Access to sims 4 Gallery (remid cookie)

Access to the Sims 4 gallery without an original game

Thanks to Anadius it now is possible to access the gallery without an original DLC of the Sims 4 game.

On first start up of your The Sims 4 you are confronted with this menu

First menu


Click on Log in when you want access to the Gallery or click Start offline (if you don’t want access)













Steps 1-3 (create a dummy account)

  1. When you don’t have an EA account already create one (click on open
    Don’t use your legal account-name if you have one
  2. From that new account download a free game such as The Sims 4 creator
  3. Log out

Steps 4-5 (prepare for a cookie named Remid)

4. Open your new account in Origin
5. Click on open in the menu above
You will see an almost blank screen with an error message. Ignore it because it is important
Don’t close your browser and do not close the errorpage

      • Press F12
      • Firefox: click on the Storage tab
        Chrome: click on the Application tab
      • Click on cookies
      • click on https://accounts.ea.comEA connect

Step 6 (get the Remid Value)

6. Click the line under Cookies (must read if not you’ve done something wrong in the previous steps) and you see Remid on the right-hand site




  • Click on Remid and in the bottom of the screen you see a pretty long value
























  • Copy that value and paste it in the window for the Remid in your log in.
  • Close Origin


(create shortcuts) – if not already done by the update itself

First of all check if the installation made 3 shortcuts on your desktop, The Sims 4, The Sims 4 always on line, The Sims 4 always offline.

If not present, create them yourself

  • Open your old shortcut, right-click on it – select Properties
  • you see 2 windows, in the top window scroll to the right until you see .exe””
    Now add a space and a minus-sign
  • If you want full access to the Gallery type alwaysonline
    If you don’t want access type alwaysoffline
  • Click Apply and click OK


(use the Gallery)

When you have chosen for the full acces to the Gallery (alwaysonline) you can download items and immediately use them in your cracked game, just like you do in a legal game.
the only difference is that you no longer need Origin to access the Gallery.

Tutorial video – how to get the remid code and where to paste it

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the menu’s anymore because I entered the correct remid code already, so I have to make this video based on pictures and not the actual menu’s.
At least it will show you how to obtain the remid code after you registered a new (dummy)account and installed The Sims 4 Create-a-Sim

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102 thoughts on “Access to sims 4 Gallery (remid cookie)

  1. I try to connect to the gallery and it says you must have The Sims 4 registered to your EA Account to access online features. Anyone can help me please ?

  2. Hey! I did the same steps and it worked but when i exit the game and open again, it is not opening without any error. How can i fix that?

  3. Hi, I can’t find the remid cookie. I have done every step correctly but in the list of cookies I can’t see a remid cookie? What am I doing wrong?

    1. Read the instructions again as apparently you skipped something.
      When you log in to your (dummy) account are the name and password remembered or must you type these in again ?

  4. Since 3 days, I try to connect to the gallery and it says you must have The Sims 4 registered to your EA Account to access online features. Anyone can help me please ?

    1. Right-click on the shortcut, select properties.
      In the target window scroll to the end of the line, add a space and a minus sign (-) then type alwaysoffline
      So a space and -alwaysoffline

  5. Hi!

    I’ve followed all the steps and set up a new account etc. and everything works until I click on gallery and try to connect. An error message pops up saying “ONE OR MORE OF THE SIMS ONLINE SERVICES IS CURRENTLY OFFLINE” and then I can’t use the gallery.

    How do I fix this.

  6. how do I change an account? I made a mistake with the accounts i mixed them now when I click on the sims and I press log in the picture you provided won’t show I go straigt to the game pls help it would mean a lot

    1. Log in on Origin.
      Click on Origin (top left on the navigation bar)
      Select sign out

      Then login on Origin again and enter your login details for another account

  7. how do I change an account? I made a mistake with the accounts i mixed them now when I click on the sims and I press log in the picture you provided won’t show I go straigt to the game pls help it would mean a lot

  8. its not working anymore after update, it says “invalid remind”, i tried making new origib=n account too, did download the anadius crack again and replaced it in the game too….can you help me?

    i did work great before the update, yes i did update using updater through anadius only.

      1. Hi, i had that problem too i wanted to play in online and just didn’t worked. Download the demo version from origin, the create a sim after that I restarted the laptop and it’s working. Good luck!

    1. I found out that my origin account logged off itself and that’s why i coludn’t get into library…I logged in and it’s working now!

    1. Yes, but I advise you to keep it and switch to the packs-method where you get automatic updates for the game and you play all DLC’s via Origin

  9. Greetings! I’ve been trying to turn online-mode on for 3 days and every time i became an error “network error!”. I have 100% clean game without saves, mods etc. I tried 3 times to create new profiles even with different proxies/IPs, browsers, methods. Nothing worked for me! I tried to download a new Game-folder, change the location of the game, delete cached-files. Every time I got “network error!”.

    Then I tried to catch the IP-address of request, that goes from TS4_x64.exe. I found the only one tcp-req to And.. this IP-address can’t be traced and pinged even through different online-services!

    So.. is it a bug or is this IP-address was blocked or what should I do?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

      1. Wow, it worked for me, unbelievable! Thank you so much for help!!

        Hm, I really don’t know why does this hack not work for me..

  10. Whenever I am in gallery all of the thumbnails are a white screen with a red X over it and when I try to download something from gallery it says “could not locate this item” Do you know how I can fix this error?

  11. I think I did everything correctly. I made a new account, installed the free create-a-sim, logged out, clicked the ‘login in’ button when I start the sims 4, logged in on the Origin website, got the remid code, pasted it in the sims 4 menu, made sure Origin wasn’t running and started the sims 4 through the remid menu. But still the game freezes in the loading screen with the text and the blue background. Did I forget something or did something wrong??

  12. So I got everything up to the redmi code and the log in right and once it starts the game just closes off almost immediately…is there a way to fix this? thanks!

  13. thank you sooo much!!! now I can access the gallery!! it brings me so much joy!! thank you!!!!

  14. I can’t find a free sims 4 game on origin, i don’t have any issues with the remid cookie but there is no free sims 4 game

  15. Hi! I can’t find the “The Sims 4 creator” free game download…do i need the orgin game for this? because i have the G4TW? how do i find the free game to download?
    thank you!

    1. È importante che tu abbia effettuato l’accesso al tuo account fittizio e che l’accesso ricorderà il nome di accesso e la password (mantienimi connesso)

  16. Cant find a free sims 4 game on origin 🙁 and if I try to search for the remid without the free game, I don’t see it.

      1. Aight, sorry for all the replys. So I see that I dont have the options ‘open origin’ or ‘open account.ea’ when I start it up. Just did it from origin itself, so guess that thay is where it goes wrong. I only have the enter remid cookie (instructions) and log in, start offline option

  17. Hey! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOU WORK! I do not know English well, sorry if something goes wrong. I tried for three days to set up and get this code! here in Russia no one can properly explain how to do this! but I understood you the first time !!!!! thank you very much! now I will play and remember you! thank you friend!

  18. hi, i have this version and it worked perfectly for a few days. now, when i open this version it works but i get a pop up when i get to the menu “promoting” the new upcoming pack. When i try to close that pop up, it freezes and ends up crashing. the ‘always offline’ version works perfectly. do you know what might be causing this issue?

  19. Hi I just reinstalled G4TW cracks sims 4. Meaning I have no origin at all installed on my computer… AT ALL.

    So I did these steps before i reinstalled G4TW, but now when I go into game of course it doesnt allow me to go in gallery. So how am I suppose to go through these steps if the box doesnt pop back up?

  20. Ciao, ho copiato il codice remid ma quando lo inserisco e clicco su log in mi dice invalid remid. Cosa devo fare?

  21. how do I get the box to paste the remid cookie because when i play my game as admin it doesn’t show up it just opens the game

    1. Look at the picture: Paste it in the window on the bottom of the instructions-menu for login.

      just under item 6: Paste it below

      1. ‘From that new account download a free game such as The Sims 4 creator’
        i should download origin first for do this, shouldn’t i?

    1. Unfortunately I can’t help because once you successfully entered the correct remid code you can’t reproduce the various screens. If I could I would have made a video a long while ago.
      (Just managed to create a video based on old images)

  22. Whenever I try to connect to the gallery it says, “You must have The Sims 4 registered to your EA Account to access online features.”

      1. this same issue happened to me and im using the right remid code but it still says netweork error

        1. wait i figured it out. i had the game blocked in firewall….will gallery only work if i allow the connection in firewall??

          1. yes, that’s how a firewall works. It blocks connections it finds suspicious/ones you block until you make an exception for it.

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