Sims 4 All-in-one version multi language

The Sims 4 all-in-one version multi language
(no installation required)

When you are new to The Sims 4 you probably do not wish to download all the separate DLC’s or hassle with Game folders,
We constructed a direct download that contains everything from the base game upto and included the latest DLC’s and patches (Magic Realm and update
No patches, no fixes, no installation, simply download and play.​

Included in this download: Base game incl. Life of the Party, Awesome Animal Hats, Up All Night, Toddlers update, Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar
  • FP01 – Holiday Celebration Pack
  • EP01 – Get to Work
  • EP02 – Get Together
  • EP03 – City Living
  • EP04 – Cats & Dogs
  • EP05 – Seasons
  • EP06 – Get Famous
  • EP07 – Island Living
  • GP01 – Outdoor Retreat
  • GP02 – Spa Day
  • GP03 – Dine Out
  • GP04 – Vampires
  • GP05 – Parenthood
  • GP06 – Jungle Adventure
  • GP07 – Strangerville
  • GP08 – Magic Realm
  • SP01 – Luxury Party Stuff
  • SP02 – Perfect Patio Stuff
  • SP03 – Cool Kitchen Stuff
  • SP04 – Spooky Stuff
  • SP05 – Movie Hangout Stuff
  • SP06 – Romantic Garden Stuff
  • SP07 – Kids Room Stuff
  • SP08 – Backyard Stuff
  • SP09 – Vintage Glamour Stuff
  • SP10 – Bowling Night Stuff
  • SP11 – Fitness Stuff
  • SP12 – Toddler Stuff
  • SP13 – Laundry Day Stuff
  • SP14 – My First Pet Stuff
  • SP15 – Moschino
  • Update
  • Update

Download and Play (size 35.5 GB)

Empty text-balloons in Realm of Magic

When this only happens in Realm of Magic:

  1. When you have not done this already: Copy the folder The Sims 4 from your monted iso to a location (f.e. C:\Program Files) on your (external) Hard disk
  2. Download the update language, extract with Winrar and copy the 3 folders to this new location of The Sims 4

Known problems on downloading (Windows Smart screen)

When Smart screen is enabled (part of Windows 8, 10 and Windows Defender) it will download upto approx 99.8% and then block the download.
Pretty annoying spending a lot of time on your download and then all that time is wasted.
So make sure that – before you start downloading – Smart screen is not set to Block

  1. Click on the ^ in your righthand taskbar (near the clock/date)
  2. Click on the Windows Defender icon
  3. In the left colum click on App- and Browser management
  4. Set all items to Warn (or even Off – not recommended though)
  5. From now on you’ll receive a warning which can be overruled by you (allow anyway)

Possible errors for new users who never played The Sims before

Add new DLC’s to your all-in-version (owners of earlier versions of the all-in)

Watch the instruction video on how to download and install

This video shows version but can be used for as well, the procedure is exactly the same.

Once the video has started select full screen.


3 thoughts on “Sims 4 All-in-one version multi language

  1. Wanneer ik de game wil openen, krijg ik de volgende melding:

    ”Deze app kan niet worden uitgevoerd op uw pc. Vraag uw uitgever na of er een versie bestaat voor uw pc.”

    Ik heb voorheen echter altijd The Sims 4 gespeeld op mijn pc.

    1. Is de download wel volledig ontvangen ?
      Hoe heb je hem binnen gehaald, direct of via torrents ?
      Volledig gedownloade iso koppelen met een virtueel station (rechtsklik en kies Openen met Windows Verkenner)
      Dan Mapje Game openen, mapje Bin openen en klikken op TS4. exe (32-bits Windows) of TS4_x64.exe (64-bits Windows)

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