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Matty asked 3 weeks ago

I have this version of the game The.Sims.4.Eco.Lifestyle-CODEX
Can I directly install this Star Wars incl. Update (9.07 GB)
To get up to date version with all DLCs and Updates?

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Tarac Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Best way is to use the Anadius Updater

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Matty answered 3 weeks ago

Apart from that updater, the above update doesnt work on Eco Lifestyle version right?

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Tarac Staff answered 3 weeks ago

When you have The Sims 4 version, the Anadius Updater will update your game to version
The updater works on any version of The Sims 4 
It is basically for pirated versions and not for legally bought DLC’s

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Matty answered 2 weeks ago

Ok, will do that, thanks.

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