Sims 3 selective Anadius method

The Sims 3 selective Anadius method

This method is extremely efficient for adding DLC’s to your existing game.

Not only you can download a full all-in-one but you can also simply add DLC’s to your already existing game.

No registration-/installationcodes required, multi-language

Full instructions on the screen

  1. Download the torrent for The Sims 3 Anadius
  2. Open the torrent in your torrent-client (such as bittorrent, utorrent a.o.)
  3. Leave it as it is (all items ticked) when you want to install everything (all-in-one)
  4. Otherwise remove the tick at The Sims 3 (Anadius Repack)
    Now tick the DLC’s you want + TS3_setup.exe
  5. Click OK and the torrent will only download your selected items.
  6. Click on TS3_setup. exe to start the installation of your chosen DLC’s
  7. Follow the instructions on the screen .







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74 thoughts on “Sims 3 selective Anadius method

  1. Hi! Is there a way to have the dlcs and the stuff packs (i have the base game and a few dlcs disks) without torrent. I’d prefer to stick to ddl and a method close to what you did for the s4 dlc updater which was great.

  2. Hi, first thank you for your work, english isn’t my first lenguage, could adding dlc to my legit game get my computer ban from ea app? I tried it and now I can’t open the ea app, it says that is blocked and it freezes and then closes. I opened my account on a different computer and it work but I’m afraid they ban my computer or my ip or something, I’m really sad I just didn’t have the money for the expansions, could somebody please help me? I’m afraid I’ll never be able to play the sims on my computer anymore 🙁 I also had the sims 4 dlc on my legit sims 4 game and this never happen, only now. Please I hope you read my comment

    1. You posted under “The Sims 3 selective Anadius method”.
      That has nothing at all to do with the EA app and is only creating a cracked version of the Sims 3 incl. all packs.

  3. So I already have the sims 3 and some packs and I’ve done everything correctly but I still don’t have the packs I downloaded . Is something supposed to be in a folder or something because anytime I tried to move something it still doesn’t work .

  4. Hi! Im having a problem where all the mods show up in the launcher but when i open the game only like 4 of them show up. Any help?

  5. Do the DLC included in this pack and the all in one pack by anadius limited edition or standard edition only. Do I get extra content from expansion pack like seasons, pets, supernatural limited version like the pet shop or katy perry stuff from sjowtime collector edition?


  6. hi, im having a bit of trouble when i run the setup.exe as it says ‘there was a problem while reading the contents of TS3_setup.exe. The archive file is incomplete’. It then asks me to select a filename encoding and none of them seem to work. I was just wondering if these downloads work on Mac or if they are just for windows. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  7. hi! i might be unaware of something but i’ve just installed the sims 3 without the high-end loft, fast lane, master suite, katy perry sweet treats and 70s packs but every thing else.
    i’ve tried launching it on each of the separate launchers with and without running as administrator yet nothing will work. i haven’t installed any mods or store content yet. i’ve disabled my firewall and restarted my pc.
    it won’t run at all, not even an error warning :/

    any help from anyone would be great please!

  8. hello ive done all the steps as specified but when i try to run the game it wont open. at first it did but i could not open it as full screen, and then when i tried to open it with the launcher it would not work and gives me an error. is there a fix for this?

  9. Salut j’ai un petit problème après avoir choisi les dlc en cochant, le téléchargement commence au bout de 2 minute un message d’erreur apparaît ” unarc.dll returned and error code – 11″ j’ai essayé plusieurs fois après avoir tester des solutions sur internet et je n’arrive pas je m’en remet donc ici j’espère avoir donner assez d’informations désolé pour le dérangement et merci à l’avance si vous pouvez m’aider.

    1. Je viens de le télécharger et il fonctionne bien.
      Peut-être que quelque chose s’est mal passé pendant le téléchargement.
      Le programme d’installation utilise freearc pour créer des fichiers temporaires.
      Dans votre client torrent, faites un clic droit sur le torrent et sélectionnez forcer la vérification

      1. Entre temps j’ai re télécharger le pack via utorrent (je ne pouvais pas forcer la vérification c’était griser) j’ai donc re télécharger j’ai fait une analyse forcer ça s’arrête à 94% je viens d’avoir un message d’erreur il me manque MSVCR80.dll je vais donc allez télécharger le fichier en espérant que ça marche merci des conseils

      1. Rightclick in your torrent-client on the line of the torrent. Select Open corresponding file/folder or something like that.

  10. Hello, I’ve only started playing for Island Paradise and am having lag issues. I heard this is a known lag glitch for this town. Any solution for this? There already is a FPS limiter and 3Booter application inside but seems like its not working

  11. Anadius made a DLC toggler for v1.67, I already have the full game installed but am looking for the DLC he made to put in my game folder; can you please make a download available for it?

    1. To clarify it is basically a widget that is similar to the one that comes with his Sims 4 updater that let’s you turn off packs you don’t want to use after you install them.

  12. I’m having error with showtime. I was able to install everything except showtime. remove everything intalled everything. it always stops at EP 6 and when i try again it install everything execept showtime. the game runs but showtime related items cant be selected or dont have picture i can only see the show time icon on it. but everything else works. but i’d love to hve showtime as well. having an error

  13. Hey, j’ai quelques problèmes.
    J’ai installé tous les packs, et ils apparaissent tous dans le laucher mais dans la CUS ( créer un sims), impossible de trouver tous les items :/

    1. En haut de l’écran, vous verrez une barre orange avec Translate où Traduire
      Cliquez dessus et choisissez le drapeau français

      Si vous voulez changer la langue du jeu, consultez cette page

  14. hello i have an error *an error occurred while decompressing archive header is corrupted unarc.dll -14 this is not freearc archive or this archive is corrupt* and i don’t know what to do .
    thanks for reply

    1. Yes you can add mods to the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3. You’ll find a folder Mods there.
      That folder will be created the first time you play the Sims 3.
      However, you don’t have access to the Gallery.

  15. I used the Sims 4 Gallery Without Legal Game guide you posted and I was wondering if I could use that origin account to log into the sims 3 version of the gallery

  16. Hallo Tarac,
    bisher habe ich alles hin bekommen,wie du es hier erklärst. Großes Lob für die Arbeit. Nun meine Frage,bei einer Sache komme ich nicht weiter obwohl ich es nach Anleitung gemacht habe.
    Wenn ich aus der Community Sachen lade steht bei einigen das ich die neueste Version installieren soll,diese habe ich ja und den Fix auch im Spiel,aber es installiert die neuesten Downloads trotzdem nich,woran liegt das?

    1. Ich habe keine Ahnung.
      Die Artikel, die Sie installieren möchten, sind wahrscheinlich veraltet und nicht für die Version 1.67 geeignet

  17. hi, is it possible to create a ts3 version of the Anadius Updater method? the ts4 version is indeed very handy and downloads really smoothly compared to the torrent method

    1. It stops when I exit fullscreen and put the game in a window but i would prefer to play on fullscreen

  18. Hi, is there a way I can add more DLCs after I’ve already done this. I didn’t install some at the time because I didn’t have space but now I can. So do I have to do it completely over or can I just download the DLC I want on its own and if so, how would I install it?

  19. I have “Service Initialization Failed (0x0175dcbb)”. I tried 2 ways to fix it from another comment and i still have this error. What should i do now?

    1. That could be a very tricky problem with many causes
      Most common solution:
      1. Rightclick on the Start button on your desktop screen (Windows)
      2. Select Run
      3. In the window type regedit
      4. In the registry open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE ->WOW64323Node
      5. Scroll down to Sims
      6. Open the folder Sims -> The Sims 3
      7. Rightclick on SKU
      8. Select adjust
      9. If the value shows another value than 7 type 7 ->OK

      Eventually rightclick on Locale and change the code for your language

  20. Anadius is a genius!! Download finished in 1 hour and the install is fast and smooth. Thanks to the site’s owner for making this possible!

  21. hi can u make the installer like sims 4 one? this torrent keep showing errors and i cant even fix it the utorrent error unless i paid for prgram to repair. its so stressful. please help 🙁

      1. True, thank you for the amazing work. But still the download speed is at 10kbs max and its taking 15 days to download. I don’t know what’s wrong… The old method of download was much easier.

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