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Alicia asked 4 weeks ago

I have the Sims 4 legit and some packs via original origin, when it says not active, does that mean just not turned on or installed at all??

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Tarac Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Is your game “mixed”? (original + pirated packs in 1 folder)
As soon as you add pirated packs to an original game the whole game will be regarded as pirated.
Keep your original packs strictly seperated from pirated packs (not in the same directory)
For more info see This page

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Alicia answered 4 weeks ago

Just looking to play the sims 3, which I don’t own at all, just wanting to make sure it doesn’t interfere with my actual origin account, like flag me or something

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Tarac Staff answered 4 weeks ago

When you don’t own any Sims 3 packs then obviously it is not registered by Origin for the Sims 3 – but even if you did, it wouldn’t matter.
So you can safely play a pirated version of that game.

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