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Jhon asked 2 weeks ago

Hi i have doubt here that there are some files like Ex : ‘Default.ini.p-66_139-67_45’ which I have being seeing after updated with andius updater(1.69update).i have same files when I have updated to 1.68 version without this ‘p-66_139-67_45’.So should I delete that same file which I have which I have updated 1.69 version 

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Tarac Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Run the Anadius Updater again for version
Ignore these strange files (better still, delete them) before running the latest Updater.
At the moment there is no version 1.69 so you cannot update to that version.

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Atchuung answered 2 weeks ago

Not working in windows 10.

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Tarac Staff answered 2 weeks ago

I have windows 10 and it works perfectly

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