The Sims 3 per expansion

Download and install the Sims 3 expansions (temp. out of order)

When you want to add expansions to your existing game, or you want to build from scratch, you must of course start with the base game (if not yet installed)
All packs can be downloaded from THIS PAGE (link removed by order of the copyright-authorities)

 1. The Base Game of the Sims 3

  1. Download the Base Game
  2. Mount the iso to a virtual drive (you don’t know how ? – see mounting)
  3. Click Sims3Setup or EA Autorun
  4. Copy/paste the installation code  9PXX-3PAB-PAJZ-W5EP-N57K
  5. Do not place the crack as yet
  6. continue with step 2 below

2. The Update TS3_1.67.2.0240

The official updates in the expansions is looking for a non-existing old page of the EA Downloader and using this update will result in an error.

  1. Download the update
  2. Dubble-click on it
  3. The update will now start
  4. When update is completed continue with step 3 below

3. Install the other expansions/stuff-packs in any order

All expansions can be downloaded and installed in the same way

  1. Download the requested expansion or stuff pack
  2. Again mount the downloaded iso to a virtual drive (you don’t know howe ? – see mounting)
  3. Click on Sim3xxxSetup or EA Autorun (the xxx in Sims3xxxSetup stands for the code of the expansion like SP03 or EP04)
  4. Copy/pase the installation code from the table below
  5. When you have  finished downloading and installing all requested packs, place the crack

4. Place the crack

Make sure you have at least Generations installed as from that expansion onwards you can use the general crack.

  1. Download TS3_crack
  2. Extract with Winrar
  3. Copy TS3W and TSLHost.dll to your installation folder of the Sims 3 – Game – Bin
  4. Replace existing files.

You have installed expansions previously

  1. Perform the update (step 2)
  2. Install expansions (step 3)
  3. Re-apply the crack (step 4)


Name of Download English name Installation code
Expansion Packs
01. Sims 3 Sims 3 base game 9PXX-3PAB-PAJZ-W5EP-N57K
EP01 – Wereldavonturen World Adventures CF8Y-U9N3-LJW9-Y6UH-N4RS
EP02 – Ambities Ambitions 8GZR-9ZC2-YRM3-MX4W-5ZXL
EP03 – Na Middernacht Late Night 3KYG-RAF2-HE2K-CHEX-RRLD
EP04 – Levensweg Generations ATB3-HU9P-7FTD-87FX-LRLD
EP05 – Beestenbende Pets K37P-BSKY-SSIE-FP5L-FFLT
EP06 – Showtime Showtime IUKB-YLQ7-HE40-BPCM-FFLT
EP07 – Bovennatuurlijk Supernatural 5JZZ-9VDE-QH1A-2WAP-0FLT
EP08 – Jaargetijden Seasons 3Q9Z-J8UM-EMME-6XAA-VK83
EP09 – Studententijd University Life 5EQ8-XRJG-RLZQ-TKIB-0FLT
EP10 – Exotisch Eiland Island Paradise 7AXP-8CKH-6TLZ-7MQS-AS8P
EP11 – Vooruit in de Tijd Into the Future 5Q99-D7B3-UGYL-KHZ9-5PPY
Stuff Packs
SP01 – Luxe High-End Loft CHR9-PMKH-ANTF-BXFS-GGHA
SP02 – Supersnel Fast Lane DJHR-HW94-AUBG-9MZ8-HGG4
SP03  – Buitenleven Outdoor Living A48G-WYYE-0AIR-V1RS-SFLT
SP04 – Buurtleven Town Life NBJ2-NVA2-UR3C-RURB-DRLD
SP05 – Slaap en Badkamer Master Suite THGG-FM2K-415H-ZIXY-HFLT
SP06 – Katy Perry Pakt Uit Katy Perry M8A2-VKWL-CXEI-UCFI-0FLT
SP07 – Diesel Accessoires Diesel 9XL4-TQCH-JXUE-XJX3-GRLD
SP08 – 70-80-90 accessoires 70’s, 80’s, 90’s TLKT-RD17-4NGC-GW70-0FLT
SP09 – Film acc Movie 5Q66-75SJ-MTJF-P8QP-Z635


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