The Sims 4 Anadius selective download

The Sims 4 selective download (Anadius repack)

Do not use this system when you only want to update your game – use the Anadius Updater instead

A perfect method to install and add DLC’s with the minimum amount of download-space
Version incl. Everyday Clutter Kit (SP37)
suitable for 64-bits Windows only

When you have a legit base game you better use our Pack System
You can then add pirated DLC’s to your legit game and have access to the Gallery as well, The EA app. will always keep your game up-to-date (presently version
Contrary to the usual way of installing DLC’s to your The Sims 4 game, with this system you can add DLC’s in any order. Convenient when you skipped a previous installation or when you want to update your game to the latest version.
It’s very simple:

Step 1  interactive-instructions

  1. Open  Interactive instructions
  2. When you tick yes a new folder Game-cracked will be created and you’ll have to start your game from Game-cracked. The folder Game can then be used to start your legal game with access to the Gallery)
  3. Click Next

Pack System Users

  1. Open Interactive instructions
  2. Tick Yes when prompted about legit base game
  3. A new folder game-cracked will be created but you can safely ignore or even delete that folder afterwards.
  4. Click next

Step 2

  1. When you have the base game already make sure to tick that item in the left column
    Same applies for the Update (if you have the latest version already of course)
  2. No need to tick the other items already in your possession.
  3. Now in the right-hand column tick the items you want to add to your game.
  4. Click on next


Yes, you can even install the complete game from Base Game ->>High School Life as a kind of all-in-one. (see step 3a)

Right-click on the picture  and select Open in a new tab for an enlargement

When you do have a legal copy of the Sims 4 you better use our Pack System as that gives you also access to the Gallery

Step 3 (example)

  1. In the left-hand column I ticked the base game only
    (no need to tick all items already in your possession)
  2. In the right-hand column I ticked SP30 and GP11
  3. Click Next

Step 3a
You can use this method for a full all-in-one installation.

  1. Don’t tick any box in the left-hand column
  2. In the right-hand column tick all boxes
  3. Click next
As you can see, I ticked Base Game in the left-hand column and SP30 + GP11 in the right-hand column  



Step 4

Based on what I ticked in step 3
You now see which files you have to download and store these downloads in 1 folder.

Files you always must tick whatever you try to update or add

Setup xxxxx.exe

whereby the xxxxx represents the version-number.

+ of course the extra packs you want to install as well.





Step 5 – Download via torrents

Click the magnet link on THIS PAGE  and only tick those items as described in step 4.
(your choice will be quite different of course)
When downloads are completed:

Run Setup-xxxxx-.exe and play the game when finished

When you get a message like this:

The torrent you want to update is already in the torrents list.
Do you want to load its trackers?
Click No

Follow the instructions for Torrents with multiple choice —->

Torrents with multiple choice

You can use such torrents only once.
In case you want to open the multiple choice again, you must

  1. Open your torrent client
  2. Right-click on the torrent and select Delete
    Do not select Delete and ..
  3. Add the torrent again
  4. Now you can make the selections again


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767 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Anadius selective download

  1. Hello!
    Your amazing updater never gave me troubles with building mode CC, except for recently, since the last update. Could you please help me resolve this issue?

  2. Hi I donwloaded your The sims 4, I played it 1 year and it´s great but now I have one little problem. When I open The sims 4 some alert told me that “Mods are disabled: Maxis does´t support pre-screen or support Mods.” Can I do something with this? I watched so many videos on youtube how can I fix it but everything is through Origin. Can you help me with this problem please? I want to play so much and couple days I don´t know how to fix it :(…

    1. mods disable whenever you update the game. in game, when you go to settings and game options, is there an option to check boxes that say mods and scripts or something?

  3. I’m having the same issues as everyone else – it keeps giving me the anadius64 issue and TS4.exe not found, I already took the right steps, defender didn’t even block the game initially. It’s still not working. Any ideas?

  4. hi I cant update my game, it says : Can’t copy “Game/Bin/anadius64.dll”. Disable your anti-virus and try again, but already added an exclusion for folder Game and Game-cracked in settings for virus- and thread protection

    1. also when the error in sims 4 updater came up, my computer warned me about hacktool:win64/crack and idk if I whould allow it

  5. I tried launching the game and it says “The code execution cannot proceed because anadius64.DLL was not found. reinstalling the program may help fix this problem”
    It was perfectly fine when I played it yesterday. Do I have to reinstall it?

    1. Just now, I repaired the game and Windows Defender blocked it. I’ve been using your pirated game since August and this was never a problem. Is there a way I can fix it?

    2. Yes, this happens after a Windows update
      The crack, of which Anadius64.dll is an important part, is regarded as a hack.
      In fact it is not a hack at all. You can safely allow it in your anti-virus.
      Anadius64.dll is only required by cracked The Sims 4. You don’t need it when you have a legal version of The Sims 4.

      Open Microsoft Defender
      Click on Virus- and thread protection
      Select Protection History
      Select Thread in quarantine
      Click on Actions
      Click on Repair
      Again, Click on Virus- and thread protection
      Click on Settings for Virus- and thread protection
      Scroll down to Exclusions
      Click on Add an exclusion
      Select the folder Game or in a legal game select Game-cracked

  6. Hi, I have a problem, I can see that I ,,bought” all the packs but when i open the game there isnt any. I was doing this whole thing for the first time so i could have messed up somewhere. Can you please help me out?

      1. hey, i had the same problem, i tried downloading the base game again and resetting and repeating all the steps multiple times. im really frustrated, how do i make this work?

  7. when i downloaded this, i got five versions of this game:
    1. The Sims 4
    2. The Sims 4 (always online)
    3. The Sims 4 (always offline)
    4. TS4_x64 (always online)
    5. TS4_x64 (always offline)

    I want to know if it is safe to delete all of these apps on my desktop except one. I’ve been using the 3rd option I’ve listed ever since I pirated the game (The Sims 4 (always offline)) and im afraid that if i remove all of them except for one, it will remove all of my progress.

    1. i know i cant access the online gallery features since ive been using the always offline version (i dont have an ea account), i want to know how can i get custom homes. ive been using the xbox version of the sims before i pirated the game and i had a custom house from the online gallery and i want to get a custom home for my household

    2. Your progress is safe in the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
      Even when you completely delete the Sims 4, your progress is still untouched and still there when you install the game anew.

  8. Hello, I would like to uninstall the my Sims 4 completely (v1.82.99.1030.ALL.DLCs) but can’t find “uninstall” file anywhere in folders.
    Should I do it in add/remove programs in control panel?
    Should I delete all the CC first?
    Thank you!

    1. You can uninstall a cracked version of the Sims 4 by deleting the installation folder and the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
      You can uninstall a legal version via the EA app. and the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4

      In case you want to uninstall to re-install later on, don’t delete the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to keep your present progress in the game

      1. So i downloaded multiple dlcs, did all the steps but now when i run the game, it just doesnt work, its almost like i dont have the game, i tried a lot of thinkg to fix it but idk how. I just cant play the game it just doesn’t run

        1. Most probably caused by mods.
          Move, not copy, the folder The Sims 4 out of C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop.
          Then start the game again. No problems now ? Then it’s obvious that mods are responsible.
          Copy the folders Saves and Tray from the folder you’ve put on your desktop back to the newly created C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
          See this page

  9. HI! I had the game working fine, but then it just didn’t start. I tried everything, my antivirus is off, I ran the updater and repair too. I don’t get any error messeges or anything. The window pops up “do you want to start the game online?” and when i click start offline nothing happens, in the task manager i can see the sims stops running too. I really need help, I’ve been trying for 2 days now 🙁

  10. I can’t open the game because it says there is missing or damaged data, but I used the mod detector and they are all fine, I also tried repairing the game using this page updater and still nothing, any ideas?

  11. hi, im having this problem when every time i click on new game and do a new sim, all houses are deleting :/

      1. Hello. I would like to ask about an error. Every time I try to start the game it gives me this: ‘The code cannot be run because: anadius64.DLL was not found. Try to fix this problem by reinstalling the program.’ Can you help me?

        1. This happens to me recently, and everytime I redownload it, the anadius64.DLL disappears. I don’t know what to do🥹

          1. Anadius64.dll is part of the crack to play the Sims 4 without a legal copy.
            Your anti-virus has put that file on quarantine.
            Make sure you start the game from your legal folder or start from the EA app.

  12. will this still be working with origin being gone? it’s saying i need a new REMID code and since origin is gone i’m not sure how to go about that

  13. hi admin, i got a question
    – insatl free from origin
    – add cracked DLC

    so now do we need to play offline? or we can play online just like normal?

    1. With the legal base game you can play online, but it should no longer be asked to play on- or 0ffline.
      When you see that option you are starting a cracked game.

  14. hi, im on step 5 and when i try to use torrent it doesnt do anything… nothing at all. do i need to download something? when i use the google drive one it wants me to use a vpn and im not allowed to use a vpn.

    1. i think ure torrent might not work properly. try using the μtorrent or utorrent as they are more reliable. if it still doesnt work restart re pc 😀

    2. it’s better to have a VPN no matter what method you’re using. the VPN doesn’t do anything regarding downloading or installing. however, it can protect you from being fined/warned/throttled by your ISP (internet service provider). simplified explanation is that: without a VPN, your ISP can see what you’ve been torrenting/downloading and from where (this is how they catch piracy). a VPN hides that information.

      but to answer your question- yes, to use .torrent files you need a program that can read them (and start torrenting the actual game). google “qbitorrent”, download/install, and you can use that to open .torrent files.

      torrent files basically tell the program where to download your game from. the actual download process will be run through the program, and will take a while depending on your internet speed. think of torrenting like transferring files from one computer to another instead of downloading something from the internet (it’s more complicated than that, but that’s the basics)

  15. Hi ! im on step 5 but im not sure how to download the packs i’ve selected. Im on Torrent and tried ‘copy’ keeps saying error: user rate exceeded and tried clicking ‘.MD5’ but that just gives me ‘/Users/**********/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/hashsums.md5’ which idk what that is pls hellp

    1. You can use a multiple choice torrent only once.
      When you want to use it again, right-click on the torrent in your torrent client and select remove (NOT remove and ….)
      Now download the torrent again via de magnet link

  16. What the hell is with the memory leak? The game grows by about 150MB per second as soon as it is started.

  17. There are some dlc missing in my game even tho when i look at the files it says theyre there but it just doesnt show up in the game :((

  18. How can i log in with the new ea app/thing? the origin page is no longer available and i don’t know what to do now

  19. Hey I’m having problems with installation. When I go to download the dlc installer for people with a legit game it tells me to download no-origin-fix- I click yes to download it and go to an ecrypted version of google drive but I can’t figure out how to install the files from there, there’s no button to download only to move to my drive and that wouldn’t work for any .rar files. If someone could help me I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

    1. Okay I think I found out I was trying to skip a couple of steps, I needed to download the files specified in step 4. I’m still having the same problem though as I need to download those from the ecrypted drive website. Can someone walk me through on how to do that?

      1. I tried that, it told me I was missing a file other games have told me about, sorry I didn’t save the name.

          1. I don’t get the option to repair or update, I try to open the updater and it tells me “api-ms-win-core-path-|1-1-0.dll” is missing from my computer and to try and reinstall the program. It also tells me the python310.dll is missing. I’m not sure what either of those things are.

        1. It won’t let me reply where you were replying to me, apologies about that. I did try the updater, it wouldn’t even start because of the problems I stated above.

          1. I figured out why the updater wasn’t working. I have windows 7 and it won’t work with that, but I am unable to upgrade unfortunately.

  20. sorry if it has been asked before but I can’t find it, also i’m a newb. So, in the past I installed the game with anadius. Now I want to download the legit version since it’s free. So, should I delete the anadius version before I install the original version?

    1. No, don’t !
      Install the free base game and add the EP, FP, GP and SP’s from your cracked folder to the legal folder.
      When that is done, you may delete the Anadius version if you wish.

      1. Hey when I try and place the downloaded dlc into the folder with my legit base pack it actually is asking me to replace or skip 6 files. I am wondering if I skip or replace them. The files are clientfullbuild0.package
        the data sizes all match

        1. Do NOT copy the folders Install, Data, Delta, Game, Support from your cracked game to your legal game.
          Only the EP, FP, GP and SP folders

  21. Hello, I just got the EA app and all my packs are not detected in the game. When I was using origin everything was fine. With the EA app, my game no longer has any packs. Is there something I should do to help with this.

    1. Yes, open the EA DLC Unlocker, type 5 to uninstall the Unlocker.
      Then type 1 to re-install it, it should now recognize the Desktop version (EA app)
      Type 2, select the Sims 4 type 15 and q

  22. Hello, when i try to install the packs to my game an error appears
    “An error occurred while unpacking: Unable to write data to disk!
    Unarc,dll returned an error code: -11
    ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)”
    What should i do??

  23. Hello, I believe The sims 4 are moving out of Origin Soon. Will this still works on EA game Applications?

    1. It will make things much easier.
      As you can get the base game for free, I presume that we all use that opportunity (when you have no legal base game as yet).
      That implicates that Origin, or the EA app, updates your game automatically to the latest version (= folders: __Install, Data, Delta, Game, Support).
      Only when new DLC’s are released, you manually have to download the new folders, such as f.e. EP13, GP13, SP36 …….
      Of course, we shall provide these folders on our website.

  24. Hello my game keeps saying failed parsing C:/user/WOLF/Desktop/Sims4/game/bin/anadius.cfg why does it keep doing it I tried to get the missing file from my sisters pc but it just keeps saying it

      1. I’m sorry for bothering, but I can’t figure this out. So, I have the original game and last year I downloaded the expansion packs, ecc from this site. Some days ago I updated the original game from Origin, but now the game doesn’t “read” the cracks (I mean, I can only play the original game without anything more).
        Just now I used the Anadius updater, but when I open the new cracked file, a pop up says “initialization error 135dec40:29f00e76:00000084:18a1dd51”

        1. Hi, same here, i just don’t have a base game, but I’ve been sitting here for weeks and can’t figure it out, have you already got a solution for the problem?

          1. When you are struggling for weeks, maybe starting all over is a better solution:
            1. Make a new folder The Sims 4 on your computer (this will be your new installation folder)
            2. Add this new folder to the exceptions of your anti-virus
            3. Use the Anadius Updater browse to the new folder and select repair instead of update
            4. Check all boxes for the DLC’s
            5. When download and installation is finished, start your game from Game\Bin|TS4_x64.exe (make a shortcut for it)

            It took me 20 minutes to download and install the full and complete The Sims 4, but of course this depends on the download-speed of your internet.
            You can now delete all files and folders used for your previous attempts.

  25. the last time I downloaded the repack it completely bugged my game, I couldn’t even change the colors of the elements of the C AS the problem and does it come from the repack or from the fpuni update by maxis?

        1. I tried again with the update you recommended but the problem remains the same. I still can’t modify anything in the cus

  26. the game just broke, the shortcuts dont work and the .exe disappeared! i tried to re-install it but it gives me an error everytime

  27. hi, i’ve been trying to connect to the sims 4 gallery but it keeps saying ‘you need to have the sims 4 in your library to access your account’. I’ve been playing with the gallery for over 2 years now and i even rechecked my origin account. it had both the cas demo and the 48 hour trial. i re-input the remind cookie and got the same result. i also tried making another ea account and it keeps saying ‘something went wrong’. any suggestions?

    1. edit: i also managed to create another e.a. account and it said the same thing i.e. ‘you need to have the sims 4 in your library to access your account’. i hope all is well!

    2. Do u have the legit game in your origin account ? If yes, then try to re-enter the remid cookie. If u don’t have it, then there’s nothing u can do. Even anadius can’t do a thing

        1. Does anyone know how to install from a USB or phone.(I had to download it using my phone because of limited space on my laptop). When I try to install the files from my phone or USB only the installer runs, I don’t get to choose the packs I want to install.

    1. I have same problem as you, so I ask a question: is it a problem on our side or is there a way to ged it fixed?

      1. And I don’t have a legit game and I don’t use remid cookie. I want only the offline version and still error.

        1. Yeah, mine is like yours… I thought it was on my computer the problem but it seems everyone’s having it too.

    2. Hi, same here, have you found a solution for the problem? i’ve been trying for days to figure it out, but i have no idea..

  28. Bonjour Tarac, j’essaie de télécharger la dernière version des Sims 4 avec Bitorrent mais le téléchargement reste bloqué à 0%. Est-ce normal?

    Merci à toi pour ton superbe travail!

  29. Hi ive downloaded and its working, but all the dlc were not in the game? it says will notify you after all the dlc is finished, Do i have to wait?

  30. I downloaded the updater and used it and got packs ..all went fine…but my wonderful whims mod doesn’t work. Could it have anything to do with the updater? If so, is there a way to fix it?

  31. I downloaded the highschool pack but some reason it shows that i do not own it and cant use it. Is there a fix for this?

  32. Hi
    The High School Years, isn’t showing on the list… Has it been added to the separate DLC list yet?


          1. I’ve downloaded everything needed to update, but there’s one thing missing that I’m still confused about, namely run setup 1.90.xx, what does that mean, do I have to run the setup updater or setup crack?

  33. Hello. I Went To Yout Google Drive Link And There Are Different Dlcs But I Can’t See A Download Button Anywhere . Could You Help Me Pls?

    1. Hi again . I looked at the site and I saw a video instruction there. I tried to do the same thing but I got the user rate limit exceeded error . Then I waited for a for minutes and tried again and I got the same error. I tried a couple more times but it still gave me the same error. Can you tell me how to fix it?

  34. is it required to update the game to the latest version before I install the highschool pack? I have the game version.

  35. I updated my legit base game and I added High School Years successfully with Anadius Updater, but I can’t get the free update to show up. Am I doing something wrong?

  36. Hello, do you know when the new pack (High School Years) is going to get added? Thanks in advance!

  37. Hi. I downloaded your files but cannot unzip them. It says I need a password. Can you please help? Thanks for all your hard work!

  38. Question! Hi I downloaded this and everything was great it had all my former save files, cc and all the new game packs. However it doesn’t have any of the packs I had from my legal game, it’s just weird to me sorry! So none of my former save files are currently able to work. Should I re-download this?

  39. While I may have found it, it let me in the game with no problems but when I tried to go in again after it said it downloaded another pack, i tried to get back in but once again it started saying that there was an error in processing the configuration start up

  40. This is my first time cracking a game and I’m a bit confused when it comes to adding the files to a legit game, I didn’t really understand what the instructions were trying to say.

    1. So I followed the video tutorial completely for the login stage but it simply says “there was an error processing the startup configuration script” I’m not sure if I did something wrong in the steps of downloading

        1. Thank you, that helped a lot and I have downloaded all of the DLC’s, I’m just wondering now where I go to start playing as it’s telling to me to go somewhere but I don’t see a game-cracked file in the Sims 4 files

  41. I’m having trouble with trying to access the Magnet Link for whatever reason? When I try to click the link in Step 5, the site it sends me to doesn’t really allow me to access the magnet link; the page just keeps refreshing for whatever reason. The Google Drive link (once inputting the authorization code) just shows the files once it lets you in as well. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or I missed something on accident when it comes to the torrent, but I’m stuck and I need some help

  42. Bonjour, j’ai téléchargé les dlc qui me manquait dont les packs mariage et loup garous mais je n’arrive pas à aller dans les mondes qui viennent avec ces pack (ils ne s’affichent pas). De plus dans le CAS, les vêtements qui viennent avec ces packs s’affichent mais ne sont pas regrouper par pack (on ne peux pas les filtrer en gros). Est ce que quelqu’un pourrait m’aider ?

      1. Merci beaucoup, ça fonctionne maintenant !! par contre je vais devoirs trier tout mes mods pour voir lesquels posent problème TwT

      1. i have no idea how to do this my sister did it for me but shes not here how do i redownload the updater?

      2. I tried, even went trough the FAQ and it still will not download. Tried a couple of times, made sure it was checked when picking the packs and it still just isnt there 🙁

  43. I can’t seem to run the .exe file on my MAC, is there another way to download the base game for free?

    1. .exe files can’t be run on mac unfortunately. There are no known repacks of sims 4 on mac at the moment, so the only way to play sims 4 for free is to run bootcamp on your mac to run windows, or to use a windows PC.

  44. Can we get the new base game version or we need to wait til’ the werewolves expansion to be avaiable?

  45. I do not understand I check “authorized the modification of scripts” that tells me to restart the game and when I do it it is again unleashed for full screen options are never saved an idea?

    1. Je ne sais pas parce que je n’ai jamais joué aux Sims moi-même. Incroyable, mais vrai.
      Pour moi c’est une maison de poupée électronique

  46. after getting the last update, i can’t build. when i press B or go to building, nothing shows!

  47. bonjour, j’ai un probleme avec le jeu quand je lance TS4_x64 depuis Bin j’ai accés au jeu avec tous les packs mais sans mon ancienne partie, c’est à dire que sur l’écran d’affichafe on me propose’ de commencer une partie au lieu de continuer. c’est comme si le lien entre mes sims 4 installé sur origin et celui cracké ici n’existait plus. j’espere que vous pourrez m’aider…^^.

    1. Vous avez probablement déplacé ou supprimé le dossier C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\Les Sims 4.
      Si vous l’avez déplacé, copiez les dossiers Tray et Saves dans C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\Les Sims 4

  48. Hi there! I’ve never downloaded the game from here so i was curious of how many time it takes for updating it? When the new werewolves pack is released, how many days is going to take before we will be able for downloading?

    1. In general: It takes 2-4 hours after the official release of a new pack (f.e. werewolves) to crack it and make it available for download.

  49. HI, my daughter get her own laptop so I downloaded your repack again and installed this game on her laptop . How can I uninstall the game from my laptop now? Is not showing in “apps” is not in “programs and features”, also not uninstall file in game folder. I’ve only managed to uninstal all dlc ( file for uninstall dlc was in game folder). But how to uninstall the base game? Is no any file in game folder and game not showing in apps and programs and features?

    1. When you only have a cracked The Sims 4 game you can simply delete the folders The Sims 4 (installation folder and in C:\documents\Electronic Arts)

  50. Hi, just wanted to make sure it is safe to delete the sims 4 shortcuts that you are not using right? (like the always offline and the sims 4 online/offline selected).

  51. Hi, When I try to install the game, it says “You did not select all parts of the patch to install”. But everything is selected, what should I do to fix it?

  52. hello again, when playing the sims 4 whenever i create a new “story” i can’t select a world, it appears blank to me (there is nothing there, its all white.) Only thing that appears is the ui, “select a world to move into” and “residental worlds” after that everything is blank.

    1. hi just wanted to tell you i fixed it w/ the updater that you have on this update no need to worry any more thank you

  53. Hi, when I was doing the setup for this my antivirus (or something, idk) stopped the process so I stopped the setup so I could turn it off but then the setup completed itself very quickly (even though prior to the antivirus it was at like 40~ percentcomplete). Should I try the setup again or is it safe for me to use the sims 4?

  54. How do I add custom content? I tried adding it to mods folder but it doesnt show in game

    1. You’ll need to turn on Mods in the settings menu, then restart the game and all the CC will be there!

      1. Hi, I recently tried this and found it worked. However, when opening sims 4 only two packs can be used, the rest say download to use. I was wondering how to do this. After a Google search I tried to use origin but since I haven’t bought them, I’m not sure. By the way, I own the legit sims 4 game. Could I please have some advice. Thank you.

        1. When you own a legit base game of the Sims 4 I suggest you use the pack system
          Your game will automatically be updated by Origin. You still must enable DLC’s via the EA DLC Unlocker.

  55. Hi I keep having trouble running the Wedding pack. A lot of interactions to do with the pack are glitched (selecting them will just reset the sims involved) and the objects that came with the pack just show up blank. I tried deleting the GP11 folder and reinstalling it but the problem still persists. Can anybody help me?

  56. I’m trying to download the latest version. Can I delete the files that I downloaded before (the version) together with some of the stuff, packs, and kits I downloaded with it? It’s taking too much space on my PC. Thanks!

  57. after downloading the packs i am left with all of my cas cc, but none of my cc for build mode is showing up, any ideas what happened?

  58. i slected only the stuff i wanted on torrent and it said it will only be 6gb, but then i start the download and it said it is 34 gb (which is the whole game). what do i do?

  59. i’ve clicked on the setup application and it is now downloading however it seems to be stuck on 17.8%. is this an issue i can fix or do i just need to wait it out?

      1. ah. as long as I use the installer, and the update + any packs I want, it’s fine 🙂 thanks for that info

      2. Updater downloads from where ? Does it use P2P ? A Direct Server like GoogleDrive ? EA servers ? I’m curious because I’m not using VPN right now

  60. I’m trying to download base files.xbin and patch 1. xbin but because they’re both like 6 gb which means they take a long time to download, is there any way I can get a link for both to put in Jdownloader or for a program that speeds these things up?

    1. The xbin files are compressed files and can only be handled by the program itself.
      You need the xbin files however to add packs

  61. I’ve just downloaded everything, what folder do you put the installer please, i’m a little confused here

    1. Make sure all downloaded files are in 1 folder (probably folder downloads).
      Then run setup and there you select the location of your installation folder.
      When you start from scratch first make a folder The Sims 4 and put it under the exceptions to your anti-virus, then run setup en select your crated The Sims 4 folder

  62. thank you SO much. i was having trouble for a bit, but it turns out i just missed the part where you have to have the downloader for it, after i figured that out its as good as gold. this is super appreciated, nobody wants to spend that money on the sims 4. hope this works out for everyone, happy simming!

  63. Hi i have been using these repacks for years with no problem, i updated my game with the new patches and DLC\S from wedding stories up and when i installed it came up with error -14.

    i downloaded the updater and went through that, it said it was fixed, my game opens i can go into CAS and world manager but as soon as i try to enter an active household nothing happens it gets stuck on the loading screen, longest ive let it sit was 15 minutes so its not just I’m not giving it enough time.
    i run as administrator and have redownloaded all files again and still can’t access the game propperly.

    1. This happened to me last night too. What i did was remove ALL my mods, checked if i could load and it did so even though it took me more than 30 minutes, i selectited some mods back to my game and found the mod that was blocking my game and it worked

    1. The selective download includes 1.85.2030.1030 (Décor to the max.kit). Maybe you must refresh the interactive-instructions (press F5)

    1. Yes, please, someone refer to that, as I have the same problem. Is it infected or os is a false positive?

  64. I just want you to know that my game now can play.I’ve delete utorrent and utorrent file because it didn’t work out.Because I’ve had virus on computer,I’ve deleted everything and returned to fabric settings.I’ve downloaded utorrent app,daemon tools and utorrent file.Everything it’s working fine even with Win11.

  65. Will this repack be updated? It’s just that Décor to the Max Kit comes out tomorrow all over the world, except for Russia and Belarus. I’m from Russia, so don’t judge me harshly.

    1. Yes of course it will be updated and made available on my site.
      (we don’t blame the Russians at all apart from your man in charge, named Putin)

  66. I feel like I have down every step given and The Sims 4 (cracked) icon is on my desktop but between my “legal base game” and cracked version the DLC do not seem to have downloaded. How can I know if the DLCs fully downloaded and installed to play?

    1. When yo start The Sims 4 game. Click on packs at the top and click on a pack and click view. It will tell you on that screen if it has been purchased or not. If it says purchased then it is on there and ready fro you to use.

      I hope this helps.

  67. I have installed the base game via Steam. I’m having the error “Base game not found in selected install location”. Can anyone tell me the location of the base game? Thank you!

    1. if you righ click the sims 4 icon on the desktop and select locat file. A windos file pops up.

      Press the up arrow until you can see the game file and that will tell you where it is

  68. Hey i have the legal base game and i want to know if DLC bin files will work if move them to my installation folder? or only iso files work?

    1. Neither bin nor iso files but you need extracted files/folders.
      Best thing is to use the Anadius updater on your legal folder (answer Yes on the question about your legit game)

  69. Hello, so everything went smooth with the download, the only problem is when I try to setup the game, it like, gets stuck? It loads loads and stops, it’s been on Outdoor Retreat for 3 hours now and nothing has changed.

    What should I do?

      1. What is the best advice that you can give to me?On this website people said that to go on command prompt and sfc/scannow,which is what I’m doing it right now.But what if that won’t work either?Also,I’m not new player,but I’ve had to delete everything from my computer because of the virus that I’ve had previously,including TS4.

        1. My best advice:
          1. Move, not copy, the folder The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop and start your game.
          Does that solve the problem ?
          2. Download the all-in-one

      2. I’ve tried TS4 demo cas and it does work normally.Right now computer is almost there to torrent finish the utorrent file.I don’t like utorrent but I guess I don’t have much of the option out there.

  70. I’ve had to delete it torrent file and iso file and I will downloaded all over again.I’ll let you know does it work.

    1. There is still that error even after downloading file torrent again and vredist(I’ve downloaded all versions),net framework I’ve tried to download but there is saying that this app is already install on computer.I’ve tried to rename folder from eletronic arts from ts4 legacy edition to ts4.But still didn’t work.Nothing.I’ve extract file generated in the sims 4 original folder,but still nothing.I’ve extract everything that I can extract,but nothing didn’t work for me.I’ve tried to be compatible to win7,but that didn’t work either.I really don’t know what to do.

      1. The header of this page shows:

        The Sims 4 selective download (Anadius repack)
        A perfect method to install and add DLC’s with the minimum amount of download-space
        Version incl. My Wedding Stories
        suitable for 64-bits Windows only

        So, obviously, you can’t use it on computers with 32 bits Windows.
        In that case the best you can do is the Legacy Edition

        1. Are you saying that for me that the best thing I can do is download TS4 Legacy Edition or to someone else?I did and I’ll let you does it work.

          1. When you have a 32-bits computer then you can rely on the Legacy Edition and newer DLC’s (from Realm of Magic onwards) are unavailable for playing the Sims 4.
            Also note this:
            older Windows systems

      1. I guess you are the one who has a problem understanding. I literally had no issues downloading the game because I read and understood so easily.

      2. Personally, I’ve never had any trouble downloading it and it’s super easy to understand… and if it’s so crappy, why don’t you go get the game somewhere else? I think he’s doing a great job and I guess he has to spend time on it so the least you can do is respect him and his work…

  71. Hi. I just updated my game and it won’t launch. whenever i click on the shortcut i get a popup that says that TS4 is already running. when i opened task manager i couldnt find TS4. and when i clicked on the shortcut, i can see it running on task manager for a second, then disappears.

  72. Hello
    I’ve downloaded your game torrent file from your website,but I can’t launch game.There are three errors:msvcr120.dll,0xc000007b and vcruntime140.I’ve download Microsoft Visual C++,I’ve downloaded also those files but still nothing.Can you give me some advice?

    1. Possible errors for new users who never played The Sims 4 before

      You might get an error like “unable to start as mscv120.dll is missing”.

      In that case download vcredist.rar
      Extract with Winrar
      Run all 6 files

      1. Now that I’ve did that I have new error that saying Unable to start due missing data.Please download Sims 4 Legacy edition from origin.

  73. Hi so I have the legit game and I downloaded the DLC Unlocker first. Then I did all of the steps shown here. After I selected the dlcs I wanted, they downloaded, then I moved them to the Installer_ folder (not extracted) opened my sims game, it still says I need to download/install the worlds. So I tried extracting the crack zip file. No luck. I was confused because one part of the directions say to extract on anadius sins forum but the pop ups said do not extract so I’m not sure which applies to me. I’m also not sure that those are where I was supposed to put them. The forum says to put them in the dlc installer folder but only see Installer_ under me EA/Sims 4 folder. So I’m lost at this point. I’ve been trying to do this over the past 3 days but am still confused.

    1. Hi Anadius, Thank you so much for supporting this; your installer is smoother than EA’s!

      You probably already know this happens, but I got a copyright letter from your torrent here – like five minutes after I started the torrent. I stopped getting them after using a VPN with a torrent kill switch.

      Infringing Work: SIMS 4, THE – PC
      Filename: The Sims 4 [anadius Repack]
      Infringement Type: P2P
      Infringement Method: BITTORRENT
      IP Address: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
      Reporting Party: OpSec Online Antipiracy

  74. Hi !
    I installed everything it seems to work fine. I wanrt to update language to french, i did everything as explained (downloaded the pack from my game version, copy and paste in the installed folder…) other languages work fine, french doesn’t. It’s wrritten : can’t launch, you need to update your game to play”.
    Any ideas?

  75. Hi, there. I just finished my setup just now, but got an error.
    The message box looks like this:

    An error occurred while unpacking: archive corrupted!
    Unarc.dll returned an error code: -7
    ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)

    Now, It’s been a while since I’ve used your crack. The last time I did, years ago, I didn’t get a single error at all. I don’t know what went wrong, I downloaded all the necessary files. I disabled my antivirus as well.

    For now, should I try opening the game (see if it hinders the gameplay or anything) or should I wait until there’s a solution for this?

    Thanks in advance!

  76. Hi, there. I just finished my setup just now, but got an error.
    The message box looks like this:

    An error occurred while unpacking: archive corrupted!
    Unarc.dll returned an error code: -7
    ERROR: archive data corrupted (decompression fails)

    Now, It’s been a while since I’ve used your crack. The last time I did, years ago, I didn’t get a single error at all. I don’t know what went wrong, I downloaded all the necessary files. I disabled my antivirus as well.

    For now, should I try opening the game (see if it hinders the gameplay or anything) or should I wait until there’s a solution for this?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Download: see step 5
      Where to put them: run setup and select your The Sims 4 installation folder. (NOT C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4)

  77. Hi! Can I download this without owning a base game? (does not matter if OG or pirated, just asking if there is base game included)

  78. Hi! i downloaded this like 3 days ago and its been running fine but suddenly it stopped working today. The option to pick online or offline shows up but nothing happens after clicking either of the buttons. I’m like rlly confused now, do i have to download the game again or smth? is this cuz i downloaded cc?

  79. Hi! So i got this on my sisters laptop and its running perfectly. Now i want to get it on my laptop but i already have the base game. This wont have any problems with my game right? Will i still have my save files?

  80. Hi, thank you for the game! Everything was fine. Was… I downloaded the new updater, when I installed wedding stories and try to play the game 1) when creating a family, each sim doesn’t have a face, you cannot choose any outfit or any other appearance feature. When I try to play a saved game, I have to choose a city – okay, but I get a board with no city to choose from. Help me, what is the problem?

    1. Could be mods related.
      If you use mods then temporarily move (not copy) your folder Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop and start the game again.
      When game is OK now, copy from the file on your desktop the folders Tray and Saves back to the newly created folder Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4

      1. I’d according to the instructions, this time when creating a sim you can’t see anything – body, face, etc., only the voice is heard. I still can’t see any worlds. I don’t know what to do.

      2. Did the torrent magnet link work for you? its not working for me do you know what I could do?!

        1. Yes I have no problems with the magnet link. When the old link still is in your torrent-client, delete it and re-enter the magnet link
          Meanwhile I produced a torrent download link from the magnet details, see this page step 5

  81. when I tried to download the setup.rar file windows antivirus blocked it claiming it had detected a trojan O_O

    is it serious or just being overly paranoid?

  82. when i open the legal owned game from origin, nothing is in there. when i go to my desktop and try opening the cracked version, it says it can’t parse the data in the \game-cracked\bin\anadius.cfg file.

  83. Hello it’s been a while I try to install the setup but I can’t because either the download hangs on and doesn’t advance anymore or it tells me that there is a lack of dll unarc. And to clarify no I can’t do a forced check on the torrent

  84. hi:) i dont have any sims 4 folder in my documents folder. i want to put mods in my game but i cant find the folder i think its because that i made a new folder in the setup step and not where it wanted to download the game but it was because it wanted to put the sims 4 in the d driver and i dont think i have it:( should i do the setup again? pls help me

      1. Hi i cant seem to find it. I want to do the setup again. Should i let it download in the d driver? This is where it wanted to download in the first place but i changed it because i dont have it

      2. OHH WAIT IT WORKS! Thank you so much<3 i needed to open and close my game a few times and then the folder generated itself into the documents folder:) thanks again!

  85. I followed all of the steps but when I try to play it the dlc doesn’t appear in the game and it seems like everything is in the right folders.

    (i bought the game through steam)

  86. When I tried to install the Setup i got an error halway trough telling me that the Archieve Error is corrupt. I dont understand what I need to do

    1. Okay nvm i scanned all the files and it says crc mismatch on the kids room stuff file. What do I need to do now? What does that even mean?

  87. I have tried numerous torrents on here ion last week and none have come up with any peers or seeders.. is there any way to fix this or any other links or torrents that have some?

  88. ive been waiting for nearly an hour but it’s stuck on extracting ClientFullBuild1.package of sims 4 get famous…. do you know how to fix this?

  89. when i click on the sims 4 it says that the game can’t start and that i have to update the game via origin.
    please help

    1. Delete the folder GameVersion from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4.
      You can then start the game but you are not on the latest version.

  90. Hello. I just updated to patch from using the selective downloads option. I downloaded the Anadius Repack with the two patch notes, no origin fix, cottage living, fashion street, incheon arrival, modern menswear, blooming rooms, verify xbin files, interactive instructions, hash folder, and the setup. I opened the setup and everything worked fine. No errors. I saw three shortcuts on my desktop when the setup ended: the Sims 4, always online, and always offline. I started the game through the main shortcut icon since I’m sometimes online and sometimes offline. Right from the main menu it already showed the new packs and kits I had just gotten, showing me what new features they had and so on, and I was excited to start playing. Until I got to the worlds and selected Henford-on-Bagley. It shows a blank page and won’t even let me go back to any other world except to exit to the main menu again. There’s been no other hint that anything went wrong in the installation/update process except the fact that Henford doesn’t show. I exited and started the game again just to check the other worlds. They all show although I haven’t actually started playing the main game to see if anything else is off. I don’t want to make anything worse. I tried the two other icons two (always offline, always online), same thing. Even the DLC toggler shows that I have all the dlcs. Should I have moved the files from the Repack folder to the installation folder? Is there something I’m missing? I only use one mod and I updated it to the latest version too before starting the game. I hope I can get a quick response.

  91. Hi, i did everything the instructions said, but the dlc’s wont work, they are in the folder but they dont show up in my game, what can i do?

    1. Does your installation folder look like this ?
      installation folder
      When the contents of DLC’s do not show up in your game, open the folder for that DLC and check that folder for another folder with the same name, f.e. GP01 inside GP01.
      If that is the case, move, not copy, that folder to your desktop and copy the inside folder from your desktop back to your installation folder.

      1. I did everything right, i know i did, it took 10 hours. Whenever i try to open it, it says “Unable to start: the contents of your user data directory was created by a newer version of the sims 4 and cannot be loaded. Please update your game via origin to play” how am i supposed to do that please, please help me out

  92. Okay, this is the last comment, I swear

    I finally managed to makes everything run smoothly, the cracked DLC’s appear in my game, I can play them, no issues.

    I just realized that my custom content doesn’t appears anymore. I’ve unastalled all of them, cleaned the files and re-downloaded them to ensure they were all up to date, but nothing seems to work.

    They are in folders, all under the mods folder, in my electronic arts folder.

    I don’t know what to do to make it works.

    1. It’s me again lol, I found the issue and managed to correct it.

      So everything is running smoothly, the DLC’s are all playable, and the custom content now appears in my game!

      Thank you!!!

  93. Hello, I’ve downloaded by torrent, and everything has been going smoothly so far, I’m at the end of the installation, where I have to run the Setup-xxxx file, and the download start all okay, but then I get an error message :

    “archive header is corrupt
    unarc.dll returned an error code -14.
    Error: this is not FreeArch archive or this archive is corrupt”

    I have no idea what those this mean.

    My legit base game is all updated, the documents are all in the proper files.

          1. I can’t select or deselect ANYTHING, it acts like it’s an empty torrent (0 bytes) until it actually starts downloading, at which point it shows the contents but won’t let me pick and choose anymore, it just tries to download everything.
            I only started having this problem once you switched to only using the magnet link on a separate page. Is there a setting somewhere I need to change?

  94. Hello,

    I am trying to install from base game to update 1.8

    But I am stuck at this.

  95. I want to download Custom Content.. then where should I put the mods folder? I installed the sims 4 using the installer, but can’t find the mods folder.. please help me..

    1. The mods folder can be found in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 and will be (re)created when you first start your The Sims 4

    2. Hey! You need to find the installed filed. Not the repack file. That’s where there’s a mods and tray file existing 🙂

  96. I read all the comments and scoured the internet but I can’t find an answer for my admittedly stupid question. When I run the updater I get (origin.version.dll missing or antivirus blocked it) I found the origin.version.dll but I’m not sure where it should be/which file or folder it should be under. I was able to download the packs but obviously they aren’t usable because I couldn’t get past the dll missing. Should I delete all of it and try again? 🙁

  97. hey so i downloaded the pack and everything shows perfectly fine. the only problem i’m dealing with is the expansion packs. when i hover it with my mouse it says “download to use”. what do i do?

  98. So I went through all of the steps and it says I have the packs, however, when I go to play the game it says I don’t have them.. I’m not sure what to do.

  99. Hi,
    I’ve downloaded the game with all the extras and everything runs fine but the lag on the game is terrible. I have a good gaming pc and all my other games run on the maximum specs but this Sims is just so slow and laggy. Can anyone help me?
    Thank you!!!

    1. Its working perfect now. the only thing i did was use it in another account in the same pc and it works. hahah

  100. Hi, not sure whats going on, when i try to install, it says no-origin-fix for game version not found. i have the fix and i have put it in the folder along with everything else. thanks!

  101. not sure if you will respond but i have a question i currently have over 300gb on my hard drive but when i try to run the setup it says i only have 10gb. do you know why that might be?

    1. Please help me to advise. Okay like this. Mine have the sims 4 with version 1.75….(dream home decorator). Then i update straight to 1.82 version . The residential maps went blank . Please advise what should i do. Should i install the cottage living pack first and tell me where to find it

  102. the screen resolution resets from 1920×1030 to 1920×1001. I change it every time, I save the changes, but it returns as before. I have removed the mods folder, but the problem remains. I need the maximum screen resolution.

    1. It looks like you play in windowed modus. Your resolution of 1920×1030 (full screen) will be reduced with the number of pixels required for showing the taskbar.
      (In your case 1920×29)

  103. Hi, every time I try click on a new world it says ‘origin in game has been disabled in the origin client…’ and I’ve tried enabling it in the origin app and in the sims 4 app, I enabled the in game surveys but I still can’t go on to the new worlds. What do I do? Please help ;(

    1. 95% of all problems are caused by outdated mods/cc/scripts
      Move (not copy) the folder The Sims 4 out of C:\Documents\Electronic Arts temporarily to your desktop, then try your game again.
      Later on you can copy the folders Tray amd Saves back from your desktop to the newly created folder The Sims 4 in C:\Documents\Electronic Arts.

  104. Did that, but now I’m getting the:

    Please download The Sims 4 Legacy Edition from Origin. [5de4b8a3:29f00e76:00000000:00000000] error message.

  105. [spoiler=”report”]
    Game version: [b][/b]
    Crack version: [b][/b]
    Folder: [b]The Sims 4[/b]
    Crack used: [b]ANADIUS[/b]
    Legacy Edition: [b]not installed[/b]
    [color=#026526][b][u]Hash mismatch:[/u][/b][/color]
    — quick scan —
    [color=#026526][b][u]Missing files:[/u][/b][/color]

    [color=#026526][b][u]Unknown files:[/u][/b][/color]


    please help me, I’m getting an error unable to start: initialization error at start up. [135dec40:29f00e76:00000084:18a1dd51

    1. Initialization error at start up. [135dec40:29f00e76:00000084:18a1dd51]
      95% of all errors are mod-related
      Temporarily move the folder mods from Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods to your desktop, then try your The Sims 4 again.

  106. My game version is 1.55 something, will the selective download automatically add all missing patches in between? Thanks.

  107. hey so when I’m in CAS the entire screen is black, so I tried just starting the game without customizing the sim, thinking it might fix the issue, but the screen was still black when I moved my sim into a neighbourhood. pls help?

      1. Hello can i ask you something?
        In my case, if i click the game it’s doesn’t work, they said ” the code execution cannot proceed bcz VCRUNTIME140.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem ” so what can i do after this? I don’t know what to do. I already download all pack and repair and update too but it’s doesn’t work. I can’t play the game 🙁 pls help me..

  108. Hello, ever since i updated and installed new packs there has seemed to be an error with my game. It says I installed all packs but it won’t let me use the packs, especially those I downloaded long time ago. I tried updating and repairing but it doesnt work. when i try to click on the uninstalled world it says “Origin in game has been disabled in the origin client”. How can I fix this. Thank you

  109. Hi there! I’m still trying to update game but it doesn’t let me.It’s still the same message permission error.What should I do?I didn’t delete anything except data and delta in the game installation folder,just like you said it.

    1. 1. In your anti-virus program add your installation folder of the Sims 4 to the exceptions.
      2.Open the updater. Right-click on Sims-4-updater and select Run as Administrator
      3. When updater starts, browse to your installation folder (don’t open it)
      4. Click on Repair, don’t tick anything else.
      5. When successfully finished, play your game from your installation folder – Game – Bin – TS4_x64.exe (or when you have 32-bits Windows from Installation folder – Game – Bin_LE – TS4.exe)

      Any error during update please copy the full error and paste it in your reply.
      Please reply on the page of the Updater and no longer in this page.

      1. I’ve been havibg trouble with the game, I didn’t have the base game so I downloaded all from the Anadius, when i trabel to evergreen harbour or sulani and also the vacation places the buildings have some orange warning sign on the top, its only with these places i dont know what to do. how do i fix it. i clicked on buildings mode and half of them are blue what should i do

        1. Just to check for faulty cc, temporarily move (not copy) the folder The Sims 4 from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts to your desktop.
          Then start your game again. No problems now ?
          From the file on your desktop copy the folders Tray and Saves to the newly created C:\Documents\Electronic Arts folder.
          Still no problems ?
          Conclusion: Something wrong with your cc

  110. This game can be played online as though it is the original copy? Bcs I’ve downloaded it and there is an “always online” icon on the desktop.

  111. hi! ive downloaded ur recent update but when i open the game, it hangs and cannot show the task option with thumbnails of the sim (e.g. when cooking, it cannot show the food options; cant play when my sims are in different lots). im downloading it again and i hope itll work this time

    1. This problem is most probably caused by outdated mods/scripts.
      To check this temporarily move (not copy) the folder C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop
      Your game is now completely new, all your mods/cc are removed from your game (same applies for your own made sims, houses aso)
      No problems now ? – then the culprit are the mods/cc/scripts.
      Still problems ? – Run the Validator and look for missing files

  112. I was having trouble with connection internet in my house and updater tool didn’t want to continue because of that,which is reasonable,but when I open updater tool and I click on repair option,I get it again message saying “Make sure to add update to your exception list on your anti-virus.If that doesn’t help disable your anti-virus completely.If you stil get this error,copy the whole game folder to somewhere else.And if that doesn’t help,then copy the whole game somewhere else.”
    So,I disable antivirus for 4 hours,then completely until computer it’s restarted to make sure it’s not because of that.Then I enable antivirus and I added this updater folder in exception list,but still didn’t want do finished the update.It’s still the same message.I copy updater folder somewhere else,like on desktop but still same.I extract file sims 4 updater and when I want to update,still the same message.It came till clientdeltabuild 0 package and that error it shows up.I really I am out of options here.I have enough space to do update,but I still don’t know what to do.And also I need to mention that I left my computer for couple days until updater finish

  113. Can I delete rar the sims 4 all in one 1.80 version file?Before the update finished?It’s gigantic size around 49.95 gb.

  114. So can i safetly deleted utorrent app and still play game?This update takes a lot space and I need it space.I also download fashion kits,latest dlc,but I don’t know should I do copy these files after update.Also on which folder should I play game?The original folder sims 4 or update folder

    1. That fully depends on the folder you updated with the Anadius Updater.
      When you updated your original folder (legal one) you must of course use that folder to play (it should be version with all DLC’s)
      When you updated your cracked folder play with that cracked folder. (version also with all DLC’s)
      In both cases you can then safely delete all downloaded torrents.

      1. And I still can play game?Like I don’t need utorrent to play game?Also what to I do with fashion kits latest update?

        1. You don’t need a torrent to play (exception: The Sims 4 all-in-one)
          Once you have successfully copied the files from the torrent to your installation folder you can destroy the torrent and the related download.

  115. I disabled antivirus for 1 hour and it does let me to do the repair,but not update.I guess I will leave computer for a while until it’s finished to repair game.After repairing game what should I do next?

  116. When I want to repair game it says “Permission error.Make sure to add updater folder in your exception list in your anti-virus.If that doesn’t help disable your antivirus completely.If you still get this message error copy the whole sims 4 folder somewhere else..And if that still doesn’t help then copy your whole game somewhere else.”
    This update just make things worse 🙁

  117. It did the update but now it says “base game not found in the selected folder.Select a correct path or use Repair if you want to install game(not reccomended,download game somewhere else”!I don’t know what to do next.And now when I want to open game in the original game folder it says unable to start:Initializion error at start up. (135dec40:69731fb6:00000068:00000000)

    1. You did NOT do the update unless you have been tampering with files and folders again. The message “base game not found in the selected folder” can only occur BEFORE the actual update.
      Do you have a legal copy of the Sims 4 base game ?
      When yes, update\repair your game via Origin or even re-download via Origin.

          1. it will not messed up game if I choose repair?Because it doesn’t let me do a update.It didn’t finished till the end because it didn’t let me do the update,but it was near and I thought it finished update.

  118. but when it’s done on which folder will I open up gameplay?What should I do after update it’s finished?I’m afraid that it will take the whole space because it such long file and it’s still downloading.

  119. [spoiler=”report”]
    Game version: [b][/b]
    Crack version: [b][/b]
    Folder: [b]The Sims 4[/b]
    Crack used: [b]ANADIUS[/b]
    Legacy Edition: [b]not installed[/b]
    [color=#026526][b][u]Hash mismatch:[/u][/b][/color]

      1. Wait a minute,will a continue copying these files?I’m afraid that I will messed up even more my sims game 🙁

          1. But what exactly went wrong after update in a gameplay?I just don’t want to messed up my game even worse.

        1. After you have manually deleted the folders Data and Delta from your installation folder, Just do Update, don’t interrupt it. Don’t tick Download only
          Any other method will still leave the hundreds of incorrect files untouched whilst this method will also clean up the installation folder.
          Don’t manually move or copy files/folders, the Updater will do it all for you.
          How long does it take ? – That depends on the speed of your abbo with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) – In my case approx. 30 minutes

  120. But how can I report here on your website?It says where do you want to post result and then I click forum but it doesn’t do anything.It doesn’t says ok.
    This is where I am confused.I wish that I know how do it

    1. When you run the validator you have a choice of formats, select Forum.
      You then see a list of results, starting with [spoiler], copy that list and paste it here as if you place some kind of question

  121. Hi,
    I’m having some problems with my game again.Here is my problem:I did some repair game because it wouldn’t load game and when I click on the repair game it started downloading some stuff,then I did the update,trying to move mods folder to desktop because it didn’t wanted to load old household or save game file.So,I did this:I moved entirely old the sims 4 folder and I’ve launched game and it open,but now I’m having again an a problem.After I do creating a sim,I select a weather in a game and when I want to select a world to move into,I can’t because it is completely white screen.It does say “Select a world to move into” but that is all.Also that custom music didn’t work(solution).I did rename sims 4 folder(documents) but nothing.Also,it won’t load a save file in a completely new sims 4 folder.I did troubleshooting program and still nothing.
    I don’t know what to do.I’ve tried every solution online and I did everything but nothing did work out 🙁

  122. Hello I’m having issues with installing the DLC. I already have everything installed from Games4theworld. I want to install the latest pack all the way back to cottage living however I cannot seem to find ” _setup-”.

    Everything mentioned on the interactive instructions appears once I’ve downloaded it and opened the folder.

  123. A small tip for Ubuntu/Linux users in case someone is having the same issue – running the setup_xxxx.exe with wine/lutris wasn’t working anymore for me since CottageLiving. The installation would just return some random isdone.dll error. After a lot of research and some trial and error attempts, I figured it is not really an isdone.dll error but some weird mismatch with linux/wine’s filesystem paths, so you just need to use winetricks to open your wine’s explorer and run the setup_xxxx.exe “from inside”.

    1. It should be on My Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods
      [and you can just create a folder called “Mods” in it if it’s not there]

  124. Hello, im trying to download the latest kit packs (fashion kit and incheon arrivals) but sadly there’s no seeds or peers. Can anybody help please? Thanks!

  125. Hello, can this game be updated even though I downloaded it on a different site? Let’s say the sites is fitgirl. Thank you in advance

  126. Hi,
    I’m writing you agan because I have issues with my gameplay.I can’t hear my own tracks on custom music in the gameplay.I can hear only Sims music but that is it.I’ve deleted confiig and options but the issues is stil the same.I went to sound settings and select on the sims 4 speakers icon and selected Stereo,but nothing has changed.I don’t know what to do.Can you help me?Also,the game that I’ve downloaded from your website everything is working fine except that little problem.Thank you and I’m hoping you will find some answers.

  127. how to download?

    Download from my repack:

    1. Not advisable as during play some files are locked and cannot be altered.
      When you tick Download only you can play during the update sequence (which indeed could be quite lengthy). When that is finished you MUST close your game and repeat the updater with Download only unchecked. All required files are then already downloaded and the update goes much quicker.

      1. I’m having the same issue. Mine tells me that it’s either an unknown format, or damaged. (torrent at step 5) I’m sorry, but can you check on that link? If its working on your side, then it’s probably an issue on my end, I guess… your time and help would be most appreciated! 🙂

  128. Thank you so much!! Usually I have to find someone who just has the add ons and end up having to get the whole game with new add ons downloaded and add it instead. You made it so simple and easy and I just got to add what I needed, thank you so much!!

  129. I deleted the game that I’ve downloaded three days ago and now I’m downloading game from your website.I’m hoping it will launch and it won’t appear that issue again.

  130. Hi
    I download cracked game(I’m not really sure if is on this website) but first it showed up saying that is unable to play because is requiered to have origin on my computer.Then I found on website that I need to unistall original and reinstalled,so I did that and now it says it can’t launch the game because the sims 4(trial) is not install.Please help me.
    P.S.I have sims 4 trial but it ended.

      1. What do you mean?Can you please tell me step by step how to do that?I don’t understand what I need to do.Please help me 🙁

        1. I guess you have the default anti-virus of Windows.

          1. On your taskbar near the clock you see an ^ sign
          2. Click on it
          3. You now see the icon for Windows Defender
          4. Click on it
          5. Click on something like Virus and threat protection
          6. scroll down to Settings for Virus and threat protection
          7. Click on it
          8. Scroll down to Exclusions
          9. Click on it
          10. Click on add and exclusion
          11. Select Folder
          12. Browse to (not open) your installation folder of the Sims 4
          13. Click on Select folder

          That’s all

    1. use sims 4 create a sim to keep a sims 4 origin account up and running so when you follow the crack it will work permanently. If you login and you are offline it will bring you back to the screen where you setup origins and have no access to the gallery

  131. Hey, I keep getting an error saying “Unable to start: Cannot start because required game data is missing or damaged. Please repair or reinstall the game via Origin.” I’m currently downloading the updater and seeing if that works to repair it.

    1. Why can’t you install the no-origin-fix ?
      Open the no-origin-fix (password = origin-fix) with Winrar and copy the folders to your installation folder of the Sims 4.

      Use the Updater instead of the Repack

      1. I guess the error causes the installation to skip everything, including the no origin fix, but the greyed out option was a little confusing.
        What updater? I already removed my old installation, redownloaded everything, and now I can’t even install the game at all because of this bug.

  132. Hello! i have the base game and all the other packs installed in C driver but now i don’t have enough space to install the other files.
    I’m not very good at this so i don’t know if i can simply move all the files to D. I deleted everything i could but i still don’t have enough room. Do you have any solution for this? Thank you very much!

    1. Yes in the Sims 4 you can move your complete installation folder The Sims 4 to drive D
      Don’t forget to make a new shortcut for your desktop from the new location of your installation folder ->Game ->Bin ->TS4_x64.exe
      Also make sure that this new location is under the exceptions of your anti-virus.

      1. Thank you!
        It seems like i didn’t choose the right folder. Now i have installed it, but none of the worlds appears, it keeps loading the game. I tried to download the sims 4 updater but it says that the file it’s broken. I don’t know what to do further.
        Thank you in advance for your response.

  133. Hi, I am trying to update my game . I have installed everything and followed the instructions , but when I try to open the game . It doesnt open and says I need to install orgin. I have downloaded the no orgin fix but I dont get the option to extract it . Not sure what to do ?

    1. First step of course is to add your installation folder to the exceptions of your anti-virus
      When that’s done download the latest Game folder.
      Update your game with the Anadius Updater.

      btw, to open the no-origin-fix you need a password which is origin-fix

  134. hey, I followed all the instructions, but when I try to install, it stops at around 34% percent and doesn’t go up at all. I tried leaving it to install for 12+ hours and nothing happens.
    I tried running as admin, closing background programs, restarting the PC, double checking I have all needed files, etc… doesn’t work.
    the parts I’m trying to install are: Cottage Living, Industrial Loft, and patch 1.79.
    the rest of the packs, and the base game, I already installed using Anadius in the past and it worked…
    Please help.

  135. Hey, so I’m able to get everything up and running with no issue but… after about 24 hours the icons and installation just sort of vanishes from my desktop and have to completely rerun the set up to reinstall the files? No mods or anything, not sure if it might be something related to antivirus?

  136. Hi, I downloaded everything and it seems to be fine, but it won’t let me open the startup file because I’m using a mac. Is there anything I can do to circumvent this?

  137. I just installed the industrial loft and downloaded latest latest dlc toggler. But this new update caused the courtyard oasis kit disowned. In toggler, courtyard oasis kit highlighted with red.

  138. I just installed the industrial loft and downloaded latest latest dlc toggler. But this new update caused the courtyard oasis kit disowned. In toggler, courtyard oasis kit highlighted with red, meaning I not owned it even tought i installed all updates, packs and kits in order.

  139. Hi, I’ve set it all up and it works perfectly, except that the sims don’t have skin textures. How to fix this?

  140. How can I connect it with DLCs I already have? Cuz I can only run the game I’ve downloaded here with these new dlcs or run the original one with DLCs I had had before

  141. The latest update ( throws me this ISDone.dll / Unarc.dll error, causing the installer / updater to stop right there and skip the remaining installation, causing the game to get corrupted and not work properly anymore:

    1. Adding to this, it seems to be caused by the 2 parts of the actual update files. If I select the new DLC separately the updater runs fine.

  142. Hi, sorry to bother. I already played with the dust kit for a few times and i dont really like it. how do i remove just the kit?

  143. Hello, I have the legal base game through Steam. Am I correct to install directly into the steam game folder? It seems to be stuck on the first file (GP01\ClientFullBuild0.package)

    1. Any error messages ?
      I would not suggest to install it in the Steam Game folder. Install elsewhere.
      Maybe the Pack System is a better solution for you, you then can copy the EP,GP,SP folders from the Anadius installation to your legal steam game

    1. so it’s opened and all the packs work. I still don’t know why there’re three shortcuts. Can I delete the two that have (offline/online only)?

      1. That depends on how you wish to play in future. If f.e. you want to play on-line you can delete the other 2 icons. If you want to play off-line you can delete always online and the Sims 4
        When you always want to be asked how to play then delete alwaysonline and alwaysoffline

  144. Hey there! I have been using this method to update my sims 4 for the last few months (thank you so much!), my whole game is downloaded from anadius as well. I added the dream home decorator pack last month and followed your instructions, no problem. But now I’ve just downloaded the latest patch along with cottage living and industrial loft kit, did the same exact method as last time, but now everytime i click on the shortcut it opens origin and I have no idea why. Also, during set up I got this error:

    cant open file c:\games\sims4\installer\vc\vc2010sp1\eula\de_DE.rtf

    any help would be much appreciated, thanks so much in advance!

  145. Pls help me I downloaded every pack to add on to my base game but after downloading there where 3 files of the sims 4 in my desktop The sims 4, The sims 4 (always online) and The sims 4 (always offline) all of these have no packs only the base game.
    What do I do?

    1. So i tried to update my game & added some of the DLCs i didn’t have b4 and even though it was updated, now when I open the game the packs say “download to use” and my previously saved game data won’t load

    2. When you downloaded a Repack before and now download the latest version you have 2 setup files and 4 patch files.
      Make sure you use the setup and patch files for the correct version.

  146. When I finish the download and set up I have three icons of sims in the desktop.
    The sims 4, online and ofline all this don’t have the packs

    1. Did you check the missing DLC’s in the Repack ?

      + the required DLC’s

  147. Hey, sorry for being long but really need your help here, the base game and dlc i had previously downloaded from g4tw , here i downloaded home decorat and cottage (patches and setup like you said) after it told me to have base game to for it to work so i downloaded that too, now when it runs it only shows yours no other dlc ,

  148. the page says it’s but the torrent says it doesn’t have industrial lofts :((

  149. Hi i selected all the dlcs i wanted to download and when i press the download here button it downloads the mac OS version (i am on mac) and when i try to open it it says that windows files are not supported on this system.

  150. Hi I have the base game legally and I got a lot of your DLC’s and it was working fine for a few weeks, but ever since the game updated none of them are showing up in game anymore? And also previously when the DLC’s were working the game was calling me Anadius but now it’s calling me by my origin username so idk what’s going on. Thank you

      1. Thank you so much for sending me over there. All I had to do was download the DLC unlocker. Also your video was extremely helpful thank you.

  151. Hey, thanks, been using this for awhile and really appreciate it.
    How can I download industrial loft kit? It isn’t in the torrent link.

  152. hi! this might be a super dumb question, but what exactly do you mean when you say to ‘run’ setup? thank you!

  153. hello! I’m using utorrent and my files are in the ‘seeding’ process but its saying that 0 out of 527 seeds are connected. It also says the dlc files are downloaded, is it safe to try to install it or do i need to wait for the seeds? Thank you! (Im new to this, so im sorry if this is an ignorant question!)

    1. When the file is in seeding status, it means the file has finished downloading (or leaching) and your file is now available for others to “leach” off of you.

      You are safe to install the game.

    2. You can right-click the torrent then select end to end the seeding. Seeding is just that others can access the torrent through your client.
      Otherwise, yous should be able to use the files just the same, once everything is downloaded.

  154. You were right, it was a torrent client problem and I managed to fix it. Now the game is downloading! Thank you for the answer

  155. Hi, i can’t download anything because there are no seed for the torrent. There is another way to download the all in one pack?
    Thank you in advance and for your work.

  156. All the animals in my game after installing it from here are just red like they aren’t rendered properly. They don’t move with animations, but as a stationary object. Any ideas as to why or how to fix?? I’ve searched online for an hour and can’t find anything on this. 😔

  157. How do i download the dlcs???? ive been able to download the torrent but no dlcs downloaded and i really dont know how to download them

    1. re-apply the torrent and mark the items you want.
      Also of course you need setup, the 2 patches and the no-origin-fix.
      When torrent is finished run setup.

  158. after you’ve downloaded the torrent, do you move the folder anywhere? ive downloaded if but my game is still saying i dont have the packs

  159. Hi I have a cracked sims 4 with most dlcs from that time so I tried downloading here but when I tried the setup it says that I don’t have the base game, any tips? I’m new to this kind of stuff.

  160. Is there possible to install this collection on 32 bit OS? I really want to install it and I can’t reinstall my windows right now. Is there a x86 installer version?

    1. No the selectieve download is for 64 bit.
      You can update your game with the Anadius Updater but bear in mind that you cannot play:
      EP08 – Discover University
      EP09 – Eco Lifestyle
      EP10 – Snowy Escape
      EP11 – Cottage Living
      GP09 – Star Wars
      GP10 – Dream Home Decorator
      SP16 – Tiny Living
      SP17 – Nifty Knitting
      SP18 – Paranormal
      SP20 – Throwback Fit Kit
      SP21 – Country Kitchen Kit
      SP22 – Bust The Dust Kit
      SP23 – Courtyard Oasis Kit
      any future DLC

  161. Can I add on packs from yourself even if the other sims games I have are downloaded from elsewhere, or do I need to delete and download all with you?

    Thank you.

  162. Hiya, I downloaded the repack and everything work great. But I can’t change the skin tone in CAS for any sim I create. I click on other skin tones and they stay the same. They don’t change in game either. Was wondering if I’d done anything wrong. Thank you.

    1. Temporally move your folder Mods from C:\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4 to your desktop.
      The play the game again.
      No problems now then one or more of your mods cause the problem.

  163. i downloaded everything but when i go on the game none of the dlc shows up and it shows the worlds i have but i cant go into them

  164. What’s this “Enter remid cookie” box I’m seeing… I have a legit copy of the base game and I’ve never had to do this before with your repack to go online. I usually just use the DLC unlocker and can open the game with my Origin account logged in perfectly fine so I’m just wondering if this is something new or if I did something wrong during the reinstall.

    1. go into settings then your cookies and then see all cookies and data and search and click it and click remid copy the letters and numbers under content and paste it in

    2. Most probably you let the selective download overwrite your folder Game. See THIS PAGE
      Download Game Origin, extract with Winrar, delete the existing folder Game from your iunstallationb folder and copy the downloaded and extracted folder Game to your installation folder.

  165. Whenever I try to update the build it tells me that the file ClientDeltaBuild0.package isn’t updated. How do i fix this?

  166. Hi, whenever I am downloading the setup for this it always stops whenever it is extracting Patch I’ve tried removing all DLCs and only having the base game but it would still stop because of that patch.

  167. Hi! I’m trying to install the entire The Sims 4 game, including all DLC’s – which I could add in the Sims 4 updated if needed – but I’m at step 5. I’ve tried UTorrent and BitTorrent and all I have is the infinity sign on the ETA. It says it’s trying to connect to peers but it’s been a long time and it’s still at 0.0%.
    Any advice? Thanks!

    1. I´d recommend using Vuze to download the torrents, if the others don’t work for you. I tried a few so far, and Vuze is the only one actually working for me. It might take a while, but it definitely gets the job done as far as I’m concerned.

  168. It says here it’s the newest version but when I opened the downloaded file, it says and not I’m gonna have to wait again