How to install

How to install ZClient/ZLOrigin

The combination of Zclient and ZLOrigin gives you the opportunity to install many EA-games, a.o. The Sims 2,3 and 4 without the use of torrents,,installation, patches, copy/paste and you’ll always have the latest versions in the shortest time after new official  DLC’s become available. All such games and of course for FREE.

Installation of Zclient

You need Zclient to obtain access to ZLOrigin, but that’s fairly simple:

  • Download ZL-systeem
  • Turn off your anti-virus as Zclient.exe might be falsely regarded as a trojan
  • ​Extract  the downloaded zl-system.rar with Winrar
  • You’ll now have a folder zl-system.
  • When you open the folder you see 2 subfolders, Zclient and ZLOrigin
  • Now open the folder Zclient and open the subfolder New login
  • ​Click on the file ZLOEmu
  • On the righthand top you see this
  • Select a suitable language from the list
  • ​Click on Register
  • Enter a (nick)name
  • Enter a valid email-adress
  • Enter a password for your account
  • Tick I’m not a robot
  • Click on Register
  • You see a new screen with a message that within 10 minutes you’ll receive a message in the inbox of your chosen email account.
  • When that email is received (sometimes you must also look in the Spam section), click on the confirmation link.
  • You now have created a ZClient account 
  • Add the Zl-system folder to the exceptions of your anti-virus and turn the anti-virus back on

Login to Zclient

  1. Open the zl-system folder
  2. Open the Zclient folder
  3. ​Click on Zclient.exe
  4. In the log-in screen enter your email-address and your chosen password, tick Autologin and click on Connect
  5. When all is correct you’ll get the message Auth.success as … Your login name

Installation of ZLOrigin

  1. Make sure that the official Origin is not active on your computer
  2. Open the folder zl-system
  3. Open the folder ZLOrigin
  4. Click on setup.exe
  5. ZLOrigin will now be installed (it will put a shortcut on your desktop)
  6. You will now be ready to install EA games on your computer

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  1. hi I make the register yesterday and till now I don´t recive any e-mail for the confirmation of the creating of my account.

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