kitty asked 4 weeks ago

hi there, I have a MacBook Pro and really want to be able to download some sims 4 dlc\’s for free. I already have origin and the sims 4 base game + a few other packs installed because I bought them legitimately. I tried Anadius\’ one but only found out afterwards that its for windows only… I really need something similar to that type of download and updater for a Mac… please please help.

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Tarac Staff answered 4 weeks ago

I’m very sorry but I do not have any knowledge of Macs. 
It should be possible with the use of something like Wineskin but that’s all I know.

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Kitty answered 4 weeks ago

Thank you !!! Do you by any chance know anything about wineskin ???

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Tarac Staff answered 4 weeks ago

No, nothing at all. Try the internet.

Maybe this video can help you

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