Stupidly curious about the Anadius updater

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Isaac asked 2 weeks ago

I know for most methods of getting Sims 4 packs you have to wait till a day after the update gets officially released on orgin/steam but does the same apply for the Anadius Updater or can it get the latest pack downloaded of the same day of the official release?

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Tarac Staff answered 2 weeks ago

The fastest publisher of new updates/DLC is zclient/zlorigin.
Most people like Anadius need the details of the zclient version to produce their own version. Compare files before and after an update

Usually the Anadius Updater is the first one to offer new packs/updates.
You can simply check this by running the Updater and look at the version in the top of the updaterscreen

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Tarac Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Snowy Escape now available via the Anadius Updater and the Most recent DLC’s 

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