Add pirated DLC’s to your legal The Sims 4 Game for free

Pack System: Add pirated DLC’s to your legal The Sims 4 Game for free
+ full access to the Gallery + always automatically the latest version.

Again thanks to Anadius

When you have at least the Sims 4 base game via Origin or Steam you can add pirated DLC’s to your legal game for free.
Or maybe it’s worth the € 12,50 to buy the base game from Origin

  • Always automatically the latest version (Origin updates it for you)
  • No problems with anti-virus (there are no cracks)
  • Much smaller downloads
  • Easier to add missing DLC’s for free
  • Less problems with your CC
  • Access to the Gallery (no longer switching between legal and pirated versions)
  • No hassle with remid cookie
  • Play via Origin or Steam as if you bought all DLC’s from Origin/Steam
  • Save a lot of disk space (up-to almost 50 GB) as you keep legal and cracked versions in 1 single folder and you can delete the cracked installation folder

New DLC’s however must still be added manually (step 3), although much smaller in size.

Do not use any other system to update as such systems will overwrite your Legal Game folder and you will loose access to the Gallery and render your The Sims 4 as cracked

When you use the Anadius Updater or the Anadius Repack always answer Yes to this question ——>.
These programs will leave your Legal folder Game untouched and create a new Game-cracked folder.


In the undermentioned details we use as an example the folder C:\Program Files (x64) -> Origin Games -> The Sims 4
Depending on the language you chose for your original installation that folder could well be Les Sims 4, Die Sims 4, Los Sims 4, De Sims 4 or other.

Preparations in Origin

  1. Log in to your Origin account
  2. Click on the word Origin (left top bar)
  3. Click Application Settings
  4. Click Application
  5. In Client update:   switch “Automatic game updates” and “Automatically update Origin” on – see picture below.
    Now your game and Origin update whenever you start your The Sims 4


  1. Download a small file EA DLC Unlocker v2.
  2. Extract with Winrar
  3. Right-click on Setup and run as Administrator
  4. As this is a small .bat file you can’t use the mouse, so type 1 after Choose option Number
  5. When that is done, type 2
  6. Type 13 for the Sims 4 (or type 12 in older versions of the unlocker)
  7. Type Q to exit
When you right-click on setup to open as Administrator and typed 1 for the Install EA DLC Unlocker you should see

Configs folder created
Main config copied
DLL added
Origin detected.

As long as you don’t see that there is something wrong with the Administrator status and you get an error message.



Locate your legal installation-folder 

For Origin: Probably C:\Program Files (x64) -> Origin Games -> The Sims 4
For Steam : Probably C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Sims 4

When you still have a shortcut for your legal game, right-click on it and select Open File location.
You come in Your Installation folder\Game\Bin. Click on arrow-up and you are in Your installation folder\Game. Again arrow-up and you have found your Installation folder

STEP 3 (To add missing or new DLC’s)

Copy the DLC’s from your cracked game (If you have a cracked game) Add DLC’s via the the Anadius Updater:
  1. Open the installation folder for your cracked game
  2. Select the folders for the DLC’s and copy these folders to your legal Game
    Do not copy the folders Install, Data, Delta and Game
  3. Still missing DLC’s: either use the Anadius updater or use one of the other methods (see below)
  1. Update your legal game (when there is a new version)
  2. In the Updater browse to the directory of your legal game, just select the folder, don’t open it.
  3. Click on Update
  4. When prompted about your legal game select YES
  5. Click OK in the window Crack
  6. Tick the missing DLC’s
  7. Click OK

Other methods for adding DLC’s:

Download via torrents (selectable) in Winrar format Download via torrents (selectable) in iso format Direct downloads (selectable)
  1. Download the torrent for the packs in winrar format
  2. Make your selections
  3. When downloads are finished, select the .rar files
  4. Right-click on the selection and click Extract
  5. In the pop-up window search for the installation folder of your legal game
  1. Download the torrent for the selectable packs in iso format
  2. Make your selection(s)
  3. When download are finished, mount a pack
  4. From the mounted iso, copy the folder to the installation folder of your legal game
Here you can select and add Packs in .iso format (no specific order required)

Go to this Page

or use the Anadius Updater

Troubleshooting “Game not owned” or “download to use” or Scenarios do not appear

Start the game, click on the Packs tab, hover over the DLC icons (the ones you downloaded). Hover, not click! What does it say?
“Not Owned” – you didn’t follow the Unlocker instructions.
“Download to Use” – you put the DLC files in the wrong place, did not extract them or did not update the config file
“Owned” – everything should be fine.

Update the config file

After you added DLC’s to your legal game you must start your legal game either via Origin or via the shortcut you made from the The Sims 4\ Game\Bin\TS4_x64.exe in the legal folder of your The Sims 4 game.

The unlocker will then search for the DLC-folders in your legal game and updates the config file with the DLC’s you added.

Check your config file

When you now open the EA DLC Unlocker your added DLC’s should be visible when you run setup as an administrator, type 3,  open g_The Sims 4.

As you can see from this picture the latest kits have been added and should now be regarded as Owned.

When all DLC’s upto and incl. Modern Menswear are added the count (NAM) should be 75
Any figure lower than 75 means you do not own some DLC’s


Simple way of installing all 18 languages in one go

Please bear in mind that when you installed the game via Origin only 1 language is available, meaning that when you installed in English you cannot change to f.e. Norwegian.
In such cases you’ll have to re-install the game in Norwegian in Origin.
Also downloads from many other sources are often in 1 language only (such as English or Spanish)

Download the Language Strings, extract with Winrar and copy all folders to your installation folder
in case of genuine Origin downloads C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4.
When you have all languages installed, download the Language Changer, double-click and select your language.
In our downloads all languages are already installed.
You can activate the Language-changer from anywhere on your computer, no specific folder required.


As the toggler searches for the crack it won’t work in this version simply because there is no crack.
You can remove unwanted DLC’s by deletion of the folder for the DLC.


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335 thoughts on “Add pirated DLC’s to your legal The Sims 4 Game for free

  1. Hello and thanks for this link! I have the legal base game and I’ve followed each step but when the download was almost finished a window appeared and said that I should try again because of an internet failure BUT my wifi was perfect. And, another thing is that in my Origin game I own every DLC theoretically.. so it says that I already own every package there is but i cant play with it in the game 🙁 now I’m trying again the download through the andius updater and see what happens

  2. I followed the steps indicated here, but even so when I enter the game, the DLCs still don’t appear. What am I doing wrong? I bought the game through Steam.

  3. I did ALL as instruction and somehow nothing shows up in the game 🙁
    When I run the game in the menu “Packs” I can see them but when I play nothing at all
    How to fix that? I tried everything :((((

  4. Hey! So i downloaded the sims through the EA app and my file location is (c:) > Program Files > EA Games > The Sims 4
    so this is where I put the file. Am i doing this all right? When I open the game the game menu states that I have the packs already but when I start playing I dont have access to cats and dogs? (maybe I am trying to get cats and dogs wrong in the game?) anyway please reply when you can I would really like for this all to work!

  5. Every time i click all de DLC and do the updater thing it downloads up until right to the end (almost 27GB) and then a window with error popsup and ay: “Download failed for some files, check your internet connection and TRY AGAIN” ive tried again multiple times and the same thing happens. im pretty sure ive done everything right.. also when i go to check the config file it shows all of the DLC and the number 75 is visible which is good but im stuck …

        1. Check your legal folder of the Sims 4.
          Are the EP’s, FP, GP’s and SP’s all there and shown as folders not as rar or iso files?
          Also check the individual folders as it might be that you have (as an example) a folder EP01 inside the folder EP01 or SP20 inside SP20.
          In such cases copy the inside folder to your desktop, delete the outside folder from your legal game folder and then copy it back from your desktop to your legal game.

  6. For the DLC unlocker, The Sims 4 is number 13, not 12 like the instructions say. If you type 12 you will be doing the sims 3. So be careful of that and make sure to type 13 when you get to that step

  7. Once everything is installed do you launch the game through Origin normally or only from the new cracked folder that gets created?

    1. via a shortcut of TS4_x64 in the legal folder The Sims 4\Game\Bin and not via the folder Game-cracked\Bin. You can also open the game via Origin

  8. Hello, all of my DLC show up in the game start menubut they all say “download to use” i am sure i put it in the correct folder Electronic arts > Sims 4. I dont know what to do please help?

    1. Don’t place DLC’s in the folder Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
      Your legal game is probably in C:\Program Files (x64)\Origin Games\The Sims 4
      Update your config.file (see troublehooting)

      1. thank you so much for answering! When i try to use the Ea unlocker to download the dlc’s it downloads until right to the end and then says that certaiin files are missing and cant download… what should i do?

  9. Hi, how do you make this work with the Sims 3? I saw your comment from the other post and I tried to follow this but it doesn’t work. Origin doesn’t detect my Steam version of Sims 3.

  10. Hey! Quick question! So I followed through the first step, except I can’t proceed cause I can’t see the Installer anywhere or the shortcut to my game, I purchased it through steam! Not sure if I’m doing it right, I’m getting anxious.. Here’s the screenshot of my folder!

    I’m honestly confused as to what to do next, a little assistance would be super appreciated! Thanks!!

  11. so i did the pack thing, downloaded to torrent for DLCs and added them to my legal game. will i receive updates from steam? also i tried to install the Anadius updater but it gives an error when i try to unzip it (something like archive is damaged or non existent)

  12. My Sims 4 folder is located in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\The Sims 4 and my game says “Download to Use” for all of the DLC I tried to add, where do I put the DLC in my files since I don’t think it follows the same format as the website says?

  13. I just wanna say. You’re an absolute saint for answering everyone’s questions, Tarac. You didn’t have to.

  14. I’m wondering if anyone can help me?
    I downloaded a cracked version of the game on an old laptop. I did this with a random Origin ID that I used. I also downloaded a bunch of the DLCs using the Anadius updater.
    I am now using my newer, much better laptop. This time, I bought the Base Game on Origin legally (also bought Cats and Dogs, and Seasons).
    My question is this: is there a way for me to quickly/easily copy and paste the DLCs I downloaded on my old laptop, into my Insatllation folder on my new laptop, with the legal game?
    Or will I need to go through the process of re-downloading the DLCs I want?

    Please help if you can! It’s a very slow process and I would love to avoid it if possible lol. Thanks in advance

    1. 1. Run your legal game via Origin (just to make it uptodate with the latest version.
      2. Copy the DLC’s from your old computer to an USB stick (or other medium) and from that USB stick to your new computer’s folder for the legit game. Most probably that is C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4
      Don’t copy the folders __Install, Data, Delta, Game, Support.
      3. Download, extract and run the DLCunlocker (Step 1)

  15. i did everything i was supposed to do up until part 2. i’m confused. it says i own all of the packs in game but i can’t see or use them at all. how do i actually add them in?

    1. idk but everytime i try to open a household i get an error code and its recommended u restart the game ? 1

  16. guys don’t bother with this. just download fitgirl’s repack with all of the packs included. simple, easy and quick 🙂

    1. I agree, it is simple and quick but unfortunately I cannot find a version any newer than and no access to the Gallery
      If you can provide a link to version it would be highly appreciated.
      With the Anadius Updater however you can update Fitgirl’s version to

  17. I copied the dlc and dlc toggler files from the sims 4 updater file to my legal game- the sims 4- installer folder and it comes up with the error message. “Could not read crack config file” Is there something I have missed?

  18. Hi, first of all, thank you so much for this. Second, do I have to download the EA DLC unlocker every time I’m going to add new dlc (step 1)? or do I do it just once and only do step 3 when new dlc comes out? thanks in advance

  19. I don’t really understand 🙁
    I’ve run the Setup file and done all that was stated in Step 1.
    Where do I find the DLC files to move into Bin folder? Or are they already part of the game after carrying out Step 1?
    I don’t get it.

    1. Read Step 3 or use the other methods as described after step 3.
      Don’t move these to the Bin folder but to the root directory of your The Sims 4 legal game.

  20. Hello I tried doing it. Says I own pack but says I have to download them. I’ve downloaded them. And still can’t play them.

  21. Hey, when I open setup after extracting the DLC unlocked, nothing pops up😕, I have tried reinstalling it. Any fix?

  22. i have legal sims 4 from steam and the gallery works perfectly fine until today. when i launch the game it has gallerys and stuffs but after a few seconds the gallery isn’t available. any fix?

  23. I have the legal base game and believe that I have followed all instructions for adding the dlcs. When I start the game through origin it says that I own all dlcs but when I start a new game none of the dlc content shows up. Please help! Thank you in advance!

  24. Hi, I currently have the base game and all the dlc pirated (through your torrents). I want to buy the base game so I can have the gallery. I have a few questions about that.
    Firstly, what’s the best way to do it? Uninstall everything and then reinstall it after I have the legit base game?
    Second, will i still have my save games after I uninstall everything? How can I ensure it?
    Lastly, when I have the gallery, can I only download base game only builds or will I be able to download everything?
    Thank you so much! You are amazing, you do great work!

    1. 1. When you have the legal base game installed copy the DLC’s from your pirated game to the legal one (see the Pack System0
      2. Yes you still have all your sims, houses etc./
      3. You have access to the full and complete Gallery

  25. Is there a way to download DLCs and adding them to legit base game on Macs? Would much appreciate some instructions if so!! <3

  26. Hello, I dont have a legit base game installed but I’m planning to buy it on steam, do I have to redownload all the extra DLC packs or can i Drag and drop them (from my current sims 4 gamefiles) after using the EA dlc unlocker?

    1. After you updated your legal game via Steam or Origin and applied the DLC unlocker you cn drag and drop the DLKC’s from your illegal game to the legal version.

  27. hello, I’m kinda stuck cause i cant seem to extract the winrar file for both anadius and EA dlc unlocker after I downloaded it without getting an error notice such as ‘no archieve found’. How do i fix this?

    1. When you get that error your download was not fully completed of you did not use Winrar. (right-click on the downloaded .rar file and select extract)

  28. Ok, when I go into the Sims and to my packs it shows that I have the packs, but in red it says that I don’t have ‘Minimum System Requirements’ for the same. I own The Sims 4 base game but the problem seems to be that I don’t have the updates, but I used the Updater. What to do?

  29. hi, i need a little help. i have extracted all files and when i ran the game they have come up as owned ( which is brilliant) but i seem to have lost all saved data, i have no families or anything now. is there a way i can recover my saved games. i have a legit base game. i tried to use the updater but it didnt work (came up as ‘download to play’) so i deleted the base game and redownloaded through origin and did the winRAR extraction into my instillation folder. any help is appreciated. thank you

    1. When you delete the base game incl. all bonuses you’ve lost your game details.
      Have a look in the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 and examine the folders Saves and Tray.
      Also look at the waste basket, maybe they are still there.

  30. Is this metode safe? I owned the sims 4 legal game and I dont won’t in the future have problems with my origin account. Is it safe to put my households and buildings to the gallery or just stay anonymous and download from anather players?
    I used to use method with remid cookie, but now I have problem with “network error” when I want to log in and have access to the gallery.

  31. Excuse for being such an idiot, but how do I extract the DLCs?
    I do steps 1 and 2 but after that, I don’t know how to continue.

  32. Hi, I’ve downloaded all the packs individually and placed them in the installation folder after extracting them. I open up my game and it says I own all the packs but when I go to play the game none of the worlds or items show up from any of the packs except for the packs I’ve bought legitimately.
    How do I fix this?

  33. Hi! So I’m having a problem with trying to install cats and dogs. I did everything as instructed but as everything was downloading at around 4gb I got this error: “sims 4 updater 0.5.4 url for d-ep04__3”. It told me to try again so I did, same thing happened. I even deleted my game via origin and re-downloaded it and started the process all over again including uninstalling the origin unlocker and then reinstalling it. Still gave me the same error so I tried installing one pack at a time. I tried get to work and once it’s finished I launched my game and it worked perfectly fine and gave me the little box with the brief description of the pack. I checked my owned packs and it said that I have get to work. I checked CAS and all the content was there. So far that’s the only pack that I’ve been installed right now that has this error and I’m not sure how to fix it. I tried looking in these comments and on forums for help but I haven’t seen anyone mention this specific error message. I’m unsure if I’ll be able to download that pack via the updater. If not it’s fine I can just do it manually since it’s only one pack but if anyone has an answer I’d rather do it via the updater.

    1. I presume you play with a legal game and Origin updated it to version 1.81.762.1030. and you have the DLC unlocker installed.
      Simply download EP04, extract with Winrar and copy the folder EP04 to the installation folder of your legal game.

  34. Hello, I cant access the gallery after downloading the dlc’s… do i have to live with this or can i fix it somehow?

    1. When you have exactly done what was described then – of course – you can access the gallery, simply because you are playing from your legal account.
      Login to your legal Origin account, go to my game library, rightclick on the picture for The Sims 4 and select repair.

  35. I have a legit base game and my DLCs are cracked. Do I need to update the game on origin or use the DLC unlocker to update the game to the newest version?

  36. hi so i did everything and now i have the dlcs downloaded but now the game keeps telling me that my mods are disabled and its showing that i have no mods and cc in the game despite not deleting all of my mods. what should i do?

  37. Hi,
    I try to run setup as administrator, I get the popup asking if I want to allow the app to make changes, I say yes then nothing happens.

    How do I move forward?

  38. Hi, so I think I need to repair my game, because it won’t play anymore. Wanted to know if the process where they are gonna try to verify game files, will something go wrong?

    Also if you have a suggestion to why the game won’t open/play anymore, let me know.

    1. 95% of all problems are caused by faulty mods/scripts/cc

      About repair:
      1. let Origin repair your game. It will check the folders Install, Data, Delta, Game, Support
      when that’s done
      2. Run the Anadius Updater to check the contents of the DLC’s (answer the question about legit game in that folder, with Yes.

  39. Hi! Thanks so much for this. I’m having trouble. I used the Anadius Updater to download 28GB worth of packs. They all show as “Download to Use” in the game. I’ve followed the steps above multiple times, but the pack folders don’t appear like they’re supposed to in the installation folder. Am I missing anything?

    1. Run the DLC-Unlocker again ad Administrator, type 5 to undo earlier installation of the unlocker, then type q
      Now run it again and type the sequence 1, 2, 12, Q

  40. Hi! I used this steps and everything worked perfectly. I dowloaded some DLC’s and there wasn’t any problem at all, and i played the whole week. But today, as i was playing the game lagged a bit so i decided to save and left. Hours after i started the game and wanted to keep playing my save file, it says that i have 4 DLC’s who doesn’t work. Even so, it says i own them. I got out the game, i enter thrice and still says the same. Then i went to see the files and what i found it’s that the updater has some files who doesn’t work. When i see the DLC files, it shows the red x’s at the side to those DLC’s.

    I wanna ask, do you have any idea of why this happened? or how can i fix it? I tried to download the dlc’s again with the updater but those doesn’t show again, and i don’t want to lose my sims! Thanks for anything in advance.

          1. Okay, but, i don’t know why those DLC’s doesn’t work anymore. Plus, my Sims 4 folder also seems to have issues, a lot of files are showing the x’s dots at the side. Do you think that i should delete my folder and updates and download everything again?

  41. Hey, so I did everything as instructed and it works in the game, however the only issue is the new neighborhoods except Granite Falls are just entirely missing. Strangerville for ex is not there, not even just greyed out. You know what could’ve gone wrong? It says “owned” for every single pack :/

    1. Just noticed, 90% of items aren’t even usable / placeable / have missing textures / blueprint strings etc… What is going on? Pretty sure I did everything correctly.

      1. Looks like a problem with mods/scripts/cc.
        Temporarily MOVE (not copy) your The Sims 4 folder from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop, play the game again
        Now your game is brand new as if you just bought it.
        Performing OK now, then the problem is in your mods folder. Copy the folders Tray and Saves back from the folder on your desktop

        1. Hey, thanks for replying. So the issue most likely was some corrupt files. I downloaded the DLC’s seperately one by one and replaced the ones I had from the anadius updater. Now 90% of items, interactions etc. work with some items sadly still missing footprint resources. So seems like some meshes somehow are still missing, idk why. But at least I can use almost everything the content has to offer, that is fine enough for me with such a mesed up game from so many mods anyways lol. Just cba to sort stuff nor would I know which mod does what, other than the obvious named script mods.

          1. For anyone that got the same issue, I figured it out. Due to more or less corrupted DL files caused by a big amount of DLC’s downloaded at once and some errors in the process, in the EP’s, GP’s and SP’s you have to look into each of the DLC folders (inside of Origin Games/The Sims 4) and extract the zip file called “ClientFullBuild0” right in the subfolder of the EP/GP/SP where the file is located in and delete the zip file afterwards. Depending on which DLC it is, the zip file includes the new worlds and other meshes you might be missing.

    2. Have you added the DLC’s for those worlds ?
      Did you successfully run the DLC Unlocker ?
      Are you playing the game via your legal Origin account ? (shortcut from C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4\Game\Bin\TS4_x64

  42. Every time I get to the end of the Updater download, I get an error message that says, Download failed for some files, check your internet connection and TRY AGAIN. Nothing is wrong with my internet. Why does this keep happening?

  43. I really need clarification. I open the game and their, all the DLC is their. I hover over it and it says “Donwload to use”. I didn’t put the DLC in the right place. I know this. Where exactly do they go? For example, for EP01, it is a folder. I open it and their are many of the plane white paper icons. Their is also another folder labeled “Worlds” and then, “Areas”. Do I take each individual paper icon and move them all directly into the (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Origin Games > The Sims 4 ??? So then many of those white paper icons now appear in this folder? Or do I keep everything in the Delta folder that appears in (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Origin Games > The Sims 4 folder?

    I hate to run the updater again because it takes hours and the last time I tried, as it was about to end, I got an error message saying it couldn’t complete due to internet connection or something of the sort…. when nothing is wrong with my internet. I wish someone could show me a picture as to how exactly everything is supposed to appear in each folder in order for the DLC’s to work and show up in game.

    1. Download the DLC’s and put the (extracted) folders in your installation folder, probably C:\Program Files (x86) – Origin Games – The Sims 4
      Clear the DLC Unlocker by typing 5 (Remove old details) and q (quit)
      Re-run the Unlocker and type 1,2,12 and q

      Read the Troubleshooting “Game not owned”or “Download to use” on THIS PAGE

  44. Excuse me, but I have been getting problems.
    The textures of the pack (as well as certain icons) have been missing or corrupted. If I try to create a Sim with a characteristic of the DLCs, let it be a piece of clothing or a cat, won’t appear or cover the sim’s body in red and black squares with question marks.

      1. I have checked and some mods were active, I had them removed and the problem has been solved. Thanks Tarac.

    1. Your anti-virus “sees” the crack (no-origin-fix) as a virus . The crack however is 100% harmless. This is what they call a false-positive warning.
      You can solve this problem easily:
      a. temporarily turn your anti-virus off when using the updater for adding DLC’s
      b. Add DLC’s manually by downloading the packs via torrents where you can select the DLC’s you want. This method does not contain cracks.

  45. Do I need to download to packs separately and then add them via the updater or can I go from having no packs of any sort cracked or otherwise to having all the packs available through the updater?

  46. Where in the Sims 4 folder should we put our cc/mods in?? I can’t seem to find a mods folder in the Sims 4 folder. Is it supposed to go in the data folder?

  47. i have a issue, no mods installed, i have the legit base game, with dlc pirated, first issue is that all cities are not showing, only about 10 are, and secondly i cant left click on a sim for options, i can select the sim and select say a chair to sit but cant bring up the sim radial menu., i have tried reinstalling both base game and dlcs but same issue.

  48. In game, it says that I own the packs but how do I know if they’re downloading or how to download them??

    1. As soon as you apply the DLC unlocker all DLC’s will show up as download to use.
      When you add folders of DLC’s to your legal installation folder they will show up as Owned
      You can download EP’s, FP’s, GP’s and SP’s either by direct downloads or via torrents or via the most simple way by running the Anadius Updater

  49. I put all the DLCs in the legal Sims 4 folder but now when I open my game, the sims have question marks on them and the traits don’t work.
    Anyone experiencing the same thing!?

      1. I did not find the solution for this yet 🙁

        Tarac we need help!!! The game launches completely fine and the DLCs are all in the main Sims 4 folder, but everything included in any of the packs do not work. They show up but don’t load correctly or work. The sims end up having red and white question marks on them and there are nothing in any of the worlds. In which specific folder am I supposed to put all the DLCs??

        1. The DLC folders must be copied to the root directory of your installation folder so where you also find __Install, Data, Delta
          Mods/CC cause 95% of all problems

      2. I solved the problem! I uninstalled the Sims 4 base game. The problem I did was I didn’t extract the DLC download to the Sims 4 legal folder. Before you extract, don’t forget to do the EA DLC Unlocker v2. *Remember to open in administrator by right clicking

  50. Hi Tarac, I’d like to know if I installed my Sims4 in D:/Programfiles(x84)/OriginGames/TheSims4, what should I do for Step 1?
    The setup file says:
    You put the Unlocker in a path that will break the setup script. Move it somewhere else, for example “C:\unlocker” or “D:\unlocker”.
    Is it that I must download the game on the Origin preset? Or other places?

  51. Hi there Attack, thank you for the dlcs but on my game it keeps on telling me I have the dlcs but I have to download them. I tried updating my Sims 4 game through Origin and ask tried to repair it, but nothing works, it still shows that the pack needs to be downloaded. Could you please help?

    1. Updating via Origin doesn’t help in this case.
      When you have added SP24 and SP26 in the correct manner and in the correct main folder of your install-folder.
      I suggest that you run the DLC unlocker as an administrator, type 5 (uninstall EA DLC Unlocker) probably you get an error, repeat 5 again.
      Then 1 and 2, 12 for the Sims 4 and q

  52. I followed all the steps precisely to the end. First time and it work 100%. Now I can also see my hours played and have access to the gallery.

    I use to download the iso file but a the end it worked out cheaper to use
    the Anadius Updater.

    1. PS! I forgot, thank you for your time and effort making this possible for us poor folks to also have fun.

  53. Hello, I’m downloading dlc to a legitimate game, and it takes a lot of time to get 1.8 gigabytes. How can I download the iso file? (File location, etc.)

    1. Add missing DLC’s to your legal game with the Anadius Updater. When prompted about legit game tick Yes.
      When update has finished run step 1 again

      1. I don’t buy DLC packs, but I only have Sims.
        It’s about ‘folder’. Do I not have to press ok and receive large files?

        1. all DLC’s can be obtained for free. Yes some DLC’s can be pretty large.
          When you have at least a legal base game of the Sims 4, first update via Origin (don’t buy DLC’s) then run the Anadius Updater

  54. I cant even get passed step 1 whenever i open setup it just keeps saying “you put the unlocker in a path that will break setup script. Move it somewhere else for example c:/unlocker or d:/unlocker press any key to continue…” and then exiting when i press a key

  55. Im having trouble with the cottage living pack, i added the folder but its saying download to use, every other pack is working except this one.

  56. Hi, I wanted to know how would we go about uninstalling/deleting a dlc from the game? Do we just delete the dlc we downloaded, would that be ok?

  57. I have tried everything I can think of. I used to use the older method, updating with the updater, but decided to switch to the pach method since that’s what was suggested. I removed everything just to start from scratch and downloaded the most recent Sims and update from Origin (I have the legit base game). I then downloaded the all in one for all the DLCs (though I do have some legit). No matter how many times I recopy and move the downloaded DLC and run the unlocker, it will not register the DLCs. I’ve tried restarting again from scratch, repairing the game via Origin, moving the DLCs out and back in again, running the unlocker each time, and no matter what I do, though the DLCs show up in the Sims folder as they should (not with an additional folder inside it or anything like that) they still say “not owned” when loading the game. I’m just out of things to try.

    1. Run the Anadius Updater.
      Browse to the legal folder
      When prompted about legit game, click Yes
      When finished run the unlocker again

    2. I just tried something:
      1. Deleted my complete legal installation-folder for the Sims 4
      2. Logged in to Origin and re-downloaded the legal base game
      3. closed Origin
      4. Ran the Anadius Updater – legit game Yes – selected all DLC’s except Legacy Edition
      5. Ran the game – all DLC showed up but as not owned
      6. Started the Unlocker and selected option 5 (remove old details)
      7. Then chose options 1, 2 and q
      8. Ran the sims 4 and all DLC’s now showed up as in possession

      This way I’m sure now that all files and folders are installed in the correct manner and all possible faults are removed.
      Maybe it’s just enough to perform items 6 and 7 above to cure your problem.

      1. Hey before I do all of this, can I use my original legit account, or do I need to still use my fake account? I followed the steps that brought me to the error page in the browser that then prompted me to enter the cookie code thing. I wondered if this matters or not.

  58. SP 08, Sp10, SP11, SP12, and GP10 all say “The archive is password protected!’ when i try to extract them using WInRare+

  59. Hi there Tarac!

    The packs in my game aren’t registering.

    I have the legal Base game. I downloaded the Packs I want.

    I installed the Unlocker. Did 1, 2, 12, q.

    I do not get the “Download to use as you did” in the game.
    I pasted the packs into my game folder aswell,they are not registering…

    My Sims 4 game runs through Steam.

    If you could help that would be great. Thank you.

    1. Ok I’ve fixed it thank you. The problem was that I had EA Desktop installed on my pc aswell. I uninstalled it. Ran the Unlocker process again. Ran the game and Voila! Thank you!!

  60. my problem is that i dont know how to install the sims 4 cracked bc i need them to copy the expansions

    srry 4 my english

  61. Hi, I’m kinda confused on updating the game. The article says to turn on “Automatic game updates” and “automatically update origin” and says that “now your game and origin update whenever you start Sims 4.# Does that mean I don’t have to do anything when it comes to update or am I to download and use Anadius Updated? And if so, should I cancel the task when origin trys to update game?

    1. For updates: Origin automatically does that for you.
      New DLC’s: you only have to download the DLC folder for that new expansion.
      Don’t cancel the task when Origin is updating.

        1. Origin only updates the folders __Install, Data, Delta, Game, Support
          It won’t interfere with the pirated items, reason why you have to add new DLC folders manually.

  62. HUGE thanks for sharing all of these packs!!
    I am only having one problem. I can’t download anything from the gallery. I’m getting the error: “Cannot save content because it was created with a newer version of the game. Restart your game to check for updates.” I’ve just updated my game, so I don’t see what the problem is. Can you help?

  63. Super dumb question, but is this method safe if I’m online / use Gallery via Origin? Can EA detect the cracked DLCs and suspend my account?

    It’s an awesome feature! Thanks for your hard work!

  64. i had the game working fine and had all the dlc and now suddenly its download to use and I’ve do the copy and paste again just incase

  65. the game runs perfectly! Thank you so much for the effort! I just wanted to ask if it is safe to share my own building or families on the gallery or if its better not to because not all the EP are original. Just want to be sure <3 thanks in advance 🙂 (sorry for eventual grammatical mistakes but english is not my first language)

  66. For some reason when loading the DLC packs into the game, it glitches out and doesn’t register everything in the packs. I have no mods or anything, I’ve just been using the pack system. Not sure if the texture scripts got ruined or something else. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. No idea what the reason could be. On my PC the pack system runs without any glitches and it registers all packs.
      Re-run the DLC-unlocker after you added new DLC’s

  67. Follow up,

    I believe I did something wrong when adding the DLC packs. Some of the items from the packs don’t load properly

  68. I was able to get all the packs to work successfully, but when I get to creating a character, all the designs don’t load properly and it just doesn’t looks right. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. Are you using mods/cc ?
      When yes, move (not copy) the folder Mods from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 temporarily to your desktop

      1. No, I’m not using mods, just the legal game and downloading the DLC packs. Not sure if I did something wrong

      2. No, I’m not using mods, I’ve just been using the DLC’s and adding them to my legal game via the pack system. Not sure if I did something wrong.

  69. Follow up, I noticed that the folders were missing most of their files but I re-downloaded them and found the files. I re-extracted the missing files and it worked.

  70. Hi,
    I completed step 1 and then downloaded each of these packs and added them to my sims install folder.
    I installed EPs 01, 02, 03 and 05 onwards (I already owned 04).
    Most of them are showing as owned but Island Living and Get Together show as “Download to use”, yet EP’s 01 through 11 are all accounted for in my folder.

    1. For those EP’s showing Download to use, open the folder and maybe it contains another folder with the same name inside. That should be the folder to use

  71. so i downloaded all the stuff and did all the steps but every time i try to run the game it gives an error message that says unable to start, some files are damaged or missing.

  72. I’ve downloaded everything and it seems to be working but some packs are not downloaded and I don’t really know what to do. It shows in the game that I have them but they are not downloaded. Anyone had this problem?

    1. Did you successfully perform step 1 ?
      In your installation folder do you see the DLC’s as folders ?
      full set of folders
      This is how your install folder must look like.

  73. Hi I die all the steps and everything works up until I open the game and it says to download so i carried on with your video but I can’t find the “illegal” sims 4 document 🤦‍♀️

    1. Did you play the “illegal” game before ?
      Do you still have a shortcut to your illegal game ? When yes, right-click on it and select Open file location. You then are in your illegal game folder Game\Bin

  74. i did everything according to the description. but the DLCs stil appear unowned and not in my game. Anadius Updater also doesnt fix the issue. Origin doesnt update. i am on an 64 bit PC so it should work ?

  75. hi, what can i do if my CAS is still broken even though i moved the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 temporarily to my desktop?

      1. i disabled cc and script mods, but some clothes stil lappear broken. anything else i can do? sorry for bothering.

  76. Hi, so sorry to bother; I believe I did everything correctly because the game with all DLC’s installed is working perfectly! However, I can no longer place doors in buildmode and a pop-up saying “script error” appears whenever I try to. I figured it may be that my computer didn’t fully download one of the packs, but I thought I’d ask before I dig around in stuff I don’t fully understand yet. Thank you so much for your website!

  77. hi, i have another problem, my game recognises all the packs but when i’m in CAS some clothes from some of the packs are either broken or appear with the red/white question mark thing. i disabled cc, repaired the game on origin, moved my mods folder to desktop but it’s still broken, what can i do?

    1. Thank you for your help. i really appreciate you replying. I am confused! lol… I thought I had to make a mod folder in (x86) location?….so I keep my dl stuff in the mod folder like I used to for my original base game ?….. this game will open for me in EA, is that normal ? if i open SIms 4 with Origin, it doesn’t give me all the DLC, and when I go to Gallery now and try and save/dl content, i get this error message “Cannot save content because it was created with a newer version of the game. Restart your game to check for updates.”

      1. Apparently your game is not fully updated (cracked version).
        Either update or remove the file GameVersion from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4

          1. My game only opens through EA, is that normal ? If i open through Origin, none of the DLCs are available.

          2. Yes that’s normal, it opens via Origin. When you don’t see pirated DLC’s you have not performed step 1 correctly.

          3. EA Beta is what my game opens through

            I’m thinking that maybe folders or game components are not in the right location etc

  78. I originally purchases Sims 4 through Steam, so I have no C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4. Like when I try to go that pathway and open Origin Games, there is simply nothing inside. And then when I did a browse local files in the settings on Steam, instead the game plays through C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Sims 4. The DLCs I’ve purchased are in there, but when I followed all the steps, downloaded the ones I wanted through the method above, extracted the files, copied the folders into there, and launched the game through that shortcut, they do not show up. I restarted my PC and still no. How do I get them to play? Is this method only for Origin? Then how would I transfer my Steam game files to Origin?

    1. Sims All Around wrote:

      Hi! I use the Steam version, too!

      Putting the packs in the Documents folder won’t do anything; you need to go to the Sims 4 in Steam’s Programs File and drop them all there. (For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Sims 4) Worked completely for me! (Make sure it’s only, like, the EPs or the FP, GP, SP. Don’t move a cracked Game Folder or anything or it’s liable to break.)

      1. Thanks! I figured it out, it was a problem with the DLC Unlocker. Followed all the other steps perfectly, thanks for such a detailed walkthrough!

  79. Hey Tarac,

    After step 1, when I try to start the sims 4, it says that the EA unlocker didn’t unlock any packs and that I have to run the setup of the unlocker. But I did that multiple times and it doesn’t work. It does work on the administator account. What should I do?

      1. I did that, then I needed to fill in the administrator password, followed step 1, everything looked liked it worked but when I tried to start the sims it said: No game configs found, the unlocker won’t unlock any DLC’s. Run the setup script and add some game configs.

        1. When you right-click on setup to open as Administrator and typed 1 for the Install EA DLC Unlocker you should see in green

          Configs folder created
          Main config copied
          DLL added

          and in yellow: Origin detected.

          As long as you don’t see that there is something wrong with the Administrator status.

          1. Okay, now I know there must be something wrong with the administrator status. I’m gonna try to find out what. Thank you.

  80. Hi, I have another question, I installed everything just ok but I can´t start the game from the icon nor the original installation folder which sometimes happens on my pc for some reason and in that case I usually go to origin and play the game from there so I wanted to know if it´s save to log into my origin and start the game from there?

  81. Hi, I have a problem with the EA DLC Unlocker v2. file. When I install it it installs as single file and nit yipped on so I can´t extract it or perdorm any of the other steps. i don´t know what to do

  82. Hey Tarac I wanted to ask one more question. If I download the sims 3 all in one from your site and if I add the packs of the all in one version to my legal sims 3 game and I do the steps also with the ea dlc unlocker. Can I do that?

    1. Yes that should work.
      But EP09 contains a crack so I fear you need the original TS3EP09 in EP09\Game\Bin to fully function.
      You try it out and let me know, if required I can supply the original TS3ep09

  83. It worked as in the packs do say owned but all the CAS items are broken and some of the worlds are missing. Also how do I added mods and such now?

    1. As to downloading mods put the extracted file in this tray: Documents-Electronic Arts-The sims 4-mods. Also, don’t forget to enable script file as well as mods/cc in the game’s settings, don’t bury script file mods(only one folder deep), and try to make up for the lack of CAS items until you get help from someone or figure this out on your own. I personally have problems with EP5 (which is also my favorite) and I want to know weather or not I’m the only one.

  84. So, I did all these steps multiple times, but it’s just showing me that I need to download the files.. I really don’t know what is going wrong with these files…

    I downloaded the torrent, zipped the files, and put the unzipped files in my directory (not the default one as I have all my games on another SSD drive).

    I also used the DLC unlocker twice. But it just isn’t working. And yes, I followed all the steps and closed the unlocker by using Q.

    Did anyone find a solution to this problem?

  85. ive done all your steps needed but when i open my game it says i have the backs but still says download to use and i dont know what to do…

    1. Make sure you copy the packs to the Sims 4 installation folder where you also see folders like __Install, Data, Delta ….
      By default C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4

      1. Origin games folder is empty for me for some reason, have a few games that are definitely installed though

  86. alright, so i performed step 1, then i extracted the files from the torrent to my sims 4 folder on steam. doesnt seem to work. what’s this about mounting the iso? is it necessary?

  87. I did all the steps by downloading my preferred packs using bittorrent then added the extracted just the EP01 file and nothing else into my legit game file ran it online via origin and it just loaded indefinitely

  88. I did the third step because i already have the base legit game, i did everything i was supposed to, but it doesnt work. it doesnt even say that i own them, it’s like i did nothing. How can i get it to work? I dont understand what i did wrong

  89. just wondering, what happened to the mega download file?
    i found that to be the easiest way of downloading n its not there anymore!

  90. If I’ve already downloaded all the packs via the other method excluding origin can I still reinstall origin and add them to my legitimate game?

  91. I downloaded the DLCs and it says that I have them but when I open the game, it says Download to Use. Then, I go to origin to download them, but it does not let me because I would technically have to purchase them. So how exactly do I download the DLCs into the game?

    1. When you used the torrent for TS4 packs selective:
      Did you extract the DLC’s with Winrar before placing them in your installation folder ?

      When you used the torrent for TS4 all-in-one for pack method:
      Did you mount the downloaded iso ?

      1. I have the exact same as the comment from Anonymous.

        “I downloaded the DLCs and it says that I have them but when I open the game, it says Download to Use. Then, I go to origin to download them, but it does not let me because I would technically have to purchase them. So how exactly do I download the DLCs into the game?”

        I did step 1 and then went to step 3, extracted with winrar before placing them in my installation folder. I repaired my sims, I restared my pc. But nothing seems to work.

        1. In Step 1, items 4, 5, 6 and 7 are very important, don’t skip any of these. If f.e. you skipped item 6 you have not activated the pack system for The Sims 4 or when you did not finish with Q your settings are not saved.
          And yes, you cannot download from Origin unless you buy the expansions.

          I have done it now quite a number of times and it works perfectly. If you still have problems re-read the instructions.
          IF you are using EA Desktop instead of Origin the unlocker will detect EA Desktop.

  92. does this work with ea play? also i do not have any cracked dlc so do i just ignore step 2 and just put all the downloaded dlc from the torrent in?

  93. Hello, I did the first step but I don’t know what the tutorial is saying in the second step, which files I need to put in the folder?
    Anyway I ignored that passage and tried to start the game from origin and the dlcs were there but the last expansion and, I believe, the last game pack refused to install, plus textures were missing from items of the get to work expansion and maybe some others, I had other cracked versions of the sims 4 on this pc maybe some file is causing problems or maybe I ruined my game ignoring the second step, thanks in advance for any help

    1. Most probably you have a folder already for your cracked games.
      Just copy the EP’s, FP, GP’s and SP’s from that folder to your legal folder (C:|Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4)

      If you do not have a separate folder for your cracked game you can download the EP’s, GP’s etc. from THIS PAGE, step 3
      You can’t download new EP’s and such from Origin unless you buy them.

      About missing items: Move, not copy, the folder Mods from c:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 temporarily to your desktop and try the game again.

  94. hi so i followed the steps to download dlc to base game and it says i have all the packs but they are waiting to download but they arent

    1. That’s correct as the Game folder is updated to the latest version incl. all DLC’s.
      You must however still, manually, install the DLC’s

      1. Hi. So I have the same issuse as the other person who said “i followed the steps to download dlc to base game and it says i have all the packs but they are waiting to download but they arent”. What exactly do you mean when you say I have to download them manually? Thanks so much for everything btw:)

  95. hi, i downloaded cottage living and put it in, but when i try to cook things it says there is no available oven/stove when i tried to get my sim to cook by clicking on the refrigerator (all of the food options greyed out). i thought it might be cc but nothing changed when i disabled cc. i also repaired my game which didn’t do anything either. when i removed cottage living i was able to use stoves/ovens again. did i install it wrong? i have a legit game on origin and some legit dlcs as well.

  96. I followed steps 1-5 of ‘Add new DLC’s to your legal base game (Mac version)’ and seem to be stuck at being offline and hovering with mouse over the pictures showing Download to play.

    How do I download them if I’m offline? When I go online says I need to buy them.

    Sorry if I’ve missed a step I’m new to this.

    1. As the DLC’s have no .exe files you can download the DLC via THIS PAGE step 3
      When you added DLC’s I presume you must Run “add fake entitlements.command” and do what it says.

  97. Dangit, went through the steps then realized although I have the true game it’s from a different Origin account. RIP origin being useful I guess. 🙄

    1. A what you call “true game” will remain a “true game” irrespectively. The only thing that differs is the installation path

  98. Thank you for posting this! I’m really glad it also works if you buy the base game on Steam.

  99. Hello. I’ve managed to transfer all my game files to the Sims 4 but it’s telling me I still need to download the packs to use. How do I bypass this?

    1. If it helps, if I try to open the DLC toggler, I get an error message saying “Could not read crack config file.” Does this mean there’s a crack somewhere that I need to download for this to work?

      1. The dlc toggler cannot function in this setup as it is based on a crack in the folder Game.
        As however the Origin Game file is used here, there is no crack.

  100. Hi
    I bought Sims 4 on Steam so my installation folder doesn’t lead to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games/The Sims 4. The Origin Games folder is completely empty.
    I followed the instructions on but added the extracted folders to my Documents/Electronic Art/Sims 4 folder and when I open Sims, it says that I own the packs but if I hover over the pack it says ‘download to use’.
    Is there anyone who can assist me with this please?

    1. Hi! I use the Steam version, too!

      Putting the packs in the Documents folder won’t do anything; you need to go to the Sims 4 in Steam’s Programs File and drop them all there. (For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Sims 4) Worked completely for me! (Make sure it’s only, like, the EPs or the FP, GP, SP. Don’t move a cracked Game Folder or anything or it’s liable to break.)

  101. I used the direct install method and I first installed the expansion Get Together just to see if it worked and it did, however I installed the rest of the expansions I didn’t have and placed them in the sims 4 folder and now I don’t have any other expansion packs and my game will not function properly. All of my doors disappeared for some reason and whenever I try to put them back the game “fails to call the script” is there a way to fix this?

  102. When I opened the game it showed that I have all the packs, though in cas, some of the clothing is broken (white/red and question marks) I also repaired tha game on origin but still the same problem…

    1. The system works perfectly.
      Just to test it I did following:
      1. Deleted my The Sims 4 by deleting the folder The Sims 4 from C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games.
      2. Installed the base game via Origin
      3. Performed step 1 as in the instructions
      4. Copied the EP, FP, GP, SP folders from my cracked game to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games/The Sims 4

      Played the game:
      I have all the worlds, no problems at all in CAS

      Additional info: I don’t use mods/scripts

      1. I still have the same problem after following all your steps. I have my mods turned off in-game. But still, there’s broken clothing in cas… What should I do at this point?

        The base game clothing is fine, though some clothing in cas from other packs are broken

  103. so what do i do if i put the packs in and they don’t work in game? i put them in program files and they refuse to work, am i missing something

    1. Let Origin repair your game
      Open your Origin account
      Select my game library
      rightclick on the picture of the Sims 4 and select Repair.

    1. Did you perhaps use any other kind of updater after you prepared the Origin game for pirated DLC’s ?
      Let Origin repair your game

    2. Let Origin repair your game.
      Log in to Origin
      Select your Game library
      Rightclick on the picture of the Sims 4 and select Repair

      1. i put the files where i was supposed to, and i hit repair but it did nothing. it still says unowned whenever i boot up the sims

  104. “Once you have used this system do not update in any other way as they overwrite your Game folder.”

    So how are we supposed to update if we need to?

    1. No, you need Origin for this method.
      Just install the packs in your folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4

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