Pack System: Add DLC’s to your legal base game (Mac version)

Pack System: Add pirated DLC’s to your legal base game (Mac version)

When you have at least the Sims 4 base game via Origin/Steam you can add pirated DLC’s to your legal game for free.
Or maybe it’s worth the € 12,50 to buy the base game from Origin

  • Always automatically the latest version (Origin updates it for you)
  • No problems with anti-virus (there are no cracks)
  • Much smaller downloads (example: Cottage Living is now only 1.6 GB instead of 11,4 GB)
  • Easier to add missing DLC’s for free
  • Less problems with your CC
  • Access to the Gallery
  • No game-cracked folder
  • No hassle with remid cookie
  • Play via Origin/Steam as if you bought all expansions..

New DLC’s however must still be added manually (step 3), although much smaller in size. (example: Cottage Living now 11,4 GB, with this system only 1,6 GB)


Preparations in Origin

  1. Log in to your Origin account
  2. Click on the word Origin (left top bar)
  3. Click Application Settings
  4. Click Application
  5. In Client update:   switch “Automatic game updates” and “Automatically update Origin” on – see picture below.
    Now your game and Origin update whenever you start your The Sims 4


As i don’t have a Mac i can’t try it out. When it does work can you please report to me


  1. Download a small file the Origin DLC unlocker
  2. Extract wit Winrar
  3. Quit Origin.
  4. Run “fix OriginClient.command”. If you get an error stating the file comes from an unidentified developer – right click that file and select “Open”.
  5. Run “add fake entitlements.command” and do what it says.

Run “delete entitlements.command” and redownload Origin app if you want to revert all changes.

Things to remember:

When Origin updates repeat step 4.
When a game gets a new DLC re-download the Unlocker and repeat step 5.
When a game gets a new update you don’t have to do absolutely anything.


  1. When you already have cracked DLC’s in another folder, copy the EP’s, GP’s and SP’s only to the folder of your legal game
  2. When Origin updates repeat step 4 of Step 1
    When a game gets a new DLC re-download the Unlocker and repeat step 5 of Step 1.
  3. Play the game via the legal installation folder – Game ->Bin ->TS4_x64 or shortcut thereof.

STEP 3 (Add missing DLC’s)

  1. Download this torrent for the packs or select packs via direct download
  2. Click Select none and then click the missing DLC’s
  3. Extract with Winrar
  4. Copy the extracted folders to the folder of your legal game
  5. re-download the Unlocker and repeat step 5 of Step 1
  6. Play the game via the legal installation folder – Game ->Bin ->TS4_x64 or shortcut thereof. (or directly via Origin)

STEP 3a (all-in-one, 29,5 GB against 47,9 GB in other methods) – you must at least have a legit base game

  1. Download the torrent for the all-in-one
  2. Mount the iso
  3. Open the folder The Sims 4
  4. Copy the folders to your legal folder (where you also see the folders __Install, Data, Delta, Game, Support)
  5. re-download the Unlocker and repeat step 5 of Step 1

STEP 4 (add future DLC’s to your game)

  1. Download the torrent for the new DLC or use the direct download
  2. Extract with Winrar
  3. Copy the downloaded and extracted folder  to your legal The Sims 4 folder
  4. re-download the Unlocker and repeat step 5 of Step 1

As you don’t have to worry about amendments in the folders __Install, Data, Delta, Game, Support (Origin does that for you) all you have to do is copy the extracted EP, FP, GP or SP folder from the download to your legal installation folder.

Presume the next DLC will be SP24 then, instead of downloading several GB, it will be restricted to maybe 250 MB)
For just (Pre-)Updates you do not need anything at all. Just play the game and it will be automatically updated to the latest version.

Simple way of installing all 18 languages in one go

Please bear in mind that when you installed the game via Origin only 1 language is available, meaning that when you installed in English you cannot change to f.e. Norwegian.
In such cases you’ll have to re-install the game in Norwegian in Origin.
Also downloads from many other sources are often in 1 language only (such as English or Spanish)

Download the Language Strings, extract with Winrar and copy all folders to your legal installation folder
When you have all languages installed, download the Language Changer, double-click and select your language.
In our downloads all languages are already installed.
You can activate the Language-changer from anywhere on your computer, no specific folder required.

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24 thoughts on “Pack System: Add DLC’s to your legal base game (Mac version)

      1. I tried as well and would love some more help with Step 1 and the different commands- especially the 4. step – the terminal always says there are “no configs found” is that correct?

  1. Yesterday I performed all the above-mentioned steps and was able to run the sims 4 and play. However, today I tried to open it again but couldn’t. There was an error that said: ”Unable to start: Initialization error at start up. [135dec40:3fbbecd0:00000064:00000000]”
    Maybe it has something to do with the new kit?
    I would really appreciate it if you could help me out.

  2. I’m not getting any of the content from the packs. I ran all the commands and followed the directions, but the content just isn’t in my game. I also made sure I put the file in the right folder.

      1. Also, when I click on “packs” on the main screen, it shows I own all the packs but I need to download them, which then takes me to origin that says I need to buy them.

  3. So.. i added the dlc’s to the sims 4 map.. and then i ran the fix origin.client.command and it told me to switch origin offline.. then i tried to open sims and i still couldn’t see the dlc downloaded.. when i tried to go online it shows the packs but it redirects me to origin to buy the packs..

  4. Adding the DLC will not work as the program you referred us to in earlier replies, is only able to be run on windows

  5. Hi, I’m currently using my Mac. I’ve gone through all the steps and everything has worked as planned, except for one thing. When I open the Sims 4, I can see that I have all the packs, they just aren’t downloaded. When I try to download any of the packs it takes me to Origin, more specifically the page to buy whichever pack I am trying to download. How do I fix this?

      1. hi! im experiencing this same problem on my mac but i cant adds the dlcs via the pack method because i cant run the .exe setup file , is there anyway around this?

        1. The actual DLC’s do not contain .exe files. Such folders like EP, FP, GP or SP can be used by Windows and Mac

          When you downloaded and extracted the unlocker you have .command files.
          When you add DLC folders run “add fake entitlements.command” again

          1. BTW, where did you encounter this setup.exe file.
            I can’t find any
            Please let me know as maybe I produced an incorrect link

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