can only move items but the other options in build mode arent there. Please help

    2. Probably you have more than 1 installation folders or they are “nested”.
      Your shortcut on your desktop leads to another folder than the one you updated.

  60. this is NOT the latest version, and my game is constantly giving me last exception errors with the MC Command center mod and no cc at all.

    It’s still 1.79 for me.

    I tried repairing, and updating still 1.79 and causing last exception errors.

    1. Apparently MC Command is blocking the update

      Download THIS FILE and add the downloaded file to the directory of the Anadius Updater.
      When you now run the Updater you get a new option Extract besides Update and Repair.
      Select Extract and then Update.

      Maybe that circumvents MC Command

      1. Um, do I have to create an account first? Because it said download cannot proceed because it exceeds the current transfer allowance something…

      2. hello im sorry i have a lot of question where is the anadius updater? i couldn’t find it on my folders. and if i uninstall my MC Command will it change anything or still be the same and have to download the file? another question do i have to download all the file or just the one that u need? Thank you so much!

        1. The Anadius Updater can be found HERE
          I don’t use mods/scripts so cannot comment on MC Command
          With the updater you can select the DLC’s you want. No you don’t have to download them all.

      1. The download URL for no-origin-fix- file is not found. Try again.

        This is what it says. It keeps failing at this specific file.

    1. OMG same, and it keeps failing when extracting the pack for the latest update. The file. When I tried to extract the file by myself, it said the file is either damaged or missing. Can you help me? What should I do? I’ve never encountered this kinds of problems before :/

      1. Download THIS FILE and add the downloaded file to the directory of the Anadius Updater.
        When you now run the Updater you get a new option Extract besides Update and Repair.
        Select Extract and then Update

      1. hello,

        I am trying to update to the newest version using the updater but I encountered this error. 16:32:34:ERROR:updater: uncaught exception
        Please advise what should I do next?

  61. I need help. I have updated my craked game from old to new however now when I enter the gallery it’s telling me that I cannot place any creator’s builds or sims in my library cause it was created with the newer version of the game. What does that mean.??.

    1. I solved the issue. Download the latest updater from this page. Update your game again with that updater. After finish, repair your game using the updater. Voila!

  62. не доходит , до меня схема , очень сложное !! обновление симс 4 через программку тяжко стало !!! как обновить , через программку симс4 до последней версией ? мне это не доходит !! объясните по картинке близ !!

  63. не до ходит , до меня , как всё это делать ? через программку обновление симс 4 не понимаю и ошибки как исправить программке , когда обновить не удается ?

  64. Hello,
    I downloaded the 1.80 update from Mega but when I extract it on the updater it still shows I need to download 5.0 Gb files more to update the game
    Any help?

  65. Good Day, hope everything is well.

    I used the updater to update my game and downloaded all the file until it got to No origin fix 1.80……..anadius.rar. the error message says “download failed for some files, check internet connection and try again.” My anti virus is disabled like always.
    I AM downloading the files from mega.

    1. Update: The file I downloaded and steps I followed above worked 100%.

      I need to put anadius updater in exception on my windows security, but don’t know how. Windows 10. If anybody can help please.

      Thank you so very much for everything. 💘

  66. Good Day, hope everything is well.

    I used the updater to update my game and downloaded all the file until it got to No origin fix 1.80……..anadius.rar. the error message says “download failed for some files, check internet connection and try again.” My anti virus is disabled like always.

  67. hi so i have a question… when i downloaded the sims, i mounted the iso file. it runs well but i still cant mess with it and now when i try to update by the anadius updater, it says that i dont have the permission to modify files. please help me! im crying i want to update my game

    1. You tried to modify the .iso file and that is not possible.
      You must lead the Updater to your installation folder of the Sims 4 and not to the iso.

  68. I just wanted to say thank you so much to both the actual Wizard Anadius for creating this tool, and to the people running this page.

    I’ve been a user of Anadius’ tools for a while now and they’ve always done what I needed and now its gone above and beyond and given me access to the gallery as well.

    Even this update says its good for patch ver 1.79, but when I used it, it automatically updated my game to patch ver 1.80, going even more above my expectations.

    So thanks again, I really appreciate all the work you guys do!

  69. I was trying to install just the base game. I was at 70% and I tried to leave my laptop open but forgot to turn off the sleep mode. Am i going to install from scratch? Will it continue where it last installed some files? I hope it’ll continue the installed files.

    1. The progress of the download is stored in the folder update inside the Updater.
      So just start the Updater again with your previous instructions and after a short search it will continue where you left off.

      1. hello my game is ver how can this work for me should I download the updates you put up there but it’s start with ver 1.71 is it gonna work with me .. I’m so afraid to lose my game but in the same time I want to update it too please can you help me >.<

          1. Thank you now im work on it but I have question did this updater just to update the game or it’s also downloads the dls and i can play with them ?

          2. When you start the Updater it will show a list of non-installed DLC’s. You can then select which DLC’s you want to install with the update.
            As soon as the update is successfully finished you have these selected DLC’s in your game and you can play them.

  70. Hi! I followed the instructions both here and the note that came with the updater from Anadius. I updated and repaired the game multiple times, there would be times that I’ll use gallery and everything has an X mark and when I click on it, ‘could not locate this file’ is appearing but I’m online. Also, whenever one sim go to class and they go home, their status never changed; they’re still “at class” so they couldn’t attend another class. I tried to reload the game and do it over again but this would happen. I can’t access their inventory, and I can’t also change how they work/study such as “Work Hard” and all. I’m not sure if it’s making sense but I hope you can help. Thank you very much!

    1. Looks like a problem with mods
      Move, not copy, the folder The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop.
      Start your game. A new folder The Sims 4 will be created in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts
      From the file on your desktop copy the folders Tray and Saves back to the newly created folder of The Sims 4.
      Close and re-start your game.
      Better now ?

      1. I just did this and it all worked out, I can use the gallery and the status are working again. Thank you very much! I should check and update the mods just in case it’s the reason why there was a lag. Thank you once again!

  71. I just updated my game and added the cottage living pack. It says I own cottage living but I have to download to use. I’m confused because I wouldn’t own it if I didn’t download it from the updater. Is there something else I should be doing in order to play this pack?

  72. I have an old version of sims 4 (ver. 1.13.104). Can I still update my game with this? And is there a way where I can download each patch manually instead of updating it in one go?

    1. There is a site where you can update per patch from version 1.58 upwards. Your version is way too old.
      Nevertheless it should be possible via the Anadius Updater to update from 1.13 to the present version 1.79 (Use the option Repair instead of Update)
      When you have at least a legal base game let Origin update your game and use the Pack System to add the missing DLC’s manually. However you better download an all-in-one.
      Other, good, way to update your game is the Anadius Repack. You can then select which packs you want to install as well.

    1. No origin fix is included in your download via the Updater. It’s in the folder Game->Bin and consists of the files Anadius, anadius64.dll, anadius64online.dll and TS4_x64

  73. Never mind I didn’t read the instructions well enough it seems. I am now copying the game to my computer and trying again.

  74. I mounted the game following the instructions so that it is now on a new “Dvd station”, but that disk is put to ‘read only’, and now your update program can’t get to it, even when I run as administrator. How do I fix this 🙁

  75. I mounted the game following the instructions so that it is now on a new “Dvd station”, but that disk is put to ‘read only’, and now your update program can’t get to it, even when I run as administrator. How do I fix this 🙁

    1. Copy the contents of the mounted disk to the hard disk of the computer or to the installation folder of the Sims 4 depending on what you are trying to achieve.
      What did you mount ?

    1. Dipende da dove sono quei file.
      I download in formato Winrar devono essere prima estratti.
      Se ci sono ancora file winrar dentro dovresti lasciarli così come sono.

  76. Hi,
    I just updated the game and it worked fine so thanks for that.
    But when I open a menu, for example ‘purchase gift’ on my phone the screen stays blurred and the menu doesn’t show up. I also can’t get out of the ‘frozen’ screen.. The only option is to restart the game.
    Also when I click on ‘exit the game’ and it says ‘Are you sure?’ the menu looks a bit scuffed aswell..
    Any fixes?

    1. Then you lead the Browse to an incorrect folder

      Right-click on the shortcut for the Sims 4 on your desktop and select Open file location. You’ll see the TS4_x64 or TS4.exe file.
      Click on the Arrow-up and you come to the Game folder
      Again Arrow-up and you come to the contents of your installation folder
      Another Arrow-up and you see the The Sims 4 folder = the one you should lead your Browse in the Updater to.

  77. I downloaded the update but now any of my expansion packs don’t show up in the game. I’ve got the base game from Origin and a bunch of expansion packs from here, and it was working perfectly fine before the update. Help?

  78. Hello, I got this error. What did I do wrong?

    20:45:48:ERROR:updater: Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “tkinter\”, line 1702, in __call__
    File “tkinter\”, line 746, in callit
    File “”, line 280, in check_future
    File “”, line 397, in _update_3
    File “concurrent\futures\”, line 425, in result
    File “concurrent\futures\”, line 384, in __get_result
    File “concurrent\futures\”, line 57, in run
    File “”, line 715, in prepare_update
    File “”, line 192, in hash_file
    File “”, line 80, in add_hash
    File “”, line 86, in hash_file
    OSError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument: ‘C:\\Program Files\\The Sims 4\\Game\\Bin_LE\\anadius32.dll’

    20:45:48:ERROR:updater: uncaught exception

    1. it’s already included in the latest update, I believe. I’ve seen the trait “high maintenance”, which only included in the spa update, in the game after finishing the said update (titled “industrial update” in the software”

    2. They’re currently working on adding Spa Day Refresh. Legit copies seem to work fine atm, but not the cracked version yet. They’re working to resolve this and pump it out asap.

    3. As Boombay said, it seems to be in the current update. Just updated my game and all the new Spa Day stuff is available

  79. Hey Tarac, thanks for working so hard for us! When do you think we’ll be able to get the new update that includes the revamping of the Spa Kit?

  80. is it possible to update to a certain version only instead of the latest? there’s a mod i want to try and it’s not compatible with the 1.79 version yet

  81. hallo.. i have a problem… i try doing update or repair but not happen… its told me that i haven’t xdelta program.. what is this ?

    1. it’s in the game options under the “other” tab, you don’t need a legal copy to play with mods. make sure to also check the “enable script mods” box, because some mods require scripts to work properly.

  82. Hey, i have an issue, every time I put a mod in my mods folder and start the game, I get the “Your game has been updated and all mods have been disabled” screen and even though I enable costom content and restart, it always happens again so I cant play with mods at all. When the mod folder is empty, I dont get the message and costom content stays enabled, just with mods installed it disables automatically.

  83. I updated the latest version but something is wrong with my game because my game starts too late and sometimes I cannot open it. first I thought its because of the cc’s and I deleted some of them it was fixed but then it turns again the same. I’m using MacBook, will someone help me pls? what should I do?

  84. So it was working correctly until recently, but now it doesn’t give me the option to start offline anymore, it just automatically launches with origins, I’ve tried to update the game again but it keeps doing the same thing 🙁

      1. I keep getting the comment that xdelta\xdelta3.3.0.11-x86_64.exe is missing and I need to redownload the updater.
        What can I do?

  85. I downloaded everything till cottage living using fitgirl and decided to update to industrial. Said was successful and everything. Buy i cannot open the game. Any suggestions?

    1. HOLA :Tienes que abrir el juego y en configuración busca la pestaña otros ahí tilda mods y script… cerrar el juego y volver abrir así aparecerán los mods.

      1. Hi can you help me. Hi I downloaded the updated and extracted all the files using WinRaR but when I click on the sims 4 updater it only loads and stops and nothing shows up. When I left click on it and choose run as an administrator, and click yes to make changes on my device the same thing happens.

        1. re-download the Updater, extract with Winrar (that is the only file you must extract) and make sure you run sims-4-updater (the application not the text-document)
          And – of course – make sure that you are connected to the internet

  86. Hi, I am updating my CODEX sims 4, and it says failed to extract the game. Disable your anti-virus temporarily and try again. And then I have disabled all of my antivirus and firewall, but still the same error

  87. Hi I downloaded the cottage living, after downloading it says “moving updated files to installation folder” Then an error shows up saying “permission error, Make sure to add updater folder to the exception list in your anti-virus. Or move the updater folder or game somewhere else”, I tried both but I’m still getting the same error please help. When I opened the game the screen is just blank white

  88. im downloading cottage living and industrial loft but at the very end it keeps giving me an error “xdelta\xdelta3-3.0.11-x86_64.exe missing. redownload the updater, extart it and dont delete any files.” i deleted theupdater and extarted it but it still gave me the same error and when i checked the xdelta file was there plz tell me what i should do

    if you could answer this one i a forgot to add my email.

  89. Everything works fine except that I can´t seem to download Jungle Adventure? It´s in red when I finish downloading 🙁

    1. Yes you can delete the cracked The Sims 4 folder and continue with the Pack System folder.
      You can also download the dlc-toggler and uninstall unwanted DLC’s (See THIS PAGE almost at the bottom)

  90. I downloaded cottage living and get together. Uptater says successfully uptated but when I play the game cracked dlcs don’t show up. The installation folder is right. What can I do to fix it?

        1. Then it looks like you lead the updater to different folder than the one you play with.
          Find the correct folder by rightclicking on the shortcut on your desktop, select show file path and you’ll end up in the folder Bin, go up 1 step and you are in Game, go up again and now you see your correct installation folder.

          It can also be caused by accidentally ticking ignore in the updater

          Comment by Anadius:
          Q: I updated the game but a new DLC didn’t install, why?
          A: There are 3 possible reasons:
          1. That DLC isn’t out yet. The Sims 4 always gets an update 3-5 days before the DLC comes out. The DLC may appear unlocked on the main menu screen but if it’s not out yet then I can’t do anything about it, I’m not a time traveller.
          2. You didn’t check that DLC in the “Install DLCs” window.
          3. You checked the DLC but you clicked Ignore instead of OK. Delete the “ignored.txt” file and run the Updater again.

  91. Hello! I updated my game, and saw that i own the industrial kit. But it says i have to “download it”, what do i do? Do i click the update agian, or the repair button? Thanks!

    1. When you have a shortcut on your desktop, right-click on it and select Open File Location.
      You then end up in de folder Bin, arrow up and you are in Game, arrow up again and you have found your installation folder

  92. hello when I complete downloading it says successfully uptated but when I play the game it cracked dlcs don’t show up. What can I do to fix this?

        1. Q: I updated the game but a new DLC didn’t install, why?
          A: There are 3 possible reasons:
          1. That DLC isn’t out yet. The Sims 4 always gets an update 3-5 days before the DLC comes out. The DLC may appear unlocked on the main menu screen but if it’s not out yet then I can’t do anything about it, I’m not a time traveller.
          2. You didn’t check that DLC in the “Install DLCs” window.
          3. You checked the DLC but you clicked Ignore instead of OK. Delete the “ignored.txt” file and run the Updater again.

  93. Hi I first tried download it with checked download only then whithout it but it doesn’t show up in my game

  94. Hi I tried downloading cottage living. I selected download only and repair. I don’t have it in my game. How can I have it?

      1. Should I download the file one more time or move the file from the uptade folder to the game installation folder

    1. Yes, download only performs all the tasks but does not make any changes in your The Sims 4 files.. It stores all the changes in a folder Update inside the Updater.
      Convenient for people installing on more than 1 computer.

  95. do i need to have the sims 4 base game installed because it wont let me download it if i dont have it

  96. I have downloaded the updater before, so I’m wondering if I have to download it back again when there’s new updates again next time?

  97. Hi, I have a small problem, I can’t run the dlc-toggler, it display : “Could not read crack config file”. I can still play the game so it’s not a big deal but I would still like to uncheck the non-installed dlc if possible.

    1. The extracted dlc-toggler must be placed in the main directory of your cracked installation folder for the Sims 4.
      The toggler does not work in the pack system as there is no crack

  98. Hello will u be posting another version soon cos The Sims will have some updates soon 🙂
    I’m just curious hehe and thanks for posting this so helpful <3

  99. so I did everything and tried it a couple of times but it always goes and says file failed to download and gives me a list of files so how can I fix it?

    1. Yes of course is it safe, otherwise we don’t publish it here.
      We test everything before we make it available.
      Yes, some anti-virus programs report the cracks (necessary to play the game without Origin) as trojan horses, but trust me, these cracks are completely harmless.
      When you have at least a legal basegame of the Sims 4 you can add DLC’s without cracks – see THIS PAGE

  100. Please help when i try to download DLCs using the updaters it loads for a bit and then an error pops up saying internet connection is weak even though it’s not

  101. Hi I have some issues while trying to use this updater. It keep saying “xdelta/xdelta3-3.0.11-x86_64.exe is missing. Redownload the updater, EXTRACT IT, and don’t delete any file”. I have redownloaded the updater and did as what it said but the same message keep appearing again. Can you please tell me what did I do wrong? Thanks in advance

    1. Does the extracted updater looks exactly the same as in the 1st picture on this page ?
      It should contain a folder xdelta which in turn contains the so-called “missing file” xdelta3-3.0.11-x86_64.exe

      1. oh you’re right i’ve found that missing file in the xdelta folder. then what should I do next? where should I put that file? thank you.

  102. I downloaded the updater zip file but whenever i open it it gives me the following message: “the archive is either in unknown format or damaged” how do i solve this issue? I have the game from Fitgirlrepack.

  103. hello ! can somebody please help me ? I have an error that says Download URL for d-ep11_ _3 not found TRY AGAIN . does anyone know what I should do? thank you
    P.S. now that I am downloading cottage living it happened

  104. Hi when I keep trying to add new dlcs it keeps saying that the link is missing I’ve ran all 6 of the folders in the #vcredist folder but it still says the same can anyone help?

      1. I have not but they is another comment above and its been suggested that it’d due to many people trying to download it at the same time.

  105. When I open the game and start offline, it just becomes a brief whit screen then autocloses. Am I doing something wrong?

  106. Hi, I have the base game a quite a few dlcs legit. Im using the updater to download about 15 other packs, I didnt tick the legacy edition because I dont think I need it? When I go to run the game it says I need the legacy edition… but when i download it, it restricts the game to 32 bit. Is there anyway around this? or do i have to download the legacy edition?
    Thank you 🙂

      1. hey, I’ve updated my sims 4 to version 1.74, but every time I enter the game, the system tells me to download the snowy escaped patch and others, the patch has been read, but hasn’t been downloaded, and the snowy escaped world doesn’t exist yet. what’s the problem? can anyone help?

      2. I would like to remove legacy edition it’s adding up memory since I can’t use it. How can I remove legacy

  107. I have the legit base game and I want to add the cracked DLCS but I don’t understand where to get them. What do I do?

  108. I just updated my original game from the Origin and its not working. When it was done I started to run the cracked game ( with no library) and it was good but when I wanted to play the game the neighbourhoods couldn’t load. Then I tried to run the original game, it worked but then when I tried to play with he cracked one again, it said: a newer version was created. Now what should I do?

      1. FGS: Read the Readme file inside the Updater folder.

        A: You can download the patches yourself.
        Updates 1.71 and newer:
        Click HERE

        Updates older than 1.71:
        click HERE

        Download all updates between your current version and the newest version. Put all downloaded “*.z” and/or “*.update” files in the Sims 4 Updater folder and run the Updater. Click Extract, select all files you want to extract, click OK and wait until it’s done extracting.

        You can now run the Updater as usual. “*.z” and “*.update” files can be deleted after extraction.

  109. I was trying to download cottage living but every time it stops at the 0006 file and gives me an error message. Is there a way to fix this please? thanks

  110. keep getting message error “download url for dsp-17 not found TRY AGAIN”. I have tried to repair, update, and installing the latest game folder but nothings working. Anyone know how to help?

  111. Every time I try updating I get an error message about being unable to download the no-origin-fix- files so I’m confused about what to do

  112. I’m absolutely happy it works , thank thank you so much for the help. this makes playing sims 10 times easier

      1. ich kann gleich das nicht extrahieren was man als erstes runterlädt…also den updater und dabei gibt es keine fehlermeldung sondern einfach keine option

  113. Im trying to make my game always online by adding -alwaysonline to the shortcut target but i keep getting the error that its not valid. can some tell me what exactly do i put in the target box to keep my game always online?

      1. Open your installation folder of the Sims 4, search for folder Game-cracked. Open it, Open folder Bin and start with TS4_x64.exe (make a shortcut for your desktop)

      1. Yes, but this specific file keeps stopping from being updated. The update process begins normally but suddenly jammed when it reaches to this file. I even deleted it and redownload it but nothing changed.

        1. When you have at least a legal base game the new pack-method makes things less complicated.
          Automatic immediate updates via Origin and simple small downloads of new DLC’s + of course easy access to the Gallery.

  114. Keeps giving messages like xdelta is missing or unRAR is missing. But the files are all there, ive extracted, redownloaded and such but still not working

  115. Every time I download the updater; the actual updater never shows up.
    Everything else does except “language-changer” & “sims-4-updater”

  116. Download URL for p-71_86-72_28 not found, TRY AGAIN..this error code is showing again and again..only 2 gb was left downloading…what should I do..plz help

  117. I’m having a problem with the dlc toggler. If I run it from the updater it says could not read crack conf file game/cracked bin. If I run it from my D/sims 4 installation folder it says could not read conf file dlc.ini. The updater automatically moved the dlc folders to my installation folder so there is only the dlc toggler in the updater. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Right-click on the shortcut for the Sims 4 on your desktop.
      Select Open file
      You now are in the folder Bin.
      Go up 1 folder = Game
      Go up again = The Sims 4 = Your installation folder
      That’s were the dlc toggler should be.

      1. Yes the dlc toggler is there but this is where I’m getting the message could not read conf file dlc.ini. There is a dlc.ini in the updater do I need to move that to the installation folder?

          1. Thank you that did work. Now I’m just missing the base game and country living which aren’t showing up all the other games are ticked so I should untick them? Then what? Please bear with me I am struggling here.

          2. The base game never shows up in the dlc toggler.
            Cottage Living doesn’t show up because you do not have the latest dlc.ini (either redownload the Updater or get the most recent toggler from THIS SITE
            Don’t untick items unless they are in red or when you don’t want these dlc’s in your game.

            dlc toggler ini

          3. I updated the dlc toggler and the dlc.ini which now reads 22/7/2021 I replaced the updater. Now I’m getting could not read crack config file: game cracked\bin\rldOrigin.ini and 3 others. This is a nightmare It seems I’m going round in circles.

          4. I think I’m going to have to give up on this. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE. I’ve followed this to the letter and it has sent me in circles. I thought I had downloaded everything that was up to date because I downloaded it from this page, but apparently not. I’ve been trying for hours and am back at the beginning.

          5. You comment on the page for The Sims 4 Update, repair, add DLC’s.
            That has nothing at all to do with the dlc toggler
            All you have to do is to browse in the updater to your installation folder (just select that folder and do NOT open it)
            The updater then searches for the folder Game/Bin where it supposed to find something like rld.dll, reloaded.dll, codex.dll or Anadius.dll
            If your installation folder does not contain a folder Game, then that folder is not your installation folder

            By the way: Is your installation folder under the exceptions of your anti-virus . If not your AV may have blocked/removed these searched for files
            Place it under the exceptions, download the latest Game folder and try again

    2. SOLVED. I could not get the updater method to work for me. I went to your torrent section and downloaded the torrent. NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER. Everything up to cottage living is installed and so far the game seems to be running fine. I just need to update my mods and put them back in. Whilst one method didn’t work for me, this one has and I am truly grateful for the time you spent trying to help me sort it out. A big THANK YOU and a lot of respect for all that you are doing here.

  118. how can i log in so i can go online with an origin account? because is broken or something

  119. Dont use the updater,just messed up Everything.
    After trying over 10x and waiting for hours if not days my whole sims is messed up.keeps saying download to use when i hover over the packs.(thats the last problem i encountered,if it wasnt the toggler it was another issue everytime,
    Eveythings Gone and all i tried was to get cottage living dlc added now eveythings gone.
    Waste of time!!!

    1. Well, it looks like you lead the updater to an incorrect location and not to your installation folder.
      Select your installation folder, do not open that folder.
      Rightclick on the shortcut of The Sims 4 on your desktop select something like Open File and you will see the location of your Game\Bin folder.
      Check the path, maybe you’ll see nested The Sims 4 folders.

      1. I decided to do the repack method and downloaded eveything via torrent,and only realised after everything it was version which does not include cottage living which is version
        I was upset for a second but than i realised the repack option where i selected what dlc i want to add and it gave me a list of what to select via the torrent (the setup v1.77,Ep11 dlc, patches etc.)
        And it explained just yo run setup V1.77.146.1030 after its done downloading.
        I did not even open the game after installing it via setup V.1.76,after downloading the addional files with cottage living ,i simply ran the V1.77. setup and it added cottage living to the packs.
        At first it did not want to go in because an issie with origin,so i simply uninstalled origin, disconnected my interent and than it went in,but it did not load past the Sims4 screen in the start and kept crashing saying the Sims 4 stopped working.
        So i remember i had to run the vcredst which i than did and than it went in and still kick me out with the message the sims4 stopped working,
        I than proceed to change the compatibility via properties to windows 7 and i redone the vrcredist under the vc folder(just going through them all pressing repair) still kicked me out and than i removed the mods and
        I than tried again and it worked..

        So my advice to anyone struggling with any of the same issues,just follow the instructions,its really that simple and it works,failed via the updater and toggler,but than the torrent works perfectly fine,takes a little longer to download but its worth the wait.

        Thank you for your patience Tarac and my apologies for trippin..

  120. hello, I want to ask, why when I want to put the door it can’t and it always says “Script call failed” so what should I do?

      1. Wszystko włączone, ale nadal jest błąd skryptu i nie można umieści żadnych drzwi, a wszystkie już umieszczone zniknęły. Co robić?

  121. Hi, i’ve used the codex crack the past week to get cottage living on a legit game. And now that I try to downoald another pack I don’t get it, just the Anadius one and it don’t work, I always get an error message about my connection by the end of the Downoald. I tried redownoalding the updater but still.
    Can you please help me ?

  122. hello, i wanted to install the base game with all the packs from the updater and managed to install the 50 gb, but when it almost finished there was an error saying “no internet connection, try again” something like that. now when i pressed repair again it shows the 50 gb i already installed but then i have to install another 40 gb? what do I do?

  123. When i install cottage living, i want launch the game, it’s loading but when it is on the logo page that turns the screen becomes white and nothing progresses

    1. I’m having the same problem, it never finishes loading up the saved game when hitting the play button, it is just a never ending plumbob spinning.

      1. Try to solve that problem with a new Game folder.
        No luck ?, move, not copy, the folder Mods from C:\Documents\Elctronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop.
        If that solves the problem then onbe or more of your mods cause the problem.

    2. Move, not copy, the folder Mods from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 temporarily to your desktop.
      Then try the game again. Problem solved ? If yes then the culprit is one or more of your mods

  124. Is there any way to pause the download? If I have to turn off my wifi and turn it back on later will the downloader just continue from where it was or will it cause an error and I have to redownload it? It’s stuck on 8GB and I need to travel now urgently.

  125. I have used the updater and my game is up to date I downloaded the dlc I wanted and it showed up in the files but the dlc toggler doesn’t have them in it and when I start my game the dlc isn’t there could you please explain to me how to fix this

  126. Could i copy the program files onto a hard drive and it will still work? Or is there a way to uninstall some of the packs? (im running out of storage)

      1. When i click on the dlc toggler it says “could not read crack config file” and then it lists a bunch of files

  127. Hi, I have trying to use the updater but it can never complete – before it told me that my connection was faulty when trying to install expansions and now it cannot update due to something related to localization files I think.

    Should I uninstall and reinstall everything?

    Thank you

  128. ive tried downloading 3 times now. what do i do if it says that my internet crashed ive already tried re-downloading

  129. I’ve downloaded the update and the cottage living pack and the map of the city doesn’t work, its white and doesn’t load, but you can still access the city and in live mode – it works fine

  130. so there was an error whilst downloading the packs i wanted and it told me to re-install the updater, so i did. now its taken double the amount of storage on my laptop. what do i do? does that means theres double of each of the packs files? if so, how do i delete the duplicates?

    1. Most probably you lead the updater to a wrong location.
      Search for TS4_x64 on your computer to find the additional disk space

  131. Hey, thank you so much! I have a question, I dont really understand the instructions on how to make the game online

    1. Uninstall is very simple, just delete your installation folder and the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4
      Re-install with one of the all-in-one options.

  132. Hey, i’m not sure why but my updater is veeeery slow 🙁 I’ve been updating for around 3 hours now and it’s only on 4 gb. I have stable internet connection and everything. And most of my friends who used this updater said that it’s not that slow for them. I have my sims file on Disk D, could that cause the problem? Or maybe because i live in south east asia? Thank you by the way.

    1. its slow bcz the file size is very small
      so windows need to read it 1 by one
      the case is same when you try copy 1000 file with 1kb size its took forever
      just be patient while updating you can do other thing when update going
      also if anadius tool can update file in .rar file the download speed gonna be good

    1. Yes, why not ?
      When prompted about legal game tick Yes.
      Start your cracked game from C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4\Game-cracked\TS4_x64

  133. being trying to install the game for hours now but it just aint getting done, i had 20GB to download then 1GB then 16GB, im downloading only the base game at the moment as i thought it would be faster to do it one by one but i was wrong

  134. after updating the game the build/buy mode bar and icons aren’t showing up I also checked if it was my mods but it’s not a mods problem and I tried repairing the game multiple times
    Gonna try installing the entire game again

  135. i managed to install cottage living but when i tried to open the world for this pack the screen is only white for a very long time, is there any way to fix this?

  136. My already-installed Sims 4 won’t launch after installing Cottage Living and updating the game. No error messages, no pop-ups. It just doesn’t launch. I don’t want to uninstall and then reinstall. What should I do?

  137. When i try 2 install cottage living it says “report this problem on discord and attach the “sims 4 updater file” its in the same folder as the updater”

  138. hi hi I did the mistake on buying cottage living and now every dlc is gone and I have no way of fixing it. i tried to reinstall it all but it did not work like at all. pls help a girl out

    1. Use the Anadius Updater and when prompted about your legal game tick Yes.
      When update is completed start the game from the newly created folder Game-cracked – Bin – TS4_x64.

  139. when trying to install the cottage living update my installer gives the error message “x delta/xdelta 3-3.001-x86_64.exe missing. redownload updater, extract it and don’t delete any files” I don’t know what to do, I tried redownloading the installer and it still gives the same error message.

  140. This might be a silly question, but does the dlc.toggler file need to be run?
    Or can I leave this updating the game?

  141. Hi, i just installed it for the first time – haven’t played the sims 4 before.

    When i go to the game it says “unable to start: Cannot start because required game data is missing or damaged. Please try reinstalling the game.”

    I can’t uninstall the game first because then it says “Could not find DLCs. Error code 4.”

    After this didn’t work i tried to repair and update with the updater, nothing seems to work.
    i’m a complete dummie with computers, does anyone know how i can make this work?

  142. Okay so to anyone issues with the dlc toggler. I found a fix for it. I realized that the toggler required .cfg files from the crack to figure out which packs are installed and which aren’t. Now the files it can read aren’t many the one from the anadius gallery crack is one of them. So if you’re getting an error that says “could not read crack config file:Game-crack\Bin\RldOrigin.ini or Game-crack\Bin\codex.cfg or Game\Bin\RldOrigin.ini or Game\Bin\codex.cfg”

    Then you’re probably using an unsupported crack. Now unto the fix, if you’re using a crack that you prefer like anadius crack that lets the gallery work and you don’t want to give it up the just do these simple steps.

    1.First you’ll need to get the .cfg or .ini of a supported crack (I’m using codex.cfg) you can get it on the anadius updater.
    2.Download the updater try updating your game even if it’s up to date. It’ll ask you what crack you want. Backup you “Bin” folder Choose codex. wait for it to replace your crack.
    3.Once it is complete go to your “Bin folder” look for “codex.cfg” file and copy it into “backup Bin folder” and then delete Bin folder in your game of replaced it with the backup folder that now has the config.cfg and you’re done. The toggler should work now. Anyway the whole point is you need a supported .ini or .cfg file for it to work

    1. I am trying to update my game but every time try the updater starts to download files then eventually says ” Download URL for *insert file name* not found, TRY AGAIN.” Then when I click ok it cancels the entire update can someone please help?

  143. I have run across the same issue this time that I have in the past when attempting to use the updater. I am 1000000% sure I’m doing something wrong while trying to update. I had base game and all expansions installed directly from the installer and do the update option selecting everything *BUT* Legacy (because I have 64 bit).. I get the “Successfully Updated” popup when all is installed. However, when I load the game, I’m able to use CAS, but unable to load any household at all (not a new one, or even a pre-existing one). Since this has happened to me several times now, and I have found that the only way to fix it is completely deleting everything from the program files ts4 folder and documents ts4 folder (except my saves and tray files) and starting the download and installation of the base game and all expansions from scratch, is there a simpler solution? I only ask this because I don’t want to cause an unnecessary burden to the servers where the game is being downloaded from if there is possibly a better solution, that could leave that bandwidth for the people who really need it.

    1. The problem seems to be mods-related.
      Move, not copy, your folder The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Elkectronic Arts to your desktop.
      Start the game again and quit after loading
      A fresh folder The Simns 4 is now created in C:\Documnents\Electronic Arts
      Copy your folder Tray and Saves back from your desktop folder.

      1. So our mods are not going to fly with this new update? cause I have quite a few of them . never gave me any problems till this last update though, but now my CAS just loads and loads and loads.

        1. Temporarily Move (not copy) the folder Mods from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop.
          Then start your game again

          95% of all errors are caused by mods.

  144. HI! i updated my game yesterday and up until then it was working fine but now it either gets stuck on the loading screen or it loads in to a world and it is just a white screen, please help me i just want to p[lay sims

  145. Hi, I have a question. Will you have the cottage living DLC in this updater? I just got the downloader so i don’t know much.

    1. Hey, I downloaded the downloader but couldn’t see Cottage Living on the checklist too so I downloaded the updater instead and its on there, its now installing/updating cottage living.

  146. so my issue is i can’t use the DLC toggler because when i try to it says it can’t read the crack config file? and it then lists the type of cracks it could be but that i dont have them? so im not sure what to do about that.

  147. I have original base game and cracked dlc s today tried to update the latest version for cottage living. When ı open up the cracked version ı can see cottage living there but it says ı have to download it but again ı cant go online on the cracked version

  148. I successfully updated the game to the latest patch but everytime when I want to play any household (wether it’s a new one or a old one), the game crashes while loading. I’ve tried repairing and updating again, but nothing seems to work. Any help?

  149. Hi, I downloaded the anadius repack about 3 weeks ago before the new updates and new DLC (Cottage Living). I’m abit lost on how to keep my Sims 4 updated with the latest version. Can anyone guide me?

  150. Bei mir wird das neue Packhaus auch nicht gezeigt und wo sollte ich das Password für “no-origin-fix-” finden

  151. I followed all the instructions but when i try to open the game i get a system error that say: The code execution cannot proceed because anadius64.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. What now?

    1. Switch off your anti-virus and execute the updater again.
      Some AV programs consider andius64.dll as a trojan horse virus.

      After a successful update you can turn your AV on

  152. i downloaded this new version 5.4, updated my game also. but cant see the new pack cottage living. idk how to fix this. help

          1. How do we know when he releases it? Is there somewhere to go and check for it?

  153. hey! while trying to install the newest update for The Sims 4, my virus protection encountered a Trojan and therefore it wasn’t able to finish installing :/

    1. Switch off your anti-virus and use the Updater again.
      Make sure that at least the folder Game is under the exceptions of your AV

  154. Thanks a lot, everything worked perfectly -love!

    Sorry – The only thing that remained incomprehensible: What am I doing with this folder “sims-4-updater-0.5.4” now that update is done???
    Do I need it? Am I deleting it? If a new update comes, will I install the new update file folder? Do I need any files or folders from from this folder? (in such case, which and where they go?)

    Many thanks again! 😀

  155. I did everything above and nothing changed:( I have the cracked version I don’t remember which kind cause the tutorial I followed was taken down. None of the dlcs I checked off to be added were not added and I still have the 1.68 version 🙁 pls help

    1. You probably have nested folders (The Sims 4 within The Sims 4)
      Your shortcut leads to a different folder than the Updater does

      1. Now it wont let me start the game at all its saying “The contents of your user data directory were created by a newer version of the Sims 4 and cannot be loaded. Please update your game via Origin to play” Please tell me theres a way to fix this!!

        1. With cracked games only, just click No
          If you do have a legit game, click Yes
          In that case an additional folder Game-cracked will be created and you can start your legal game with access to the Gallery via Your installation folder ->Game ->Bin ->TS4_x64.exe and you play with your legal DLC’s only.
          You can start your cracked game incl. cracked DLC’s via
          Your installation folder ->Game-cracked ->Bin ->TS4_x64.exe

        2. Delete the file GameVersion in the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
          You can play the game again but mind you, you d not have the latest version, so use the updater again.