Sims 4 classical way of installing

Sims 4 classical way of installing

Just for the record of being complete but in fact really outdated by the other methods
Unless you love to make things difficult and time consuming don’t use it.

Via torrents (Version incl. Star Wars)

  1. Open the torrent
  2. Apply to your torrent-agent
  3. Select your pack(s)
  4. When download is completed:
    a. Mount the downloaded iso (you don’t know how ? – see this page)
    b. Copy the folders from the iso to your installation folder

Packs must be installed in the correct order as per number in front of the pack name.
Items 16 and higher can not be used by 32-bits players

This method can also be used for adding the latest or future update(s) to your existing game

via Direct Downloads (Version – incl. Star Wars

Just for the record of being complete in offering downloads
You can open the download-page

With this method you can download the packs in the traditional way.

  1. Download the wanted pack
  2. Mount the downloaded iso
  3. Copy the files/folders from the iso to your installation folder.
  4. You must install in the correct order as per the numbers in front of the DLC name.

NR. Name Dutch Name English Contains DLC’s
01 Basisspel Basic Basic
02 Beleef het Samen, Aan het Werk Get Together, Get to Work EP01, EP02, FP01, GP01, GP02, SP01, SP02, SP03, SP04
03 Uit Eten, Stadsleven Dine Out, City Living EP03, GP03, SP05, SPo6, SP07, SP08, SP09
04 Kleuters, Vampiers, Ouderschap Toddlers, Vampires, Parenthood G04, GP05, SP10
05 Fitness, Kleuter acc. Fitness, Toddler Stuff SP11, SP12
06 Honden en Katten, Wasdag Cats & Dogs, Laundry Day EP04, SP13
07 Jungle Avonturen Jungle Adventures GP06
08 Mijn Eerste Huisdier My First Pet SP14
09 Jaargetijden Seasons EP05
10 Word Beroemd Get Famous EP06
11 Strangerville Strangerville GP07
12 Eilandleven Island Living EP07
13 Moschino Moschino SP15
14 Magisch Rijk Magic Realm GP08
15 Legacy Editie voor 32 bits Legacy Edition 32 bits only Final update for 32-bits machines
Undermentioned DLC’s can only be played on 64-bits machines
16 Studentenleven Discover University EP08
17 Klein Wonen Tiny Living SP16
18 Eco Lifestyle Eco Lifestyle EP09
19 Uitgebreid Breien Nifty Knitting SP17
20 Star Wars journey to Batuu Star Wars Journey to Batuu GP09

How to change the language ?

Open your installation folder, run the Language Changer and choose your language.

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