The Sims 4: Update, repair, add DLC’s

Download, update, repair your game and add missing DLC’s.

Thanks to Anadius
Version from base game up-to and incl. Spa Day Refresh

“Wizard” Anadius came up with a program enabling you to update and repair your game with just a few mouse-clicks.

No manual downloads, no copy/paste, the program does it all

Always check for the latest version of the updater,
do not rely on previously downloaded versions.
Latest Updater version: 0.5.4
Updater Download includes:

  • dlc toggler
  • language changer
  • vcredist files for new Sims4 users

Download Updater 5.4

Extract with Winrar or 7-Zip
Copy the extracted folder to your installation folder of the Sims 4 (or make sure it is under the exceptions of your anti-virus)
Click on Sims-4-updater

Click on Browse and select your The Sims 4 Installation Folder
Click on Update, this will also repair your game
Language files will be installed if not already present.
With cracked games only, just click No

If you do have a legit game or you are using the pack system, click Yes
In that case an additional folder Game-cracked will be created and you can start your legal game with access to the Gallery via Your installation folder ->Game ->Bin ->TS4_x64.exe and you play with your legal DLC’s only.
You can start your cracked game incl. cracked DLC’s via
Your installation folder ->Game-cracked ->Bin ->TS4_x64.exe

Click OK
You can just update your existing game without adding DLC’s  (Click OK)

The program shows an overview of non-installed DLC’s
(in this example all EP’s, FP’s, GP’s, SP’s and Legacy Edition.)

You can Add missing DLC’s
Tick the DLC’s you want to add to your game and click OK

Note for users with 32-bits Windows

Bear in mind that Discover University, Tiny Living, Eco Lifestyle, Nifty Knitting,  Star Wars,  Snowy Escape, Paranormal, the kits and Dream Home Decorator can not be played on 32 bits Windows, so no need to download these DLC’s.

Also note that the Legacy Edition is for 32 bits Windows only



The program is now checking all your installed DLC’s for the latest update and adds the ticked items to your game

Now play your updated/repaired game and you see that all DLC’s are in the game, even those DLC’s you have not installed..
From the download of the Updater, copy the files dlc and dlc-toggler to your installation folder.
Run the dlc-toggler
All non-installed DLC’s are marked in red. In the picture, all SP’s

Uncheck the red boxes and close the toggler

Make sure all non-red items are ticked

When you now start your game it’s clearly visible which items are installed and which are not.

Should an error occur, just repeat your last selections. All items already downloaded are stored in the folder Update. The program performs a quick check and continues the task.
(Make sure that the Updater is under the exceptions of your anti-virus)

Where is the base game ?

When you did not install the base game earlier, you should use the Repair option and the base game will be installed as well as your selected DLC’s.
Some people wish to play the fully updated base game without other DLC’s (lack of disk-space or computer not powerful enough ?). In such cases Click Repair and don’t tick other DLC’s.

First of all create a new folder The Sims 4 on your computer. Place that folder under the exceptions of your Anti-Virus program  Lead the updater in the first step to that folder.

Change language

  1. In the downloaded updater you’ll find a file called Language Changer
  2. Double-Click on it and select your language
  3. Click Yes, Yes and OK in the pop-up screens.

Error about missing .dll files

New users who never played The Sims 4 before on a Windows 10 machine get that error.

  1. In the downloaded updater you’ll find a folder # vcredist
  2. Open that folder
  3. Double-Click on all (6) files (one by one)

Do you have problems with the Updater ?

Too slow or certain files not found ?
You can also manually use the updater by downloading the updates from THIS WEBSITE

  1. Download the requested update and place it in the root directory of the Updater
  2. When you now run the Updater you’ll see an additional menu item called Extract
  3. Click on extract and the files/folders will be added to your installation folder as chosen under Browse.
  4. After a successful update remove the downloaded updates and the folder Update from the Anadius Updater.


Suppose your present version is and you want to update to the latest version (presently

  • Download updates from AND from
  • Put these downloads in the main directory of the Anadius Updater. (see picture)
  • Now run the Updater, browse to your installation folder (select it, do not open it)
  • Click on Extract and select the downloaded Update-files
  • When you see Extraction completed, Click on Update


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441 thoughts on “The Sims 4: Update, repair, add DLC’s

  1. Hello,
    I downloaded the 1.80 update from Mega but when I extract it on the updater it still shows I need to download 5.0 Gb files more to update the game
    Any help?

  2. Good Day, hope everything is well.

    I used the updater to update my game and downloaded all the file until it got to No origin fix 1.80……..anadius.rar. the error message says “download failed for some files, check internet connection and try again.” My anti virus is disabled like always.
    I AM downloading the files from mega.

    1. Update: The file I downloaded and steps I followed above worked 100%.

      I need to put anadius updater in exception on my windows security, but don’t know how. Windows 10. If anybody can help please.

      Thank you so very much for everything. 💘

  3. Good Day, hope everything is well.

    I used the updater to update my game and downloaded all the file until it got to No origin fix 1.80……..anadius.rar. the error message says “download failed for some files, check internet connection and try again.” My anti virus is disabled like always.

  4. hi so i have a question… when i downloaded the sims, i mounted the iso file. it runs well but i still cant mess with it and now when i try to update by the anadius updater, it says that i dont have the permission to modify files. please help me! im crying i want to update my game

    1. You tried to modify the .iso file and that is not possible.
      You must lead the Updater to your installation folder of the Sims 4 and not to the iso.

  5. I just wanted to say thank you so much to both the actual Wizard Anadius for creating this tool, and to the people running this page.

    I’ve been a user of Anadius’ tools for a while now and they’ve always done what I needed and now its gone above and beyond and given me access to the gallery as well.

    Even this update says its good for patch ver 1.79, but when I used it, it automatically updated my game to patch ver 1.80, going even more above my expectations.

    So thanks again, I really appreciate all the work you guys do!

  6. I was trying to install just the base game. I was at 70% and I tried to leave my laptop open but forgot to turn off the sleep mode. Am i going to install from scratch? Will it continue where it last installed some files? I hope it’ll continue the installed files.

    1. The progress of the download is stored in the folder update inside the Updater.
      So just start the Updater again with your previous instructions and after a short search it will continue where you left off.

      1. hello my game is ver how can this work for me should I download the updates you put up there but it’s start with ver 1.71 is it gonna work with me .. I’m so afraid to lose my game but in the same time I want to update it too please can you help me >.<

          1. Thank you now im work on it but I have question did this updater just to update the game or it’s also downloads the dls and i can play with them ?

          2. When you start the Updater it will show a list of non-installed DLC’s. You can then select which DLC’s you want to install with the update.
            As soon as the update is successfully finished you have these selected DLC’s in your game and you can play them.

  7. Hi! I followed the instructions both here and the note that came with the updater from Anadius. I updated and repaired the game multiple times, there would be times that I’ll use gallery and everything has an X mark and when I click on it, ‘could not locate this file’ is appearing but I’m online. Also, whenever one sim go to class and they go home, their status never changed; they’re still “at class” so they couldn’t attend another class. I tried to reload the game and do it over again but this would happen. I can’t access their inventory, and I can’t also change how they work/study such as “Work Hard” and all. I’m not sure if it’s making sense but I hope you can help. Thank you very much!

    1. Looks like a problem with mods
      Move, not copy, the folder The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop.
      Start your game. A new folder The Sims 4 will be created in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts
      From the file on your desktop copy the folders Tray and Saves back to the newly created folder of The Sims 4.
      Close and re-start your game.
      Better now ?

      1. I just did this and it all worked out, I can use the gallery and the status are working again. Thank you very much! I should check and update the mods just in case it’s the reason why there was a lag. Thank you once again!

  8. I just updated my game and added the cottage living pack. It says I own cottage living but I have to download to use. I’m confused because I wouldn’t own it if I didn’t download it from the updater. Is there something else I should be doing in order to play this pack?

  9. I have an old version of sims 4 (ver. 1.13.104). Can I still update my game with this? And is there a way where I can download each patch manually instead of updating it in one go?

    1. There is a site where you can update per patch from version 1.58 upwards. Your version is way too old.
      Nevertheless it should be possible via the Anadius Updater to update from 1.13 to the present version 1.79 (Use the option Repair instead of Update)
      When you have at least a legal base game let Origin update your game and use the Pack System to add the missing DLC’s manually. However you better download an all-in-one.
      Other, good, way to update your game is the Anadius Repack. You can then select which packs you want to install as well.

    1. No origin fix is included in your download via the Updater. It’s in the folder Game->Bin and consists of the files Anadius, anadius64.dll, anadius64online.dll and TS4_x64

  10. Never mind I didn’t read the instructions well enough it seems. I am now copying the game to my computer and trying again.

  11. I mounted the game following the instructions so that it is now on a new “Dvd station”, but that disk is put to ‘read only’, and now your update program can’t get to it, even when I run as administrator. How do I fix this 🙁

  12. I mounted the game following the instructions so that it is now on a new “Dvd station”, but that disk is put to ‘read only’, and now your update program can’t get to it, even when I run as administrator. How do I fix this 🙁

    1. Copy the contents of the mounted disk to the hard disk of the computer or to the installation folder of the Sims 4 depending on what you are trying to achieve.
      What did you mount ?

    1. Dipende da dove sono quei file.
      I download in formato Winrar devono essere prima estratti.
      Se ci sono ancora file winrar dentro dovresti lasciarli così come sono.

  13. Hi,
    I just updated the game and it worked fine so thanks for that.
    But when I open a menu, for example ‘purchase gift’ on my phone the screen stays blurred and the menu doesn’t show up. I also can’t get out of the ‘frozen’ screen.. The only option is to restart the game.
    Also when I click on ‘exit the game’ and it says ‘Are you sure?’ the menu looks a bit scuffed aswell..
    Any fixes?

    1. Then you lead the Browse to an incorrect folder

      Right-click on the shortcut for the Sims 4 on your desktop and select Open file location. You’ll see the TS4_x64 or TS4.exe file.
      Click on the Arrow-up and you come to the Game folder
      Again Arrow-up and you come to the contents of your installation folder
      Another Arrow-up and you see the The Sims 4 folder = the one you should lead your Browse in the Updater to.

  14. I downloaded the update but now any of my expansion packs don’t show up in the game. I’ve got the base game from Origin and a bunch of expansion packs from here, and it was working perfectly fine before the update. Help?

  15. Hello, I got this error. What did I do wrong?

    20:45:48:ERROR:updater: Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “tkinter\”, line 1702, in __call__
    File “tkinter\”, line 746, in callit
    File “”, line 280, in check_future
    File “”, line 397, in _update_3
    File “concurrent\futures\”, line 425, in result
    File “concurrent\futures\”, line 384, in __get_result
    File “concurrent\futures\”, line 57, in run
    File “”, line 715, in prepare_update
    File “”, line 192, in hash_file
    File “”, line 80, in add_hash
    File “”, line 86, in hash_file
    OSError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument: ‘C:\\Program Files\\The Sims 4\\Game\\Bin_LE\\anadius32.dll’

    20:45:48:ERROR:updater: uncaught exception

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