The Sims 4 Anadius selective download

The Sims 4 selective download (Anadius method)
A perfect method to install and add DLC’S with the minimum amount of download-space

Contrary to the usual way of installing DLC’s to your The Sims 4 game, with this system you can add DLC’s in any order. Convenient when you skipped a previous installation or when you want to update your game to the latest version.
It’s very simple:

Step 1

  1. Download a very small file Interactive instructions
  2. Open it in your browser
  3. (As I’m not supporting having Legal and illegal games in the same folder, tick no)
  4. Click Next


Step 2

  1. When you have the base game already make sure to tick that item.
    Same applies for the Update (if you have the latest version already of course)
  2. No need to tick the other items already in your possession.
  3. Now in the right-hand column tick the items you want to add to your game.
  4. Click on next


Yes, you could even install the complete game from Base Game ->> Tiny Living, but that is not advisable. You better use the all-in-one method


Step 3 (example)

In the left-hand column I ticked the base game only
(no need to tick all items already in your possession)

In the right-hand column I ticked Seasons, Island Living and update

Click Next


Step 4

Based on what I ticked in step 3
You now see which files you have to download and store these downloads in 1 folder.

Total download some 7 GB against 20 GB in the conventional way of downloading.

Step 5 – via torrents

Open the torrent and only tick those items as described in step 4.
(your choice could be quite different of course)
When downloads are completed:

Run Setup and play the game when finished

Step 5 – via Direct Downloads

Open Direct Downloads and select the items as described in step 4
(your choice could be quite different of course)
These will come as 1 Winrar file, so after download is completed extract with Winrar

Run Setup and play the game when finished

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