Our own download system

Our own download system

As I learned from the past, third party downloads sometimes completely disappear from the internet, reason why I constructed my own method for downloading and updating The Sims 4.

The, this far, used method for adding DLC’s required a strict order of downloading and installing and these downloads always contained a lot of files that had to be overwritten (folders __Install, Data, Delta, Game, Soundtrack and Support).

  1. By creating the latest update (at present I included the above mentioned folders in 1 download. Executing this update means that your game will be updated from whatever version you had to the latest version, leaving your presently installed DLC’s untouched. So – if f.e. you only had the base game – this update will bring your base game to the latest version incl. toddlers and swimming pools.
  2. Once your present game is updated, adding missing DLC’s is much simpler and the downloads are much smaller in size. Also you can add missing DLC’s in any order.
  3. For 32-bits Windows I added the Legacy Edition

How to download

Open the

 You’ll see this.

a1. When you already have the base game, you can skip this download – in fact you better use our all-in-one method.
a2. Update – That will bring your present game to the latest version.
a3. The Legacy Edition is for 32-bits Windows only and it will update your present game for 32-bits only.

You see 2 folders for the DLC’s, 1 for the expansions in iso format and 1 for Winrar format.
Here I opened the iso format:

Of course the downloadpage will show ALL DLC’s
Select the missing DLC’s one by one and download these.


After you have downloaded the update and your missing DLC’s you can start the installation.

The a1, a2 and a3 marked downloads are in iso format, so mount such downloads to a virtual drive (If you don’t know how see this page)
Delete the folder Game from your present installation-folder.
Copy the contents of your mounted download to your installation-folder of the Sims 4.

Winrar DLC’s
Extract your downloaded DLC and copy the folder (such as SP17, EP03) to your installation-folder of the Sims 4

Iso DLC’s
Mount your downloaded iso and copy the folder (such as SP17, EP03) to your installation folder of the Sims.

Not quite clear ? – See this video instruction

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