The Sims 4 all-in download in parts

The Sims 4 all-in-one version
multi-language, no installation required.

For those who are experiencing problems with the direct download of the all-in-one we have split the download  in  parts.


  1. Download all 9  parts  HERE
  2. make sure to download all parts into the same directory
  3. Disable your anti-virus program
  4. Extract only The Sims 4 part1.rar with Winrar, the other parts will be follow automatically, so do not extract these manually
  5. There should not occur any error/fault message during extraction.
  6. Place the folder The Sims 4 under the exceptions of your anti-virus and switch your anti-virus  on.
  7. Open the Folder The Sims 4 – Game – Bin
  8. Rightclick on either TS4.exe (32 bits Windows) or TS4_x64.exe (64 bits Windows) and select “As Administrator”
  9. The game should now load and start – this process can take some time so be patient.

For further info such as changing language look at this page



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