The positive sides of ZLOrigin (zloemu)

  • Easy to install for all DLC’s automatically
  • Downloads can be paused just as with torrents
  • Quick updates/patches (usually within 24 hours after release-date of the genuine Origin DLC’s )
  • No long waiting for new versions of new DLC’s
  • Game is exactly the same as the genuine Origin games
  • No problems with anti-virus
  • No separate game cracks
Contrary to people like Reloaded or Codex, zloemu needs no cracks for the games/DLC’s, they cracked Origin instead.

The negative sides of ZLOrigin (zloemu)

  • Internet connection with Zclient required  (Not for the Sims 4)
  • Problems with genuine Origin as both versions use the same install directory and overwrite each other. (Can be solved however)
  • How long will it take Electronic Arts to find a solution against the cracking of Origin  (No problem when you can play off-line)

DLC-Cracks by people like Reloaded or Codex

Sofar these cracks were very reliable, but as we have seen with Toddlers-Vampires-Bowling:

  • It took extremely long to find a workable crack (no, the present crack is not by Reloaded)
  • Some bugs in cracks like infinite loading of households (solved)
  • In many cases the “Origin is not opened” error
  • Problems with anti-virus
Since the introduction of ZLOrigin, cracks seem to come much quicker now

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