Common Errors

Common Errors in zclient/zlorigin

Cannot connect

Some ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) block access to ZClient\ZLOrigin. Try a VSP (Virtual Service Provider)

Cannot login to Zclient – Disconnected –  cannot update

  • First of all check your login details
  • Has your anti-virus disabled the file Zclient.exe ? –  Switch off your AV, Re-Download the ZL-System folder, place that folder in the exceptions of your AV.
  • Cannot update: Open the folder Zclient, delete the contents except the folder New Login and the file Zclient.exe. Then try again.

ZLOrigin downloads files but Error Download failed

Try downloading with your anti-virus turned off

Cannot login to ZLOrigin or Origin sets files in queue

When you cannot login to ZLOrigin via ZClient, the reason is most probably that the cache for ZLOrigin is full
You can simply clear the cache with DelOriginCache.bat, a very small program that does everything for you.
Simply download this small file.(just 1 KB)
​Ignore warnings, this file is not a virus.
After download is completed doubleclick to start it
All (ZL)Origin caches will be cleared.
When still no luck, re-install ZLOrigin but this usually is not necessary.

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    1. Can’t answer this because we don’t use Zclient/ZLOrigin anymore
      If you allowed other people to use your account you may b e blocked.

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