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  • On this site we publish links to the various kinds of tested and approved downloads on the internet.
  • These downloads are guaranteed free of viruses, malware, trackers (checked by Google, McAfee, Norton and AVG) and can be trusted to perform perfectly.
  • Some elements – the so-called cracks – can be regarded by your anti-virus software as trojan horses. Such “false positive” warnings can safely be ignored.
  • You can toggle between English or Dutch (my native language) pages by clicking the corresponding flag on the right.
  • Translations in other languages are by Google translate. Don’t blame me for weird sentences.

Why ISO-format ?

  • All our (larger) downloads are in .iso format because formats like Winrar and 7-Zip consume a lot of time for extraction.
  • An all-in download of >30 GB in Winrar takes more than half an hour to extract.
  • As most people nowadays have Windows 8 or higher, mounting an iso is a matter of a split-second. Simply rightclick on a downloaded iso and the contents are immediately available.
  • For further details about mounting see THIS PAGE


This site – published by Tarac Productions©:

  • Limits itself to providing links to available selected downloads on the internet. Such links can also easily be found via f.e. Google
  • Limits itself to testing and controlling for viruses and fakes on the internet in order to protect users from malware, viruses and the downloading of non-working programs.
  • Limits itself to installation-instructions, manuals and video’s
  • Contains no adverts, makes no use of Adf.ly, Link-to-net or other similar annoying go-betweens.
  • Does not ask for donations or registration and is financed by its own private funds.

For further information you can also visit our other websites:

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  1. hi anadius i have a question, when we download an update with 7gb does the downloaded files will be replaced in the game folder or it will add a 7gb the game folder i mean my game folder has over 54gb so if i download an update it will became 61 gb or it will stay at 54 gb so the downloaded files are replaced in the game files ?

    1. Updates are usually upgraded files in the folders __Install, Data, Delta, Game and Support. Such files will overwrite the existing files in your installation folder.
      A 7GB download could eventually result in just a couple of MB’s extra disk space. The latest update Spa Day Refresh comes to only 296 MB as a download and even far less when implemented in the game.
      At present a full and complete The Sims 4 game for 64-bits is 48,3 GB (from base game up to and incl. Spa Day Refresh)

  2. I just wanted to drop a thanks for the amazingly intuitive website you’ve created. I did purchase the base base for sims 4 but the flood of DLC was a bit over the top. So thank you again for sharing your hard work with us all.

  3. I would love to thank you for the work you doing, it’s absolutely impressive. I can’t thank you enough for how much money you have saved me haha. I think the way you made this work is incredible and I haven’t seen it before. I am sick of downloading from torrents where half of the time you just installing malware into your pc. However, I would like to support you financially. Even with couple of dollars.

    Do you accept pay pal?

  4. Hi how are you? First off, thank you so much for the download, much appreciated! Second, not sure how to post in related topics but on this page it let me post a reply, so here goes.

    I’ve downloaded the Anadius Repack, All-in-one download. Installing went perfectly fine and I can play the game and it’s great. However, I noticed that the anti-virus software popped up saying that, in Dutch: Het bestand is zojuist beschermd. TS4_x64.exe probeert bestand Gameversion.TXT in de beschermde map Documents tewijzigen of te verwijderen. Wat wilt u doen: App blokkeren/App toestaan.

    What should I do? Thanks for any help.

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