The Sims 4 Update your cracked game

The Sims 4 – Update your cracked game to the latest version. ( – 64 bits Windows only

I guess we all know now how simple it is to update your game to the latest version by using the Anadius Updater.
However, some people still experience difficulties with this system. (network error, some old updates not found, access denied)

Our alternative system provides you with the latest update without interfering with your present DLC’s.
It consists of:

  • The latest base-game
  • You can always add DLC’s later on

Installation of the latest base-game for the Sims 4 version

  • This will not destroy your present game
  • It will not remove or add DLC’s presently in your game

Update your game to the latest version, irrespective of how old your present version is.

  1. Download the torrent for this update
  2. When download is completed, mount the .iso
    Copy the files/folders from the mounted .iso to your installation folder
    [__Install, Data, Delta, Game, Soundtrack and Support], overwrite ? – Yes
  3. You can now play your present The Sims 4 game, fully updated to the latest version
  4. No DLC’s have been removed nor added. Ignore the message that missing packs will be downloaded (you can wait till eternity, but the packs will not download)
  5. Files added are the DLC-toggler and the Language-changer

Add missing DLC’s to your game

Run the DLC toggler. It will show all DLC’s not installed in red.



Various ways to add DLC’s to your game

Download all DLC’s in 1 single iso

  1. Download the torrent for the all-in-one DLC’s
  2. When download is finished mount the iso
  3. Copy the folders of the DLC’s to your installation folder

Download selectable DLC’s in Winrar format

  1. Download the torrent for EP for the packs in winrar format
    Download the torrent for GP for the packs in Winrar format
    Download the torrent for FP and  SP for the packs in Winrar format
  2. Make your selections
  3. When downloads are finished, select the .rar files
  4. Right-click on the selection and click Extract
  5. In the pop-up window search for the installation folder of your game

Download individual DLC’s in iso format

Visit this page

As you can see from the above picture I only have a few DLC’s installed
Should you not want any additional DLC’s, just remove the ticks from the red items.

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45 thoughts on “The Sims 4 Update your cracked game

  1. Hi there! 1.90.375.1020 is released 1 hour ago. Can you update if you are available please ? Love you <3

    1. It’s finally done, but after update every DLC was deleted, why? Now, I have only the las DLC (high school).

  2. Apologies for the basic question, but if I don’t have the game at all and want to install the base game itself and then the DLC, is that contained in the Anadius Updater as well? Or do I need to download the base game from somewhere else? I don’t want to download the all-in-one pack.

  3. Hello! I have downloaded the game from which also uses anadius’s crack. Before the update I had all the dlc’s. recently I had to redownload the game but now I can’t see any of the dlc’s as my game says “download to use” and only 3 worlds appear for me when I play. I have already toggled all the Docs but they still won’t show up in my game. pls help?

  4. i installed it and now i lost all my mods, i have a backup folder but i cant make it work ingame, can anyone help me?

  5. Hello, I’ve updated the sims to the newest one, but after that, i got double city on my sims. Is there any way o fix it? Thanks

  6. Hello. This is my problem now. Its already installed the packs but when i open it, it says that the game data incomplete.

  7. Hello i just download na latest update for the sims 4. When I play it, it says that i have the packs already but its not installed. What should i do? Thank you!

    1. In the cracked game, the DLC’s installed are registered in the file Installation folder\Game\Bin\Anadius.cfg.
      That file contains all DLC’s (installed or not)
      When you run the dlc-toggler you can clearly see which DLC’s are not installed (marked in red)
      You should untick these red items. When you then run your game again, only the really installed DLC’s become visible as owned

      1. I have different problem now. Its already installed but when i open it, it says that the game data incomplete.

      2. I did that but when i open the game it still doesnt show the dlc packs and i already downloaded and copyed to sims 4 what should i do next ?

  8. Hi can u help me please i currently have the sims 4 +all dlc (v168.154) installed in my pc but i trying to update to the latest update ..i always update without w issue until now im having a problem everytime i try to update i end up gettin a error saying my firewall is the problem but when i turn it off its the same error ..can u tell me how i can update the game along with the new dlc ..i already have the game downloaded and dont want to mess up my game .thank you

    1. Most probably your anti-virus is blocking the new crack.
      Switch off your anti-virus, update the game and when done, switch your AV back on.

  9. Whenever I try to copy the game folder, it keeps saying “Destination Folder Access Denied” “You need permission to perform this action.” What do I do? I’ve tried going into the security tab, but this folder doesn’t have it yet all of my other folders on my computer do have it. Please help because I am completely lost at this point.

  10. Hello, I downloaded this torrent and copied and pasted the folders to the “Content” folder as I am using a Mac, but when I open the game it is still the old version. Is there another step I need to do to finish the update?


  11. hellooo
    i dowloaded the iso file with all the dlc, and i have a legit origin base game.
    i extracted it in the game installation folder, but it did not work…
    should i put the folders in install, data, delta (…) or just in the global folder?
    i do not understand why it doesn’t work

  12. Hi guys, I just have one question, how do i install the missing (in red) DLC’s? I don’t seem to know how.
    Thank you

  13. hello, sorry again it’s me… it happened to me with the game’s restaurant and also with my own construction that I wanted to make a restaurant (and other businesses) when I place the required objects instead of turning green do they turn red? and it remains incomplete even though it has everything… any solution or where to look? Thanks! Greetings

  14. hello, currently I can only use x86… could you make updates and game folder for that version? Thanks! Greetings

  15. this is the first time installing the game and i just want to play the latest ver. of the base game to play
    so if i download this will it work or will it need addition files?

    1. it’s like a CD basically, you can “mount” it and “eject it”, once you download the file, just open it (mount it) and extract the desired files, then you can eject the “CD” 🙂

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