Sims 2 Expansions

Download and install The Sims 2 by expansions

When you already have some DLC’s of the Sims 2 installed and you want to add missing items:

  1. Download the TS2_Update.rar
  2. Extract with Winrar
  3. Copy all folders/files to your installation folder of the Sims 2 (default C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\The Sims 2)

You can now add DLC’s without the common errors about updating.

Step by step installation

  1. Base Game (when you don’t have it as yet)
  2. The Update
  3. Mansion & Garden
  4. Place Crack
  5. Other DLC’s

1. Installation of the base game

The base game consists of 4 CD’s, you must download all 4 before you can install.

  1. Open this page and download the 4 CD’s
  2. In Windows 8.1 or higher you can mount the iso’s by rightclicking and then select Open with … Explorer. Older versions of Windows require Poweriso or Daemon.
  3. Mount all 4 iso’s of the CD’s
  4. Go to Disk 1 and click on EA Autorun, follow the instructions on the screen
  5. After installation do NOT play, select Close.

2. Update the game

  1. Download the TS2_Update.rar
  2. Extract with Winrar
  3. Copy all folders/files to your installation folder of the Sims 2 (default C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\The Sims 2)

3. Install Mansion & Garden (Villa & Tuin)

Mansion & Garden is the last expansion of the Sims 2 and as no further expansions are expected, so it is recommended to install this expansion first.You can then place the crack and play the game.

  1. Download Mansion & Garden HERE
  2. Again mount the iso (see base game)
  3. Click on EA Autorun
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen

4. Place the Crack

  1. Download the crack HERE
  2. Extract with Winrar
  3. Copy the file Sims2EP9.exe to the installation folder of Mansion & Garden (default C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Games\The Sims 2 Mansion&Garden\TSBin)

Play the game via the shortcut for Mansion & Garden on your desktop

5. Install other expansions/stuff packs

  1. Download the requested DLC’s from this page
  2. Note that University and Nightlife have 2 CD’s (Install as per instructions for base game
  3. Install other DLC’s  as per instructions for Mansion and Garden

6. Installation-codes

Expansion Packs download name Installation-code
The Sims 2 base game 00 Sims 2 (4 CD’s) 96G8-UPGL-QB8J-D4U9-HNAD
University Life 01 Studentenleven (2 CD’s) 9CDD-YUBD-PAAQ-GGPC-4Q8T
Nightlife 02 Nachtleven (2 CD’s) B2MD-AX2X-G2P5-K6BT-JZ3E
Open for Business 03 Gaan het Maken 7PNW-C23Q-3DSK-RJAK-H9TP
Pets 06 Huisdieren 9ZEE-PWLQ-T68E-4VBZ-H2DZ
Seasons 08 Seizoenen 8VMD-JLZJ-BRW2-ZGSS-63YS
Bon Voyage 11 Op Reis 38WW-ST7V-GBNR-SMAL-UDZR
Free Time 13 Vrije Tijd 4LT3-BDYN-D52X-7CE4-UGK9
Apartment Life 16 Appartementen 7FW6-KCXC-9AZ2-6ZHY-BRUA
Stuff Packs  
Family Fun Stuff 03A Familiepret acc. CKZ9-AD6F-X48P-HYTH-4N4C
Glamour Life Stuff 03B Glamour acc. 3FLC-UKZ5-F8BD-UBRS-HMWJ
Happy Holiday Stuff 04A Kerst acc. Not Required
Celebration Stuff 05A Feest acc. 8T99-AG94-BDFN-N3WD-7KL6
H&M Fashion Stuff 05B H&M fashion acc. 4MGQ-3EED-4ZYU-T36J-J7HC
Teen Style Stuff 06A Tiener acc. 39MM-RJHY-J8DS-65VG-RF5N
Kitchen & Bath Stuff 07A Keuken & Bad acc. HAZZ-66NT-DMH2-RDPM-S5T8
Ikea Home Stuff 07B Ikea acc. 5Y8Y-LHGR-8DHA-NKWR-F33N
Mansion & Garden Stuff 17 Villa & Tuin  5UAJ-D75C-ZYCK-H8NS-KELP


7. DirectX

Modern Windows come with higher versions of DirectX but these, relatively, old games still require DirectX 9.0.
You might get an error about a certain dx file missing.
In that case download DirectX 9.0, double click on the downloaded .exe file and follow the instructions on the screen

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