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Mia asked 3 weeks ago

\”Hi Tarac, thank you for your amaing work!! you give us poor people (lol) the chance to play this game. My question is : how to remove some dlc on Sims 3? I downloaded all-in-one but actually there\’re some dlc that i dont like at all and it\’s just bugging my game. thanks I only uncheck into the future 🙁 during the installation. 

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Tarac Staff answered 3 weeks ago

When you downloaded the all-in-one from my site, open the sims 3 folder and click on the dlc-toggler.
You can then switch off unwanted dlc’s
In case you want to permanently delete dlc’s click on the dlc-uninstaller in the same folder.

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mia answered 3 weeks ago

OMG I just found it!!! I didnt even noticed it before!! Thank you sooo much

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