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Download games via ZLOrigin

Here we have to look at various options:

  1. Install a completely NEW game
  2. Install/repair/update an existing game.
  3. Play the game off-line without Zclient/ZLOrigin

1. Install a new game

  1. Login to Zclient
  2. Click on the shortcut for ZLOrigin on your desktop
  3. In ZLOrigin click left-top on the word Origin
  4. Click on Application Settings -> Advanced
  5. In the secton Downloaded Games click on Change and select a folder on your computer
  6. With reference to evt. future installation/combining ZLOrigin and pirated downloads, don’t select a folder Origin, Origin Games, ZLOrigin, Electronic Arts, EA Games.
  7. If you wish to install on a different (external) drive choose [drive letter]Program Files (x86). Do not add the name of the game like Sims 4.
  8. Now in ZLOrigin go to My Games
  9. Go to the picture of your required game, hover over it and click on install.
  10. The game in question will be installed in your chosen folder (item 7)

2. Add, repair, update an existing pirated game

Suppose you already have The Sims 4 (partly) installed via sites like this site and you want to add DLC’s or your game is acting strangely and you want to repair it.

Perform the steps 1-6 for install a new game
7. Select the folder where your The Sims 4 is (In most cases this is C:Program Files (x86))
8. In ZLOrigin go to My Games
9. Go to the picture of your required game, right-click and select Repair or Update
10. The game will be repaired and updated with all missing DLC’s

Problem: You can now only play the game via Zclient/ZLOrigin

3. Play The Sims 4 off-line

When you have performed either 1 or 2 above, you might want to play off line without Zclient and ZLOrigin.

  1. In your installation folder of The Sims 4 the folder Game relates to ZLOrigin
  2. Simply download the latest cracked folder Game from HERE
  3. Extract with Winrar and rename the extracted folder Game_cracked
  4. Copy/paste Game_cracked to your install folder (Program Files (x86)\The Sims 4
  5. Start the game from (shortcut of) Game_cracked\Bin\TS4.exe or TS4_x64.exe


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