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  1. hello, i recently downloaded the legal base game and used the dlc unlocker, i cannot use gallery because i still get the cracked popup that says “play offline or online” yet i have the legit game, and it still says my name is anadius

    1. Let the EA app repair your game.
      When you use tools like the Anadius Updater make sure to click YES when prompted about your legal game.

  2. Hello After downloading some dlc for Sims 4 and origin no longer supporting the sims 4 all my pirated DLC is deleted can I get this back?

  3. Hello, I am not able to download the DLC, there’s an error when loading the page after clicking to download,do you know how to fix it

  4. Hi, uhm is it possible to delete the updater? because i dont want it anymore, but i kicked all the files out and still get asked if i wanna start on-/offline when i want to play sims 4

  5. Hi SimTarac, so i followed all the steps but after i select all the DLCS i want, it starts downloading for 20-30mins then it stops and says ‘ Updater encountered a critical error and cannot continue.
    Press OK for more information.’

  6. Hi! I have a question. So I have the legal Sims 4 basegame via Steam. Then I used the DLC unlocker and Anadius updater to get the packs. All is working perfect, but the gallery is offline, and I’m unsure if I can click “connect” without it messing up my game?

    On my old computer, I had a fully pirated Sims 4 and a separate legal base game on steam which I’d use to download gallery stuff …. But now that I have the legal base and cracked packs all in one, I’m unsure if it’s safe to “connect” ? I’m afraid to the it out in case it locks up my game or my Steam account. Thanks so much!

  7. Hello Tarac! If you could answer my question i would be very grateful. So i have the legal base game that is connected with the EA app, and my packs are not working, every time i reinstall the dlc unlocker it works for a couple of plays but then it goes back to “not owned”. Is it from the updates? What can i do?

    1. As soon as the EA DLC Unlocker detects the EA app it no longer pays attention to the Origin based The Sims 4.
      This means that the Unlocker works well on the game started via the app.
      However, as soon as you start the game via Origin the connection with the DLC’s is lost.
      So start your game via the EA app, then run the Unlocker and type 5 first to undo the Origin settings and type 1,2,14 and q

  8. The program was working fine yesterday but when I updated it today it stopped working and it keeps giving me the same error message. I changed the file folder a dozen times but it doesn’t work. It says “Can’t finish despite running as administrator. Original error message:
    Can’t create or delete files in this folder, move the program somewhere else. Do NOT put it directly on your system drive (C) nor in Program Files:”

      1. Hi i have the legal base game sims 4 on mac and i did everything and it was fine for a while when i first did everything but now the pack aren’t in my game at all do i need to redownload all the packs again or like reapply the dlc unlocker if so how ?? 🙂

  9. Hello, I have followed instructions to download howwever when I downloaded there is no .iso files it is just one so I click to open and it states corrupt file. Can you please help?

  10. I’m having an issue with my cracked DLC game lately where i try to run it and it says my graphics drivers are out of date but when i run the base game by itself it works fine. my drivers are up to date i swear, any advice?

    1. From Discover University, the system requirements are higher than for just the base game.
      See this page

      Try this:
      Open the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4
      Delete the file Config
      Start your game.
      Your system will be explored and a new Config file created.

      1. Hi! I have a question..
        When I turn on the PC, The Sims 4 icon on the desktop is white, yet I activated it from the file manager! Plz help

        1. Open the installation folder of the Sims 4
          Open the folder Game
          Open the folder Bin
          Make a shortcut of TS4_x64 and place it on your desktop

  11. Hi! I have the base game through EA (whenever I try to download origin it auto transfers it to EA) but I downloaded your pack of packs. But whenever I go onto my sims game, it says all of the packs & everything are “ready to download” but I can’t find where I download so I’m able to play. & EA only gives me the option to buy them.

    1. dont open sims through the original app, u have to open the sims 4 folder in ur files, and open game cracked and go to bin and open the file that has the sims 4 logo

  12. hi, im getting white screen when starting the sims 4 game. i don’t know how to fix it. can you help me with this issue please?

    1. Hello, I’m Having an Issue with it says i own the packs but when I go to manage worlds it only shows the packs i brought and not the cracked ones, please help 🙁

  13. I’m not able to upload anything to the gallery anymore. There is a message warning server error. I have the legal base game.

  14. EA recently announced that Origin is going to be discontinued and everyone will instead have to use the EA app. Will this impact any downloads from this site? I have a legal base game and download packs from here. Will the EA app still keep them updated?

  15. Hii I wanted to ask something to be sure so I know this the sims 4 news on october and is that possible to this site still update the cracked game or at least legally game I mean things like dlc and packs? I can still download new packs? or i have to buy this new packs after 18th october? please I need a answer.

  16. Hey soo i just updated my game and all my sims are showing red & white with a question mark. I go into CAS and the Skin Tones icon is a llama. What to do?

      1. Tarac… as usual you are 100% right.

        However there is still a way to use the Gallery but is no longer free.
        I waited for Steam to put the base game on sale for $4 USD and bought the legitimate “base” game. If you must pay $20 USD for the base game it is still worth every penny so long as this site remains active.
        I then downloaded all the DLC content from instructions on this site.

        The good thing about having a legitimate base account is your game will auto-update all patches each time your game is started plus you will have full access to the Gallery to upload and or download all content for free.

  17. Hi good day, I haven’t been able to access the gallery for the past two days. I keep getting this message that I have to register the game to my EA account to access online features despite following the steps to access the game online

  18. Hi good day, since yesterday I have been trying to open the gallery but it keeps telling me I have to register the game to my EA account to access online features. My game is not the legit one. I followed all the steps to access online

  19. Hello, I hope you are doing fine !
    Recently I changed my computer. I moved the disk directly from my old PC to my new one (so my old :C is now my :G).
    Today I wanted to play so I launched the game, the DLC appear well but my savegame disappeared…I can’t find it anywhere.
    Please tell me you can help me, I worked so hqrd on this family.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Your saves are probably still on your old computer on C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Saves.
      Copy the contents of the folders Saves and Tray to your new computer in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Saves (and Tray)

  20. Thanks for this, my Origin account got the invalid credentials error a long while ago and while I managed to recover it with their customer support, it only lasted a week more and was back to the same. Too much hassle and no way I’m re-buying the stuff just for it to disappear again. -_-

  21. bonjour j’aimerais savoir si c’est possible d’avoir un reshade/gshade ? j’ai le jeu légal mais les packs je l’ai ai avec l’updater

  22. Bonjour, alors je vous remercie grâce à vous j’ai tous les dlc que je voulais mais les problèmes que j’ai une petite page qui m’indique que je doit me connecter à Origine et EA (où je doit aller sur internet etc..) et quand je suis dans mes sims je n’est pas accée a la galerie du jeux. Merci de votre réponse

  23. I am trying to use the updater, but it keeps saying that my game isn’t up to date. I updated my game and opened it and saw that it is at the version it needs to be at to use the updater, but it’s still saying that my game is out of date. Is there anything I can do?

  24. Hi, i’ve downloaded the new High school pack and the new patch update. Everything in the new patch update is working (curved walls etc) and the new world is there on the menu, but when i go to click on it, it just comes up with a blank white screen and freezes. i also can’t go to school with my teen sims. Is this something i’ve done wrong? Thank you very much 🙂

    1. Its might be bcs ur game is slowww orrr because the new pack has many bugs that ea didnt wanna fix before making the pack public to download!

    1. “expected July,28th, 20.30 hrs CET (Central European Time)” is what I found on one page on this site

      so in a little over an hour! 🙂

  25. After updating the game it will no longer work when i follow the steps to sign in it tells me my remid code is invalid.

  26. Hi! I can’t seem to find EA paste on regedit’s local machine files and therefore I can’t change the language of my game. I’ve downloaded it through the updater

  27. I delete anadius folder and trying to logout login the EA acc and origin but I still have network error pop out instead play online
    this is my game validation:

    Game version: [b][/b]
    Crack version: [b][/b]
    Folder: [b]The Sims 4[/b]
    Crack used: [b]ANADIUS[/b]
    Legacy Edition: [b]not installed[/b]
    [color=#026526][b][u]Hash mismatch:[/u][/b][/color]
    — quick scan —
    [color=#026526][b][u]Missing files:[/u][/b][/color]

    [color=#026526][b][u]Unknown files:[/u][/b][/color]
    language changer/cs_cz.reg
    language changer/da_dk.reg
    language changer/de_de.reg
    language changer/en_us.reg
    language changer/es_es.reg
    language changer/fi_fi.reg
    language changer/fr_fr.reg
    language changer/it_it.reg
    language changer/ja_jp.reg
    language changer/ko_kr.reg
    language changer/nl_nl.reg
    language changer/no_no.reg
    language changer/pl_pl.reg
    language changer/pt_br.reg
    language changer/ru_ru.reg
    language changer/sv_se.reg
    language changer/zh_tw.reg

    1. So your cracked The Sims 4 installation folder is up-to-date apart from some unknown files which you can delete if you want to.
      Do you have a folder in there called Game-cracked ? When yes try to start your game via Game-cracked\TS4_x64.
      When not, run the Anadius Updater and answer yes when prompted about your legal game. This will create a Game-cracked folder.

      When you have a legal game, delete the folder Game, open Origin -> My game library and right-click on the picture of the Sims 4 and select Repair.
      The folder Game will be reconstructed and you should be able to play the legal game via Game\TS4_x64

      1. What I need to do when I used enter remid cookie some time ago and my Sims 4 now turned on offline, and I can’t enter remid again because the “Enter remid cookie” box doesn’t open? Thank you in advance.

        1. Consider this:
          1. Download Game.rar
          2. Extract with Winrar
          3. From your installation folder, delete the folder Game
          4. Copy the extracted folder Game from item 2 above to your installation folder

          1. Hi, Anadius! I just wanted to thank you for all that you do, we really appreciate it <3

  28. I updated my game until Little Camping pack, then when I try to play online, it won’t pop the game up, I see my task manager the memory used just 4-5 MB i dont know why i cant play the sims now,, i did log out and log in the origin, it pop out network error

  29. Hi! I followed all the instructions and when I went into the Sims 4 it said I owned everything but I had to download to play may anyone help me find a solution? Thanksss!!

  30. I’m from Germany and I want to know if this installation of add-ons on my computer will violate the law on piracy, or is it still better to use a VPN?

  31. I know this is off-topic but how do i get back to the english version of this website, i accidentally clicked translate then i get stuck on a filipino translation of this website, so pls help me

      1. Can’t hash “C:\Games\The Sims 4 Cottage Living\Data\Client\ClientFullBuild3.package” file. Make sure your anti-virus doesn’t block this program. I can’t update my sims 4 because of this

  32. Hi I have been connect to my EA accounts and copy value remid cookies and paste it to the box to enter remid cookies..I did on january 2022, but now i update to the latest version of game and my game is not online anymore its suddenly logout and can’t play it in online so i play it offline..so how suppose I will do to fix this?? Should I make a new account?

  33. Hello! Glad to visit this site again. I had to flock to downloading Sims 4 because my storage could no longer handle Sims 3’s documents on my C; drive so I had to cease any more gameplay. Does the Sims 4 crack allow us to install the documents folder away from C, or is it hardcoded to be in C as well?

      1. Hello! Just an update. I’ve been having an issue where the despite the fact that I have reattempted this multiple times with the accurate steps, I have been getting the error of “Cannot create a file when that file already exists”. I formatted the things correctly and have even looked if there even was a folder with the same name, and there wasn’t at all. I’m planning to move my folder to the D: drive for extra context. Is there a certain turnaround for surpassing this error?

          1. Hello again! Apologies for not doing so sooner. I will now move the explanation of my concern in regards to this subject in that page in case people might have the same problem.

  34. I am having trouble finding a way to “unpatch” my game. I had a pretty good thing going with a ton of mods, and the game automatically updated and broke many things. Do you have a way to roll back to a previous version or something like that?

    1. Depends on how deep you want to revert your game.
      Example: to go back to version incl. Blooming Rooms you can apply THIS TORRENT
      It is a full all-in-one of 48,7 GB which I could download in approx 1 hour.(48 seeds)
      Mind you, you will have this mods problem every time you update your game to a newer version.

      1. I want to go back to like whatever was live in august 2021 (the mods show i downloaded them on august 1) so approx 4 months ago. I tend to keep it offline, but accidentally went online and it updated before I noticed. I’ve turned off the auto updater now, but I must go back.

          1. this seems to be the one, where can I go to figure out how to run this. ive already mounted it, but it doesn’t seem to do anything and I may need to change the install location.

          2. Make a shortcut of your mounted iso file TS4_X64 which can be found in the folder Game\Bin of the mounted iso.
            Or overwrite your present installation folder of the Sims 4 with the files and folders from the mounted iso.

          3. sorry for the delay, but this did work and resolve my issue by rolling back to the intended update. Thank you very much

  35. Hello! Is it safe to use new sims 4 delivery express? I installed the game and few dlc-s from fitgirl, but continued to update through you.

  36. Sul sul! I recently tried to connect to the gallery with the connection https://accounts.ea.com/connect but I was unable to make it work. I’ve noticed some others have said the same. Do you know of an alternative that I could use? Once again thank you regardless for everything!

      1. I’m having issues can you please help me I keep getting script failed when I try to place doors idk what happened also how do I use the pack with my base bought game I just want to make sure I’m doing this right 🥴

  37. Sul, sul! I am in need of your help! I appreciate all you do, I got a pc from a friend that can support the sims 4 better. I have the legit sims 4 on origin and used your, hmmm pack system (I think that’s what is called) so that I have all the dlc, etc. etc. I have installed origin and downloaded the legit game, now my question is, can I just copy my program files to my new computer and place it in the C:\Program Files (x86)/Origin/The Sims 4? I can’t find all my download from you and I can’t afford to download all of the files again after downloading the legit base game from origin. I left my email adress so you can email me. Thank you in advance!

    1. Copying your program files to your new computer won’t work as most of these files require installation in the computers registry.
      So you must re-download Origin. From Origin you must download the Sims 4.
      Assuming you only have a legit base game, the folders __Install, Data, Delta, Game and Support will then be present in C:\Program Files (x86) – Origin Game – The Sims 4.
      Then you have to apply the DLC Unlocker for the Pack System
      Now you can add the DLC’s you want via the Anadius Updater, but of course you can also copy the DLC’s from your old computer to the above named folder. (do not copy __Install, Data, Delta, Game and Support)
      Important: When you use the Anadius Updater make sure you answer the question about your legit game with YES

  38. hi anadius i wanted to use your method pack system so i wanted to ask you how much the size of the game will be 30gb is that real or 50gb ? and why the users of cracked versions have 50 gb ?

    1. There is hardly any difference between legal and pirated games, both come to around 50 GB for version with all DLC’s
      When you refer to the download for all-in-one for pack users (30 GB), that difference is caused by the fact that Origin implements the missing folders _Install, Data, Delta, Support and a slightly smaller folder Game as there is no crack.
      The all-in-one for packusers contains the DLC’s only.

      In the end both systems will use almost the same amount of disk-space and game size when fully installed.

      When you do have a legal base game the pack system is highly recommended because:
      * Always automatically the latest version (Origin updates it for you immediately after release of a new update)
      * No problems with anti-virus (there are no cracks)
      * Much smaller downloads (example: Industrial Loft Kit is now only 42,8 MB instead of 7,47 GB)
      * Easier to add missing or new DLC’s for free
      * Access to the Gallery

      1. hi thank you for these informations, so in the last the game folder will be 50gb as the cracked version? because i asked in a sims group someone told me that his game folder is around 25-30gb without any mods

  39. hi anadius i have a question, when we download an update with 7gb does the downloaded files will be replaced in the game folder or it will add a 7gb the game folder i mean my game folder has over 54gb so if i download an update it will became 61 gb or it will stay at 54 gb so the downloaded files are replaced in the game files ?

    1. Updates are usually upgraded files in the folders __Install, Data, Delta, Game and Support. Such files will overwrite the existing files in your installation folder.
      A 7GB download could eventually result in just a couple of MB’s extra disk space. The latest update Spa Day Refresh comes to only 296 MB as a download and even far less when implemented in the game.
      At present a full and complete The Sims 4 game for 64-bits is 48,3 GB (from base game up to and incl. Spa Day Refresh)

  40. I just wanted to drop a thanks for the amazingly intuitive website you’ve created. I did purchase the base base for sims 4 but the flood of DLC was a bit over the top. So thank you again for sharing your hard work with us all.

  41. I would love to thank you for the work you doing, it’s absolutely impressive. I can’t thank you enough for how much money you have saved me haha. I think the way you made this work is incredible and I haven’t seen it before. I am sick of downloading from torrents where half of the time you just installing malware into your pc. However, I would like to support you financially. Even with couple of dollars.

    Do you accept pay pal?

  42. Hi how are you? First off, thank you so much for the download, much appreciated! Second, not sure how to post in related topics but on this page it let me post a reply, so here goes.

    I’ve downloaded the Anadius Repack, All-in-one download. Installing went perfectly fine and I can play the game and it’s great. However, I noticed that the anti-virus software popped up saying that, in Dutch: Het bestand is zojuist beschermd. TS4_x64.exe probeert bestand Gameversion.TXT in de beschermde map Documents tewijzigen of te verwijderen. Wat wilt u doen: App blokkeren/App toestaan.

    What should I do? Thanks for any help.

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