Our own download system

Our own download system

This system is meant for those having at least the Base Game already installed.
When you own a genuine bought game see instructions on the bottom of this page.

When you are completely new to the Sims 4 you better use the all-in-one.

Executing this update means that your present game will be updated from whatever version you had to the latest version.
So – if f.e. you only had the base game – this update will bring your base game to the latest version incl. toddlers and swimming pools.

  1. Updating will replace the old Reloaded cracks by the new Codex crack and includes all previous updates and patches.
  2. Once your present game is updated, adding missing DLC’s is much simpler and the downloads are much smaller in size. Also you can add missing DLC’s in any order.

How to download

Direct downloads

Via torrents





You see 2 folders for the DLC’s, 1 for the expansions in iso format and 1 for Winrar format.
Torrent downloads:  DLC’s are in Winrar format only.
Here I opened the iso format:

Of course the download page will show ALL DLC’s
Select the missing DLC’s one by one and download these.


After you have downloaded the update and your missing DLC’s you can start the installation.

The file TS4 Update 1.65./70.1020 is in iso format, so mount it in a virtual drive (If you don’t know how see this page)
Delete the folder Game from your present installation-folder when you are using the update file
Copy the contents of your mounted download to your installation-folder of the Sims 4 overwriting existing files

Winrar DLC’s
Extract your downloaded DLC and copy the folder (such as SP17, EP03) to your installation-folder of the Sims 4

Iso DLC’s
Mount your downloaded iso and copy the folder (such as SP17, EP03) to your installation folder of the Sims 4.


Included in the update is the DLC-toggler.
Click on DLC-toggler and remove the ticks from all items in red (if any) and make sure that all other items are ticked.
Then close the toggler.

Not quite clear ? – See this video instruction

You have an original base game ?

  1. Copy – not move – the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 4 to a new destination on your computer such as f.e. C:\Sims 4
  2. Place that new folder under the exceptions of your anti-virus
  3. Perform the instructions of our own system and use that new folder as your destination (install folder)

You can still access the Gallery via your original Game. Never ever save a game played in the original version.
Downloaded items will automatically also be available in your cracked game.

Always play with your cracked game, use your original game for access to the Gallery only.



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55 thoughts on “Our own download system

  1. Hi again. Also when I try and use uTorrent it keeps saying the file exceeds the system file size limit. Anyone else using this method and having this problem?

  2. Hi. I am downloading this using uTorrent because it didn’t work without it. Under which folder should I save the download? I am just trying to download the newest update and Eco Lifestye

  3. Hey.i have a problem and it doesnt go away.i downloaded al the packs and then i updated my game, but when i put ccs in my mod folder,the game is not showing my packs anymore..and its back to cat and dogs update.i tried reseting my sims 4 folder but its still the same.the packs only work when i didnt put more then a few ccs.id be happy if u help me out here:(

    1. With the new Eco Lifestyle DLC Electronic Arts also introduced some counter-measures for CC.
      When the game works without CC there is not much we can do.

  4. thank you so much for your work it is clearly appreciated by all of us. is there any chance that you will update the .xbin files?

    1. @Andrada

      What do you mean with .xbin files ?
      Such files only appear in uploads by Anadius as far as I know and I have no say in that.

      But when you give me some more info I can try and find more recent xbin files.

  5. Hi! Ik doe het even in het Nederlands, want dat werkt makkelijker denk ik. Ten eerste: super bedankt voor dit! Ik heb de basegame al gekocht via Origin, maar wilde graag nog een paar expansion packs. Ik krijg het alleen niet helemaal voor elkaar.. Wat ik tot nu toe heb gedaan:

    – Ik heb de bestaande Sims map die ik had gekopieërd naar een andere plek;
    – ik heb je nieuwste a1 update gedownload, en 2 expansion packs die ik wilde hebben;
    – ik heb die expansion packs in de map van de a1 update gezet.

    In je video zeg je dat je in de ‘orginele’ sims 4 map de ‘game’ map moet verwijderen. Daarna stop je de nieuwe game map (van de a1 update) in diezelfde map, toch? Mijn probleem: ik heb in de originele sims 4 map geen ‘game’ map staan. En: als ik probeer de sims 4 te openen via jouw a1 update map kan dat niet omdat er staat dat ik onderdelen mis of dat ze beschadigd zijn. Zou je mij misschien kunnen helpen? 🙂

    Alvast heel erg bedankt!

    1. Je moet de gekoppelde a1 map openen en dan de mappen en bestanden daaruit kopieren naar je installatiemap die je omschreef als
      “– Ik heb de bestaande Sims map die ik had gekopieërd naar een andere plek;”
      De uitbreidingen kopieer je op dezelfde wijze naar je installatiemap.

      1. Bedankt voor je reactie! Dat heb ik dus gedaan, maar als ik dan naar Game > Bin, ga en dan de Sims probeer te openen krijg ik een foutmelding: kan niet opstarten vanwege ontbrekende of beschadigde spelgegevens. Probeer de game te repareren of opnieuw op te starten via Origin. Heb ik dan iets verkeerd gedaan? Mijn expansion packs zijn overigens wel gewoon zichtbaar in de dlc-toggler.

        1. @Eli
          Kennelijk heb je dan toch iets fout gedaan.
          De beste oplossing hiervoor is The Sims updater van Anadius te gebruiken en dan via de knop Repair.
          Je hele sims 4 installatiemap wordt dan gecontroleerd op fouten en eventuele beschadigde of missende bestanden worden gerepareerd en geplaatst.
          De Sims 4 updater kun je hier vinden:
          HIER KLIKKEN

  6. I just downloaded the update and the new EP in my game. I can open the game and everything else works except that I can’t start playing my household and other households in my game. What can I do? It says there’s an error.

    1. Yes, I’ve experienced the same error. During the upload some items were corrupted.
      I am uploading a new iso, but meeanwhile you can repair your game with this small update that repairs the corrupted files.
      The file is called Aanvulling, is just 53 MB and can be found at https://simsforum.stackstorage.com/s/vHMEaSEs1gyWaTZ
      Download it, mount the iso and copy the files/folders to your installation folder.

    1. As stated earlier, I’m not going to upload the update
      And yes, I will post Eco Lifestyle incl. the update as soon as possible after the official release.

    1. No I’m not going to upload the update
      Soon after the official release of Eco Life this update will be implemented in the download for this new DLC.
      I am not going to prepare new downloads and torrents for just an update knowing that within 2 days I’ll have to do it all over again for the new DLC

  7. hello.im sorry but i can’t download the a2 update i don’t know why but it keeps stopping during the download while it didn’t even download it completely.and i have the base game and the update only up to version 1.60 that i think is from anadius. so can you put the a2 file into several parts? I’ll be happy if u help me.

  8. Ugh, I’m a little lost. From what I understood, I have to download this as the basic game for 64bit system -> a1 – Update, and then the DLC yes?
    I’m sorry if I bother, I’m not good at these things.
    Currently, I downloaded only a2 – Legacy Edition 32 bits and put this (a1 – Update to that folder there and the game won’t start. I did something wrong, right?

      1. Thank you for your answer :). I downloaded base game from my origin and downloaded the DLC from page. Everything works great. Thank you!! ♥

    1. @Lilly

      Yes, all our Sims-4 downloads are fully compatible with those of G4TW.
      We use the same Codex crack (as most of the uploaders on other sites).

      When you only have some old DLC’s still using the Reloaded crack, our own system will replace Reloaded with Codex, reason why you have to delete your existing Game folder when you update the game.

    1. @Aldo
      It’s working again now. Please bear in mind that a back-up of over 1 terrabyte takes a while.
      I am working on a 2nd mirror system but full implementation will take me approx 1 full week.
      I just started on a mirror for Our own download system. As soon as that is completed I shall add mirror-links to the relevant pages.
      The downloadspeed of the mirror is slighty slower however.

  9. Hi, Im unable to direct download from the Stack site, is there any reason for this? i have tried it at different times a day and there has been no change. Thanks

  10. Excuse me, I have all dlc and I would like to update to I’m using windows 64bit, but when I click ts4 installer, it only asked for no-origin-fix-, even though I have patch-, patch- and no-origin-fix- in the same folder.

    Do you know what went wrong?

    1. No it doesn’t but you can download the base game separately from our site and then apply the update and add DLC’s
      Butwhy doesn’t the all-in-one work for you ? What are the error-messages ?

    1. @Scartenz
      Yes it can be used with Codex as well as Reloaded.
      When you update your game from older DLC’s (Reloaded) it will be replaced by the Codex crack system.
      Reason why you have to delete your old Game folder first.

  11. this is amazing! Thank You so much! I don’t want to install all game again and You save me from this! 🙂
    Greetings from Poland!!

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