Legacy Edition

The Sims 4 Legacy Edition (32-bit computers)

Since the publication of Magic Realm Electronic Arts decided to discontinue new packs for 32-bits Windows
This means that the following packs are not  available for 32-bits computers.

  • EP08 –  Discover University
  • EP09 – Eco Lifestyle
  • EP10 – Snowy Escape
  • GP09 – Star Wars
  • GP10 – Dream Home Decorator
  • SP16 – Tiny Living
  • SP17 – Nifty Knitting
  • SP18 – Paranormal
  • SP20 – Throwback Fit Kit
  • SP21 – Country Kitchen Kit
  • SP22 – Bust The Dust Kit
  • SP23 – Oasis kit

Since Magic Realms however, the above mentioned DLC’s did contain many bug fixes for the older DLC’s  that consequently were not implemented in the Legacy Edition.

We compiled 2 new torrent-downloads:

  • Legacy Edition Base game only up to version – download HERE as many players prefer to play the base game only due to lack of disk-space)
  • Full all-in-one for the Legacy DLC’s also version – download HERE

There downloads are fully portable which means that you can download them on an external medium like external drives, usb-sticks as well as on your computer.
you can play the game directly from the download .iso files

  1. Download the appropriate torrent
  2. Double-click on the downloaded torrent to open your torrent-client
  3. When download is completed, mount the .iso (don’t know how ?, look HERE)
  4. Copy the files and folders from the mounted .iso to your installation folder of the Sims 4
  5. Start your game from Your installation folder -> Game -> Bin_LE-> TS4


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