Our own method

Our own method (direct downloads)

As torrent downloads can be tricky in some countries, we offer here a direct, selective, download – latest version 1.782.28.1030
You can add new DLC’s and the latest Updates in any order.

STEP 1 – access to the stack-folder

Open the folder on Stack
Click here for full access to all available DLC’s and updates

STEP 2 – download the main folders

  1. Download the 1. TS4-main-folders
  2. Mount the .iso, don’t know how ? – see HERE
  3. Copy the files/folders from the mounted .iso to your installation folder of the Sims 4
  4. Close the .iso by right-clicking on the .iso and select Eject.

STEP 3 – add DLC’s

  1. Download the required DLC’s
  2. Mount the .iso’s
  3. Copy the folder of the DLC to your installation folder
  4. Close the DLC by right-clicking on the .iso and select Eject



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