Sims 4 all-in-one alternative

The Sims 4 all-in-one alternative multi-language

Many people are downloading the all-in-one just because it’s so easy, download and play. Even when they already had a previous version on their computer.
But why ?

  • When you have an old version of the all-in-one, just copy the contents of the all-in-one.iso to another place of your computer (Probably you already did).
    Add this new location to your exceptions of the anti-virus and update the old all-on-one from that location with the Anadius Updater.
  • OK, you never played the Sims 4 before, so you are indeed new to the game.
    Torrents are often slow and direct downloads not always reliable as if the connection is broken you must start all over again.

What’s the alternative when you are new to the Sims 4?

  1. Create a new folder The Sims 4 on your disk (If the name already exists, name it The Sims 4 all-in or something simular)
  2. Place that new folder under the exceptions of your anti-virus
  3. Download the Anadius Updater and extract it with Winrar on the same disk as your new location (not in de folder you created at step 1)
  4. Open the extracted updater and click on Sims-4-updater.
  5. Click on browse and lead it to the folder you just created
  6. Click on Repair
  7. Check all items for 32-bits windows, for 64-bits check all items except the Legacy Edition
  8. You’ll see a dialog about this folder and click ok
  9. The updater will now download the required files and folders for you and install all folders in your new The Sims folder you created at step 1
  10. 64 bits windows: Make a shortcut from the folder Game ->Bin -> TS4_x64.exe
    32 bits windows: Make a shortcut from the folder Game ->Bin_LE ->TS4.exe
  11. You can now play the game

In case of an internet failure, repeat from step 6 – it’s running a quick control of the already downloaded files and continues to download the remaining files




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