Medieval all-in-one

The Sims Medieval all-in-one

Contains The Sims Medieval and Pirates & Nobles
No cracks, no patches required.
​Just download, install and play
​With thanks to Mr.DJ

  1. Download The Sims Medieval all-in HERE
  2. When download is completed mount the downloaded iso to a virtual drive. (Don’t know how ? – see HERE)
  3. Click on Setup.exe
  4. The installation will now start
  5. In the dialog-screen uncheck Bing Bar and click next

You don’t want to go through the whole tutorial ?

As the tutorial in the game is quite lengthy and you can’t save the game when it’s not finished
Go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval
Open the file Options.ini with f.e. notepad
Change the line enableintrotutorial from 1 to 0
Save the file.

change language

This download installs by default the English language.
You can however change the language via the registry

  1. Open the registry by pressing the Windowskey and type R
  2. In the window type regedit and click on OK
  5. 32-bits Windows: Electronic Arts -> The Sims Medieval
    64-bits Windows: WOW6432Node -> Electronic Arts ->The Sims Medieval
  6. Double-click on Locale
  7. Change en-US to the code of your language (example in the picture nl-NL for Dutch)
  8. Close the registry


Click on picture for enlargement


  • ​Czech: cs-CZ,
  • Danish: da-DK
  • German: de-DE
  • English: en-US
  • Spanish: es-ES
  • ​Finnish: fi-FI
  • French: fr-FR
  • Italian: it-IT
  • Japanese: ja-JP
  • Korean: ko-KR
  • Dutch: nl-NL
  • Norwegian: no-NO
  • Polish: pl-PL
  • Portoguese: pt-BR
  • Russian: ru-RU
  • Swedish: sv-SE
  • Chinese: zh-TW.

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