The Sims free downloads for Windows



This is the site where you can download all Sims games.

  • On this site we publish links to the various kinds of tested and approved downloads on the internet.
  • These downloads are guaranteed free of virusses, malware, trackers (checked by Google, McAfee, Norton and AVG) and can be trusted to perform perfectly.
  • Some elements – the so-called cracks – can be regarded by your anti-virus software as trojan horses. Such “false positive” warnings can safely be ignored.
  • You can toggle between English or Dutch (my native language) pages by clicking the corresponding flag on the right.
  • Translations in other languages are by Google translate. Don’t blame me for weird sentences.

Why ISO-format ?

  • All our (larger) downloads are in .iso format because formats like Winrar and 7-Zip consume a lot of time for extraction.
  • An all-in download of >30 GB in Winrar takes more than half an hour to extract.
  • As most people nowadays have Windows 8 or higher, mounting an iso is a matter of a split-second. Simply rightclick on a downloaded iso and the contents are immediately available.
  • For further details about mounting see THIS PAGE


This site – published by Tarac Productions©:

  • Limits itself to providing links to available downloads on the internet. Such links can also easily be found via f.e. Google
  • Limits itself to testing and controlling for viirusses and fakes on the internet in order to protect users from malware, virusses and the downloading of non-working programs.
  • Limits itself to installation-instructions, manuals and video’s
  • Contains no adverts, makes no use of Adf.ly, Link-to-net or other simular annoying go-betweens.
  • Does not ask for donations or registration and is financed by its own private funds.

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