Sims 3 selective Anadius method

The Sims 3 selective Anadius method

This method is extremely efficient for adding DLC’s to your existing game.

Not only you can download a full all-in-one but you can also simply add DLC’s to your already existing game.

No registration-/installationcodes required, multi-language

Full instructions on the screen

  1. Download the torrent for The Sims 3 Anadius
  2. Open the torrent in your torrent-client (such as bittorrent, utorrent a.o.)
  3. Leave it as it is (all items ticked) when you want to install everything (all-in-one)
  4. Otherwise remove the tick at The Sims 3 (Anadius Repack)
    Now tick the DLC’s you want + TS3_setup.exe
  5. Click OK and the torrent will only download your selected items.
  6. Click on TS3_setup. exe to start the installation of your chosen DLC’s
  7. Follow the instructions on the screen .







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