Medieval all-in-one

The Sims Medieval all-in-one

Contains The Sims Medieval and Pirates & Nobles
No cracks, no patches required.
​Just download, install and play
​With thanks to Mr.DJ

  1. Download The Sims Medieval all-in HERE
  2. When download is completed mount the downloaded iso to a virtual drive. (Don’t know how ? – see HERE)
  3. Click on Setup.exe
  4. The installation will now start
  5. In the dialog-screen uncheck Bing Bar and click next

You don’t want to go through the whole tutorial ?

As the tutorial in the game is quite lengthy and you can’t save the game when it’s not finished
Go to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval
Open the file Options.ini with f.e. notepad
Change the line enableintrotutorial from 1 to 0
Save the file.

change language

This download installs by default the English language.
You can however change the language via the registry

  1. Open the registry by pressing the Windowskey and type R
  2. In the window type regedit and click on OK
  5. 32-bits Windows: Electronic Arts -> The Sims Medieval
    64-bits Windows: WOW6432Node -> Electronic Arts ->The Sims Medieval
  6. Double-click on Locale
  7. Change en-US to the code of your language (example in the picture nl-NL for Dutch)
  8. Close the registry


Click on picture for enlargement


  • ​Czech: cs-CZ,
  • Danish: da-DK
  • German: de-DE
  • English: en-US
  • Spanish: es-ES
  • ​Finnish: fi-FI
  • French: fr-FR
  • Italian: it-IT
  • Japanese: ja-JP
  • Korean: ko-KR
  • Dutch: nl-NL
  • Norwegian: no-NO
  • Polish: pl-PL
  • Portoguese: pt-BR
  • Russian: ru-RU
  • Swedish: sv-SE
  • Chinese: zh-TW.

Adapt game to your modern graphics Card

As this game is created in 2011, modern graphics Cards are not recognized and consequently  your graphics card is not used at maximum possibilities.

How to add your graphics card to your game:

  1. Open the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval
  2. Open the file DeviceConfig
  3. Scroll down to the === Graphics device info ===
  4. Look at the info after Name (database):  It shows the name of your card and in brackets [Found:  0, Matched: 1]
    When Found is 0 your card is not recognized. When both values are 1 you are OK, no further action required.
  5. Copy the line after Name (database) , do not include [Found and matched]
  6. Look at the line Chipset, write down the value after Device:

Suppose you have an Intel UHD Graphics 630 with Device 3e92

Add this device to the Graphics Cards of Medieval

  1. Open the installation folder of Medieval (rightclick on the shortcut on your Desktop and select Open file location)
  2. Open the file GraphicsCards
  3. In this example:  Scroll down to the Intel Section
  4. After “Intel” 0x8086 type [enter] – it creates a blank line.
  5. In the blank line type card 0x3e92 a space and ”
    Paste the card details from item 5 above  and another ” at the end of the line
    It should look like    card 0x3e92 “Intel® UHD Graphics 630”
    Outline to the right matching the other graphics cards
  6. Save the amended file.

Now delete the file DeviceConfig from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 and start your game to create a new file DeviceConfig.
When you now look in the new DeviceConfig it should show [Found:  1, Matched: 1]
In the option menu of Medieval you can update the settings for better resolution and graphics quality.









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12 thoughts on “Medieval all-in-one

    1. Most probably your anti-virus blocked the crack rld.dll
      Temporarily switch off your anti-virus, install the game again.
      When successful make an exception in your anti-virus for the medieval folder and turn your anti-virus on.

  1. hey, thank you so much for providing this! everything worked perfectly, except that whenever I change to my language the game kinda resets itself. Some stuff doesn’t even translate, and instead I get a bunch of numbers like **124873472**, does anyone know how I can fix that?

      1. unfortunately i don’t think there’s a way to fix it :c i tried changing everything i could but it either doesn’t translate or translates into numbers. its okay tho, i’m enjoying myself playing in english anyway! i was wondering: is there a way to unlock all the ambitions? i tried doing the goals but it won’t unlock the next ambitions. i’ve put all buildings on the kingdom already and its still locked

  2. I wanted to check on something on google so i made it not fullscreen and aply since then when i open it its a black screen and crashes. I re downloaded it like a few times but its still doing it help.

  3. it pops up with an error message that just says The dynamic Library “rld.dll” failed to load is there a way to fix this? thank you in advance. (I do not know if the last one sent, if it did i am sorry).

  4. it pops up with an error message that just says The dynamic Library “rld.dll” failed to load is there a way to fix this? thank you

    1. Most probably your anti-virus disabled the crack rld.dll
      Make sure that your installation folder is under the exceptions of your anti-virus.
      Then install the game again from the mounted iso

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