The Sims 4: Update, repair, add DLC’s

Download, update, repair your game and add missing DLC’s.

Thanks to Anadius
from base game up-to and incl.  Update
“Wizard” Anadius came up with a program enabling you to update and repair your game with just a few mouse-clicks.

No manual downloads, no copy/paste, the program does it all
Only works for 64-bits Windows higher than  Win 7

Download Updater  
Extract the downloaded Updater with Winrar or 
Click on Sims-4-updater-vxx.xx inside the folder (Where xx.xx represents a version number)
Click on Browse and select your The Sims 4 Installation Folder (don’t open it)
Click on Update, this will also repair your game
Language files will be installed if not already present.
With cracked games only, just click No

If you do have a legit game or you are using the pack system, click Yes
In that case an additional folder Game-cracked will be created and you can start your legal game with access to the Gallery via Your legal installation folder ->Game ->Bin ->TS4_x64.exe and you play with your legal DLC’s only.
You can start your cracked game incl. cracked DLC’s via
Your installation folder ->Game-cracked ->Bin ->TS4_x64.exe

You can just update your existing game without adding DLC’s  (Click OK)

The program shows an overview of non-installed DLC’s
(in this example SP21-SP30)

You can Add missing DLC’s
Tick the DLC’s you want to add to your game and click OK

Note for users with 32-bits Windows

Bear in mind that Discover University, Tiny Living, Eco Lifestyle, Nifty Knitting,  Star Wars,  Snowy Escape, Paranormal, the kits and Dream Home Decorator can not be played on 32 bits Windows, so no need to download these DLC’s.

Also note that the Legacy Edition is for 32 bits Windows only



The program is now checking all your installed DLC’s for the latest update and adds the ticked items to your game


Should an error occur, just repeat your last selections. All items already downloaded are stored in the folder Update. The program performs a quick check and continues the task.
(Make sure that the Updater is under the exceptions of your anti-virus)

Where is the base game ?

When you did not install the base game earlier, you should use the Repair option and the base game will be installed as well as your selected DLC’s.
Some people wish to play the fully updated base game without other DLC’s (lack of disk-space or computer not powerful enough ?). In such cases Click Repair and don’t tick other DLC’s.

First of all create a new folder The Sims 4 on your computer. Place that folder under the exceptions of your Anti-Virus program  Lead the updater in the first step to that folder.

Change language

  1. Download the Language Changer
  2. Double-Click on it and select your language
  3. Click Yes, Yes and OK in the pop-up screens.

Possible errors for new users who never played The Sims 4 before



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  1. Ahoj, mám menší problém. Měla jsem staženou starší verzi, když jsem si stáhla poté tuto novější verzi tak při spuštění se mi ukazuje chyba, že nemůže najít nějaký jiný soubor. Přitom takovou chybu při spuštění starší verze se mi neukázala. Dá se s tím něco udělat, nebo musím najít jiný způsob?

      1. I když jsem složku rozbalila do té samé co starý update? Starý update mi fungoval bez jakékoliv hlášení o chybě, pak jsem právě rozbalila tento soubor a hlásilo mi to chybu, že nemůže najít nějaký soubor. Teď už nevzpomenu přesně jaký, ale chyba ohledně chybějícího souboru.

  2. Hi! I was just wondering if the download to add DLC’s to my game requires the use of a torrent? I don’t want to alert my internet provider so I am trying to avoid torrents.

  3. Hi, when the download is complete, everything freezes and I have to shut down the process. I’ve tried several times and it’s always the same. Even tried copying the files to another folder, but I still have the same problem. Any clues?

    1. This could be caused by your anti-virus blocking the crack.
      Make sure your The Sims 4 installation folder is under the exceptions of your anti-virus.
      When you run the Updater, switch off your AV, when download and installation is finished turn it back on.

  4. I play the sims 4 on origin and I downloaded your documents and installed the dlc I wanted on my computer but I tried to open the game and I don’t have the dlc in the game, so could you explain how to integrate them in the game

    1. Now, since I downoloaded your documents, I can’t play the Sims 4 on origin. I don’t understand what happened.

      1. When you ran the updater you were prompted about your legal game. When you answered with No, your legal folder Game as overwritten with a cracked version, so it won’t work in Origin.
        Download the latest Game folder for Origin from this page
        Or let Origin repair your game.

  5. Hi so I’m using Windows 7(sp1) and my game is still on version and I wanted to update the updater sometime ago and my dumbass deleted some version of it (currently it’s on version 0.5.3)and I can’t install the new one because the crack is apparently not compatible with Windows 7 anymore, so I wanted to ask if you or anyone has a link to the last compatible updater and update for me or at least can tell me which one the last compatible version is, I know I kinda messed up
    Thanks in advance

    1. I think I deleted the newer updater after 0.5.3 after updating the game to 1.82.99 if that’s the version that went with the updater after, I don’t remember anymore

  6. Hi, my UI screen is not working after the latest update. It said that the update was successful, though I cannot press any buttons on my screen, except for the social media buttons on the lower right side of my screen. Because of this, I am unable to play any of my saved games nor make new saves. I tried the ‘repair’ option but my UI is still broken. Please help me fix this, thank you.

    1. Have you already re-booted your computer?
      Move (not copy) the folder The Sims 4 out of C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop.
      Start your game and close it
      From the The Sims 4 folder on your desktop copy the folders saves and tray back to the newly created The Sims 4 folder in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts.

      1. It worked! Thank you so much. I found out the problem was not the update, but the mods. When I added my mods back it corrupted my screen again, haha. I’ll have to recheck my mods now.

  7. Hiyaaaa. Can somebody help me? There’s smth weird going on with the display (I don’t know what it’s called). My sim and the world looks fine but there’s this weird white stuff covering the icons e.g. weather icon, moon phase, inventory icon, etc.

  8. Hi guys. Please anyone can tell me the Command line, what i need to put in the exe file for always offline mode? I mean to not get this selectable thing at the start. Thank you. 🙂

  9. when i open dlc toggler and uncheck dlcs, there’s no button such as “save” or “okay”. is it normal? if so, how do i save? because dlcs are still available in the game and when i open dlc toggler again, dlcs that i unchecked are suddenly checked again

    1. As soon as you quit the toggler (you can’t save it) the details are written to the file Anadius.cfg in Game/Bin.
      The toggler does not function in your legal game.

      1. hi, The werewolves pack isnt appearing in my game and saying i dont own it. ive installed it and checked it with the validator and the GP12 file seems fine and is in the right location and my sims game and other packs works fine, ive also tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and i think im on the latest version of the updater ( v.0.6.87) how do i fix this? thx

          1. “`yaml
            Game version:
            Game-cracked version:
            Crack version:
            Folder: The Sims 4
            Crack used: ANADIUS
            Legacy Edition: not installed
            DLCs not installed: EP10, GP01, GP02, GP03, GP06, GP09, GP10, GP11, SP01, SP02, SP03, SP04, SP05, SP06, SP08, SP09, SP10, SP13, SP15, SP16, SP17, SP18, SP20, SP21, SP22, SP23, SP24, SP26, SP28, SP29, SP30, SP31, SP32, SP33
            #Hash mismatch:
            — quick scan —
            #Missing files:

            #Unknown files:
            some of my unknown files are just my shaders i think Not sure what the others r though

          2. Delete the folder Game
            Download the latest folder Game
            Extract with Winrar and place the extracted folder Game in your installation folder
            Now run the updater and tick the missing packs

  10. I have updated my game but it sims that when I open the warewolf worlds to choose a lot nothing is in it…the other worlds are working fine except for the warewolf world. what to do need help

  11. Whenever I try to run the program it says it can’t due to my video card? I downloaded the dlcs to my game and the sims use to run just fine before?

  12. “Critical Error

    Can’t hash “C:\Users\Michelle\Desktop\The Sims 4\Data\Client\ClientDeltaBuild0.package” file. Make sure your anti-virus doesn’t block this program.”

    I deactivated it but it’s still showing this text.

    I updated Sims on origin and ‘fixed it’

    I downloaded reset-folder-permissions and used it

    I put the update folder somewhere else..(copied)

    Nothing worked..

    1. I had the same problem, try and delete everything from “C:\Users\Michelle\Desktop\The Sims 4\Data\Client” for me it worked withouth any issue 🙂

  13. Hi, I installed the All-In-One Portable version (the older one that is up until Cottage Living). should I download it again from the start or is this program enough and I should just use the repair option so I can have the latest game pack and game version?

    1. When you are playing the all-in-one directly from your hard disk, yes you can use the updater for the latest version.
      In case you play from the .iso file, you must copy the contents of that iso to your hard disk first.

      1. Thanks, I thought it wouldn’t work with the portable version… Now what should I do when I get the “CRITICAL ERROR’? I disabled my anti virus, I tried copying the files anywhere else on my comp, I gave premission to the folder, I copied the folders “crack” and “final” to the sims 4 folder, I’ve tried everything but I still get the Critical Error. Is it because it’s not mounted, since I don’t have the iso file? Is it something else? I can’t update the game for some unknown reason

      2. Ooh nvm I fixed it! Instead of copying the crack and final files I copied the folders, that’s why it didn’t work lol. I copied the files now and it worked 😀

          1. Hi, I am having the same problem! None of the dlc’s are showing up?
            Here’s results from when i ran the validator
            Game version:
            Game-cracked version:
            Crack version:
            Folder: The Sims 4
            Crack used: ANADIUS
            Legacy Edition: not installed
            DLCs not installed: SP23
            #Hash mismatch:
            — quick scan —
            #Missing files:

            #Unknown files:


          2. Hi, I am saying none of them are showing up? Like not a single DLC showed up when i started the game?

  14. i have a problem with gallery. whenever i want to open it, an error appears saying that my game isn’t registered on my EA account.

  15. I need help lol everything else is fine other than the werewolf pack. It seems I can’t open the moonwood mill world? Whenever I open the world, it just shows white. It never loads. I can use the pack just fine though! just the world is the problem

        1. I find out KawaiStacie’s mod Slice of Life was the issue, they are not updated yet, due to changes on her blog. I removed it and now the the pack seems to work fine. You can check on the Sims Forum for a broken mods list.

          1. I don’t actually, but I do have MCCC? I did just update that, but other than that and some cc cas stuff, I don’t have any other mods

  16. For some reason the werewolf feature seems to be missing in live mode for me? I can make a werewolf fine in CAS but once i start playing their plumbob is just normal, and even the premade wolves are the same.

  17. ive been using this updater for the last year and a half and it purely gives me happiness knowing someone is giving us free content, ive saved so much money

  18. I just used the updater to install wedding stories and werewolf but the werewolf pack isn’t showing up in the game. I can see the file GP12 is in the correct folder and looks complete and it’s also activated in the DLC toggler but it still won’t show up in my game while the wedding pack shows up fine. What can be causing this problem?

      1. Did you extract or mount GP12 before copying it to your installation folder ?
        Check your installation with the Anadius Validator
        The validator will detect missing and/or incorrect files. It does not fix it, only reports such files. Use the discord format.

        1. Thank you for the answer. What do I do after I ran the validator and it reported the missing files? “`yaml
          Game version:
          Crack version:
          Folder: The Sims 4
          Crack used: ANADIUS
          Legacy Edition: not installed
          DLCs not installed: SP24
          #Hash mismatch:
          — quick scan —
          #Missing files:

          #Unknown files:

          1. You are on version which does not include GP12, SP32, SP33 yet.Reason why these are reported as unknown.
            Download the latest Updater and run it.

            When that is done, and you run the Validator, only EAsetup.exe, launcher.apm and launcher.exe should show up as unknown files. Just delete these

  19. When I try to update my game, it tries to instal all the DLCs that i already have installed, its like 2.5gb per DLC in the updater, is this normal? I stopped it as i feel it is not correct?

  20. I updated to the werewolf dlc and it lets me choose the season world and house but as soon as I try to play it doesn’t work. Even on my old saves from before I got the dlc

    1. Sameeeeee :/ There’s smth weird going on with the display? (I don’t know what it’s called). My sim and the world looks fine but there’s this weird white stuff covering the icons e.g. weather icon, moon phase, etc.

  21. The werewolf pack is completely missing all text. Townie names, descriptions of items, dialogues, aspirations, even words in the sim menu when you talk to other werewolf sims, all text is missing. Is there a fix to this?

      1. I removed all my mods and tried again but same thing, no text is displayed. I even tried to repair the game via the updater but still.

      2. Ok so I got it fixed, it’s a problem that i saw other people have as well. For anyone that has text not displaying in the werewolf pack, check in your installation folder of the sims 4, and open the GP12 folder, copy everything in it, then go to Delta then GP12,and paste. That did the trick for me.

  22. I am so confused what do I do please help!!!

    Can’t finish despite running as administrator. Original error message:

    Can’t delete “D:\The Sims 4\Data\Client\ClientDeltaBuild0.package”. Disable your anti-virus and try again. If your game is in “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)” move it somewhere else, for example “C:\Games\The Sims 4”. If you still get this error – reset file permissions – see the FAQ in the readme file. And if that still doesn’t help – copy files from “updater_tmp\final” and “updater_tmp\crack” to “D:\The Sims 4” and replace the files.
    Read the FAQ in “updater_readme.txt” for possible solutions.

      1. will i have to download a new version for the werewolf pack and when will that be downloadable if so?

      2. Will the new werewolf pack be released on the updater the same day it is launched or only on the 17th?

  23. I keep getting this erroe when I want to update it. It says “Drive used in install path doesn’t exits!” What does this mean?

    1. hi! select (in the Sims 4 updater program) where it says “Browse…” and choose the folder where you have the updater unpacked

      that solved it for me

  24. Hi is anyone able to help or tell me what I’m doing wrong? I followed all the instructions on the download and it asked me if i want to install 3 newest dlc’s so i do, it starts downloading them then it starts saying its downloading every other dlc even though i never even got an option to add those, also baring in mind my game already has all the dlc apart from the latest 3…so confused

  25. i just downloaded the new content and new update from here and it’s made my game’s interface all weird – how do i fix this?

      1. Temporarily move the complete folder C:\User\Your username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop
        Now play the game, all your own Sims, Houses, Mods aso are no longer in the game
        No problems now ? – then mods are the culprit.
        Now move back the folders Tray and Saves from the folder on your desktop to the newly created default folder C:\User\Your username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4
        At least you have your own creations back in the game now.
        Leaves you with the tedious task to find the faulty mod(s) – good luck

          1. if you have mccc and ui cheats it’s most likely one of those – i suspected it was that for my game so i only deleted those two and it managed to work just fine!

        1. I had the same issue and tried EVERYTHING recommended online and nothing worked. This fixed the white screen I was getting on the menu page. Thanks for everything and your quick feedback on any issues. Really appreciate it.

  26. hey there! i have always downloaded here with no issues, and i got a critical error twice now, i think i solved it tho (the folder was read only lol). just wanted to thank u for all the hard work u put into making this AND responding to every single comment having an issue, its very useful for others too. so thanks, hope ur having a great day, u deserve it!

  27. hey,
    je comprends pas pourquoi ça telecharge 45 giga à la place de 16 giga,
    si on peut m aider

    1. Pour le moment, la taille totale des Sims 4 est de 50,2 GB.
      Cela inclut toutes les extensions jusqu’à la version incluse.
      Le package de base seul sans extensions est de 19,2 GB.

  28. C:\Games\The Sims 4 and same error

    Can’t finish despite running as administrator. Original error message:

    Can’t delete “C:\Games\The Sims 4\Data\Client\ClientDeltaBuild0.package”. Disable your anti-virus and try again. If your game is in “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)” move it somewhere else, for example “C:\Games\The Sims 4”. If you still get this error – reset file permissions – see the FAQ in the readme file. And if that still doesn’t help – copy files from “updater_tmp\final” and “updater_tmp\crack” to “C:\Games\The Sims 4” and replace the files.

    1. Did you disable your anti-virus ?

      Did you reset folder permissions ?
      If not, download this file
      Run it as Administrator
      Select (not open) your installation folder

      If that still doesn’t help – copy files from “updater_tmp\final” and “updater_tmp\crack” to “C:\Games\The Sims 4” and replace the files.
      These files can be found in the folder of the Updater.

      1. thank you. I copied as you said because I was still getting error. I downloaded it with 2 packages and did it in the update at the same time. wouldn’t it just download the packages?

        because I also wanted to update the game
        sorry for my english this is not my main language

          1. I did copy paste and it worked. All packages are available and the game opens comfortably. What I wanted to ask was: I copied and pasted the current version of the game, will the game be updated?

            I know I asked too many questions sorry

  29. (I tried all the solutions written in the notes but it didn’t work)
    it says Can’t finish despite running as administrator. Original error message:

    Can’t delete “C:\Users\pc\OneDrive\Belgeler\The Sims 4\Data\Client\ClientDeltaBuild0.package”. Disable your anti-virus and try again. If your game is in “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)” move it somewhere else, for example “C:\Games\The Sims 4”. If you still get this error – reset file permissions – see the FAQ in the readme file. And if that still doesn’t help – copy files from “updater_tmp\final” and “updater_tmp\crack” to “C:\Users\pc\OneDrive\Belgeler\The Sims 4” and replace the files.

    1. I have critical error too.

      I do everything, copy the game to other place, copy updater to other place, disable anti-virus, run as administrator, and nothing work.

      I wonder if in my case it is not due to the fact that I recently changed my computer and copied the whole game to a new one so as not to download everything again.

      Please help

  30. Hi!
    I updated my game, but when I want to play with mods they just don’t appear, i have turned on modified content, but they are still not here.

      1. also no matter how may times i turned them on, when i reopen my game there is an announcement that they are turned off

    1. Hello, so I have a problem with my game, when I turn it on it’s always offline eventhough I used “enter remid cookie” to make it online and get access to gallery, and it also tells me that are many packs that are missing. What I need to do to fix it?

      1. Start your game from your installation folder -> Game -> Bin -> TS4_x64
        That way you are presented with the choice on- or offline.
        Install the missing packs via the Updater.

  31. Hi, I’m trying to install it but it keeps giving me this error message: “this program can’t start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing. Try reinstalling this program to fix the problem.” Is there any way to fix this?

    After I click okay, it gives me another error message that says: “Error loading Python DLL” and says that the specified module could not be found.

    Please let me know.

  32. Hello! So I was sort of being an idiot and closed the updater while it was downloading some of the dlcs before it finished, and now when I open up the menu, the dlcs I wanted don’t appear because the program thinks they’ve already been downloaded. I’ve tried deleting the updater but they still won’t reappear. Is there anyway I can fix this problem? Like should I delete the game altogether and reinstall it or is there a way I can delete the installer completely?

    1. Okay so I’m very confused but I logged onto the game and suddenly the packs were installed! I don’t really know what I did, maybe they were downloading in the background even after I closed it? But nevermind!

  33. How do i uninstall it completely ? Because actually i was using EA dlc unlocker and i was searching for a doc of all the dlc to download the missing one and found this but now my origin is broken and the online game isn’t working so kinda annoying

  34. Hello,
    The game starts normally but once I’m on a map and I want to start a game or build, I automatically go back to the map menu. I read all the help but found nothing about it. How can I solve this problem? Thank you

    1. Looks like a problem with outdated mods.
      Move, not copy, the folder The Sims 4 out of C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop and try the game again.
      No problems now ? Copy the folders Saves and Tray from The Sims 4 file on your desktop back to the newly created folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4
      Still no problems ? Then the culprit(s) are mods

        1. It was indeed a problem related to a mod! I hope it will help those who encounter the same problem as me!

      1. Hi there it says I don’t have enough space on my drive but I do, how do I fix this please ?

  35. Game was working fine for long time, but now I keep getting an error message saying “The contents of your user directory were created by a newer version of The Sims 4 and cannot be loaded. Please update your game via Origin to play.”

    I updated my game through Origin and tried again but just got the same message. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Apparently you downgraded your Sims 4 to a lower version than before.
      To be able to play your game again is to delete the file GameVersion from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
      Then update your game to the latest version with the Anadius Updater.

  36. Does the repair function works even for a missing executable? My antivirus just deleted my TS4.exe and is unable to restore it. Thank you for your time!

    1. I can’t see my sims anymore, or can’t play with them. And I always get Messengers about that my mods are broken. Do you have the same problem?

  37. Hi, so silly me has the legal base game already downloaded and wanted to add packs. I followed this method and my DLC’s are already in the process of downloading (step 5). However, I did not see that the best thing to follow is the ‘pack system’ page as i already have a the base game and really only wanted the packs. Is this method any different ? Did i do the wrong thing or does it not matter much?
    (i hope what i said made sense, i’m not very good with this stuff, it’s my first time lol)

  38. Hiii, i’ve been having a problem where when I try to update my game it says “Your game version ( doesn’t match the version available in the Updater ( Make sure your legit game is up to date.”

    can anyone please help me?

    1. When you answer with YES on the question about your legal game, it compares the versions of legal and pirated.
      The updater does not update the legal version, that should be done by Origin, so update your legal version with Origin before using the Updater.

  39. im having a issue it used to work but now whenever i open it its just the loading screen then it opens to a white screen where i can only move the cursor

  40. Hello Admin!
    I run the updater. then it started to download some full patch files around 450MB size. are those updates files? or something else?

  41. Hi I did everything correctly and my game was working perfectly. Today I accidently clicked on my EA Sims 4 shortcut that opened the legal game through Origin. I exited the game but when I tried to open the cracked version, it said –

    Unable to start:
    The contents of your user data directory were created by a newer version of the Sims 4 and cannot be loaded. Please update your game via Origin to play.


    I updated my game through Origin but I’m still getting the same message

    1. Apparently your legal game and the cracked one are not on the same version.

      There are 2 solutions:
      1. Update your game with the Anadius Updater and click Yes when prompted about your legal game (recommended)
      2. Delete the file GameVersion from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 and then start your game again. (you can play your cracked game again, but you’re back on the same error after you play the legal version)

  42. Hello Tarac, I followed the steps and downloaded the ones I was interest in but once I start the game there’s nothing, like I didn’t downloaded nothing… Could you please help me

  43. i have a problem my mods won’t enable i’ve tried everything they won’t work what should i do to make them work again?

  44. When I play “resume” the game closes itself. I’ve update and repair as always… what can i do?

  45. Hi! I have a problem with my Sims 4. I’ve done everything and downloaded everything including this updater and repair fix but it doesn’t fix my issues. My issues is whenever there’s an option/selection my sims just froze to the vague blue screen. Example like when I click “Find a Job” or “Cook Together with” it just froze into this unclickable screen but I can see its still running. That green diamond is still spinning. So I’m super confused and wondering that someone can help me with this situation. Thank you!

    1. Looks like a problem with outdated mods.
      Temporarily move (not copy) the folder The Sims 4 out of C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop

  46. Uncle of youth and sports, I am Egyptian and I need a translation on the page, but I can’t find it. XD
    But you are a respectable man. Why don’t you add ads on the site to benefit from us as much as possible?

    1. The Arabic language is available (2nd flag from the left)
      Reason why I don’t add ads is that I want to have full control over my website, no cookies, no clickbait, no virus.

  47. Hello I have some questions.
    Where do I extract the file? Can I just extract it on Downloads? Also, if a new version of the updater comes out, I need to download it from the start? and how will I know that I need to upate? Do I check here or a notification appears on the game like when it happens with Mods?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. You can extract the Updater anywhere on your computer.
      Every time you run the updater it looks for an update for the updater itself, it downloads the new version and deletes the old version

    1. Uploaders like Anadius (and myself) are constantly under threat of being banned by cloud-hosts. He is now using hermietkreeft (Dutch for hermit crab)
      Hermit crabs must occupy shelter produced by other organisms, or risk being defenseless.

  48. Hi! When I go to run the game, simply nothing happens. When I go to run it again, it says
    The Sims 4™ is already running [ed35e0ea:29f00e76:00000000:18a1dd51]
    Any help is really appreciated. Thank you!

  49. Hey so I downloaded everything last week, followed the instructions ect. game worked beautifully and had absolutely no issues. I got on today and its telling me i dont have any dlc n if i run the save it could corrupt. what do i do? asked anadius via the discord link in the program thing and got told to ask you

      1. Hi tarac I update my game to the latest patch, but after that I can’t upload lot and sims in the gallery, it always say There was an error uploading this lot to My gallery. I tried to log out and log in my acc but it doesn’t work. I have a Crack version. Thank you in Advance!!

      2. hello, I have the same problem and I don’t know what to do.
        I tried to repair with the updater but nothing happened

  50. Hi, when I’ve brought the updater up and need to ‘browse’ to find my ‘TS4_x64’ file, it doesn’t appear when browsing? How do I find it? Even when I look at the properties, I’m browsing in the correct file, it just doesn’t appear?

    1. You should not browse for the TS4_x64.exe but look for The Sims 4 directory without opening that folder. Just select that folder

  51. Hi, can custom content be added? I can’t seem to find the mods folder..or is there a specific location where I should put a mods folder?

    1. Once you have started the game a folder will be created at C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
      That folder also contains a folder Mods.

  52. I did everything right and got the thing that says all done enjoy the game, however when I actually go in game non of the dlc packs are there and are now missing from the list when i go back to the updater. I re-updated my game in case that was the problem however I still had the same problem, any fixes?

  53. what should i do if i keeps saying i don’t have enough storage in my c drive, even when i do and if im not even installing any more dlcs just updating it? it just keeps taking up more storage instead

    1. 2 reasons
      1. You do have lack of space on your C drive – move the complete The Sims 4 folder to another drive
      2. You try to add items to a .iso file – copy the contents of the .iso to your hard disk and browse the updater to the new location.

  54. i already bought the sims 4 but i really want the packs lol, can i use it to get more packs or i will get banned?

  55. When I try to download the updater, after parsing the metadata I click update, and it says that the drive used in install path doesn’t exist. What do I do? (the game is cracked)

      1. Can some one help me please when i try to click update this message comes up D:/Games/The Sims 4/Games/Bin/Default.ini is missing! Repair your game in origin or steam. Cannnn someone helpppppp me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  56. Ya tengo el TS4 instalado y el acceso directo por el escritorio, pero al momento de dar doble clic para entrar me aparece una ventanilla que dice “La ejecución de código no puede continuar porque no se encontró anadius64.DLL. Este problema se puede solucionar reinstalando el programa.” Alguien me puede ayudar con esto por favor, sé que no es dificil pero no sé como hacerlo. Gracias

    1. La instalación legal no tiene cracks, por lo que no se pueden encontrar los archivos Andius.dll.
      Cuando utilice el actualizador, asegúrese de responder Sí a la pregunta sobre su juego legal.
      Se creará una nueva carpeta Game_cracked

  57. Hola, he instalado la actualización y me sale que se ha instalado bien, pero al momento de intentar habilitar la galería no me sale el cuadro de opción e incluso dentro del juego no me deja usar la galería
    me podrían ayudar por favor

    1. ¿Tienes el juego legal?
      Si es así, ¿indicó al actualizar que el juego legal está en su carpeta?
      Deje que Origin restaure su juego y luego ejecute la actualización

  58. Hii! The game works perfectly but i get an error everytime i open the Anadius Updater:
    Failed to execute script ‘updater_gui’ due to unhandled exception: can’t evoke ‘winfo’ command: application has been destroyed.

    When i wanted to update my game on origin it was deleted and i had to reinstall, not sure if that is related to the error.
    My firewall doesn’t seem to pick up on anything so i don’t think it is related to that.

    1. I’m getting the same issue, it also gives me extra information:

      “Traceback (most recent call last):
      File “tkinter\”, line 1921, in __call__
      File “tkinter\”, line 839, in callit
      File “”, line 280, in callback_queue_handler
      File “”, line 253, in _callback
      File “”, line 236, in log_message
      File “tkinter\”, line 1675, in configure
      File “tkinter\”, line 1665, in _configure
      _tkinter.TclError: invalid command name “.!frame.!scrolledtext”

      During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File “”, line 791, in
      File “”, line 787, in main
      File “tkinter\”, line 1458, in mainloop
      File “tkinter\”, line 1925, in __call__
      File “tkinter\”, line 1641, in _report_exception
      File “”, line 175, in report_callback_exception
      File “”, line 731, in disable
      File “tkinter\”, line 1079, in winfo_children
      _tkinter.TclError: can’t invoke “winfo” command: application has been destroyed”
      Not sure if this is the same one you get, but if it is and you already fixed it, I’d be eternally grateful if you could share the solution.

  59. Something happened and everything is screwed once I finished downloading the update. Every time I try to start my saved game it brings me to choosing seasons and then the map has a bunch of yellow triangles? I don’t understand because I had no errors.. please help my game is unplayable

  60. how do i install updates manually?
    i download the updates files and put them in the same folder as updater but when i launch updater there is no extract option it’s just update and repair option and it starts downloading from updater.
    how do i fix this?

    1. Where did you get the download from ?
      When from our site it is the crack for the Sims 4 which is recognized as an uncertified .dll or TS4_x64.exe.

      1. I downloaded it here.I have Sims 4 but its old version. Defenders found virus at this rar file and don’t let me download.

          1. I asked that virüs is false positive, didn’t ask for how to download @seokjin.

      2. Hey Tarac, so i ticked all the boxes for dll’s instead of not ticking and pressing “ok”, and it seems i already had most of them…..Should i be worried, because it seems like it is redownloading them or is it okay?

  61. Hi, im not sure whats wrong with my game, no errors come up, ive updated to the most recent version with the updater, i dont have origins downloaded, and i already tried updating and then removing all my mods. the game opens, but thats about as far as i get, the start screen is broken, where settings is all the buttons just say “text” and dont work, if i start a new game, there is no sim in cas, i cannot click on a sim or see anything, and if i get into a world, all the lots have the error that i cannot buy non-residential lots, im not sure what i did but if you have any idea that would be great

      1. Thanks! I tried that and i am still running into the same problem, im gonna wait until the update in an hour or so, see if that fixes it

  62. Hi i’m getting this “CRITICAL ERROR
    Can’t validate file integrity. Make sure your anti-virus doesn’t block this program” already turned off my anti virus and do the reset file permission but still not working, please help me…

  63. Tenho Windows 10 e baixei o automático, tentei seguir o tutorial que diz que precisa executar 6 arquivos na pasta # vcredist, porém não estou encontrando, alguem me ajuda por favor

  64. Hello, my DLC has shown all the installation, but there are still only three in the world, and other worlds can’t use it. How to solve this problem, please reply.

    1. There are three scenario when DLC fail to show at game start.

      1. You have a legitimate game with three paid DLC and the other DLC are not paid. In that scenario, go to your game folder, select GAME-CHEAT folder and start game from there with all DLC.

      2. You did not select YES to “Is your legitimate game stored here?” Use #1 to start your game with all DLC.

      3. You had a previous Sims 4 game install and used the same desktop icon to start your game with only three worlds. Use #1 to start your game with all DLC.

      I assure you there is nothing wrong with the Anadius updater as it works flawlessly but you must read all the instructions an follow the links provided on this page to ensure your install is successful.

  65. My updater encountered a critical error:
    Can’t move Delta/EP01/ClientDeltaBuild0.package, disable your anti-virus and try again. If that doesn’t help reset file permissions – see the FAQ in the readme file. And if that doesn’t help copy your game and the Updater somewhere else (COPY, not move).

    Original error message: [WinError 5] Access is denied: ‘updater_tmp\\final\\Delta\\EP01\\ClientDeltaBuild0.package’ -> ‘C:\\Program Files\\The Sims 4\\Delta\\EP01\\ClientDeltaBuild0.package’

      1. I tried copy the whole Sims 4 folder elsewhere and it worked. Before you click update, you click Browse and select the newly copied ‘The Sims 4’ folder.

  66. Hi, does the updater need Internet to update because i just download this on my phone then put it in the pc to updtae the game but i get a critical error, can you please help me?

  67. How can I get this on my MacBook Air? Is there a way for me to download the sims 4 without buying it from origin? Help would be really appreciated.

  68. I don’t have my wedding stories and it’s not giving me the option to update it, it only shows carnival streetwear kit.

  69. Hey I have a question,
    the updater is telling me this:
    extracting dlc-toggler.exe FAILED
    extracting dlc-uninstaller.exe FAILED
    extracting dlc.ini FAILED
    extracting language-changer.exe FAILED

    Can you please help me with it Thanks!

  70. So my pc crashed, I am playing now on my old laptop and still have the sims base game. I downloaded the updater and it seem my windows operating system is to old for the updater. Windows 7, and no I can’t upgrade to 8 or 10. Except for downloading torrent is there other way to just update my sims game without downloading the huge giant file?

      1. I managed to load the whole sims 4 collection. Yeah I downloaded the all in one. And windows 7 is handling it very well.

  71. does not give me an option to un toggle add DLC’s. How can i prevent it from downloading the update plus 51 DLC

  72. Hi! So the update process was successful, but when I open the game, there’s a window that asks me if I want to start the game online or offline. I just wanted to ask, it safe to open the game online?

    Thank you!

    1. Click offline, the option is there just in case you want to have the option to use the gallery. Clicking offline will send directly to the game.

  73. Changed to Chinese Traidional but is not completely patched. There is still partial Simplied Chinese in the game.

  74. new updater has no files like the old ones..keeps telling me it cant run because im missing .dll files

  75. Hi
    i tried updating my cracked game it kept saying critical error
    cant hash “D:/TheSims4/EP08/Clientfullbuild0.package” file
    im really lost on what to do
    please help

  76. umm my updater is running super slow my internet is fine do you guys have any idea how to fasten it up plus my sims is on disk D
    i tried to download the files they said about but it says files invalid

  77. umm my updater is running super slow my internet is fine do you guys have any idea how to fasten it up plus my sims is on disk D

  78. hey, when i try to run as admin it says “You put the Unlocker in a path that will break the setup script. Move it somewhere else, for example “C:\unlocker” or “D:\unlocker”.” i don’t know what to do

  79. So hey! I have an issue with the newest Game Pack – My Wedding Stories. Everything was great (has access to the stuff and all) except when I try to access the world. It took a long time to load – without actually loading. I have to restart or went back to main menu to play again, and the world is still unaccessible

    Can you help me please? Already updated to the latest update using the Sims updater

    Thank you for your help and posts !

        1. I’ve lots of questions about my problems bout this but i notice in the updater that i can join the discord??? If it is then what’s your server? I wanna ask there instead for easy solution

      1. I’m trying to download the updater but when ever I get to the update page it says the drive used in install path doesn’t exist does anyone know how to fix it

    1. Is your Windows 32-bits ?
      You can’t run the Sims 4 with DLC’s released after Realm of Magic.
      You need the Legacy Edition

  80. so i let the update run without installing any dlcs and it was up to patch 5 all over 6gb a piece, so over 25gb in total which doesn’t seem right. so i cancelled install. it looked like it was going to take the best part of a day to fully download. can anyone advise? my game is really buggy but i also don’t want to completely corrupt the existing files with dodgy patches.

  81. Je n’arrive pas a ouvrir le fichier Sims-4-updater-v06.69 dans le dossier pour finir l’installation sur mon Mac… “donnée endommagées”

        1. Sistem Dosyası Denetleyicisi, bozuk sistem dosyalarını tarayabilen ve onarabilen her Windows sürümünde bulunan bir yardımcı programdır. Eksik veya bozuk api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1-0.dll dosyalarını (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 ve 10) onarmak için SFC aracını kullanın:

          Windows’ta Başlat düğmesine basın
          Arama kutusuna ‘cmd’ yazın, ancak ‘ENTER’ tuşuna BASMAYIN.
          “ENTER” tuşuna basarken klavyenizdeki “CTRL-Shift” tuşunu basılı tutun.
          İzin isteyen bir iletişim kutusu ile karşılaşacaksınız.
          Kutuda ‘EVET’e tıklayın.
          Yanıp sönen bir imleç ile siyah bir ekran görmelisiniz.
          Siyah ekranda ‘sfc /scannow’ yazıp ‘ENTER’ tuşuna basın.
          SFC, api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1-0.dll ve diğer sistem dosyası sorunları için taramaya başlayacaktır.
          İşlemi tamamlamak için ekrandaki talimatları izleyin.
          Not: Bu tarama biraz zaman alabilir. Yürütme devam ederken lütfen bekleyin

  82. Hey! So after updating the game i cannot load any of my saves. The game was running just fine before i updated it with the software. Is there any way to fix it??

    1. Looks like a problem with mods.
      Move (not copy) the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop.
      When the game runs OK then it definitely. is a mods poroblem and you can copy the folders Saves and Tray from the folder on your desktop back to the newly created C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4

  83. There is a high chance I am just doing something wrong but I keep getting “CRITICAL ERROR Can’t check available disk space. Make sure your anti-virus doesn’t block this program.” But my anti-virus is off.

    1. Don’t browse the Updater to an .ISO version of the game.
      As an example: When you downloaded an all-in-one in ISO format, you must copy the contents of the mounted iso to f.e. your hard disk first. Then browse the Updater to that folder

  84. Hey! It seems like my game always starts online after the latest update, even if I open it with the “always offline” shortcut. What can I do to fix that?

  85. hi can anyone help me. my antivirus deleted my TS4_x64.exe and is not in the bault. can someone upload their .exe of the 1.84 version to mega or some site like that? please help im trying to use this program to solve it but it didnt do anything

  86. my antivirus is disabled but im still getting this error :/ does anybody know how to solve this?

    Can’t delete “C:\Users\rusla\OneDrive\Рабочий стол\The Sims 4\Data\Client\ClientDeltaBuild0.package”, disable your anti-virus and try again. If that doesn’t help reset file permissions – see the FAQ in the readme file. And if that still doesn’t help – delete this file yourself.

    Original error message: [WinError 5] Отказано в доступе: ‘C:\\Users\\rusla\\OneDrive\\Рабочий стол\\The Sims 4\\Data\\Client\\ClientDeltaBuild0.package’
    Read the FAQ in “updater_readme.txt” for possible solutions.

  87. when I updated my game it messed with everything my saved games are not loading and everything isn’t working anymore.

  88. i used the updater yesterday to download my wedding stories, it downloaded just fine. I got all the new objects from the dlc, but the new map did not show. anyone know how to solve this?

    1. The most current updater from Anadius is:

      Version 6.60 on this page is not the full update with DLC for My Wedding Stories.

  89. idk what’s going on but i already have all of the DLCs except for the my wedding stories pack. however, when i try to dowload the pack from this updater, the updater downloads all of the DLCs….

      1. Hey, it’s just because the updater is up to the pre-DLC version, the “Wedding Stories” pack is not included yet. I guess it might be released later today or tomorrow, just keep refreshing this page untill the newest version of the updater is available.

  90. Goodmorning,when I try to install the last pack I get this error message, how can I solve it?

    Can’t delete “C:\Program Files\The Sims 4\Delta\EP01\Strings_FIN_FI.package”, disable your anti-virus and try again. If that doesn’t help reset file permissions – see the FAQ in the readme file. And if that still doesn’t help – delete this file yourself.

    Original error message: [WinError 5] Accesso negato: ‘C:\\Program Files\\The Sims 4\\Delta\\EP01\\Strings_FIN_FI.package’
    Read the FAQ in “updater_readme.txt” for possible solutions.

    1. Have had the same problem. I manually deleted the file, downloaded the reset folder permissions and let it run administrator, and disabled all of my anti viruses but it still shows up.

  91. my update.
    it’s working right now finally the updater let me update and get me the new dlc Wedding Stories.

    ps: i solved somehow. I’ll turn off my proxy Pc and play around with suddenly the updater finally get me non error.

    1. Read Very Carefully….

      Version from base game up-to and incl. pre-patch Wedding Stories

      The newest version [WITHOUT THE DLC MY WEDDING STORIES ] is

      This means there was another patch after the
      The patch 1.84.971.1030 also adds the new game map to your library if you have the DLC or not. The map is inactive if you do not own the DLC.

      1. The latest patch is
        The previous post had the version numbers transposed.

        The bottom line is wait for the correct update.
        If you download version over top of a newer version sent out by Steam or Origin your risk is corrupting your current game installation.

  92. Hi, I’m having trouble updating my game. Even if I try to just get the update without Wedding Stories it says “CRITICAL ERROR
    Can’t delete “C:\Program Files (x86)\Sims 4\Delta\GP02\ClientDeltaBuild0.package”, disable your anti-virus and try again. If that doesn’t help reset file permissions – see the FAQ in the readme file. And if that still doesn’t help – delete this file yourself.”
    My anti virus is disabled, I tried moving the folder, and even deleting each file that it asks me to delete, but when i do it stops recognizing the packs that I do have, so I don’t know what to do.

  93. hi, i tried updating the game and added the my wedding dlc and whenever i click the world in the map, it doesn’t show anything but just complete blank. i’ve tried restarting the game and also repairing but i can’t go to the new map. thanks!!

  94. hi! just updated using the updater and my wedding stories is showing up as not owned, just wondering whether it’s been released in the updater as well? thanks so much for your hard work! 🙂

  95. I juste used the updater for My Wedding Stories, had to delete some files by myself but i ran the game and it works well ! Thank you !

      1. Thank you! I had a critical error with the toggler (maybe due to my firewall), but I deleted it myself and tried again with the uploader and it worked!

    1. I don’t know about you, but when I extract the files from the ZIP, a new updater v0.6.63 appears and I turn off v0.6.60 and start the newer one. Then everything works, and there is no error.

  96. Hey, when i play, i cant play existing sims or create new ones after using the updater? any suggestions on what to do?

        1. Can someone help me I keep getting this error
          Cannot open sims4 updater 6.73.exe for downloading make sure your anti-virus doenst block this program
          But there isn’t any program with this name. I’m using the sims updater 6.69 version
          Please help me

  97. Hi!
    Is it possible to keep the older version available to use, i have only win 7 (i cannot have 10 right now) and i still need to repair my game.
    I need also to install my other dlc, i was intend to reinstall everything with my legit version but now i cannot anymore.
    Please, keep the older version (like 5.5) for those like me who dosent have more than win 7.
    everything was working fine since the new update of this week end.
    Its dosent matter if its not updating for the 1.84 version.

  98. i downloaded the newest version of this updater and it does not let me use it with origin i can only use the game offline, Help!

    1. As Wedding Stories is not yet released by Electronic Arts (expected 23rd of this month) it is obvious that this DLC is not yet included in the Updater.

  99. the updater 0.6.59 is not working i have problem with Critital Error is making me frustrate i already re-downloader over and over again and also download vc redist neither not work.. i need to update i don’t want TORRENT. :((

  100. where to download the anadius update?.
    when i click your link of the updater., sims 4 always pops up..
    im playing sims 3.,
    can you do a tutorial please.


    1. Have you already tried to re-download the updater ?
      Also, the updater only works with 64-bits computers and Windows 8 or higher
      Read the updater_readme file inside the updater folder.

  102. Thank you so so much! I’ve been looking to get my ts4 updated for the longest time and couldn’t find any way to do it without having to pay so much for the basegame/updates. This worked like a charm! You’re a life saver!

  103. Hey i got ts4 from anadius, which i downloaded but it didnt install into my laptop, but i can still play the game (not sure how it works,but it does), so that means this update is not working for me. And i would like to ask for help, because i would rather to have it installed tho. More like for these updates and so. Just thinking about buying all these games. -.-
    Please help 🙂
    THX xoxo

  104. when I try to update it says the base game is not found, but when I check my sims 4 game folder, the game is there. When I try to update my game and it shows me the file finder for the updater, it doesn’t show my game it just shows my other flies.

  105. I downloaded new version of the updater (0.6.59), but I get fatal error and can’t run it. The error says: “Error loading Python DLL ‘C:Users\Mariusz\AppData\Local\Temp\_MEI61842\python310,dll’. LoadLibrary: PyInstaller: FormatMessageW failed.”
    What should I do? The previous versions of the updater worked fine.

  106. Hi, I have downloaded the updater but there is no language changer I want to play it in spanish but I can’t please help me

  107. Hi, I’ve been updated the anadius updater but i got a problem. When I used the older version of updater, I don’t install the Modern Manswear, still can update the game smoothly.

    Once I got this new updater version, i can’t update my game anymore. It said “File “updater_tmp\downloading\Full Patch″ exists, but a control file (*.aria2) does not.”

    I’ve tried to delete the file but it keeps popping this notification. Do you have any ideas or suggestions of what should I do? Your help will much be appreciated! Thank you so much.

  108. I’m trying to add more DLCs after previously downloading some, but the screen to add just shows up with no text, just black squares where the text should be. Anyone else have this issue?

  109. Was playing fine, accessing the gallery and all. My game is fully cracked and I have all the updates. I tried downloading something from the gallery but wasn’t able to because I didn’t have the last update, so I ran anadius updater and now I can’t go online anymore. It says (in Portuguese so I’m not sure if I’m translating it correctly) “one or more services the sims 4 are offline at the moment. Try again later”.

    Is it EA instability or did I do something wrong?

      1. The release of Wedding Stories is postponed to 23rd of February. Reason is some problems with the Russian version about marriages with couples of the same gender.

      2. Hey why the new version is not working? I can’t download it, and marriage stories is not on the list yet

        Salut pourquoi la nouvelle version ne marche pas chez moi ? J’arrive pas a la telecharger et le nouveau pack de mariage n’est pas sur la liste

  110. la nouvelle livraison ne veut pas se télécharger. je ne comprend pas pourquoi ? j ai vérifier que ce n’étais pas mes mods mais non. donc que puis je faire ? j’ai fait la mise a jour j’ai l’habitude c’est la première mise a jour qui bug. svp pouvez vous m’aidez

    1. You downloaded the Updater
      You extracted the download updater with Winrar or 7-zip
      So you have a folder now and you can open that folder
      Copy that entire folder to a drive on your computer, like C or D or simply to your desktop.
      When done, click on the file updater inside the folder to start

  111. i dont have the base game will i be able to get the base game with this? or would it be better to use all in one?

    1. Yes when you use the repair option in the updater it will alo load the base game.
      You can also add the base game only, see this page
      In case you have nothing at all of the Sims 4, the all-in-one is the best solution

  112. Hi! i bought the legal base game yesterday, and my happiness made me download this updater and i got all the packs and kits, but now my computer is as slow as a snail. How can i delete some packs? where do i have to go or what do i have to do? thank u so much <3

    1. Is your computer slow with other programs or is it only The Sims 4 ?
      Just the Sims 4:
      You can reduce the workload on your computer by simply removing DLC’s from your installation folder of the Sims 4
      You can also switch off DLC’s with the dlc-toggler

      1. Hi, i just downloaded the file but always stuck in updating files
        updating Data/Client/ClientDeltaBuild0.package
        i really don’t know what to do 🙁

          1. I’m sorry, I’m having the same issue as @Fromthevault26, I can’t seem to see your reply. May you please resend it

        1. This happened for me as well what I did was browse to the bin folder where the sims 4 executable was located and was able to update just fine after that

          1. im having this issue too it says critical error cannot delete Data/Client/ClientDeltaBuild0.package i delete it but my games really messed up everything is blank idk what to do it was working just fine before i updated it 🙁

  113. I’ve updated my game but when I try to run it pops up asking for a “remid cookie”? It wont let me play online unless I can log in, and when I open my game offline it’s no longer using my origin account. Please help

    1. When you open Anadius updater it will give you a link to the newer version, Make sure your C:/Programfiles/sims4 is selected not D/electronicarts/sims4 because it will not be able to update because it cant find the Base game.

  114. Having an issue with downloading the new updater, I can’t open it after I extract it. Plus the other website won’t let me download it either.

  115. Hi! I keep getting the missing .dll files, I followed all the steps with the folder # vcredist and it’s still not helping.

        1. When the file update exists in the Updater it means that the data in that file have not yet been transferred to your installation folder.
          Run the Updater again, when successful the folder update will be removed.unless you ticked “download only”

  116. hi, i would like to ask about the frequent lags on the game, is there something to fix it? i have the current updater, i tried to repair the game and followed steps to try and fix it but even the 50/50 method and clearing cache won’t work. there is also a long loading screen for about 10 minutes and there were times where the application is not responding. just wondering if it’s the broken mods (i frequently update them) or other issues. thank you very much!

    while repairing, this showed up too:

    1. Temporarily move (not copy) the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop.
      Then run the Sims 4 again. Better now ?
      When the answer is yes, copy the folders Saves and Tray from the folder on your desktop back to the newly (automatically) created the Sims 4 folder in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.

      1. it did work better and the loading screen time shortened but when i copied the Saves, whenever i open the households, the loading time went long again and the lag is back. could the lag is because of the saved games? thank you so much!

  117. Hi, I have the base game(legal) and whenever i try to run dlc toggler there’s an error. And the dlc toggler is in the right folder (with files like; _installer, Delta and etc) and I also have tried to download the latest game folder. But nothing works, idk what to do.

    1. Alsi I did not get the messege ”Successfully updated” instead i got an error to check my internet and to try again.

    2. The toggler does not function in a legal game for reason that it is based on the crack (Anadius, Reloaded or Codex). The legal game has no crack.
      If you really want the toggler then run the Anadius Updater, browse to your legal game and answer this question with yes

      updater for legal gamne

      This creates an additional folder Game (Game-cracked) inside the directory of your legal game.
      So you have 2 folders Game (Game-cracked and Game).

  118. He estado usando Anadius Update, pero las descargas de los packs son demasiado lentas, puedo descargarlos directamente y añadirlos al carpeta raiz del juego aun luego de haber usado Anadius Update?

  119. I had a problem several times were my attempts to update ended with an error. Towards the end of the process, it shows: ‘Update failed, TRY AGAIN’ message as well as that following files weren’t updated: Support/User Agreements/en_US (cs_CZ,de_DE etc), there’s a list of several language files I believe. Is there any way to resolve this?

  120. Everytime i lunch the anadius sims 4 the game glitches and goes into a not responding mode. It even does that for the anadius site. I belive that this new updater with out codex is not going to work, Is there anything that i can do to get my game working.

    1. Are you sure the error says Delta and not xdelta ?

      When it is xdelta all I can suggest is:
      1. Delete your present folder of the Updater
      2. Download the Updater again – extract with Winrar by choosing extract to Sims 4 Updater 0.5.5
      3. From the extracted folder Sims-4-updater-0.5.5 right-click on Sims-4-updater and select run as an administrator
      4. When prompted about a new version available click no.

      1. Ok so it worked, it said successfully updated, i just dont know where it is. I clicked repair first because i do not have the base game.

  121. Everytime I use the updater it says that delta is not installed redownload the updater, extract it and do not delete any files. Can you tell me what I need to do?

  122. Hello,

    Can someone help me? I’m trying to update the game but seems stuck on error regarding:


      1. thanks for the reply, so there is now way for me to update for now? I only have the version 1.4 I think

  123. I checked dlc’s which I want to play but after running the game I got all dlcs again… Anyone has/had that problem? My game version is 1.77, previously I didn’t updated my game as well and dlc toggler worked fine so I dont know what happened.

  124. I always get an internet connection error after downloading 500mb of the update 1.80 but i have no problem with my internet connection and when i tried downloading the update files and extracting them it gave me an exception error,what should i do!?

    1. The updater uses a server with pretty limited capacity. All calculations and downloads go via this server.
      When many people are using this system at the same time it could lead to interruptions and the result is “network error”.
      Also items in the Updater require a special extraction program UnRAR (not Winrar, 7-zip or others) which allows users to extract files on line

      I think that errors like this are the reason why so many people download our all-in-one torrent. (Method 3)

      1. Is method 3 for downloading the whole game not updating it!? If yes,i already have the game i just want to update, but the updater still gives me an internet error,is there i way i can update the game manually!?

      2. I have the same problem,I’ve Been trying to update my game for a few days but i get the same internet error Every time,and when i try extracting the update file,1.81 update file extracts normally while update file 1.80 wont extract,it gives uncaught exception error,so is there a problem with 1.80 update file or what! Please help

        1. Go to THIS SITE
          Download the updates for the versions after your present version
          When downloads are completed copy the files to your folder for the updater
          Run the updater and click Extract

  125. hello, my sims 4 base game are which is the latest but an error pop up to update it on origin which its a latest version

  126. Hello and thank you! I have the legal game and I have followed every step however the donwload stopped at the very last second and told me that there was an internet error and I should try again. So i didn’t because it already took too many hours BUT i’m trying again now. Another weird thing is that in my origin game it says that i already own all the dlc but i actually can’t play with them in the game..why?

    1. Delete your existing folder for the EA DLC unlocker and download the latest version.
      After extraction of the downloaded unlocker run setup as an administrator.
      Select 5 (uninstall EA DLC unlocker) – if you see an error, try it again.
      Then run setup again, select 1, 2, 13 and q
      Now run your legal game via Origin and non-installed DLC’s should show up as “download to use”
      Close your game
      Now run the Anadius Updater – lead it (browse) to the folder of your legal game. Do not open that folder, just select it.
      When prompted about your legit game, click YES
      Select the Anadius crack and tick the missing DLC”s

      1. Hello I just wanted to say that I did it!!!! I had to manually copy all the folders in the legal game folder but now I have them!!! Thank youuuuuuuuuu

  127. Hi!

    How do I remove a dlc after downloading if I dont want it and want to create more space? Since there is no way to go through origin to do it with this downloaded version of the game.
    Not very good at this stuff haha would appreciate help! 🙂

      1. I cant find the dlc- uninstaller, do you know how I find it?
        And I did delete it from my installation folder (at least the folder that is the sims 4 anadius repack folder not sure if its the right one) but the dlc is still in the game and I cant seem to find any other file related to the specific dlc.
        Sorry if Im being really dumb but I cant seem to figure it out

        1. You can find the dlc-toggler incl. dlc-uninstaller HERE
          Download and extract with winrar, copy the extracted files to your installation folder.
          You can find that folder by right-clicking on the shortcut on your desktop, select open file location.
          You’ll end up in the folder installation folder of the Sims 4\Game\Bin. Navigate up to the actual file location The Sims 4

  128. Hi! Sorry if this is such a common error but I keep getting the “Hello ;)” popup message saying the app was not able to start correctly. I tried launching it from Steam, Origin, and even from the Installation Folder/Game/Bin but it still won’t launch. I’m only testing a few packs at a time since a massive download gives me an error saying I should recheck my internet connection.

    If it helps, the packs are still in the installation folder, along with Game-cracked folder, and dlc + dlc-toggler from the Anadius Updater folder.

      1. Thanks for replying! I downloaded the batch file and ran it but it still didn’t fix my issue 🙁 the error OrangeEmu64.dll pops up followed up TS4_x64.exe – Application Error (0xc0000142) saying it’s unable to start correctly. I already took the dlc + dlc-toggler outside of the installation folder in case that was what’s messing with it, and even tried to run the app again both with and without the batch file you suggested inside the installation folder but I still can’t run it

        1. Download the latest folder Game
          From your installation folder delete the folder Game
          Extract the downloaded folder Game with winrar and copy this extracted folder Game to your installation folder.

          The above method will eliminate the OrangeEmu64.dll + the incorrect TS4_x64.exe and replace it with the Anadius64.dll crack and another version of TS4_x64.exe

  129. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this on my own and have tried to read every reply and forum before asking but I can’t seem to figure it out on my own and I don’t know what I may be missing.
    I have everything that I believe to need installed the DLCs, the unlocker, etc. I even got past the obstacle of the “Download to Use” prompt I kept getting too. I finally got to the point where they all said owned and I was ready to play! I made my sim and then went into build mode and none of the packs are loading. I either see ? or just llamas in place of the object. I restarted my game and computer also I did repair and ran the unlocker again just to be sure it was still working.

    Any ideas on what I can do to troubleshoot in my next steps?

    (I also ran the vcredist files while troubleshooting and uninstalled/reinstalled them in case that was an issue?)

    1. When you see lamas it could be an indication that you are using outdated mods.
      Move, not copy, the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop, then start your game again.
      Are you still seeing lamas ?
      If not, copy the folders saves and tray from your file on your desktop back to the newly created C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4

  130. Hi there! So my problem has been that after i completed yay the steps, it said “Download to use”. So i speeches the comment section for a solution. i tried all the methods i could find and right now i’m attempting to redownload by pressing repair instead of update on the anadias updated screen. But, now this is downloading incredibly slow and i’m not sure what to do. I have the legal game so i’ve tried moving the files like you said in the comments.

    1. When you see “download to use” you did not browse the updater to the correct installation folder.
      Browse the updater to the folder of your legal game
      When prompted about a legit game, answer with YES
      When the updater has finished run the DLC Unlocker – see this page
      Now start your legal game via Origin

      1. I greatly appreciate your response! I did download all the DLCs to my legit game file. I did all of those steps and have been troubleshooting since it hasn’t worked. I checked the config file and everything was listed as on that page.

  131. Hi my updater application has crashed and is saying:

    17:00:14:WARNING:updater: download failed for d-gp04__1: GP04/ClientFullBuild0.package.
    00119:34:25:WARNING:url: p-81_72-82_99: failed to retrieve download URL from server 1
    19:36:16:WARNING:url: no-origin-fix- failed to retrieve download URL from server 1

    Does anyone know what to do to fix this

  132. Hi. I have been trying for a while to download some packs, but it keeps giving the error ‘uncaught exception’. It says I should send a file to your discord, but I can’t find it anywhere.

  133. I have a question, how can I safely update my sims game without my mods fillies getting corrupted every time I do it?

    1. As long as the updater is not copying files to your installation folder you can close the updater.
      Downloaded files are stored in the folder Update in the actual Updater.
      When you delete the folder Update from the Updater all temp.stored files(updates) will be lost.

  134. Hello, in my games it says I own the packs but I cant play my saves because it says I dont own the packs. I restarted the game and still nothing. I have the original Sims 4 base game. Help please!

  135. I don’t know where to ask this question but my antivirus software, AVG, suddenly and randomly quarantined my TS4_exe file and I can’t open my game. Everything else is intact, what do I do?

    1. well, i reinstalled the game and i’m updating it right now but I simply asked the antivirus to remove it from quarantine so hopefully it’ll be solved

      1. which isn’t working. This is super frustrating. When I try to un the game now it says anadius64.dll can’t be found

          1. So the game repair is still running but I went to my regular Sims 4 folder where I kept the anadius repack file and opened the readme.txt, it mentioned something about a “no-origin-fix-”, so I extracted that file and it had a new “game” file with a “bin” and “bin_le”. In the “bin” file I found the missing .dll’s so I copied it to my download file. I’ll keep you updated

          2. it’s working!!! i found a “no-origin-fix….rar” for the latest update in the updater folder and did the same thing and it’s working!

  136. so my game version is, and i can`t upgrade to later versions, i`m followin the instructions but i always get an error. Can you help me?

  137. I got this error when my download was almost finishing “xdelta\xdelta3-3.0.11-x86_64.exe missing. Redownload the downloader, EXCTRACT IT and don’t delete any files.”
    I downloaded the updater again and extracted it. What should I do next? Should I download the update from the updater again?
    Thanks in advance

    1. web host blocked the whole site as there was a suspicion of malware in the Dutch forum section. Proved to be a false-positive warning.

  138. Every time i update DLCs and try to start, (legit version of base – delux game) the game freezes within 30 seconds (or if i skip the opening credits)
    I tried to repair the program and its able to complete, but still does not work.

    Also – When i launch the DLC toggler – getting error:
    Could not read crack config file:

    Any thoughts? Have been working on this for a couple days now

    1. The toggler does not work for your legal game because there is no crack involved. Consequently the toggler cannot find it.
      Problem about freezing: MOVE (not copy) the folder The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop and then start your game again.
      You seemingly will loose all your own Sims and houses. No longer freezing ?. Copy the folders Saves and Tray back from your desktop to the newly created folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
      I fear that when you also copy back the folder Mods your problem with freezing will be there again. So the problem is mods-related.

    1. When you start your game with a shortcut on your desktop, right-click on the shortcut and select something like Open file location.
      You are then in your installation folder\Game\Bin. So go up and manoeuvre to the installation folder where you can find folders like Install, Data, Delta aso.

      When you mean the installation file of the Updater, download the Updater, extract the download with Winrar and run Updater.

  139. I don’t know why bit it keeps giving this everytime I try to open the game “cannot start because game is missing required data or its broken and to repair it thru orgin and then i went to the # vedredist thing and went thru and updated that the game still won’t open and will give that error message what do I do?

  140. I have the legal base game and installed all of the DLCs, repaired the game and still, whenever I open it, it says that the DLCs are not installed. Did I do something wrong? I don’t know what else to do.

  141. Can anyone help? When i first started the updater it was 10GB and the it reached 2.5GB and it displayed this error “download URL for p-72_28-73_48 not found, TRY AGAIN” and the i restarted the update and it was then 8GB and said “download URL for p-72_28-73_48 not found, TRY AGAIN” again and now I started it again and its 6GB for me to download, does that mean its updating my game?

    1. When you repeatedly get errors about (or other) you can download the update from THIS WEBSITE
      Copy the downloaded file to the directory of the Updater, you get a new toolbar Ëxtract”. Wait till the extraction is completed and then click “Update”.
      When update is successful, you can delete the file from the directory of the updater.

      1. Thank you, it worked. i also changed my crack selection to codex since that’s what shows in my game.

        But now it has updated and I did everything right, I even downloaded some new stuff packs from here but when I open my game it still shows me my old version. Why please?

  142. Anadius, thank you so much for making these games available for free. I want to play TS4 but refuse to support EA because their greed has made the many of their game series worse.

  143. Does the Updater support the Sim Delivery Downloads or does it download it as an option when opening the Updater? Mostly asking since I do not use the online version. I clicked Sims Delivery to download yet I received an error.

    1. The Sims Express delivery does not work in cracked games (although it states that you are up-to-date).
      For cracked games you’ll have to wait for the next cracked update
      It does work in the Pack System

  144. Thank you so much for all your help! I think I’ve finally got a hang of this updater down and it seems to be working pretty well so far. However, for some reason, the GP04 folder seems to be having some problems. For a while, I kept getting error messages that would pop up during my dlc downloading that said ‘ download URL for d-gp04_1 not found, Try again’. So I just gave up on the pack and stopped ticking the GP04 to allow the rest of the DLCs to download and the rest has been going pretty smoothly. Is there something wrong with the folder or is it something I did wrong during the extraction process?

  145. keeps saying it can’t find the Delta.exe file and to extract it again. i definitely have it but idk where it’s supposed to be sitting for this updater to notice it?

      1. Never mind! It was winrar causing an issue. It finally extracted after trying it multiple times. Sorry about that.

  146. Can you still can update the game after the delivery update is out? Because I want to use this updater in the long term

      1. Update your legal game via Origin or Steam.
        Add new DLC’s to your game: Run the updater and when prompted about a legit hame in the same folder reply with YES

      1. O meu deu aquele problema de não ter o anadius.64.DLL! Eu vou ter que desinstalar o The Sims baixado e baixar tudo de novo? Eu baixei com o antivírus desinstalado… Também fiz todo aquele processo com o vcredist de clicar duas vezes em cada arquivo, mas não funcionou! Dá a mesma mensagem, e eu esperei 8h pra esse jogo instalar.. Estou há dias fazendo isso

        1. Você precisa remover a pasta Game da sua pasta de instalação.
          Em seguida, extraia a pasta do jogo baixada com o Winrar e coloque-a de volta na sua pasta de instalação.

  147. Hi. I just wanted to know does this require internet connection even if I put the update manually? It seems to be downloading files after it check the update folder.

  148. Heya! I just updated my (legit) game so it has more dlcs that I dont own in it, but I have the Game folder and the Game-cracked in the same instalation folder, should I delete the original Game folder and run the cracked one or should I just play it in the origin app?

      1. I did it and I can play the game with the dlcs! but I cant I access the online gallery anymore and it sucks because I dont know how to build houses, how do I access the online gallery?

  149. Hi! I cant login :// and when I tried on my new account I couldn’t find Create A Sim Demo or The Sims 4 Demo so Im a bit confused- Should I use Island Living Trial Version or try again my old account?

  150. I’m trying to access the gallery but it keeps writing but its not connecting. can anyone help? has anyone been able to access the gallery with this crack?

  151. Hi, I have installed “Sims 4 Updater 0.5.4” and I am trying to install DLCs (specifically EP05/Seasons). When trying to open “dlc-toggler”, I get the error message “could not read config file: dlc.ini”. Help is much appreciated, thank you!

  152. this is my first time using the updater and i have a cracked sims 4 game that hasn’t been opened in about 6 months. i wasn’t sure where to put the updater so i put it where the mod folder goes (with all the dlc folders). since i have a 64bit laptop, i chose to ignore the legacy edition. however, when i tried to update it, it told me “Download URL for d-gp10_1 not found, TRY AGAIN”, what do i do?

      1. i tried again several times. i’ve also repaired the game and changed the amount of dlc selected but it still shows up after a while with the same message. should i select the legacy edition, download it, and delete it afterwards or would that be bad to do?

        1. my bad, i thought “d-gp10_1” was the legacy edition but it’s the dream home decorator game pack. i’m currently only updating with the dream home decorator selected but it’s going pretty slowly.

  153. I haven’t tried any of this yet. I just got a brand new computer and downloaded my copy of sims 4 from origin. Do I follow the same instructions with windows 11?

  154. Hola! Tengo la nueva actualización y hasta ahora todo va bien pero me di cuenta que no tengo la expansión de Vida en el pueblo y anteriormente si que la tenía. No encuentro el archivo en la pagina de Vida en el pueblo para descargarlo que puedo hacer?

  155. Hey, Im asking for advice or help with the Cottage Living dlc, which is disabled cause of “preorder”, but it has been a long time after the premiere. Can anyone explain? Or maybe im doing something wrong updating, but every new pack comes in well.

    1. As you pre-ordered you apparently also have a legal base game Start your legal game via Origin. (C:\Program Files(x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4\Game\Bin\TS4_x64.exe)
      Most probably Cottage Living will now be added to your legal game.
      From then on proceed with the Pack System
      Copy the DLC’s from your cracked game to your legal game and apply the DLC Unlocker

  156. hi! after i did to the recent update 1.81, there’s a problem with the event and scenario goals because it’s broken and i can’t see it. i tried moving mods, it worked and then when i put the mods back, it crashed again. should i recheck each mods to check which is making the game like that? thank you so so much!

    1. Yes indeed.
      When you have many mods I suggest you copy them back in bunches of 10 and then try the game.
      I know it could take a lot of time.

      1. i did this and finally found it! turns out, one mod needed some update due to the new patch. thank you so much!!

  157. What is meant by “installation folder”? is it the folder in which my legal game is, or a folder that I have specially created…

    Sorry, I’m a total newcomer to all of this and I urgently need support for stupid people


    1. It depends on which installation folder you want to update, cracked or legal
      When you see this
      answer yes for your legit game and no for your cracked game

  158. I think the latest “Scenario” update for the Sims 4 broke my game. When I start up the game, there is no option to start a scenario, it’s just two new menu buttons reading as “OK” and the Options menu can no longer be opened and now reads as “Text.”

    1. Download the Language Strings, extract with Winrar and copy all corresponding folders to your installation folder such as Program Files\The Sims 4 or
      in case of genuine Origin downloads C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4.

  159. Hi Im newbie for this game and I have a question. I downloaded base game here, and I want to play it with mods, but I don’t know where to add mod files . Can you pls let me know where the folder like ‘mods’ in legit game is? Thanks

    1. C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods.
      When you have played the game before that folder still exists including your mods, otherwise it will be created when you play the game for the 1st time.

  160. Hi, I’ve installed the game and has been playing the game quite smoothly for a month now but not quite sure why I wasn’t able to open the game today after many attempts…

    1. Most probably because your anti-virus destroyed the crack. (place the installation folder under the exceptions of your anti-virus) and download the latest Game folder
      Other possible cause: did you recently added mods/scripts/cc to your game ?

      1. i put it under exceptions today for the new update, but it still says error and at the top it says permission error. i have downloaded the new version of the updater and still get the error. i don’t have space to move the whole game like it suggests, and have tried removing the installer to a different disk. it still doesn’t work. any advice?

  161. Hi umm, i downloaded the updater and i wanted to download the Base Game pack and its about 26GB and it downloads but when it says check your internet connection and try again it works until the last 1.92GB then when u try again it goes back all the way to 1.92GB, yet I downloaded like 500MB and it says the remaining is 1.92GB..

    It Just Gets *SO* ANNOYNING!!! 🤬🤬

    Please advise me….

  162. Hi umm, i downloaded the updater and i wanted to download the Base Game pack and its about 26GB and it downloads but when it says check your internet connection and try again it works until the last 1.92GB then when u try again it goes back all the way to 1.92GB, yet I downloaded like 500MB and it says the remaining is 1.92GB..

    It Just Gets *SO* ANNOYNING!!! 🤬🤬

    Please advise me….

    1. Everything you already downloaded is saved in a folder Update inside the Updater folder, so you don’t have to re-download again.
      When you re-start the Updater it quickly checks the already downloaded items and continues downloading the remaining parts.

  163. Never mind my question. I followed another tutoral of yours and used Unlocker to install Journey to Batuu. It worked just fine this time!! Thanks for everything by the way.

  164. Hi, I’m sorry I’m sure I missed to do something or did something wrong, but I’ve been trying to add the “Journey to Batuu” DLC to my game, and it just never appears in the game.

    I’ve bought the Sims 4 base game on Origin. I’ve then installed the DLC the way it’s described on this page, created a new Origin account, downloaded the essay version of Sims there, , copied the redmi cookie, etc. I have NO error message, no problem with the antivirus, nothing of the sort. And yet, when I launch the game, Journey to Batuu doesn’t appear.When I click “start offline”, there’s a message saying that a new pack is being installed, but I’ve waited for an hour and the DLC still never appears in the game 🙁

    What do I do wrong? Am I supposed to replace the original “game” folder with Anadiu’s? (probably looks like a stupid question, but as it’s not said I’m scared I don’t want to make a big mistake…) same question with the GP09 folder? am I suppose to put it in the Delta folder, among the other DLC folders?

    By the way, I am under Windows 10 64bits.

    Thank you so much in advance!

    1. When you have a legit copy of the base game, most probably in C:\Program files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4 copy the DLC’s from your present installation folder to that folder.
      Then run the EA DLC Unlocker. Start your game via your official Origin account.
      For full details see THIS PAGE

  165. I just want you to know that you don’t need to come up with solution.I did download all over again and put in the mods folder,and now mods works just fine and game finally can load.The only problem that I still have is custom music.I still can’t hear my own custom music,but I can hear ea’s music.Thank you so much

      1. Yes,I did that and I have my own custom music in the folder,but I can’t hear it my own music,I only hear ea’s music

  166. Hey!I have deleted sims 4 installation folder and sims 4 updater,but I did extract sims 4 file rar., and sims 4 updater.Now it’s updating game and I did play the game but it doesn’t let me play with a mods.When there is mods in mods folder it doesn’t want to open the game.What do I do?Everything is working fine without mods.

      1. But how to open game with mods?Also I did extract file from sims 4 fashion kits and copy to the original sims 4 installation folder and it’s working just fine.And I still can’t update game because it can’t find some url.

        1. Am I right in assuming that you have at least a legal base game, based on your reply above (original sims 4 installation folder) ?
          If yes, play your game via Origin and then Origin will update your game to the latest version.
          When that’s done, use the Updater to add missing DLC’s and when asked about legal game click Yes

          When you don’t own a legal base game then tell me what your present game-version is and i’ll have to think about another solution.

          1. Yes I have Sims 4 base game from your website and sims 4 trial 3 days for free,but that it.I don’t have Sims 4 origin,I have only on origin sims 4 trial

  167. I can’t do that.I want to delete old updater folder and update all over again.There is no way to do except that way.I already have red line on local disk c because of sims 4 updater.

    1. or can I delete sims 4 installation folder and extract the sims 4 file?I’m really out of options here.Every Sims 4 video updater on youtube was copying files to sims 4 installation folder and everything was working fine for them.And they update from your website(sims 4 updater)

  168. I did it everything before you comment because I thought it is because of antivirus program,but isn’t because I did added sims 4 updater folder and sims 4 installation folder on virus & threat security(it says add or remove exclusions) and on antivirus program.It’s still the same message(or should I say permission error) saying:”Make sure to add updater folder exception list on your anti-virus.If that doesn’t help then disable your anti-virus completely.
    If you still get this error copy the whole sims 4 folder updater somewhere else(like for example C:/updater).And if that still doesn’t help copy your whole game somewhere else.” I’m really out of the options and I did move to desktop sims 4 folder and sims 4 updater folder,but still nothing.Also,I’m sorry for long comment.

      1. Will I delete the old folder sims 4 updater?Because I’ve just download this new sims 4 folder updater and I don’t have enought space because of that updater.