Legacy Edition

The Sims 4 Legacy Edition (32-bit computers)

Since the publication of Magic Realm Electronic Arts decided to discontinue new packs for 32-bits Windows
This means that the following packs are not  available for 32-bits computers.

  • EP08 –  Discover University
  • EP09 – Eco Lifestyle
  • EP10 – Snowy Escape
  • GP09 – Star Wars
  • GP10 – Dream Home Decorator
  • SP16 – Tiny Living
  • SP17 – Nifty Knitting
  • SP18 – Paranormal
  • SP20 – Throwback Fit Kit
  • SP21 – Country Kitchen Kit
  • SP22 – Bust The Dust Kit
  • SP23 – Oasis kit
  • SP24 – Fashion Street Kit
  • SP25 – Industrial Loft Kit
  • SP26 – Incheon Arrivals Kit

Since Magic Realms however, the above mentioned DLC’s did contain many bug fixes for the older DLC’s  that consequently were not implemented in the Legacy Edition.

We compiled a new torrent-download with all bug-fixes

  • Full all-in-one for the Legacy DLC’s version – download HERE

These downloads are fully portable which means that you can download them on an external medium like external drives, usb-sticks as well as on your computer.
you can play the game directly from the downloaded .iso files

  1. Download the appropriate torrent
  2. Double-click on the downloaded torrent to open your torrent-client
  3. When download is completed, mount the .iso (don’t know how ?, look HERE)
  4. Copy the files and folders from the mounted .iso to your installation folder of the Sims 4
  5. Start your game from Your installation folder -> Game -> Bin-> TS4

Older 32-bits computers with FAT32 formatted discs (version

Many older computers have FAT32 formatted discs which implies that the maximum file-size is 4 GB.
Large .iso files cannot be handled by such systems.

How to determine your harddisk: Open Explorer, Rightclick on the icon for your HDD, select Properties. Now you see either NTFS or FAT32


  1. Download the torrent for the Legacy Edition version for FAT32
  2. Double-click on the downloaded torrent to open your torrent-client
  3. Select all 11 parts
  4. When download is completed extract only part 1 with Winrar  (other parts will be extracted automatically)
  5. Play the Game from the extracted download – Game – Bin – TS4.exe

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4 thoughts on “Legacy Edition

  1. when i installed sims 4 32 bit, i didnt get a game crack folder.
    I am having some issues in the sims 4 32 bit where the windows and door randomly disappears and also with the rounded exterior trims which cannot be deleted, everytime i create a round balcony it auto adds a broken exterior trim which cannot be deleted, if i add another exterior trim the former one doesnt go away, i heart that this was fixed in the sims 4 …any idea why i am still having those glitches

    1. The problems with doors and rounded items are caused by faulty (outdated) mods.
      Temporarily move, not copy, the folder Mods from C:\Documents\Electroniuc Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop and play the game again

      1. no it is not my mods the problem, the issue comes from sims 4 system itself which is glitchy by nature and unoptimized because i read many people were having these issues in sims 4 a long time ago.
        They have never resolved it in their patch.
        freezes and trims cannot be applied directly to two half rounded balconies and that has columns supporting it, i cannot even delete those exterior trims that suddenly appeared by itself when i joined the two half circles together to make it look like a round balcony, it says there is nothing to delete. I have updated the packages and tried repairing the game, the glitch persist. I believe it is in the game and on top of that my windows and doors randomly disappear.

        1. Recently with patch a lot of old problems were resolved.
          For the moment just disable scripts in the Sims 4 Options menu -> Other

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