Add pirated DLC’s to your legal The Sims 4 Game

Pack System: Add pirated DLC’s to your legal The Sims 4 Game
+ full access to the Gallery + always automatically the latest version.

Again thanks to Anadius

When you have at least the Sims 4 base game via Origin or Steam you can add pirated DLC’s to your legal game for free.
Or maybe it’s worth the € 12,50 to buy the base game from Origin

  • Always automatically the latest version (Origin updates it for you)
  • No problems with anti-virus (there are no cracks)
  • Much smaller downloads (example: Industrial Loft Kit is now only 42,8 MB instead of 7,47 GB)
  • Easier to add missing DLC’s for free
  • Less problems with your CC
  • Access to the Gallery
  • No game-cracked folder
  • No hassle with remid cookie
  • Play via Origin or Steam as if you bought all expansions from Origin/Steam

New DLC’s however must still be added manually (step 3), although much smaller in size.

Do not use any other system to update as such systems will overwrite your Legal Game folder and you will loose access to the Gallery and render your The Sims 4 as cracked

When you use the Anadius Updater or the Anadius Repack always answer Yes to this question ——>.
These programs will leave your Legal Game folder untouched 


In the undermentioned details we use as an example the folder C:\Program Files (x64) -> Origin Games -> The Sims 4
Depending on the language you chose for your original installation that folder could well be Les Sims 4, Die Sims 4, Los Sims 4, De Sims 4 or other.

Preparations in Origin

  1. Log in to your Origin account
  2. Click on the word Origin (left top bar)
  3. Click Application Settings
  4. Click Application
  5. In Client update:   switch “Automatic game updates” and “Automatically update Origin” on – see picture below.
    Now your game and Origin update whenever you start your The Sims 4

STEP 1 (Required – Once you installed the Unlocker you can skip this step)

  1. Download a small file EA DLC Unlocker v2.
  2. Extract with Winrar
  3. Right-click on Setup and run as Administrator
  4. As this is a small .bat file you can’t use the mouse, so type 1 after Choose option Number
  5. When that is done, type 2
  6. Type 12 for the Sims 4
  7. Type Q to exit
When you right-click on setup to open as Administrator and typed 1 for the Install EA DLC Unlocker you should see

Configs folder created
Main config copied
DLL added
Origin detected.

As long as you don’t see that there is something wrong with the Administrator status and you get an error message.


STEP 2 (Once done, you can skip this step also)

What is your legal installation-folder ?

For Origin: Probably C:\Program Files (x64) -> Origin Games -> The Sims 4
For Steam : Probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Sims 4

  1. When you already have cracked DLC’s in another folder, only copy the EP’s, FP, GP’s and SP’s  to your legal folder, not the folders __Install, Data, Delta aso.
  2. Play the game via the original installation folder – Game ->Bin ->TS4_x64 or shortcut thereof.

STEP 3 (To add missing DLC’s:)

Download via torrents (selectable) Direct downloads (selectable)
  1. Download the torrent for the selectable packs
  2. Make your selection(s)
  3. When download is completed, extract the DLC’s with Winrar
  4. Copy the extracted DLC’s to your installation folder of the legal game
Here you can select and add Packs (no specific order required)

Go to this Page

STEP 4 (add future DLC’s to your game)

After SP25 we shall no longer update the torrents for the new expansions, please use the direct downloads instead.

  1. Download the DLC from THIS PAGE
  2. Extract with Winrar
  3. Copy the extracted folder to your folder C:\Program Files (x64) -> Origin Games -> The Sims 4

As you don’t have to worry about amendments in the folders __Install, Data, Delta, Game, Support (Origin does that for you) all you have to do is copy the EP, FP, GP or SP folder from the download to the installation folder of Origin.

Presume the next DLC will be SP26 then, instead of downloading several GB, it will be restricted to maybe 250 MB at the most.
Example: Industrial Loft Kit is only 43 MB instead of 7,47 GB in the old method
For just (Pre-)Updates you do not need anything at all. Just play the game and it will be automatically updated to the latest version, however actual DLC’s must be added manually.

Simple way of installing all 18 languages in one go

Please bear in mind that when you installed the game via Origin only 1 language is available, meaning that when you installed in English you cannot change to f.e. Norwegian.
In such cases you’ll have to re-install the game in Norwegian in Origin.
Also downloads from many other sources are often in 1 language only (such as English or Spanish)

Download the Language Strings, extract with Winrar and copy all folders to your installation folder
in case of genuine Origin downloads C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4.
When you have all languages installed, download the Language Changer, double-click and select your language.
In our downloads all languages are already installed.
You can activate the Language-changer from anywhere on your computer, no specific folder required.


As the toggler searches for the crack it won’t work in this version simply because there is no crack.

Video on how to add cracked DLC’s to your legal game


This is how your installation folder should look like. All the DLC’s must be visible as folders and not as f.e. winrar files

When you have problems about “not owned” or “download to own” open the DLC folder involved and look for a duplication of folder-names (i.e. a folder SP25 inside the folder SP25).
In such cases copy the inside folder, delete the outside folder and re-paste.
Re-perform step 1 items 1-7

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152 thoughts on “Add pirated DLC’s to your legal The Sims 4 Game

  1. i had the game working fine and had all the dlc and now suddenly its download to use and I’ve do the copy and paste again just incase

  2. the game runs perfectly! Thank you so much for the effort! I just wanted to ask if it is safe to share my own building or families on the gallery or if its better not to because not all the EP are original. Just want to be sure <3 thanks in advance 🙂 (sorry for eventual grammatical mistakes but english is not my first language)

  3. For some reason when loading the DLC packs into the game, it glitches out and doesn’t register everything in the packs. I have no mods or anything, I’ve just been using the pack system. Not sure if the texture scripts got ruined or something else. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. No idea what the reason could be. On my PC the pack system runs without any glitches and it registers all packs.
      Re-run the DLC-unlocker after you added new DLC’s

  4. Follow up,

    I believe I did something wrong when adding the DLC packs. Some of the items from the packs don’t load properly

  5. I was able to get all the packs to work successfully, but when I get to creating a character, all the designs don’t load properly and it just doesn’t looks right. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. Are you using mods/cc ?
      When yes, move (not copy) the folder Mods from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 temporarily to your desktop

      1. No, I’m not using mods, just the legal game and downloading the DLC packs. Not sure if I did something wrong

      2. No, I’m not using mods, I’ve just been using the DLC’s and adding them to my legal game via the pack system. Not sure if I did something wrong.

  6. Follow up, I noticed that the folders were missing most of their files but I re-downloaded them and found the files. I re-extracted the missing files and it worked.

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