Access to sims 4 Gallery (remid cookie)

Access to the Sims 4 gallery without an original game

Thanks to Anadius it now is possible to access the gallery without an original DLC of the Sims 4 game.

On first start up of your The Sims 4 you are confronted with this menu







Click on Log in when you want access to the Gallery or click Start offline (if you don’t want access)



Step 1 (create a dummy account)

  • When you don’t have an EA account already create one (click here)
  • Don’t use your legal account-name if you have one
  • From that new account download a free game such as The Sims 4 creator
  • Close Origin

Step 2 (prepare for a cookie named Remid)

  • Open your new account in Origin
  • Make sure that your login name and password is stored
  • Run this file
  • You will see an almost blank screen with an error message. Ignore it because it is important for step 3
  • Don’t close your browser or close the errorpage

Step 3 (get the Remid Value)

  • Click on the 3 dots on the right-hand site of your browser (Chrome or Firefox)
  • Select more utilities
  • Select utilities for developers
  • Search for Cookies
  • Click the line under Cookies (must read if not you’ve done something wrong in the previous steps) and you see Remid on the right-hand site




  • Click on Remid and in the bottom of the screen you see a pretty long value


























  • Copy that value and paste it in the window for the Remid in your log in – Do not copy the valiue from the picture
  • Close Origin


Step 4 (create shortcuts) – if not already done by the update itself

First of all check if the installation made 3 shortcuts on your desktop, The Sims 4, The Sims 4 always on line, The Sims 4 always offline.

If not present, create them yourself

  • Open your old shortcut, right-click on it – select Properties
  • you see 2 windows, in the top window scroll to the right until you see .exe””
    Now add a space and a minus-sign
  • If you want full access to the Gallery type alwaysonline
    If you don’t want access type alwaysoffline
  • Click Apply and click OK


Step 5 (use the Gallery)

When you have chosen for the full acces to the Gallery (allwaysonline) you can download items and immediately use them in your cracked game, just like you do in a legal game.
the only difference is that you no longer need Origin to access the Gallery.

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9 thoughts on “Access to sims 4 Gallery (remid cookie)

    1. Unfortunately I can’t help because once you successfully entered the correct remid code you can’t reproduce the various screens. If I could I would have made a video a long while ago.

  1. Whenever I try to connect to the gallery it says, “You must have The Sims 4 registered to your EA Account to access online features.”

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