Our own download system

Our own download system – don’t use, outdated, use Anadius Updater instead

This system is meant for those having at least the Base Game already installed.
When you own a genuine bought game see instructions on the bottom of this page.

When you are completely new to the Sims 4 you better use the all-in-one.

Executing this update means that your present game will be updated from whatever version you had to the latest version.
So – if f.e. you only had the base game – this update will bring your base game to the latest version incl. toddlers and swimming pools.

  1. Updating will replace the old Reloaded cracks by the new Codex crack and includes all previous updates and patches.
  2. Once your present game is updated, adding missing DLC’s is much simpler and the downloads are much smaller in size. Also you can add missing DLC’s in any order.

How to download

Direct downloads

Via torrents





You see 2 folders for the DLC’s, 1 for the expansions in iso format and 1 for Winrar format.
Torrent downloads:  DLC’s are in Winrar format only.
Here I opened the iso format:

Of course the download page will show ALL DLC’s
Select the missing DLC’s one by one and download these.


After you have downloaded the update and your missing DLC’s you can start the installation.

The file TS4 Update 1.65./70.1020 is in iso format, so mount it in a virtual drive (If you don’t know how see this page)
Delete the folder Game from your present installation-folder when you are using the update file
Copy the contents of your mounted download to your installation-folder of the Sims 4 overwriting existing files

Winrar DLC’s
Extract your downloaded DLC and copy the folder (such as SP17, EP03) to your installation-folder of the Sims 4

Iso DLC’s
Mount your downloaded iso and copy the folder (such as SP17, EP03) to your installation folder of the Sims 4.


Included in the update is the DLC-toggler.
Click on DLC-toggler and remove the ticks from all items in red (if any) and make sure that all other items are ticked.
Then close the toggler.

Not quite clear ? – See this video instruction

You have an original base game ?

  1. Copy – not move – the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4 to a new destination on your computer such as f.e. C:\Sims 4
  2. Place that new folder under the exceptions of your anti-virus
  3. Perform the instructions of our own system and use that new folder as your destination (install folder)

You can still access the Gallery via your original Game. Never ever save a game played in the original version.
Downloaded items will automatically also be available in your cracked game.

Always play with your cracked game, use your original game for access to the Gallery only.



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